Battle 1


Silver the Hedgehog vs Muttski

In their previous matches, both Silver and Muttski were faced with disappointingly weak opponents. However this time, each might get something of a challenge! Will Silver's psychokinetic powers, which gave even the great Sonic the Hedgehog a tough challenge, grant him another win? Or will the blue blur's pet dog chew through Silver's hedgehog hide?


Silver used his psychokinesis to launch a doggy treat many miles away. Muttski ran after the doggy treat and did not fight. Silver easily wins the match.

Battle 2


Flicky vs Black Doom

A small blue bird versus a big black alien. This small bird managed to flutter its way into Round 2 by bonking its unsuspecting opponent over the head with debris, while Black Doom overran his opponent with his legion of alien subordinates. Does the little bird stand a chance, or will Black Doom drop his guard over such an unthreatening opponent, and get a bonk on the head for it?


With one finger, Black Doom flicked the small bird out of sight. Now we know why she's called "Flicky".

Battle 3


Sally Acorn vs Julie-Su

Now it's time for the ladies of Archie... no, not Betty and Veronica, Sally and Julie-Su! Of course, these two aren't vying for any man's affection... which is lucky, because whole worlds might not survive. Julie-Su is the girlfriend and soulmate of Knuckles the Echidna and Sally is the on-again-off-again (currently on, we think) girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Both are highly-trained and highly-competent Freedom Fighters, and dedicated to the preservation of planet Mobius from threats like Doctor Eggman or the Iron Dominion. Now they're fighting each other, but which one will come out on top?


Knuckles cheered on and supported his girlfriend, Julie-Su. Since Sonic and Sally's relationship is a little undefined right now, Sonic wasn't sure how much he should cheer for her. Without the support of her true love, Sally was not motivated to give it her all and was eventually defeated. Julie-Su moves on round 3.

Battle 4


Bunnie Rabbot vs E-10000G

It's the half-robot gal against a fully-fledged member of Eggman's army. They both can draw on incredible strength from their cybernetic components, but is Bunnie's fur-and-blood half an asset or a liability when going toe-to-toe with a power-type robot?


Physically, these two were pretty equally matched with their robotic strength and rocket thrusting speed. However, Bunnie has one thing that most of Eggman's robots lacks, a brain. Bunnie easily defeated E-10000G by giving him a fork and telling him to use it to dig treasure out of an electrical outlet.


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.



2-"Shadow, you DARE TO OPPOSE ME?!"

3-*head shot*

4-poor badnik...

Zacktheninja300: im routing for who i want becuase thats how i role ohh and i thing princess sally will win any day


1.Silver,hes silver, the guy who crashed sonics party twice.

2. Black doom. Shame really.

3.Julie-sue. She has gunz, sally has a mean slap,just a mean slap.

4.Bunnie.who dosent think bunnie would smash him.

My votes:

1) Silver will turn Muttski into scrap metal!

2) Let's see, pathetic bird or biological father of the ultimate lifeform? Black Doom.

3) Julie Sue. Just cus.

4) Bunnie. Same reason as #3.

My votes this week:

1.) Silver will take Muttski apart!

2.) Black Doom will eat that Flicky for breakfast! He's Shadow's biological father for pete's sake!

3.) Sally. No specific reason.

4.) Bunnie will kick that trash can's butt!

From, JaketheHedgehog

  • 1: Silver. He'll own Muttski.
  • 2: Black Doom. Yeah, own Flicky just like you owned NICOLE.
  • 3: Julie-Sue. Guns>Angry punches.
  • 4: Bunnie. E-1000G is... Oh, I'm not gonna say it, you all know.

ParaGoomba348 17:42, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

Battle 1: Silver.

Battle 2: Black Doom.

Battle 3: Julie-Su. I HATE Sally.

Battle 4: E-1000G. I don't like the Archie comics.

Knuckleschaotix 17:48, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

Stigfan35 (Detonator the S.S.M.N.C) Sez Says:

Battle 1: although i'm not a big Silver fan, he would beat Muttski easily.


