Knuckles the Echidna vs. Miles "Tails" Prower

There was a time, from around 1994 to 2001, when Sonic, Knuckles and Tails were the top three characters in the franchise, no questions asked. Then Shadow the Hedgehog burst onto the scene, and now Knuckles and Tails are being forced to duke it out for third place.

They've both got their own strengths and weaknesses. Tails can fly where Knuckles can only glide. Knuckles can cause earthquakes with his punches, whereas Tails relies on his tail attack. Tails has the brains, while Knuckles has the brawn.

It's a fight between two old friends, core members of Team Sonic, but which one will make it to the podium?

Winner: Miles "Tails" Prower


Wow, what a fight! These two were neck-and-neck all week, but over the weekend the cunning fox was able to pull ahead. Using a combination of his ingenuity and superior maneuverability, Tails set up a trap for Knuckles and the big galoot walked right into it. By the time he'd broken free, Tails was ready to take him down with his Cyclone walker! Tails wins third prize in our tournament, while Knuckles takes a long walk to the losers' table.


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.

LRoboto: The Knuckles vs Tails fight would have benefitted from a better explanation than what the admins conjured up but whatever. Both Knuckles and Tails are awesome. Knuckles' power and mind are refined, not raw and Tails has plenty of know-how in the combat department.

To be honest, I'm surprised how accurate this character tournament has been so far. I don't think characters are allowed a Chaos Emerald, which is why Blaze beat Mammoth Mogul. I could understand Scourge sneaking in some Anarchy Beryl, since his super form could handicap him as well as aid him. Tails could transform to beat Enerjak because the energy to do so was within his opponent. (Know it's a stretch, since Sonic and Shadow didn't do that while fighting him, but maybe they didn't think of it. How else could Tails have won?) As for Tikal beating Eggman and Eggman Nega, well she's actually a good fighter the ONE time you can play as her in SA2. Being trampled by a bunch of other echidnas made her look weak, but I'm pretty sure the force of 20 angry echidnas who seem to have the abilities of Knuckles could beat down just about anybody. The last fight regularly questioned is the Knuckles VS Shadow fight. Knuckles I weakness (As shown in the comics and Sonic X) are ranged attacks. Which Shadow used on him to win. In this fight, I'm not sure who will win, Tails is a heck of a lot faster while Knuckles is a heck of a lot stronger. Knuckles has more stamina, Tails has a higher thinking level. Knuckles is an experienced martial artist, while Tails has an effective speed based combat. For every ability one has, the other has something to counter it. I could see either one winning, and even though Knuckles may win, I'm rooting for Tails' speed, technique, and momentum based combat/gameplay, because that is what the Sonic franchise is all about.

TAILS IS THE GOD OF HAX!!! BEATING SILVER AND NOW KNUCKLES? No wonder, even if you managed to kill him 10000 times, he respawns forever and eventually wins. So far in the series in my experience, Tails had never lost a fight, he can summon Sonic to save him, make someone suffer bad luck, makes even the most strongest of beings wonder how is it that no matter what, they always get screwed somehow upside-down, as if somebody was haxing their winning chances. Let Sonic and others do the fighting, eh? No wonder Dr. Eggman kidnaps Tails, Tails cannot die. When Sonic meets Tails, Sonic even got his luck haxed by Tails. Therefore, Miles "Tails" Prower = Hax God. - OneTurnKillHedgehog

Tails is so much awesomer than Knux it's almost unfair! Tails could take out knux in two SECONDS with one of his awesome gadgets!


"Knuckles is strong, but his moves are simple and easy to read. Just wait for the right timing and hit him with a combo." -Sonic in Sonic Battle. Different person: Sonic Battle didn't portray Knuckles correctly. Focus on well written games like Sonic Adventure 2 where he owned Rouge. Take nothing away from Tails though, he's a little more agile. Same Person: Actually, I think you're right. I'll take SA2 over Sonic Battle any time. This quote doesn't really apply here since none of the character statisitcs are really accurate in that game, now that I look at all of them. *cossing out quote*

Knuckles will win,(pulls out sniper and aims for Tails' head) and I'll make sure of that(pulls trigger).


Knuckles is a better and stronger character than Tails. Plus, Tails beat Silver! For that...ANNIHALATE HIM KNUCKLES!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Knuckles-Is-So-Much-Better-Than-Tails-You-Twits-So-READ-THIS!!!

It soooo close. Go Tails!

Knuckleschaotix 23:31, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

Knuckles would win. Tails got a plane but that will only get Knuckles angry. He'll just deep impact the hydrogen in the plane diesembleing it and giving Tails a beating he won't forget. Sure Tail's has a reasonable IQ but all Knuckles has to do is punch his head and his spikes will punkture is brain making Tails brain dead he faster than Tails and stronger he can fly but what if Knuckles gets a rock nothing can avoid a ROCK. Dang fans can get people far!!!

