Battle 1


Dr. Eggman vs Chao

Eggman has invaded the Chao Garden, trying to harness the Chao's immortality! Left on their own, can the Chao save their home? Or will Eggman find the key to Eggmanland amongst them?

Winner: Dr. Eggman!


We'd rather not get into the blue squishy details of this match. All you need to know is that the last of the Chao have been defeated and Dr. Ivo Robotnik will be moving on to round 4.

Battle 2


Eggman Nega vs. Tikal the Echidna

The evil genius from the future takes on the mystical princess from the ancient past. Will Nega trap Tikal in a card with his special camera from Sonic Rivals, or will Tikal's Prayer to the Master Emerald help her trap Eggman Nega the way she trapped Chaos in Sonic Adventure?

Winner: Tikal!


After seeing what the evil Eggman did to her Chao friends, Tikal did not want to take any chances with his more evil descendant, Eggman Nega. Without hesitation, Tikal sealed Nega away in the Master Emerald, hopefully forever.

Battle 3


Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Espio the Chameleon

Shadow and Espio both outscored Sonic in the first round and both won by over 500 points in the second round! The two highest ranked competitors are squaring off for this, battle 3 matchup of the round. Soon one of the two best fighters shall become just another name to scratch off the roster. Shadow or Espio?

Winner: Shadow!


The Chameleon threw his ninja stars, but they were no match for the dark Hedgehog's chaos spears. After clunking Cluck and beating Beat, Shadow knew Espio was clearly ready to go. Despite Espio being one of the tournament's best fighters, Shadow took him down without breaking a sweat thus becoming the victor of battle 3.

Battle 4


Chaos vs. E-102 Gamma

These two characters have had a huge impact on the Sonic series, but they have only officially appeared themselves in the game Sonic Adventure. Well now they're squaring off to see who's the most important, Doctor Eggman's finest hunter-killer robot, or the God of Destruction!

Winner: Chaos!


Gamma usually avoids water by transforming to his hover mode. Unfortunately hover mode doesn't do much when the water is an all powerful God of Destruction. After a couple of good chaos strikes, E-102 was out of commission. Chaos progresses to round 4.


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.

1.) Eggman has captured hundreds of chaos. What makes this one so special?

2.) Eggman Nega. Next time i want to see the two egg-heads fight.

3.) I like Espio but there is just no way he can stop the Ultimate Lifeform. SHADOW RULZ U!

4.) God of destruction who floods the area just by being there or anouther one of eggman's robots who can be shortcircited (don't know how to spell that)? Chaos.

From, JaketheHedgehog

Here are my opinions,

For battle 1: The picture explains who's going to win.

For battle 2: I say Eggman Nega.

For battle 3: Go Shadow!

For battle 4: Chaos!

Here's what I think:

Battle #1: Chao can be very, very powerful, sometimes as powerful as Sonic and the rest! Also, in SA2B, my chao are unbeatable. The Chao may look vulnerable in the picture, but if it was raised well enough (like my SA2B chao), he might even tip that egghead's vehicle over with his bare hands! Don't believe me? Then look at the tornament results and check out the chao who've won so far! Assuming these facts, the Chao has my vote! It's totally going to KILL Eggman! :)

Battle #2: Tikal, most likely. Firstly, I may be a big Sonic fanatic, but I never heard of Eggman Nega. (He rings a bell, actually, but I'm not too sure.) Also, I don't give a crap about him, either. Tikal has more energy and is more combat-suited (or at least in SA2B, anyway), and she's an echidna, like Knuckles. In addition (I might be wrong about this, but it's MY opionion, people, okay!?), the master emerald can give her a LOT of strength. Tikal should win. Period! Also, it sure would be cool to see her fight Shade, if possible.

Battle #3: Shadow's just too powerful for Espio to win. He's good with guns, arobics, chaos powers, etc. Espio's in for a bag full of tricks from Shadow. You go, Shadow!

Battle #4: Remember, Chaos is made of liquid, making it easier to deal with Gamma's weaponry. Either way, Chaos is naturally more powerful. In my perspective, it's going to be Chaos for the win!

Ok, chao are alot weaker then Eggman's machine, guy above. SONIC has trouble beating them sometimes. You may have thought you thought it through perfectly, but you weren't even close to close.

Believe me, it may be a 50:50 chance that the Chao will be raised well enough to be powerful, but the chao winning isn't an impossible contest. Besides, Eggman never wins, man!

OKAY!!!! Shadow vs Espio... come on. Common sense dude. Shadow would kill Espio. That's just nature. As for Eggman vs Chao. They are weird and so is Eggman. I think the chao would probably win... but then again... I guess Tikal would kick butt. Knuckles had to get his fighting spirit from somewhere. lolz. Um.. I think Chaos would totally bust that robot. :3

My votes: to let u know Eggman Nega could invent something really amazing that could completely beat up tikal. Seriously guys no contest. tikal cant do anything!!!!!!

