Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

For 8 months, 128 of the best characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series have been fighting it out to determine who deserves the prize for most popular character in the franchise. Slowly they've been whittled down, until at last only two remain.

So here it is, the final showdown. Hedgehog versus Hedgehog. Speed versus Speed. Hero versus Dark. Original versus fake... but which is which?

Sonic and Shadow have been rivals since Shadow first appeared in the scene in Sonic Adventure 2. They've fought and they've raced, but the outcome has never been clear. Now we're going to settle it once and for all.

Is Shadow really the Ultimate Lifeform? Or is he a pale imitation of the Legendary Blue Hedgehog? Which one is the best character of them all?

Winner: Sonic the Hedgehog


Wow! What an incredible fight! And what a fantastic way to conclude this tournament! Sonic (and Shadow) fans turned out in force to find our winner, and more than 2800 votes were cast - more than double the amount for any other match in the tournament!

Sonic was in the lead during the week, with Shadow right on his heels, but over the weekend all bets were off! Both contestants started moving so fast you couldn't even follow with the naked eye - first Shadow took the lead, then Sonic, then Shadow! But when the dust settled, there could be only one winner, and the hedgehog who inched over the line first was Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic is our Tournament Champion!


Feel free to comment about any of the matches below this line.

I am glad, lets put it behind us right, forgive and forget.

No worries dude.

Oh I see, my bad. I guss I was wrong about you. And for the record Sonic is my second favorite charachter, and I have a HUGE list of charachters I am a fan of such as Shadow, Sonic, Sub-Zero (from Mortal Kombat), Vega (A.K.A Balrog in Japan) (from Street Fighter), Link, Samus, Silver, Harry Potter, Sheik/Zelda, etc etc etc. I am really really really really sorry with the conclusion I made about you, I am just really used to hearing fan-boys talking like that LOL, wow I am sorry. Huh Chad Warden, what a terrible comparison I made LOL. hold on you got the wrong idea, I didn't mean Shadow should only have 100 votes and I'm with you Shadow is getting more and more popular and he deserve it and he also my second facvoret character. All I was saying was Sonic Should be ahead by at least a 100 I mean the poll had some sudden votes(I might be wrong).

No pal, it was not hacked or other wise the people who are in charge would already know that and they would have start the poll all over again and you should just accept that Shadow has a large group of fans. And believe it or not Shadow is even more popular than Luigi, but Sonic of couse tops Luigi and even Mario and yes I do admit that Sonic and even Mario still tops Shadow. And do you even ask people who there favorite Sonic charachter is, alot of them would tell you Shadow, especially the kids and teenagers bro. And do you know that I once went to a school and there where alot of Shadow fans and many did not even care less for Sonic. And do you really think that Shadow had only a 100 votes, I mean Jesus you are sounding like a Sonic fan-boy, sort of like Chad Warden when he tried to convince people that the "quote unquote" PS triple is the biggest thing in the world and was like, oh you know the Nintendo Wii and the XBOX 360 cant compete with the PS triple and blah blah blah. Thats who you are talking like, no offence. Times change Shadow is infact the 25th most popular charachter in the world, in 2001 he would not be in the top 100. And in addition, do you even know how popular Shadow has gotten since Sonic Adventure 2, he is much more popular than he was back then. So you should do your little research on Shadow's popularity before you even try to convince me that Shadow only had a few votes because you are starting to sound like Chad Warden.

We're not sure if it was hacked or not, but there was a sudden surge in votes, going from 400 to 1000 each in a short period of time suggests foul play. However, both sides appeared to be cheating equally, so we did nothing. Myself 123 22:27, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

What? do you actually think that Shadow is going to top Sonic one day. I'm telling you dude the poll was hacked trust me on this one Shadow is no where near Sonic's popularity. Sonic should have been ahead of Shadow by at the very least 100.

Shadow is the man, and he will be top-dog one day.

Sonic is the man

I think it's stupid that sonic won, my other comment thats 4 to 5 balow me, it tells you the entier story of how when sonic won we shold of all said f**k.

Lets all just say that everybody wins, I love Shadow and I think Sonic is cool. Out comes usually don't occur like this one, usually the case is that one charachter would crush the other. But no, not this one, it was a close close match up. And I think we could be all happy on this out come, better luck next time all of us Shadow fans.

You're right dude in the end we all fans of the franchise.

energyman2289: I predicted that the final battle would be Sonic and Shadow from the beginning, but I had no idea that it would only be 10 votes away! Go Sonic!!!

I love both hedgehogs. Pure and simple. (: Sonic is the coolest, bluest guy I'll ever know, and Shadow is the most badass character I'll ever know. To me, Sonic does come first before Shadow, but it doesn't mean I don't love them both. Why can't we just learn to appreciate eachother Sonic & Shadow fans? I mean, come on. XD We all have opinions, I just think we need to learn how to respect them.