Oh dear, how is Knuckles losing? ~Pikopiko Amy

Poor, poor, Knuckles. He's a powerhouse in a series all about speed. May the best superfast fox win!

Taggev 20:45, March 2, 2011 (UTC) - my vote:

Seriously. A superstrong echidna, one of the best characters on Mobius, who knocked out SUPER SONIC in a single hit. Against an annoying fox with an annoying voice (he sounds like a GIRL) who can't fight for his life, his annoying inventions are all he has. WHO AM I VOTING FOR? WHO SHOULD WIN? Hmm, WHAT a difficult choice...

If Justin Bieber did Tails's voiceovers I could only tell if I saw it in the credits. Tails does sound like a girl and whovever does his voice acting sounds completely forced. Knuckles all the way! The only one who could beat him was Shadow. Imagine how humiliating it would be if he lost to this faggot.

Beecanoe 21:38, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

hmmm one of my favorit characters who is strong has controll of the master emeralds super streingth and super speed vs my least favorit usless peice of shit character whos not even needed.

hmm wonder who im gunna vote for....

LRoboto's vote

I'm not going to say who should win this battle. I'm just gonna say that Knuckles and Tails deserve (more than any other character in the franchise, including Sonic) to be given major roles in future titles. Forget about the games that stripped them of their speed. Knuckles and Tails CAN run as fast as the the hedgehogs. Characters like Silver and Blaze got more than enough fame and power handed to them and it's about time that the red and yellow veterans get a chance.

hate 2 be mean 2 amy bec shes 1 of my fav sonic gals (as annoying as she is...) but she shouldnt have gotten passed round 1 2 begin w/. and the thing w/ tikal...HOW THE F*** DID SHE BEAT EGGMAN AND EGGMAN NEGA?!! after her battle w/ marine she shouldve been knocked out of the tourney! again...another fav sonic gal of mine but....REALLY?!! all those battles w/ the chao in them shouldve been 1-sided cute and cuddly they r they r only helpful when it comes 2 power-ups...battle-wise they r USELESS (except cheese...he could kick some serious @$$ if motivated-seen when he and cream kicked emerls metal butt. ah poor emerl... i loved that bot... ). other than that im more or less happy w/ the battle results (considering im not familiar w/ the sonic/archie comics like most of u other voters r). ~Bryana

response: trust me it was only by favoritism that most of these characters won. ex: Blaze vs Mamoth Mogul

reply: heyyy u sliced my message in half lol! anyway...yea ive noticed that. but fav or was common sense half the time of who would/shouldve won. o well...every1 as a right 2 their opinion-freedom of speech/press right? besides its just 4 fun. wat annoys me is how ppl start getting snippy and nasty w/ a characters-4 example tails-or about wat some1 commented and finding it "offensive". changing gears 4 a sec...2 all u "tails haters" out there...quit saying hes useless. if it werent 4 him and his brain and inventions sonic PROBABLY (i wont say "will be" bec there is his speed and fighting skills 2 take in2 consideration) would be dead by now. so stop insulting the little 2-tailed fox (he gets enough of that crap back in the comics and games etc etc) wat if hes not strong, so wat if his voice is a little high-pitch and annoying 2 most of u...HE is the 1 that keeps the team 2gether, HE is the 1 that gets them out of sticky situations and HE is the 1 w/ the plan(s). ok enough about my tails-defense rant...back 2 wat i was originally saying-THEY R FICTIONAL...not real. chilax ppls! its just a little friendly tourney 4 fun and every1s enjoyment. so plz dont ruin it 4 the rest of us present...thank u <3 ~Bryana

in any case...4 this battle-big toughie. on the 1 hand knuxs who is super strong but really really stupid and gullible (srry knuxs fangirls!! :( ) and on the other hand we have tails whose brains almost match that of THE eggman but not half as strong as knuxs. popularity wise is just as hard bec i love them both evenly.
my vote: tails...he deserves his chance 2 shine. srry knuxs. ~ Bryana

