Battle 1

Sonicchannel silver
Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog comes from the future of Sonic's world. He can run nearly as fast as Sonic, but that amazing feat isn't even the beginning of his abilities. This hedgehog can use his powers of psychokinesis to manipulate objects, people and even himself to make them levitate, trap them in the air, throw items at high speeds and fly faster Tails could ever dream.

Seira is the daughter of the President of Planet Freedom. She is quite taken with Sonic, and Dr. Robotnik is quite taken with her... and it is entirely one-sided in both cases! While she doesn't have any powers, she has a mean temper and can scratch your eyes out if you get her angry.

Winner: Silver the Hedgehog


Seira challenged Silver to a video game competition. Silver agreed as long as he got to choose the game. Unfortunately, the game he chose was so full of glitches, invisible walls and long loading time, that Seira quit and went home. Silver moves on to round 2.

Battle 2


It's machine versus mutt in this fight (but which one's which is up to you)!

Bocoe is short, fat and is the underling of Dr. Eggman. He's smart... smart enough to realise his boss doesn't treat him as well as he should and often gets annoyed by Bokkun as much as his friend, Decoe. He may not look like much, but he's a mean machine inside thanks to some battle abilities installed by Eggman.

Muttski appeared in the very first episode of SatAM. He was the faithful pet of Sonic the Hedgehog himself until he was roboticized into a guard dog. In this form he could eat metal, then spit it out at his enemies and bite them.

Is Bocoe dog food? Or will Muttski be sent to the scrap heap?

Winner: Muttski


This vicious, metal mutt took a big bite out of Bocoe's robotic hide. He then chewed up the metal in his mouth and spit it back out at Bocoe like bullets. Bocoe died.

Battle 3

Bert Whoo
Bert Whoo
Flicky 2

It's the battle of the birds!

Bert Whoo is the wise, hard-working, respected Mayor (and Sheriff) of Mobius Corners and in his free time, he runs his own diner (with some help from waitress Roxy), where he gladly serves free Chili Dogs to Sonic and Tails. He's an owl that always stands up to injustice, and wouldn't think twice about throwing a badnik in jail.

Flicky is a blue bird and one of Sonic's animal friends. Her species, natives of Flickies' Island, are frequently kidnapped by Dr. Eggman and used as organic batteries to power his badniks. However, this Flicky is also the hero of her own game, in which she goes around rescuing helpless birds from hungry cats and lizards. She has one heck of a throwing arm (or leg) as she is able to fend off her enemies with most any house hold item such as telephones, potted plants and coffee mugs. No one likes getting beamed in the head with a coffee mug.

Winner: Flicky


Flicky nailed Bert in the head with a coffee mug... who saw that coming? Certainly not Bert. Flicky wins.

Battle 4

Blackdoom 2
Black Doom
Nicole 1

Black Doom is the leader of the Black Arms, an alien race who attempted to invade planet Earth until they were defeated by Shadow. Black Doom leads his army of Black Arms of numerous different forms and powers, as well as an array of his own powerful abilities. If that's not enough, Black Doom is capable of transforming into his gruesome and powerful Devil Doom form.

NICOLE is a sentient computer program from the future. While passive, NICOLE is capable of highly advanced computer programming and hacking. As the main control system of the nanites that make up New Mobotropolis, she is capable of controlling them completely, even claiming to be capable of creating a weapon powerful enough to destroy a large portion of the planet, though she has never been forced to do so.

Will Black Doom and his horde of minions overrun NICOLE, or will she be forced to transform New Mobotropolis into the ultimate fortress to decimate the insidious alien leader?

Winner: Black Doom


This was a long tedious battle between Doom's Black Army and NICOLE's nanite technology. Black Doom scored a victory, but not by power or numbered. He just seemed to repeat the same couple of phrases again and again until NICOLE's robotic mind couldn't take it anymore and crashed.


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.

Black Doom: (sitting at the computer otherwise known as NICOLE's "home") So, I'm up against a computer program?

Us: Pretty much.

Black Doom: Alright then. (presses delete) Well that was easy.

-Xathorian512 Black Doom:On guard...Swift Strike![repeats] Later... NICOLE:[system crashes]

Black Doom:Hehehehe...

BTW Black doom is 1 of my fave Sonic characters


Um, NICOLE I think it's about time for that super weapon.


Battle 1: this is all Silver.

Battle 2: Decoe got the genius chip so Bocoe is out of luck.

Battle 3: GO Bert!

Battle 4: I see this as being more between the Black Comet and New Mobotropolis than the Characters themselves. Stated in these terms NICOLE would definitely win.

Here are my opinions,

For battle 1: *ding-ding-ding* Silver wins!

For battle 2: Muttski! chew him up boy!

For battle 3: I would think Bert Whoo wins.

For battle 4: Black Dooms here to delete NICOLE!

Battle 1: Eh... Silver.

Battle 2: I said Bocoe

Battle 3: Flicky

Batle 4: Black Doom

- Knuckles Chaotix

Holy Toast! NICOLE has huge feet. Considering she can design herself to look however she wants, she must be really into big feet or something. Anyway, I'm usually a big aosth supporter, but Flicky was such a fun game, I had to vote for her. Another sonic X minion against another SatAm character who appeared in one episode, but then tons of times in the archie comics. I hope Muttski wins. Sonictoast 04:29, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Battle 1: Silver could just slam Sierra into the wall.