Battle 2: Black Doom.

Detonator: poor Flicky :(

Battle 3: Princess Sally. Ask Detonator why i said that.

Detonator: i think she has feelings for me... *looks behind him and notices sally in the distance with a heart over her head* ...oh..nuts!

Battle 4: Bunnie Rabbot, cus she's awesome!!!

Detonator: definately awesome!!

B-1:a hedgehog from the future with ESP or scrap metal?Silver

B-2:Black Doom 'nuff said

B-3:Julie-Su OWNS Sally

B-4:I LIKE E-10000G but Bunnie is more powerfull

-Ire flowa222

My votes for this week:

1. Muttski. It's unlikely that a robot mutt can defeat a hedgehog with a poor reputation and psychokenesis, but I'm voting for him anyway.

2. Flicky. Once again, it seems unlikely, but Flickies have been around long before Sonic has, so I'm rooting for her.

3. Sally Acorn. She's been in both SaTaM (darn ABC for canceling it before Season 3) and the Archie comics, plus, she's an expert in computer technology.

4. Bunnie Rabbot. Sally Acorn's best friend and a half-rabbit half-cyborg should easily take that filler robot that replaced Omega in Sonic Free Riders down.


Use you logic and you'll know who i voted for.

1) silver is a weak hedgehog who chep shots! yet, he IS (although i hate him) decently powerful, otherwise he wouldnt had done chaos control.

2) flickies do help tails in his super form and do power the E-series, BUT they're still pretty weak without being put into machines or being without tails. Black doom's blood is wut created the ultimate lifeform. he is powerful even without chaos emeralds.

3) sally can do shit. (nuf said)

4) hm... powerful cyborg rabbit vs. an easily damaged robot meant for riding on a board. do the freaking math.

~Ultimate t. Hedgehog (aka: UTH)

Here are my opinions:

Battle 1: SILVER!!!!!!!

Battle 2: hmm, tiny weakling against 2000-year old demon. I wonder who will win???

Battle 3: I hate Archie comics!!!!!

Battle 4: Can't stand archie characters. Go E-10000G

Shadowrules7 18:18, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

Battle 1: Silver, probably my favorite character after sonic

Battle 2: I think black doom is a little more powerful

Battle 3: I like the comic, so I go with Sally, she is one tough princess

Battle 4: who cares about some random robot

Jkdabomb 16:16, December 28, 2010

Seriously?! How is Julie-Su beating Sally?! Sally needs to move on to round 3! How else will she face her best friend in battle? Sonictoast 06:52, December 29, 2010 (UTC)

Battle 1: Silver

Battle 2: Black Doom, he's an awesome villain

Battle 3: Fang should have won in the first place, but since he lost, i'll vote for julie-sue

Battle 4: E-10000G, he's my favorite character in Sonic Free Riders. Juely 08:32, December 29, 2010 (UTC)


2-I voted 4 Flicky but, B.D. would win... <=(

3-I dunno


from the dude who said "Silver is awesome in a person." on week 15


1.Of course Silver!

2.Black Doom.

3.Julie-Su.I HATE SALLY!!!

4.Bunnie Rabbot.

1.silver he could rip apart the dog the dogs metal.

2.Black Doom is to strong and only shadow can beat him.

3.I don't know them so I can't choose

4.the bunnie is better because the robot can only ride

Wow, has anyone noticed there are no more aosth characters, no more Underground characters, no more Sonic X characters, no more StC characters, and no more Sonic Movie characters? Toast. There are still a few SatAM/ Archie characters which is nice. But the game characters do seem to dominate pretty well. Sonictoast 05:54, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

Nobody cares about Sonic X, Underground, AOSTH, Sonic Movies, or STC characters EVERYBODY PLAYS THE GAME55 Skcor Ezalb 12:55, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

I happen to like Sonic X, which is why I don't like the voices in Sonic Free Riders. SeanWheeler 18:53, December 31, 2010 (UTC)