Battle 1


Miles "Tails" Prower vs Enerjak

Enerjak is said to be a nearly omnipotent being, having the combined energy of eleven Chaos Emeralds (that's four more than Super Sonic). However, in the same continuity, Tails is the Chosen One of Mobius, capable of becoming the all powerful Turbo Tails. Will the evil-echidna-entity finally reign or will the two-tailed-titan continue to fulfill his predestined calling?

Winner: Tails


The mighty Turbo Tails was easily able to bring the evil Enerjak to his knees. Miles Prower is moving on to round 4.

Battle 2


NiGHTS vs. Charmy Bee

These two frequent fliers have proven to be pros at taking out Sonic X characters, but let's see how they do against each other.

Winner: Charmy


NiGHTS thought he could easily swat the bumbling bee with his tennis racket, however, right before he could, NiGHTS realized he needed to go wave the flag for a race. So he left thus forfeiting the battle. Charmy was kind of happy to have won battle 2, but was even more so bitter about not being invited to the race. Either way Charmy is the only member of Team Chaotix to survive round 3.

Battle 3


Silver the Hedgehog vs. Black Doom

Black Doom may have fought Shadow the Hedgehog in the past, but he's never faced a hedgehog like Silver, whose psychokinetic powers and knowledge of the future might give him an edge. Then again, Silver's naïvety meant he was easily tricked the last time he came up against a dark manipulator. Will Silver be doomed, or will Black Doom's history be cut short?

Winner: Silver


Silver turned around with his overly large quills and accidentally poked Doom's Eye... in the eye. Black Doom started whining about Silver being a traitor or some such nonsense. Tired of hearing Black Doom's raspy deep voice, Silver used his psychokinetic powers to clobber Black Doom and all his minions with wooden crates, until he could no longer speak. Silver wins battle 3.

Battle 4


Julie-Su vs. Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette

In a surprise twist, Julie-Su proved she was more than a match for Sally Acorn, but now Sal-gal's best friend Bunnie is taking her shot. They're both equipped with powerful cybernetics, both highly trained Freedom Fighters, and both supported by committed partners: Knuckles the Echidna and Antoine D'Coolette. But will it be Julie-Su or Bunnie that takes the prize?

Winner: Julie-Su


Definitely the closest match of the week. Being pretty equal in martial art skills and cybernetic enhancements, there was one thing Julie-Su had that Bunnie didn't, a proton gun. Zap! Julie-Su moves on to to round 4.


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.


I voted for Julie-Su because bunny is too texas like

GO TAILS!!!!!!!!!! even though he's like 11 or 10


1-what the heck's wrong with you people? it's more than obvious that Enerjak would win, Tails is just 10.if this keeps up we're gonna have Sonic vs Tails in the finals...

Edit: sorry i completely forgot he can go Turbo xDDDDD, so yeah, i think Tails wins after all...


3-Silver would win

4-Bunnie would win, her agility would beat Su's gun


2. i will vote charmy just cuzz knights isnt a real sonic character

3. black doom i think an evil alian overlord would beat a telekinetic hegehog he almost beat super shadow right!

4. bunnie cuz she sound like shes from texas wich i like cuz im from texas :3

Ugh, Julie-Su/the retarded echidna is winning again. Thank goodness she's up against Silver next!

It's not over yet. Bunnie had the lead to begin with so Bunnie might make a sudden comback! (At least I hope.) User: Eggrobo 2.0

Okay, So I know that a lot of you guys think that one of the Chaotix has to make it to round 4, but seriously, if anyone from Chaotix is going to round 4, seriously, would you want it to be CHARMY??? One Sega Superstar should make it to round 4, and NiGHTS would be a good choice. Also, Tails has that annoying little kid voice, and Charmy is even more annoying. And they're both weak and YELLOW. I know some of you guys may like Yellow, but I hate it. Enerjak is much stronger and better than Tails, while NiGHTS is much less annoying than Charmy and is much stronger too. Also, Juely didn't say that Super Shadow almost lost to Black Doom, I did. Besides, Shadow's a lot stronger than Silver and he almost lost anyway. ParaGoomba348 15:04, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

Isn't the majority of Enerjak's costume yellow? Myself 123 16:28, January 25, 2011 (UTC)
Yes, but his main color is green since he can use chaos energy. The old Enerjak was completely green before he wore the costume.