Battle 2: Neither

Battle 3: Flicky! :)

Battle 4: Summon the Black Arm army!!!

Here are my votes:

Battle 1: Silver and the whining fangirl...animal...thing....Whatever! I choose Silver.

Battle 2: Sic' 'im, Mutskii!

Battle 3: Flicky.

Battle 4: Rally, people. NICOLE is much stronger than you think. Sacorguy79's RPG Level Up is OVER 9001!!!!! 09:58, October 25, 2010 (UTC)Sacorguy79

--Reply to the above by Xathorian512--

Not stronger than Black Doom. It took the freakin' ULTIMATE LIFE FORM in his SUPER TRANSFORMATION to take him out.

Silver, Bocoe, Flicky and Doom -- Murphyshane I voted Blaze, so you vote Shadow Don't click here 10:35, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Battle 1: Silver duh....

Battle 2: I haven't seen the old sonic cartoons but i bet Mutski is better than Bocoe.

Battle 3: Flikies are key animals in Sonic Adventure.The other guy is plain stupid.

Battle 4: Black Doom is an awesome villain, totally one of the best ones in the game. Besides, Nicole has big feet. ~Juely

Battle 1: Silver

Battle 2: Muttski would win. Besides, he has a cool russian name.

Battle 3: Bert Whoo. The flicky bird looks redicilous and looks like its from Looney Tunes or something.

Battle 4: Black Doom is the second best villain in the Sonic series after Eggman. He says awesome quotes during gameplay and he is the father of Shadow and he looks bad-ass scary awesome. ~Winduct

1: Do I even need to answer this one? Silver>>>>>>>>Sara

2. Muttski, Bocoe, you might as well be a dog food can.

3. Flicky, I hate Aosth with a passion .

4. Tough choice, I'd have to go with NICOLE, mostly because within New mobotropolis, She's little less than a godess. She could even make a nanite copy of Doom and Fight him as himself. I love 'em both but NICOLE Has the advantage over this Alien.

1 silver, clearly.

2. muttski, because bocoe is basically worthless

3 the flicky, its pretty tuff to fight a small bird, and it has a good sized hammer it picked up from the hardware store hehe

4 Nicole is highly intellegent, she is from the future, and furthermore, she could vaporize the planet if she had to, or any other supernatural being

Here are me opinions:

Battle 1: Silver, duh

Battle 2: Bocoe

Battle 3: flicky, i guess

Battle 4: GO BLACK DOOM!!!

Shadowrules7 02:15, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

Have they voted for Shadow the Hegdehog yet...?

My votes:

Princess Sara, Muttski, Flicky, and NICOLE.


  1. ) Silver can fling her across a city, and make sure she doesn't die on impact.
  2. ) Dunno right now.
  3. ) Flicky I guess. It can drop somethin on the fella's head.
  4. ) NICOLE can turn New Mobotropolis into a f-ing battle fortress, and even into a laser that can destroy half of Mobius!!--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 02:26, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

My votes:

1. Silver not doubt.

2. Muttski

3. Flicky

4. NICOLE, I mean Black doom is strong an all but the thing is, she's a hologram. You can't really do much to even hurt a hologram. NightHedgehog14 13:36, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

my votes:

1. Should I even have to tell you?

2. Bocoe. Muttski will only eat himself. After all, he does eat metal.

3. Flicky is a small target. Plus, it just got into E-102 Gamma's suit.

4. Black Doom.


1. Sonic OVA pwnt.

2. Poor old Muttski...I voted for him.

3. Flicky! :D

4. NICOLE is awesome. She's a computer.

-Open your Heart 00:34, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Whatayall think happened to Black Doom's legs? All the other black creatures have legs. Maybe Professor Gerald used Black Doom's legs to make Shadow. Or maybe when Black Doom fought in an alien equivalent to the civil war, and had his legs amputated back in the day. Sonictoast 04:09, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

1) Silver - Sera's annoying and should be slapped.

2) Muttski - Only because Bocoe is a lamer character.

3) Flicky - What's Bert gonna do anyway? Throw burgers at him/her/it?

4) NICOLE - She could just interface with the Black Comet's systems and blow Doom up or something. Though the main reason i voted for her is... well, she's hot. :P ~ Devo DrakeFox

Battle 1: It's no use... take this! - Silver

Battle 2: Muttski is the best!!!

Battle 3: Go on, Flicky!

Battle 4: On guard, swift strike - Black Doom

Mario & Sonic Heroes 21:41, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

What he said. Shelly the Hedgehog Amy to ShellyI'm not a monkey! 01:23, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

What they said55 Skcor Ezalb 11:35, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

What they said except for Muttiski -- Murphyshane I voted Blaze, so you vote Shadow Don't click here 11:40, October 29, 2010 (UTC)


2: Muttski, as much as I hate SatAm, c'mon- HE'S SONIC"S ROBOTIC DOG!

3: Flicky.

4: Black Doom. I like NICOLE, but Black Doom is really cool.

SandraThePorcupine(1st comment, so WHAT DO I DO?)

1) silver, i may not like him but he's better then some human girl with a tail

2)mutski, he's a freaking robot dog. diko sux

3)flicky, why? cuz they are magic

4)black doom. no contest. he's shadow's father

(~Ultimate t. hedgehog)

1)Silver and I can't stres this enogh: DUH Silver is awesome in a person. that girl is STUPID

2)MUTSKI. (Silver is still better)