Comon dude it was just 10 votes apart all the other charachters that lost where no where near Shadow nor Sonic, not even Tails was close. Sonic is infact the world's most popular game charachter. Shadow is highly popular and he has a great increasing fanbase. And by the way I am a HUGE Shadow the Hedgehog (Ultimate Life Form) fan and I did vote for Shadow. But I was quite frankly impressed because this out come was a neck-on-neck, charachter polls usually don't have neck-on-neck out comes, most of the time one charachter in a survey would usually overwhem the other charachter, but it is not the case in this one, it was a close close match I tell you what.

wait, are the votes gliching or did sonic just win? oh no, it's true, sonic WON!

sonic the main character, thats all, shadow, on the other hand, is much more powerful, has a real backstroy and most of all, the super form is more than better speed, and flight like sonic's, shadows has unlimted caohs energey(mind my speling), caohs spear, and all the benifits of sonic's! it's pointless for me to vote, after this it's pretey easy to find out who will win. yep, f******g sonic! mark my words, just cause he's the main character he'l win. sorry shadow fans, I cant do anything now, I will just not vote. ^somebody's mad salty

Now granted it is thanks to Sonic that Shadow is also world-renowned to, that also means that you have Shadow fans from Israel and possibly countries that are ruled under Sharia Law (Islamic Law) if the franchise is even welcome in thoes countries. So yah Sonic should have credit of why Shadow is highly popular.

I know I know. For now Shadow is the silver champ, and yes right now Shadow cant surpass Sonic, especially that Sonic still surpasses Mario's popularity and is only behind Link from The Legend of Zelda and that says a LOT. I and you do realize that Shadow is also a icon, epecially in Europe, particularly Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, and Italy. And the Shadow fanbase is just getting larger, compaire Shadow's popularity during the Sonic Adventure 2 era and now, at that time he was only popular in the marketing community, now he is popular to a large crowd from little 6-year-olds to people in there early 20s because Shadow is this generation's appeal. People now of days prefer a super charachter over a every day charachter. Sonic is a every day boy while Shadow is a super man,or hedgehog hybrid. In other words Sonic is a average boy who is a hero when needed, while Shadow when he became a hero, is a hero because he was born that way. I mean look at the charachter Luke Skywalker, who is a every day man, who is a average man that is a hero when needed and the charachter Harry Potter who is a super boy, who is a hero because he is born that way. Harry Potter is far more popular than Luke Skywalker and Shadow is only cathing up with Sonic. And the reason for that is because there is someting called generation appealing prosses. Sonic remains popular, however, Shadow is just geting more and more popular because he is appealing to the modern crowd, especially for 10-year-olds and teenage girls. The point I am makeing is that despite that Sonic is still on top, Shadow is catching up, and you should might as well accept it. And by the way, there is no way that hacking was involved, and like you sayed Shadow is very popular, and the reason he got so many votes is because he as soo much fans that infact, Shadow has a seprate fanbase from Sonic, and for the record there are around 10s of millions of Shadow fans around the world and 1435 people does not even make a present of the Shadow fanbase. And like Sonic who is actually a cultural icon Shadow's is also a cultural icon, he has merchandises, CDs of is own game (althogh the game sucked), t-shirts, etc that have been around for 10 years, so considering that Shadow has been a icon for that long, so it is more than obvious that Shadow would be around for a very long time. So you should realize that there was no hakeing involved, because if it was the case, the people who are in charge would all ready know that the poll was hacked and they would have to do the poll all over again. So get your facts straight Sonic fanboy.

Now now I know Shadow is very popular(second) but he is no where near Sonic's popularity. I have been whtching the poll all the week and there were definitely some hacking and errors. I mean Sonic is a gaming icon Shadow doesn't stand a chance.

Like I sayed, Shadow is highly marketable. So it would be a market disaster if they just kept Shadow dead, especially for this economy. Even though Shadow's own game had sucked, Shadow is a VERY popular character. Just 10 votes behind Sonic just proves how far Shadow has been in terms in popularity. Although the 2006 poll had nothing related to this one, it only showed how popular Shadow has become. And it is more than obvious that one day, Shadow is going to top Sonic's popularity, the evidence is all around recent polls in the internet and outside the internet.

In my honest opinion, I would prefer Shadow evil. (: That's how his character was portrayed in SA2. He had good intentions towards the end only because he realized what Maria truly wished for. That's what made him such an emotional character. Such hatred towards humanity all because of what he thought had happened. Yes, they did anihilate those who lived on the ARK along with Maria, but Maria was able to help Shadow see that people deep down are mostly good. Amy was also the kicker that helped him remember that lost promise. THAT MY FRIENDS was why any SA2 fan of Shadow loved him. At that point, it was best for him to die. That kind of ending brought tears to people's eyes. It was amazing. Bringing him back though messed up his entire being. It really hurt me as a Shadow fan.