My votes this week:

1. Dr. Robotnik. This is why: Robotniiiiiiik, he's so cool! Chaooooo, he's a fooooooool!

2. Eggman Nega. I would just like to see Eggman vs. Eggman Nega, and even more interestingly, who would win.

3. OH DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE? I chose Shadow just 'cause he's winning. :(

4. Gamma. Shoot down Chaos!

ParaGoomba348 14:52, January 10, 2011 (UTC)

Battle 1: Dr. Eggman. Look at the size of that vehicle!

Battle 2: Dr. Eggman Nega.

Battle 3: The battle would end in a draw, but I voted for Espio because he's awesome, unlike Shadow.


Battle 4: Didn't vote. Never played SA1.

Knuckleschaotix 21:31, January 11, 2011 (UTC) ]]

Knuckleschaotix, or whatever your name is, I appreciate your perspective, and I'd also find it pretty cool if Espio won and have Shadow lose for once (in fact, I prefer it, actually), but because of logic, Shadow won my vote. I mean COME ON! A ninja defeating the ultimate lifeform? All I'm saying is that for Espio winning... don't count on it.

P.S. People, Eggman's is totally going to get killed. THE CHAO, MUST WIN! Check out my theory up above if you think I'm insane!

My votes:

1) Eggman. How can he NOT win?

2) Tikal. Enough said.

3) Shadow. I like them both the same but he would win.


1) Eggman - For obvios reasons

2) Tikal - One reason, i HATE clone characters

3) Espio - I vote espio because ever since shadows introduction, I think he has been taking over the roles of other major characters like tails and knuckles, and I think he is overrated and i dislike him

4) a tough one, but... Gamma - I just like gamma better

Yay, first one to comment! These are my votes:

1. I chose Dr. Eggman because he has an IQ of 300 and he uses his IQ to make machines and robots that can destroy buildings and stuff. Sorry, little Chao. You better run for your life.

2. A tough one, but I pick Nega. Like I said before, he got an IQ of 300 or maybe more and uses it to create stuff and even that camera. Though Tikal has the kindness and the ability to heal.

3. The toughest one to pick out of all the battles because both has avantages: Shadow has Chaos Control to slow down or stop Espio and can use Chaos Blast or any other Chaos Power. As for Espio, he can use his invisibility and use his ninja stars. This is tough, but I have to pick Shadow because he can slow down time even though Espio is invisible. Then he just do Chaos Spear everywhere.

4. Also a tough one, but I pick Chaos. I won't say the reason why.



P.S. Do you need a profile or need to sign up or whatever on this site to vote? Also, when will the polls end and when will the results be availible? PLEASE ANSWER.

1. Somehow, I think the Chao will win. Why? They have the numbers advantage, the cuteness advantage, they may lack in power, but a few well-cared for chao could take him down. BTW, I vaugely recall Eggman being defeated by chao or something else in a comic or any of the shows, I forgot the details, though.

2. Tikal. She haz magics.

3. Even thogh I usually don't pick the popular choices, I say Shadow this time. He has a buttload of high-powered abilities that Espio does not, and he can use any of those. Dare I mention Chaos Control?

4. Depends. If it is Chaos Zero, he's pretty much worthless and I pick Gamma. If it's any Chaos form above 2, I pick Chaos. Although, I'm assuming we're referring to Zero, so I pick Gamma for now. AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 13:55, January 10, 2011 (UTC)

Battle 1 : Eggman, he could easily squish Chaos.

Battle 2: Tikal, cooler.

Battle 3: Shadow, he has awesome moves.

Battle 4: Chaos, the enormous water god.

Jkdabomb 7:13, January 10, 2011

1. Eggman. robots vs. 1 chao? this was a no-brainer

2. eggman nega. takals weak. look at her skronny little arms.

3. shadow. he's the ultamate life. 1 chamilion shouldnt give him trouble.

4. this was the tuff one. i went with chaos. he's made of water. gamma would short-curcit.

and i wanna remind you this isnt a popularity contest. oh, and when you cant think of a reason, stop saying "enough said"


1-Ivo all the way, i mean just a simple chao??

2-nega has the intelect of Eggman so...

3-shadow can make energy spears, manipulate time,rifts in space, is inmortal, etc.

4-chaos maybe?

Ediskrad327 16:47, January 10, 2011 (UTC)

My votes for this week:

1. Dr. Robotnik. As much as I love Chao, I'd like to see Dr. Robotnik battle Dr. Eggman Nega, and see who would win.

2. Dr. Eggman Nega. See above.

3. Espio the Chameleon. It seems unlikely, what with Shadow being the ultimate life form, but I'm voitng Espio anyway.

4. E-102 Gamma. The God of Destruction may have destroyed Molly (I don't care about her, so this isn't a big loss for me), and Uncle Chuck, but I want Gamma to take that overgrown pile of goo down. (I truly have nothing against Chaos 0 personally. In fact, I'd totally buy an action figure of him if Jazwares releases him.)