That is so true Shadow came on the scene and kicked everybody else out and its just Shadow gets everything, he has a long drawn out backstory, he has new powers every single game, like first he needed a chaos emerald for chaos spear then he can just use it, more and more chaos powers out of nowhere. He also seems to be adopting the crazy Sonic X attitude because of Jason Griffith's deep voice impression,in SonicHeroes Shadow(2001 voice) was somewhat carefree and funloving like in the Casino level he's like "Cool City", "Let's Go", "All Right, Perfect Bingo", but he started acted like a secluded jerk after Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 06(2005 voice). I like his new voice (2011 voice) though because he doesn't sound like a jerk he just wants to be the best. Well, Tails all the way and hopefully Tails will get his spotlight back with Knuckles and Amy. ------- Mike

response: ppl favor the badass anti-hero...thats probably y sega changed shadow 2 a sarcastic and slightly funloving hedgehog 2 an asshole that has a kind heart (2 a degree). u brought up some good points tho and do have a right 2 ur own a opinion. continue having ur voice being heard. and i totally agree w/ u...tails deserves some credit-hes the teams "backbone" so 2 speak-and the poor thing is always being bad-mouthed. GO TAILS!! ~Bryana


WOW, tought decision, although i still think that if knuckles goes hyper and tails goes turbo, tails wins

Tails is far more awesome. And yes, there is more to the both of them. First, let's get the counteracts out of the way. They can both fly, they can both use chaos powers in the comics, and they're both awesome. Now, their individual traits. Knuckles, large physical strenth. Tails, also physical strenth but nowhere near Knux or Shadow. Tails has vast intaelligence and is quite obviously his strong point. Knuckles, in the comics, has also shown a large IQ, though in the games, he is very gullible, which is a weakness that could lead to his downfall here. Another advantage that tails has, that actually comes from his IQ, is that he has loads of different gadgets that he could use to cheat to his advantage. Therfore, statistically, tails should easily be able to win. However, there is the popularity thing which has left them almost tied at the time I am writing this. So really, who is going to win is anyone's guess.

Knuckles deserves it more, Knuckles it far more talented.

Bullet Francisco 20:38, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

People need to stop bringing up the Brain/Brawn factor. Theres a lot more to Tails than his IQ and theres a lot more to Knuckles than his physical strength.

Please Vote for Tails!!!!!!! -generalz

Lol, I almost fainted when I saw Knuckles vs Tails. I thought they beat Sonic and Shadow!

response: lmao likewise! XD ~Bryana

Tails. I like Tails more, and Knuckles took out so many good characters, like Amy and Blaze. And brains triumphs over brawn. Knuckleschaotix 19:39, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

response: true in some cases but not always. im agreeing w/ u tho...tails should win. ~Bryana

I as well. So it’s between the guardian and the guy that trapped Mammoth Mogul in a Chaos Emerald.

Chaos Knuckles ftw.

I'm voting Knuckles. I LOVE Knuckles, but I HATE Tails. Obviously.... Yeah. You know I'm cool. Don't deny it. 14:56, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

ShadowDragon135 – That's Just How I Roll!
TALK – JaketheHedgehog 13:54, February 28, 2011 (UTC)
Once upon a time, Tails was my favorite Sonic character. Then, i learned of Shadow. Guess who i'm voting for.

My Vote:

I go with Tails because his brains can beat Knuckles brawn.

Sonic and Shadow are such overrated Canon-sues. It's shamefull how people would just think a character can win based off of flashy powers and background music. Knuckles and Tails deserve better than what they've been getting for the past several years. They're both better than Sonic or Shadow.

response: no theyre not...but ur rite tails and knuxs should get more credit than they have been getting. ~Bryana

Furianu says:

I'm a huge Tailsfan, Tails has to win :DDD

My vote for this week is Knuckles. I like Tails, but Knuckles was a lot more fun to play as in Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 due to the lock-on technology of Sonic & Knuckles, and the fact that Knuckles can go through paths Sonic normally couldn't.


Hmmmm. Let's see... Tails is smart, can fly and uses his tails to attack. Knuckles has super strength, can glide and climb and he isn't a complete idot. He knows how to work the Chaos Emeralds pretty well and he is the master of the Master Emerald. He has out smarted, out witted and beat Rouge quite a few times. Not bad, right? So, Knuckles.

User: Eggrobo 2.0

Miles' brain and a Good mech will earn him victory

Ediskrad327 16:18, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

Now, all of you do remember that Tails has already beatdown Knuckles twice in the games, once in his story mode for Sonic 3 & Knuckles and once in his story mode for Sonic Adventure, while Knuckles has never been brave enough to face Tails in his story mode. The echidna would be crumpled on the ground, unconscious or weeping, within about two minutes.

BaronGrackle 17:47, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

MilesPrower72 Tails ALL THE WAY he'll beat knuckles to the bone.

Hard to say, their pretty evenly matched, but I have to go with Knuckles. He cool, and is more then capable of knocking-out Tails with a single solid punch. Go Knuckles! ~ Chaos Overdrive

Originaly, I voted for Knuckles because he is stronger, but then I thought about my childhood and remembered that Tails was my absolute FAVORITE character so then I voted for Tails.