If Shadow is giveing SEGA more money, then that is rather a good thing. The point of this turning point for the Sonic franchise is for Sonic games being a pick-up and play games. Which that means that the Sonic games in the furture would have barely a story, sort of like Super Smash Brothers, and also hopefuly there would be a Sonic game where there is a choose your character option where you could choose to play as Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Blaze, Knukles, or Silver, that would be awsome, so what do you mean by purpose if the games are no longer haveing a story. And Takashi lizuka already explained of the whole supporting cast thing. It is for SEGA to make more money and reach the consumers expectations, which Iizuka says it infact works. By the way did you say that Shadow is a main charachter, uh, Shadow was never a main character other than his own game. Thirdly, it is kind of too late for Shadow to be scratched off in the franchise, thats like if Nintendo scratched off Link in the Super Smash Brothers franchise, and if SEGA does something like that, then it would pretty much be the end of the Sonic franchise. The reason for that is because Shadow is not only a market character anymore, he is pretty much a icon at this point, when you go to the streets and ask people "out of all the Sonic the Hedgehog characters, which one do you like the most?", they would either say Shadow or well, Sonic. And Shadow is one of the few reasons that the Sonic franchise is still alive, and the other is also taking time to make a Sonic game and also easy-off the gimmiks. If it where not for Shadow, and his continuous growing huge fanbase, the Sonic franchise would have not have survive there 9 years worth of the down-turn. It is highly thanks to the charachter that the franchise is still alive to day, when SEGA has Shadow in a Sonic game, they make more money, so you should keep that in mind.

At this point he doesn't really have a purpose for being in the franchise as a main character. He's better off as just a minor character that appears in party games/racing games. I feel that they just kinda throw him into a game because so many people like him. SEGA is basically just making money off of him anymore, not really caring about his character structure as much. That's just what I believe as far as Shadow goes though. He's their money maker you could say for Shadow fans. Now Sonic, he's been true all his video game career. Sure there was the off moment I felt when Jason was voicing him, but hey even then he was getting better. Sonic has always been the true, blue, hero that we know and love; Cocky, carefree, and faster than ever. He's not perfect, but who needs a perfect hero anyways? He's awesome just the way he is.


In the DS version of Sonic Colors Dr. Robotnik was Shadow's enemy. And Shadow wanted Sonic to stop his dirty work. In the end of Shadow the Hedgehog the game, Shadow sayed he put his past behind him, and what he met was he is moveing foward and start his life anew. And one of his plan to renew his life is to always stay on the side of good. And the reason he still dislikes Sonic is because of his personality and the reason he still dislikes humans is because he is rather afraid of them after what they did to him, and only ones he likes is his beloved Maria, Gerald, Rouge, Omega, and Silver. But none of less Shadow remains in Sonic's and mankind's side to fight for the greater good.

I agree to the comment below, Shadow isn't evil. He's more or less an anti-hero, allied with Dr. Robotnik (Eggman)'s side. He just does his job, that's all, since he's CLOSER WITH ROUGE than Sonic or Knuckles (not a love relationship, just best friends). Next time, try to make sure Sonic and Shadow battle it off early, say the very 1st round. Next tournament, the votes should go to Silver,.Shadow or Tails. Noteacibly, Dr. Eggman just wants his empire, an empire which is equal to a Superpower (like the USA), but wherever he tries to start, Sonic will stop Eggman everytime.- OneTurnKillHedgehog

Uh, Shadow has not been evil since his own game, you know that right. He turn out to be a hero if you actually play trough the cannon story of Shadow the Hedgehog, you would know he became a hero at the very end of the game and pledge to not work for evil ever again. Although he still dislikes Sonic and Humanity he teams up with Sonic and humans for the greater good.

Just as I expected. Good will always triumph over evil!

Yes Sonic on won just barely this time. In 2006 Sonic won by a land-slide. Sonic could have lost if not the last 4 houers from this poll.

nooooooo! just 10 votes (or more) away from winning!!!! TT-TT o well...that was fun. do it again! the nxt tourney however...shadow WILL win! lol XD ~ Bryana

Responce to 123: Like I sayed Shadow's popularity is growing. You want proof, do youre research in 2006 Shadow was 436 votes behind with his 1201 votes compaired to Sonic's 1637. Look at it now Shadow was only 10 votes behind with 1435 compaired to Sonic's 1445 that is a massive improvment for Shadow. And for the recored, why are you geting all worked up over a fictional charachter, I am just saying.

^ You should also know in that tournament all characters were being voted for not just Sonic and Shadow.

Regardless, it is still a Sonic website. And I sayed one day Shadow would surrpass Sonic, and it could be shown in other recent surveys. And you say I was regarding the Sega of Japan polls oh no no no no, I was only makeing a comparison of this poll and the Sega of Japan poll. And no I am not one of thoes coo coo Shadow fangirls/fanboys I do not like them AT ALL!, especially thoes who treat him like Moses, Jesus, or Muhammad which that frankly makes me sick to my stomach (Harry Potter fanbase is like that to but larger of course). All I was saying in another survey, like around next year or 2 years from now, thats what I met. And I am all ready geting sick and tired of these people that are complaining about this result.

Was that comment directed at me? I'm just saying that there probably won't be another tournament. The Sonic Character Poll hosted by Sega of Japan (I assume that's what you're referring to) is completely unrelated to this tournament. Lastly, I'm not getting worked up over a fictional character, I was getting annoyed by crazed fans who think Shadow's more important and better than the series' moniker. Myself 123 00:59, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

Nice job to both of the hedgehogs :) but still, SHADOW WILL WIN NEXT TIME!!! -NightShade

I doubt they'll be a nest time. Myself 123 23:46, March 14, 2011 (UTC)


I can't believe that Shadow got that many votes!