My votes :) (im not sure if ive done this right, sorry if i mess anything up...)

1.eggman is awesome but how can ya say no to something as cute as a chao????

2. eggman nega. not exactly sure why but still...

3.shadow because shadow is amazing and kicks ass! it was a hard choice though :3 not really sure about either, but i'd have to say chaos x

battle 1. EGGMAN- one reason chao powered robots

battle 2. EGGMAN NEGA- "hey tikal" click tikal card aquired

battle 3. SHADOW- ultimate lifeform vs ninja. ulitmate lifeform pwns all ninjas

battle 4. CHAOS- chaos survived beatings from sonic tails and knuckles. and still survived super sonic. gamma is toast

True, Chaos is can't be killed or destroyed, but he can be defeated, especially in his zero form. Surely you don't think that the competitors are killing each other do you?

I'd love to see a real battle between Espio and Shadow. Shadow with his manipulation of space-time and a wealth of combat and firearms skills. And Espio, with his stealth camo, expert ninja skills and shruiken. A real fire and ice fight. Myself 123 19:38, January 10, 2011 (UTC)

The Doctor's votes:

1. Dr. Eggman. Not only are Chao not characters, they've never done a thing.

2. Dr. Eggman NEGA. I could care less if he's a clone or whatever, he's cooler than Tikal, heck he's cooler than the original Dr. Eggman, I'd say. And besides, Tikal is like Omochao or Chip, just another helper fairy that does nothing in the actual story.

3. ESPIO THE CHAMELEON. Curse that Gary-Stu for making it this far! Chaotix forever! And besides, if we're talking a real fight, as with all the other fights with Espio; you can't beat what you can't see, Shadow. Unless the writers give you another Deus Ex Machina Chaos power to aid your Gary-Stuness, that is.

4. Even though I like Gamma better, I went with Chaos on this one, solely because Chaos serves more of a purpose than Gamma does. All Gamma really did was give Dr. Eggman a few Chaos Emeralds, Froggy, and free Amy, all things which could easily be done in another fashion. In context of the overall story, Chaos has a bigger role.

I chose the Eggmen for the first two because I am envious of both their moustaches.

The last two made me go "FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU- (bashes head against wal repeatedly)"


McCurry Rader :D

1. eggman he 100x better then a regular chao.

2. EGGMAN NEGA Tikal is basicly navi of the sonic series.

3. Espio Espio you can beat that emohog sorry to shadow fans but i kinda like Espio better.

4. E-102 shoot chaos to water drops (if you notice in the pic its chaos ZERO).

Beecanoe says...

1. Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman would make an army of robots (overkill!) and destroy the chao.

2. Eggman Nega. Dr. Eggman can face him in the next round!

3. Shadow. Espio is one of my favorites but Shadow is favoriter.

4. Chaos. Chaos is so much more epic than that robot.

Battle 1: Dr. Eggman

Battle 2: Here, i voted for Eggman Nega cause he has an entire army of robots and could be a very nice character with a few adjustments.

Battle 3: Shadow, i like Espio a lot too

Battle 4: Both i like, but i voted for Gamma since he is a robot and i love robots. Juely 15:10, January 11, 2011 (UTC)


1. I'm for old 'Buttnik, especially if he's driving that thing around...

2.(Go fish WTF) Tikal's probably gonna win this round, but I vote for Nega, just because.

3. The whole invisible ninja thing is awesome and everything, but one good chaos blast and it's bye-bye, ninja...

4. Ahh...Gamma...he's toast.

I only went against the flow of one of them. CANS JOO GEASS?!

1. I picked Chao, 'cause he's epic.

2. Tikal, duh. She's epic, too.

3. Shadow is awesome, I voted for him, but SE-GA! has to fix the emo.

4. Chaos is AMAZING, and he shall dominate.


hey guys, Ultimate TH here.

1) eggman

2) tikal

3) shadow. now i've been reading the comments and for those who voted for espio, wow. you dont need to see if espio of you can make your self explode with power all arounf you. jeez, espio IS an awesome character BUT cannot beat shadow. espio isnt even invinsible. i dunno where you got that from. shadow is infact invicible.

4) chaos

Hey, it's Cosmofan1000!

1) Sorry to break it to you, but Egghead.

2) Tikal. Good vs. Evil bit!

3) Shadow. Come on, Ultimate Life Form ring a bell?

4) So chaos!


1)Well eggman is a great but mean people never wins ¬¬ So CHAO!

2)Tikal she is best tha a stupid machine -.-

3)Espio is a spy so he can make it better :D

4)Omega can have a outcircuit So CHAOS

here are who i want to win

1)chao,i don't like eggman

2)tikal,eggman nega sucks

3)shadow,because he's my favorite character and he could kick espio's ass but espio is cool too

4)chaos,because i like him more but gamma is cool too