Battle 1


Sonic the Hedgehog vs Vector the Crocodile

Wow! Vector has been turned into a giant Godzilla-style monster! Look at that! But will that even the playing field against our #1 hero, Sonic the Hedgehog?

Winner: Sonic


The bigger they are the harder they fall. Speed prevailed over size and power once again.

Battle 2


Rouge the Bat vs Scourge the Hedgehog

It's the consummate womanizer, Scourge the Hedgehog, versus the ultimate femme fatale, Rouge the Bat... and they used to date! In fact, it was their disastrous partnership that led to Scourge's two scars on his chest! Now they're in a fight to the finish, and they've both got scores to settle!

Winner: Rouge


Thinking he could easily take out Rouge, the evil Hedgehog transformed himself into Super Scourge. However, Rouge stalled and sweet talked him until his time ran out, leaving Scourge exhausted and unable to fight. Rouge wins battle 2.

Battle 3


Metal Sonic vs Shade the Echidna

If this franchise has proven anything, it's that win or lose, Hedgehog vs. Echidna will be a good fight. How about Robot Hedgehog vs. Dimension-hopping Echidna? Are you interested now?

Winner: Metal Sonic


If this franchise has proven anything it's that Hedgehog will always beat Echidna, no amount of robotics or inter-dimensional techniques will change that. Metal Sonic will be moving on to round 4.

Battle 4


Gemerl vs Mecha Sonic

Two of Eggman's most ambitious, power hungry creations are facing off against each other for battle number 4. But who will win? The one designed after the perfect conquest soldiers, or the one modeled after the world's greatest hero?

Winner: Gemerl


While fighting over the Master Emerald, Mecha Sonic charged up to his super form and Gemerl transformed into his giant orb self. They blasted each other with their large beams of energy. Mecha Sonic ran out of energy and had to recharge, unfortunately before he could reach the Master Emerald again. Gemerl caught him with his giant claws and picked the robot hedgehog to pieces.

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