Knuckleschaotix 19:05, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

Yah right, when Shadow was first introduced in Sonic Adventure 2, which that was in 2001, Shadow was only a market success. And look at Shadow now in 2011, he is a icon, espcially in Europe.

response: youd be surprised how popular shadow has gotten since sonic adventure 2 ~ Bryana

Aw,come on,it's just voting for fictional characters. There's no need for getting so emotional... or are you just acting like that because Shadow acts like that? THEnobody

NOOOO! This can't be! SHADOW! NOOOOO! If there is this next year... I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE SURE YOU WIN!

Congratulations to both hedgehogs in their close brawl! Great work, Sonic! I'll have to give myself a Promotion image 12:00, March 14, 2011 (UTC)Sacorguy79

Sonic 39
Sonic won! I'm happy with the result! My two faves battled it out and it was a great match! Next time i will vote Shadow! I am sure he is gonna win then! Too bad for the Shadow fans though! Ah well next time Shadow will win :D

ShadowDragon135 – That's Just How I Roll!
TALK – JaketheHedgehog 21:51, March 13, 2011 (UTC)
There will only be a tie if there actually is a tie. End of discussion.

Congratulations to both hedgehogs in their brawl! ood work, Sonic! I'll have to give myself a Promotion image 11:59, March 14, 2011 (UTC)Sacorguy79

Wiki Contributer: Huh, I am not upset at all and frankly I am not suprised considering that this IS a Sonic website any way. Besids the are plently popularity polls around latter last year and this year that Shadow tops all. I also was not suprise of the out come because Sonic still dominates all game characters in terms in popularity, well may be world wide case because for what I herd Mario tops him in the America. I was refering to England, Spain, Italy (ironic for Mario), Russia, Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, Israel, United Arab Emirates has a Sonic amusement park but has Shadow plushies etc, but the list countries goes on. Shadow will always be my favorite charachter and it is amazing that Shadow is number 25th best charachter world wide, which is something to be proud of. I also see that Shadow's popularity is infact growing like it always has, although the Shadow game sucked exept for its canon story and All Hail Shadow song. The reason I know that is beause the last Sonic charachter poll Shadow was thousands of votes behind Sonic, despite that Shadow was the franchise second favorite even then. This time he is 10 votes behind and I say that is alot to say. Hey we Shadow fans may get you next year who knows.

@Wiki Contributer: You should supply some sources to back up your claims.


Wiki Contributer: Oh boy these two charachters could not be anymore different. Sonic is seen as the every day boy, in other words he is like a high school kid who is a hero when needed. While Shadow is rather the super man, a man (or hedgehog hybrid) who seeks his destiny if he was born to save mankind or destroy it. Even in Sonic Adventure 2 when he originaly thought humans where evil and must be destroyed, YOU KNEW there was something good about him and when you seen it realized he could be your favorite hero. Sonic is likeable because how cool he is and always show what he is in his heart. With Shadow, he seeked being a hero to find his purpose and no matter what the reason he was born he made a promise to the one he loved, Maria Robotnik and would do anything to for fill the dreams that Maria wanted for him. So I guss what is the better pay off, the every day boy (Sonic) or the super man (Shadow). Me personaly I not only like Shadow I love the Shadow and being my all time favorite charachter. While Sonic is cool and all, Shadow is loveable because of his backstory. What happend to him with all the pain and suffering he went trough is something what everyone could stmpathize the most. As well as being a great roll modle for people being a loyal and help worthy person that would strive to keep a promise to the one you would love the most. He helps everyone even though he does not trust humans, he strives to save lives because of his promise and him being a beleiver in justice and ONLY justice and always do what is just from better or worse. Sonic may be cool and yes I am some what a fan of Sonic but he seems more of a hero when needed which there is nothing wrong with that seince Sonic is just a kid. And also the Sonic fanbase is not at its best, especially in early 2010, I am not saying that the Shadow fanbase is stable either, it is definitely full of bad people in the Shadow fanbase such as furrie hentai writers and insane fan girls who treat Shadow like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad etc etc etc which that frankly makes me sick to my stomach. But the over all charachter Shadow is a character you can look up to as a promise keeper and a loyalist, and being the charachter who appeals the 21st century crowd, which I say that it is more than point worthy. I am giveing the edge to Shadow hands down, EDGE SHADOW THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM.