Tai-chan: Dudes, I love em both, but I'm gonna have to go with Tairisu. Who can't resist the world's cutest fox? :3

I guess Knuckles would get my vote -- Murphyshane - Morph! He's alive! Don't click here 21:41, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

energyman2289: ........This is hard. Well, Fly beats Power in Sonic Heroes, so GO TAILS!

Let's compare the fighters various skills through speed, power, skill, and special abilities.

Battle 1: Speed-Tails. Knuckles is actually a bit faster than Tails when the fox is only running and doesn't spin his twin tails at all, but Tails tends to fly alot. Power-Knuckles. Tails twin Tails are extremely powerful in that they can slice through eggman's robots. But Knuckles is still more powerful. Skill-Tails. I don't really have much to support this exept that Tails is always a skill character at olympic games, but nothing in the continuity seems to suggest otherwise. Special Abilities-Tails. He can have an unfair amount of special abilities in some games. Result-Tails. Speed trumps power in the sonic series.

Beecanoe says...

1. The winner is Knuckles! Tails sucks.

Beecanoe 00:15, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

Espio Fan-Lady – You just got boomeranged!
TALK – 02:36, March 2, 2011 (UTC)
Ahhh! Everyone here is evil! 666 people voted! RUN 4 UR LIFE!!!!!

Man, today's full of losses of my favorites. The Knicks lose in Orlando, and now I find out Knuckles got shut out by Mr. Faker, though I kinda saw this coming (dang Shadow fanbrats). It's pretty amazing that when I got to this page, Knux and Tails were tied 334 each. You'd think Knuckles would be blowing him away, as it's no contest. Knuckles may not be Sonic-fast, Tails may actually be a teensy bit faster because he's always keeping up with Sonic, but Knuckles is way more powerful, way more experienced, way more enduring, and he's got freakin' spikes on his fists! And people seem to forget this, but Knuckles is an expert martial artist, so he'd win by a landslide.
--Eh, What's up Doc? ~ DjWindmaster97 03:28, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

response: i dont want 2 sound mean here but im a shadow fangirl and i have 2 disagree w/ u. the way i c it shadow could beat knuckles easily. teleportation, can enduse chaos control, chaos spear, chaos blast, chaos rift (and trust me...that attack is a whooper!), he can wield guns (shadow+gun=run like hell and keep ur head down!), he has a higher brain capacity/IQ than knuxs does, technically shadow is equal 2 knuckles in strength and can SURPASS it if he removes his rings (even if its 4 a short period of time), supersonic speed which can also be enhanced if he removes his rings and has a super transformation. knuckles isnt exactly the smart type but he has his ups at times, super strong, can glide temporarily, has above average speed, is the current master of the master emerald and has some super transformation or something of his own (according 2 the archie comics). i agree that he is 1 of the most powerful sonic characters but he is hasty and is short-tempered where as shadow is more level-headed and calculative. in knuckles case facing sonic is 1 thing...facing shadow is a different matter entirely-hes more or less SCREWED! and in this case w/ him vs tails...dont underestimate tails. u never know wat hes got up his sleeve. sure he isnt the strongest but he is 1 of the smartest and has got the team-INCLUDING knuckles-out of several tight spots. im srry i went kinda OD on u but im just stating the hard feelings...ok? l8rs. ~Bryana

05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)


I'm gonna do a full run through.

When it comes down to it, Knuckles is stronger. Flat out. It's undeniable. He just IS. TAILS, on the other hand, is wicked smart. Even though Tails knows Sonic like the back of his hand, our little fox needs to brush up on Knuckles. Knuckles has quite a few tricks up his sleeve still.

Hate to see Tails go, but i'm goin with Knuckles this round. He's my 2rd favorite character. After Sonic and tied with Silver. :3


05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)05:03, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

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Speedy7850 – Keepin' It Cool!
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Go Tails!

On another note, Tails is faster than knux (atleast wih the help of his tails) and this fight is pretty even but tails will win in the end.

MilesPrower72 Tails is pulling away in this one which is not a surprise, on his way to 3rd place TAILS RULEZ

OscarLupton Shadow has stolen the show from Sonic, Tails and Knuckles [just because people go for the flashier character]. Tails beats Knuckles because of his intellect. That's an understatement, he has an IQ of 300. 300! [Hawking + Einstein = Prower]. Also, he is an inventor and mechanic, so can summon a robot or other such thing to help. Sonic, would inevitably beat Tails, because he is faster, more skilled in combat and probably tougher. An interesting fight would be Tails vs Shadow.