Battle 1


Miles "Tails" Prower vs Metal Knuckles

Tails is a young prodigy and Sonic's sidekick. He's already defeated one enemy thanks to his scientific know-how, but now he's up against Metal Knuckles, a robot duplicate of the strongest fighter around! Metal Knuckles is a sneaky opponent, who knows all the shortcuts, and he's super fast since he's built from the same technology as Metal Sonic.

Has Tails met his match, or will Metal Knuckles be taken apart like so much scrap iron?

Winner: Miles "Tails" Prower


Tails once again puts his tech savvy to good use, allowing him to dismantle Metal Knuckles very easily. Metal Knuckles is left to rust while Tails goes on to round three!

Battle 2


Omochao vs Enerjak

Omochao is the little robot chao with a propeller on his head. He can fly and give out advice about playing Sonic games, and he's practically indestructible - not even being blasted out of an Omochao Gun can stop him! Enerjak is far more powerful, with reality-warping powers derived from Chaos Energy, but his plans have been thwarted by the Freedom Fighters on several occasions. Who will win this fight?

Winner: Enerjak


Omochao doesn't know when to quit bugging people, but when he tries to "help" Enerjak, the almighty Echidna takes the little chao apart one molecule at a time!

Battle 3


Dark Oak vs NiGHTS

Planet Eggs versus Magic: what a fight! In battle three, we have Dark Oak, the leader of the Metarex and main antagonist of Sonic X Season Three, who stole every Planet Egg from every planet in the universe and almost took down all of the heroes (although Cosmo was able to defy him). However, NiGHTS is about to put that power to the test! His dream magic and flying skills have taken down Reala and Wizeman and many others! It's a fight to the finish, and with these two character's powers, there will never be a clear winner.

Who should win? Evil of the Galaxy (who is actually an odd type of plant) or the Good of Dreams (who scares little kids for fun)?

Winner: NiGHTS


NiGHTS, the first Sega Superstar who ever crossed over to the Sonic series, now becomes the only Sega Superstar to make it to Round 3 of this tournament! NiGHTS loops around Dark Oak, sending him back where he came from, then zooms to the next battle.

Battle 4


Charmy Bee vs Decoe

Charmy Bee, the ditzy flier of the Chaotix detective agency, is up against Decoe, bumbling sidekick of Doctor Eggman from Sonic X. Can either of them keep focussed for long enough to get this fight started? The sad thing is, whoever wins, neither of their respective bosses are going to be impressed. It's a hard life.

Winner: Charmy Bee


Once again, another Sonic X character falls victim to the mighty Charmy Bee of the Chaotix team. Charmy moves onto the next round while Decoe joins his brother in the junkyard, along with the rest of the robots who lost the previous rounds.


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.

Tails, omochao, nights, charmy Iaa-SHADOW! 20:51, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

(Shadowfanv4 02:06, December 24, 2010 (UTC))

go Tails!

Here are my opinions,

For battle 1: Yeah I'll go with Tails

For battle 2: Enerjak! Destroy Omochao!

For battle 3: Dark Oak!

For battle 4: I'm going with Charmy.

Who i want to win;

1) Tails - Tails is epic, Metal Knux is just a filler character

2) Enerjak - Archie comix rule, Homochao is just a useless character, how did he win his first match?

3) Nights - i just don't like sonic X, he would have been ok if chris wasn't in his season

4) Charmy - i can't belive i said that, Decoe is just scrap metal

Q) who do you think would win a fight between Scratch and Decoe



1. Tails

2. Omachao

3. Nights

4. Charmy

1. Tails without a doubt.


3. Dark Oak. Nights isn't even a Sonic character.

4. Charmy will sting Decoe all over.

From, JaketheHedgehog


1. Tails. Obviously.

2. Omachao! He can be annoying, but he was epic win in Free Riders

3. Dark Oak. I love Sonic X.

4. Charmy! Chaotix for the win!!

Knuckleschaotix 22:37, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

My opinions this week:

  • 1: Tails. Metal Knuckles is: (Pink Floyd: JUST ANOTHER... ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL!)
  • 2: Enerjak. Omochao is also another brick in the wall.
  • 3: NiGHTS. What will Dark Oak do to defeat him?
  • 4: Decoe. None of his defeats have slowed him down.

ParaGoomba348 17:45, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

Hello? Comment below me? This is both a battle and a popularity contest. Vote for Tails! Other than that, Enerjak, Nights and Charmy.

Let us all pause for thought. 1. METAL KNUCKLES. Hes super strong, super fast and is metal. nuff said. Tails is yellow, smart and can fly. If this was a popularity contest, tails would wupp MK, but its not. so metal.

2. Enerjak. Hes the demi-god of destruction. and omochao is an annoying chao.

3. NiGHTS is cool. dark oak is not, so NiGHTS. even though hes not from the sonic franchise, dark shouldnt be counted as from the sonic franchise................

4. charmy.

1. metal knucles because he'll destroy any of tails machine's and tails isn't really a challenge by himself.

2. Enerjack I not know him but I know he's stronger than an omochao

3. Dark oak I don't like him but im just thinking of the facts he defeated super sonic by himself! Thats saying somthing.

4. Charmy would confuse decoe and annoy him decoe would attack but miss because he would be confused. When decoe loses amo he would self destruct and charmy would get away.

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1)Tails all the way.

2) i may not know anything about Enerjak but he's obviously strong and omochoa is just plain annoying and should have died in the previous round.

3) NiGHTS, metarex suck

4) i may not be a big fan of charmy but decoe along with all theexclusive sonic x charcaters suck.

Those are my votes. So there!


My votes for this week:

1. Tails. - His technical know-how should easily disassemble that robot copy of Knuckles.

2. Enerjak. - Still Going, nothing outlasts the Enerjak. He keeps going and going...

3. Nights. - A Sega All-star should easily take down that filler villain from a series so bad, I dare not speak its name.

4.Charmy Bee. - In his words, "Oh, flower, pretty flower, show me your face and I'll sting you!"

1. Tails

2.Enerjak-Enerjak is epic while omochoa is annoying

3.Nights-I HATE sonic x

4.Charmy- like I said before HATE sonic x


Metal Knuckles doesn't stand a chance. Look at the murderous intent in Tails' eyes. That pie is done for. Myself 123 11:27, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

Battle 1: Tails

Battle 2: Enerjak, i still like Omochao though

Battle 3: Dark Oak, i love Sonic X and him as a villain

Battle 4: Charmy, Bocie sucks. Juely 14:21, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

I vote Tails, Enerjak, Dark Oak, Charmy

I would like to see a battle between Dark Oak and Black Doom. since they seem like similar villans in my opinion. but I don't think it would work

Battle 1: Tails, duhhh

Battle 2: Enerjak, he is awesome and all powerful

Battle 3: Dark Oak much more powerful then nights

Battle 4: Charmy, he is awesome

Jkdabomb: 12-26-10 11:58 P.M.