One problem with the tie idea. If we make it a tie, then what's the point of this tournament? ( by the way, i vote sonic)

I agree with Syber the Hedgehog. If it's not gonna end in a tie I fear for the next World War breaking out! And congrats! You just gained 1 person who likes the idea of making it a tie ^_^

In my opinion, if we were to make it a tie despite the votes showing otherwise, a lot of people who voted woulod feel cheated to know that their votes counted for nothing. Myself 123 19:47, March 13, 2011 (UTC)
Sonic :D
@Myself123: i suppose youre right, but i still want it to be a tie. but if i must choose, then i pick shadow. why? because i like his distant nature and semi dark attitude. --syber--
P.S. to the troll who changed my message, beware my power, for i will end you.

hey, ive got an idea: how about we make it a tie in order to show that neither hedgehog is better than the other. in my opinion, they should both be ultimate life forms, and the strongets two creatures on earth/mobius. (i know that half of the people who read this comment will say " nope, (hedghog) must win at all costs, (hedghog) is inferior and must lose!) lol --Syber the Hedgehog--

For it to be tie depends on:
a) If it is a tie at the end.
b) What the people who organised the tournament decided to do in a tie break. Myself 123 19:17, March 13, 2011 (UTC)
@Syber the Hedgehog
That would actually be a brilliant idea :) But I got a feeling nobody gonna listen :(


Uhm, I don't know about you guys but when I hit either Sonic or Shadow somehow my vote isn't counted or something. It still says "Thank you for your vote". Is there someone out there who could tell me what's up with that please, please, pretty please? I wanna be able to support our hedgies!!!!

ShadowDragon135 – That's Just How I Roll!
TALK – JaketheHedgehog 17:45, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Although I wanted Scourge to win this thing all, I voted for Sonic.Scourge333 18:00, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Why are you guys talking about hacking and time periods when there is a match going on?! Anyways,vote for Sonic! THEnobody

I have three things to say: 1. Igive my vote to Shadow and YES! he's in the lead! 2. people when sonic went ahead by 50 in 10 mins: THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO LIKE SONIC IN THE WORLD WHHO COME ON HERE!!! IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR 50 PEOPLE TO VOTE MORE THAN SHADOW AT THE SAME RELATIVE TIME PERIOD!!! there is a lag from when people vote to when it gets on the screen too, so deal with it. 3. I still vote for Shadow. -NightShade


So you mean all people told their friends to vote at the same min, that doesn't seem right.

There's no hacker, people have friends to tell.

To Jakethehedgehog: That many votes... in 10 minutes? I mean, seriously? Why now?

ShadowDragon135 – That's Just How I Roll!
TALK – JaketheHedgehog 14:17, March 13, 2011 (UTC)
There are no hackers guys. Sonic is in the lead fair and square (which he is). There's just that many people who are voting.

Wha- hacker? Even though I want Shadow to win, I don't want it to be by a hacker. I want him to win by the sheer LOYALTY OF HIS FANS!

And now Sonic take the lead by 50 in less than 10m how is this possible.

I'm not sure whats going on here maybe someone hacked the system or something(no way the SNN has 2000+ votes). Honestly don't you guys find it odd, I mean Sonic was leading the poll for most of the week by 60+, then yasterday Shadow suddenly took the lead. Today when I woke up Sonic was leading by 20, this is how it suppose to be, then in less than 2 hours Shadow took the lead by 10+. Isn't this odd what do you guys think about it.

@The above comment

There has to be a hacker. I think there might be two in fact. One wants Sonic to win, the other want Shadow. Or maybe this is all just a glitch. Maybe one person voted Sonic/Shadow and the vote was accidently increased by 40 or something, I don't know. I hope it's just a glitch, because I don't want the whole tournament to be ruined by a bunch of cheats. Edit: I suppose even there wasn't a hacker, Sonic would still be winning, but I mean it's kinda strange how this match was going like all the other matches with a 1 or 2 votes for each character coming in every few minutes, but for the past couple of days, both characters have been getting sudden bursts of votes (usually around 40) in a matter of minutes. Like the above stated, how did Sonic get 50 votes in 10 mins? I do want Sonic to win but this crazy.


Something is fishy here Sonic should be ahead by at the very least 100. I'm not sure how can Shadow catch up to Sonic so suddenly.

Sonic's in the lead again! WOOHOO!!!!! GO SONIC!!!!!!!!!! But he's only ahead by nineteen... he needs your help voters! Vote for Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEnobody

^Why does he need help when hes winning

^so that shadow won't pass him again (different person)

No matter the turn out... THIS IS INTENSE!!!

Oh man. It's a hard choice in a way and an easy one in another. I like Sonic and Shadow both for similar reasons. They're both cool for similar reasons and then cool for someone individual reasons. I don't really like how either are turning out over the past few years (as characters) but I guess I don't HATE it. It's just not as cool. But either way they seemed tied to me in that sense. One is playful and the other isn't. That's pretty much their only REAL difference. They're the same otherwise.

But I'm gonna vote for Sonic because he's the main character. He's automatically the legend of the franchise. He's the reason Shadow exists, in both real life and in the storyline (For those who know what I'm referring to).

Um, does anyone else notice that most "Vote Shadow" supporters have a threat or some similar undertone if you choose not to... especially that guy who says Shadow kills baby animals, I mean...

ThE DaRk FoRcEs ArE RiSiNg AhAhAhAhAhA!