Wow, did anyone notice that round 4 will only have 2 ROUNDS! That insane. Man, what happened to the rounds taking forever?

My votes:

1) Tails.

2) Charmy.

3) Silver

4) Julie Sue.

1.) Tails.

2.) Charmy. This is a SONIC character tournament.

3.) Black Doom. Sorry Silver

4.) Julie Sue.

JaketheHedgehog 20:21, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

Battle 1: Tails.

Battle 2: Charmy. Come on, one of the Chaotix has to make it to the next round.

Battle 3: Silver.

Battle 4: Didn't vote.

Knuckleschaotix 17:36, January 24, 2011 (UTC) kw101.

1. Enerjak, I hate tails because he was whiney in SH, the game that took me into the series.

2. NiGHTS. I hate the chaotix because they got rid of mighty.

3. Silver. I hate black doom because hes against silver. next week I will like black doom again. Oh and to Juely, SUPER SHADOW took on DEVIL DOOM.not black doo. have you even played shadow the hedgehog.

4.Julie-Su. If their boyfriends/husbands fought who would win that? by supersonic13- tails because hes just the best fox. CHARMY CHARMY CHARMY. just like the guy said below me siliver is awesome,good,a hedgehog,from the future and has esp.( what is esp) sally should have won that fight with julie-sue. i want bunnie to kick her butt. Tails. Enerjak is awesome, but we all love Tails more.

Charmy. He's my least favorite Sonic character, but NiGHTS isn't even a sonic character.

Silver. He's awesome, good, a hedgehog, from the future, has ESP, why not vote for him?

Bunnie. Bunnie is just plain awesome and has ten times more powers then Julie-Su. That and I'm angry at Julie-Su for beating Sally.

My votes this week:

  • 1. Enerjak. Amazing villain with incredible super-powers vs. very young fox. Who wins?
  • 2. NiGHTS. Charmy is annoying.
  • 3. Black Doom. Think about it: Super SHADOW barely beat Black Doom. Silver is in his normal form and isn't as powerful as Shadow, why do you think he could win?
  • 4. Julie-Su. I always just liked her more. ParaGoomba348 14:46, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

KW101: yeah sorry bout that. I read it wrong so yeah......soz juely.....

Battle 1: Tails

Battle 2: I voted for Charmy, he's a special Sonic character and could beat NiGHTS anyway.

Battle 3: Black Doom for his exceptional design, cruelty, acts and character. I like Silver too but Black Doom could beat him anyway AND he appears in one of my favorite sonic games.

Battle 4: Julie-Su i guess, she reminds me of Shade. Juely 14:30, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

Looks like I'm the first to comment. Wow, so much for a mecha vs. metal. oh well. here are my votes.

Tails because he is almost as fast as sonic and he is smart. he built a fake chaos emerld you know.

Nights. Charmy is just stupid

Black doom. he is way to powerful for silver. What was the last match? Oh yeah, Bunnie Rabbot. I don't know who the other girl is. Eggrobo 2.0

Yo whoever commented above the line your suppose to comment below the line. Eggrobo 2.0

My Votes for this Week:

1. Tails. Looks Like Enerjak has met his match. Tails is using today's Duracell!

2. Charmy. As the last remaining Chaotix Member, he has to win (Although Tails will likely take him down in the next match).

3. Silver. Even a hedgehog with a poor repuation has to beat that alien overlord.

4. Bunnie Rabbot. Her best friend lost to Julie-Su, and now she wants revenge.

1:Enerjak (Tails is smart not strong

2:Charmy:Charmy sucks but all knights can do is fly -_-

3:Silver:Silver isnt as awesome as Shadow but Silver is still retty cool

4:Julie-Su:she has a gun in the picture


1- who the heck is enerjak, GO MILES!!!