All I can say is that it's going to be a sad thing if Shadow overcomes Sonic. Sonic is the main character of the series; Strong, brave, true to what he feels is right. His background was portrayed in so many different ways. Sonic lost his parents, maybe never knew his parents were, (etc.), inyet, he has always been able to keep his spirits up. Yes, I realize oh Shadow is awesome because he uses guns and drives. Big whoop. People today can do the exact same thing. Also yeah sure Shadow has such a touching back story, but the only time he really cared was in Sonic Adventure 2. In Shadow the Hedgehog, once he learned what his past was, he basically just forgets about it. So he was emotional, then now he doesn't seem to give a crap... Am I the only one who's a bit offended by that? I use to be a huge Shadow fan until they did that to him. He's just lost all that charm that I really admired him for in the beginning. He doesn't really serve any purpose within the series anymore. His past and backstory was what made him such a likable character, but he doesn't have that anymore. Now he's just a badass who apparently works for the people who destroyed his home, the ARK. That. Does. Not. Make. The. Least. Bit. Of. Sense. lol.

Woo hoo! GO SHADOW!!!!!!!!!! 20:02, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Wait,Shadow is actually winning?!No way!NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! THEnobody

Taggev – I rock. So live with it.
TALK – 19:25 (GMT)
SHADOW IS WINNING! Only by one, but still...come on, keep it this way!

OMG GUYS. OMGGG. VOTE FOR SHADOWWW. LOL. Dats what you guys do. lolololcakes. C:
Sonic is win. (: *votes for the blue hero*

Sir Shadow, the Ultimate Living Knight: keep voting for shadow! only 40 more votes!

Don't try and beat me, because you will always lozz. I am the Ultimate Living Knight!Sonic vs Shadow by RavenCrow93

There are more comment for Shadow than Sonic because he(Shadow) is losing, Sonic fans don't even need to comment. As a reply to your reply (strange isn't it?), first of all, I'm glad that there's at least one person on the internet who can take a contrary position to another without being rude, profane, or extremely negative. On to my point, your argument seems to contradict itself. You say that Shadow is overpowered? What about Sonic? He never really lost anything besides the "race" against the explosion in Sonic Colors. Now, granted, I've never read the comics, so I don't know if it's not the same thing there. You say that you find Shadow to be a "basic angst character," but is that really a bad thing? I hear so many characters (not just Shadow) being dismissed as "emo" just because they show more sorrow or anger than others. I think that most of them, after losing everything they've ever cared about and having 50 years in suspended animation to reflect only on that pain would at least show some form of negative emotion. As for your "lost more than Shadow in his past" argument, Space Colony ARK and Maria were all that Shadow had back then. I may not have read the comics, but I'm not sure how much more Shadow could possibly lose besides his life. Also, your point that there are many other Shadow-like characters is true, but the exact same thing can be said about Sonic. I could name a few other characters similar to Sonic right now. A few being Naruto (in the sense that he is happy-go-lucky and doesn't let circumstances change that), Superman (in the sense that he is well looked-up to and always wins), and even Raoul from Phantom of the Opera. Still, this all goes back to opinion, and I respect yours. The thing that most of the people commenting here don't realize is that the outcome of this one poll on a relatively obscure website won't determine the outcome of the series, so it makes little difference to me who wins or loses since I do like both characters.

As a reply to the "Personally, my vote goes to Shadow..." comment; I like Sonic for the very same reason you like Shadow, and I dislike Shadow for the very reason you dislike Sonic. So I double disagree xD. I find Shadow a basic angst character in the series like every other rival and he seems overpowered, never loses anything (Besides his past). As for Shadow's back story, it's meh compared to the many different interpretations of Sonic's back story (Sonic has lost more than Shadow in his past, in the comics). Weather they're cannon or not doesn't make a difference seeing as the cannon series has yet to provide a real backstory for Sonic, we can only assume it's true for now. I just find Sonic's character more trademark than Shadow's, where as Shadow-like characters exist in many other series.

Personally, my vote goes to Shadow. If you like Sonic better, good for you, but I just don't agree with you on that front. It mainly has to do with characterization. Sonic is, for the most part, just your basic clean-cut, saves-the-day, no-flaws-whatsoever kind of hero. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but Shadow has a lot more personal conflict, an interesting backstory that's very relevant to his actions, and a much less predictable nature. Granted, he has had his missteps *cough* Shadow the Hedgehog *cough*, but that doesn't mean Sonic hasn't as well *cough* werehog stages *cough*. Yes, I recognize that Sonic is Sega's mascot, and the star of this series, but I just find Shadow to be a more interesting and fleshed-out character.

If Shadow wins this will be real proof that the series is going down hill. If somebody other than Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles were to win this there is SERIOUSLY something wrong.
response: aside from sonic himself...shadow is the main reason y sonic franchise is so popular (along w/ tails knuckles and a hand-full of other minor characters)

Stupid Shadow fans,why are there more of them than Sonic fans?! P.S.:I know this is very offensive,since most of the comments are about the battle,not the voters.Sorry if you are now very depressed and/or angry because of this comment. P.P.S.:Try to guess my age!P.P.P.S.:On the P.S.,I wasn't being sarcastic. THEnobody

Sir Shadow, the Ultimate Living Knight: this stinks, sonic is going to will whis oun tornament. i think shadow should be decladed the winner, it just not right for some one to win there oun tornament, because then the tornament would be for nothin'.

Don't try and beat me, because you will always lozz. I am the Ultimate Living Knight!Sonic vs Shadow by RavenCrow93

Sir Shadow, the Ultimate Living Knight: actualy, you CAN vote for shadow more than once a day, onece this week i had voted for him 10 times and succeded! Go, Go Shadow!!

Don't try and beat me, because you will always lozz. I am the Ultimate Living Knight!Sonic vs Shadow by RavenCrow93

No, you can't. You click the radio button and press "vote" but the votes won't increase, you can, however, change who you voted for as long as the poll is still active. Myself 123 01:47, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

GO SHADOW!!!!!!!! This is what Sonic gets for messings with Tails!

What how did the votes get this high for da emo I swear someone is repeating there votes. True fighters like Sonic use there own abilities organic over inorganic.

It is not possible for anyone to repeat their votes. And Shadow is not emo. Even if he was, is it really worth it to call him such? No, it isn't.--Akamia(Talk)(Want to see what I've been doing?) 19:46, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

Sonic can't win!!! As other people have said, how boring would it be for Sonic to win his own series' character tournament?

GAH!! Why are shadows votes dropping? That shouldnt be hapening!!

Sonic shouldnt win just because he's the star of the comics and games, there should be anew monarch and his name will be...SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!!

I chose Shadow because he's my 2nd favorite while Sonic is 3rd.

I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, and now...I am the most powerful hedgehog in the world. The power of these emeralds makes me invincible. I am the ultimate hedgehog! This is WHO I AM!

Sir Shadow, the Ultimate Knight: If it wheren't for Shadow, Sonic would not be alive. He could had helped kill Sonic for all he cares. AND DON'T STEAL MY PICS!

Don't try and beat me, because you will always lozz. I am the Ultimate Living Knight!Sonic vs Shadow by RavenCrow93

you know why Shadow get in my nerve:

1- He died and then came back to life(which ruined SA2 ending).

2- He was evil then turn good.

3- Maria Maria Maria.

4- Sometimes act like an ass(Sonic Free Riders) and some other times he is friendly(Sonic Colors DS), choose one.

5- His fan seems to hate all the charecters who can rivel or not in his side.

6- His fans also can't believe that Sonic can use Chaos Powers too.

Yes face it Shadow fans Sonic beat Shadow three times in a row in Sonic Chronicles.
response: 1) he technically didnt die in sonic adventure 2-its stated that he somehow survived and was close 2 death but eggman revived him
2) he was evil at 1st bec he thought it was wat maria wanted (2 destroy mankind and all) but after realizing it wasnt he turned good and remained a hero
3) if u watched ur dearest friend die rite b4 ur eyes 2 protect u wouldnt u be constantly thinking of them? would u miss them? wouldnt u wish that u couldve done something 2 save him/her?
4) ok ur rite about that-he has weird mood/outward emotions toward others
5) we shadow fans do not hate the other characters (save a precious few-which i think is stupid)
6) every1 knows that sonic has had chaos powers 4 the longest...the reason y most ppl (not JUST shadow fans) dont believe he does is bec he barely uses them
and ok ur rite about the sonic chronicles as well. but anyways if u hate shadow or watever thats ur decision-but realize this: its bec of him along w/ sonic (obviously) and a few other minors-like tails and knuckles-that made the sonic franchise so popular ~ Bryana


Shadow should win in a true all out battle, Shadow has more feats in his base mode than Sonic. Shadow also has guns, Sonic will be overwhelmed by Shadow's versitility. Everything is equal, until you bring out better chaos control manipulation feats, augmented chaos boosts, the abilty to teleport without an emerald, and guns and weapons. I don't see how Sonic is winning without PIS. Sonic is just a one shoe size fits all, while Shadow is so much more. Sonic has speed and boost but he can use them like chaos shadow can. Chaos power wise, Shadow should stun Sonic with roaming chaos. Or hit him with a full on Chaos Blast which destroys everything. Taking off his inhibitors is a last resort and if he did, if he hits Sonic with a full burst of Chaos energy do you honestly believe he could keep going and he's not outrunning Shadow in Chaos release mode. Sorry, Shadow just has to many options to put the blue hedgehog down.

Yes! Shadow caucht up to Sonic! keep voting for shadow! ALL HAIL SHADOW, THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM!

Don't try and beat me, because you will always lozz. I am the Ultimate Living Knight! [1]


How did Shadow get all these votes in such a short time, I mean he couldn't catch up to Sonic in five days why now and so suddenly. It's just odd!