2-charmy could use his sting

3-a threat from the past vs the saviour of the future? kind of hard to choose

4-i don't know much of either but echidnas are a warrior race go julie-su

Ediskrad327 21:26, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

1. Enerjak. He's cooler than Tails.

2. Charmy. Get that non-Sonic character off the bracket.

3. Silver. It was difficult. Black Doom is cool, but I had to vote for Silver because Doom's Eye is a Bass's Turd.

4. Bunnie Rabbot. I don't really know either of them, but I guess Bunnie is cooler.

says Beecanoe 22:38, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

These are easy:

1. Tails. He's the amazing, reliable, #2! (in some people's eyes).

2. NiGHTS. Don't know, (for some reason) do care.

3. Silver. As he would say, "It's no use!----This will end it!"

4. Julie-Su. Not a big fan of the Archie continuity, just think she's cool.

(Please note that only #3 isn't a default answer, meaning I did the others that way because I didn't really care for one over the other and just chose what I thought was better) (user:SuperMetalSonic2)

1. Tails: He is and will always be awsomer than enerjak


3. Silver: He Pwns

4. Bunnie: I must be one of the only people to have a full set of episodes

from Sonic The Hedgehog, because anyone who has watched the series knows Bunnie would win.


Fatboi1000 say:





all i have to say is that black doom will kill silver and those who oppose are out of their mind (aka everyone that voted for silver)

(~Ultimate t. Hedgehog)

The guy above me is obviously out of HIS mind, since as of now Silver is kicking Black Doom's alien behind.

@the guy above me: well wutever than everyone is out of there mind (or atleast concerning that fight). Use your heads. Silver = "WEAK AS HELL". Black Doom = "ULTIMATE POWER"(besides shadow). Sonic and shadow are hardly a match for black doom, heck if it wasnt for shadow sonic probably wouldve been killed by back doom. i never understood why silver has such a huge fan base. even if silver wins this battle this week it doesnt matter. black doom is clearly better for those who stop and think before they vote just cuz "they like him more".

(~Ultimate t. Hedgehog)

My votes:

1. Tails. Enerjak may be powerful, but I bet a few lightning shots and other nifty gadgets like that will take care of him. (Here's hoping Tails defeats Enerjak by burning him to death with a Thermal Reaction Cannon :D)

2. Charmy. I don't care what anyone says, NiGHTS is not a Sonic character and cannot be allowed to progress further.

3. Silver. According to the BD-H Character Analyzer Scale (heard of it? bet not), Silver is more physically powerful than Shadow, so if Shadow can defeat Black Doom, then so can Silver.

4. This one was really tough, but Julie-Su. Bunnie may be strong and fast, but Julie-Su is probably stronger. Also, she has a proton gun. That automatically makes her awesome.


I doubt Silver is physically more powerful than Shadow. Sure Silver can throw heavy objects with telekinesis, but can he overturn them without the use of his telekinetic powers? I don't think so. Shadow can in his game with little effort. Trust me on this: If Shadow challenged Silver to an arm wrestling match and Silver wasn't able to use his ESP, well, Silver's going through the table at the beginning of the match!

All of these battles are pretty tough to choose,

1. I actually think Tails has a fighting chance against Enerjak, given that Tails defeated Master Mogul in Turbo Form, Enerjak was nearly defeated by Super Sonic, and Regular Tails could stand against Regular Sonic. So if Super Sonic could beat enerjak, Turbo Tails could also.

2. Ohhh my god, two characters I just don't like, great "Sigh". I'd actually go with Charmy on this one, its a Sonic Character tournament, not a Sega All-Stars tournament, Charmy may be annoying, but I used his stinger in Sonic heroes and Beat the Egg Emperor while Vector and Espio were incapacitated, so I guess Charmy.

3. I think Silver would win this match, but it would be close, as Silver also has Chaos powers (Sonic 06), plus his PhsycoKinesis could be used to defeat Black Doom. Silver almost beat Sonic, Sonic did beat Shadow, Shadow beat Black doom, Silver could beat Black Doom.

4. I'm still hurting 'cause Sally lost last round, so Julie-su and I have a rough relationship. But when it comes down to pure strength and ability, I'd have to go with bunnie, JS may have a proton gun, but Bunnie's arm can Convert to a proton gun, plus Bunnie can fly and has just as much (if not more) experience as JUlie-su.

1.Tails, no compitition.

2.NiGHTS, for you people who think all NiGHTS can do is fly your forgetting about her dragon persona (techinatly a sonic character bc of sonic pinball party's interaction between the two).

3. Silver