Lets compare the fighters abilities through speed, skill, strength, and special abilities. Speed-Draw. Even though some games will claim Sonic is faster, (Sonic Rivals 1+2) and some claim Shadow is faster (Sonic Battle) they are both the same speed even if Shadow is not wearing his hover shoes. Skill-Sonic. Many Sonic fans think that since Shadow is over 50 years old, he must have more fighting experiance. However, Shadow spent 50 of those years in suspended animation. If that's factored in, Shadow has been fighting for a little over a year in the games, and two or three in the Archie Comics. Sonic, on the other hand, has been fighting the Eggman Empire since childhood, giving him extra time on the battle field that puts Shadow at a disadvantage. Although, it's not a big disadvantage, he's Shadow. He adapts quickly. Strength-Shadow. Not by much, but Shadow The Hedgehog really emphisised the strength of The Ultimate Life Form. Special Abilities-Draw. They can both use Chaos Control. They both have a Sonic Wind/Chaos Spear. They both can use Boost. They both destroy stuff easier when they get angry with Dark Sonic/Chaos Blast. The only thing that gives one hedgehog an edge over the other would be that Sonic can use the power of different objects to achive alternate forms, while Shadow was created only using the Chaos Emeralds. This is why Sonic has so many different Super Forms while Shadow only has one. But this isn't about Super Forms, this is pure Sonic against Shadow. So, special abilities has a draw. Result-Let's face it. These characters are equal in almost all areas of fighting. Any minor differences between the two are countered by somthing that gives the other the equal edge. In fact, that's what these two were designed to be...equal! But which one would win? What would be the deciding factor? Personality. Yes, personality can determine the way a person fights, so here, the way they think determines who wins. It is in niether of their nature's to hold back, so someone has to be knocked out, no surrenders. Shadow has more of a killer instinct than Sonic does, making him quiet and concentrated (for the most part) during a fight. Sonic, on the other hand, sez stuff. He always tries to break his enemy phycologically with taunts. A smart tactic, even though he's fighting robots 95 percent of the time and it makes him look like a cocky jerk. Both have a short temper, but with Sonic keeping up the mid-fight banter, Shadow is going to get very angry, very quickly. Since the two are matched blow for blow, it's inevitable that Shadow will try and use Chaos Powers to gain the upper hand. Sonic can dodge these easily, but why doesn't he use Chaos Powers of his own? Well, without a Chaos Emerald nearby, using Chaos Powers can get really exausting after you use too much. Sonic is exteremely cautious about this, avoiding Shadow's Chaos Attacks and letting him wear himself out. Wheather it be alot of Chaos Spears, Boosts, or even taking off the Inhibitor Rings for a giant Chaos Blast, Shadow's energy will deacrease slowly with each attack. Sonic paces himself, while Shadow's anger at Sonic's taunts causes him to use more power as a come-back. It soon becomes a contest of who can outlast the other. Sonic, who is running, avoiding, and taunting. Or Shadow, who is running and tapping into the Chaos Force more and more. This leads to the longest fight of Shadow using more and more power, and Sonic dodgeing more and more frantically. But if there's one thing the Sonic series has taught us, a hedgehog can run alot longer than a hedgehog can use chaos powers. After Shadow tires, (Which could take days for all we know) Sonic quickly attacks him with all the strength he has left and wins the match. Result- The battle could have gone either way, but every battle between these two leans toward what they are fighting for. Think back to Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic won because he was fighting for the lives of everyone on earth, while Shadow was only fighting for revenge. So Sonic wins. In Sonic Heroes, Sonic just seems to fight Shadow for fun, while Shadow just seems to want to find out about his memories. So it's just a draw. The possible endings in Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic was fighting for G.U.N., while Shadow was fighting for his very identity. So Shadow wins. In this, the way of thinking is the deciding factor. But Shadow adapts quickly. A rematch between these two would be interesting. But until the next Character Tournemant-My vote goes to Sonic.

Sir Shadow, The Ultimate Living Knight: All that work WILL pay off. Shadow WILL win, Shadow will ALWAYS be the ULTIMATE LIFEFORM. ALL HAIL SHADOW!!!!!

It would be a dark dark day for series if that happens. Myself 123 21:25, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

Sonic 39
Ire flowa222 – DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!!!!!!!!
TALK – 6:30 PM Dutch time
As much as i like Shadow, i am voting for the Blue Blur 'cause he is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL HAIL SHADOW!!! Now... where's that D*** 4th Chaos Emerald?

Who didn't see this coming, Shadow can't beat Sonic even with Chaos Powers, I mean if Sonic used those powers(which he could use but choose not to) Shadow wouldn't have a chance.But Shadow deserve the second spot.

Seriously, who cares if Sonic is the main character? You might think he's cooler or smarter or more powerful than Shadow (for whatever reason) but the fact that he's the main character shouldn't change or inspire your opinion of him in any way.

I like Shadow better because I think he's more awesome than Sonic, cooler and more interesting. He's the only character whose background we entirely understand. Hasn't anybody noticed that? Shadow's the only character who actually has origins or a past. For this reason I can understand him more and I just like him better. All Hail Shadow. Jackleton, Baron of the Binoculars. 18:13, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

ALL HAIL SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SONICMUST BE DEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! -james50 17:36, March 9, 2011 (UTC): Personally, I think that Shadow would actually win (I am a fangirl, but this is not the reason). Also, Sonic just hogs the spotlight. He is an overrated canon-sue. The two best Sonic games I have ever played both had Shadow in them: Sonic Heroes and Shadow's own game. Shadow would just Chaos Blast Sonic right out of the arena! And Shadow has a background and a history and everything that makes a good character. He has a decent personality! Sonic is just the oh-aren't-I-great-I'm-a-hero type of guy and he's just a FLIPPING CARDBOARD CHARACTER! HE HAS NO BACKGROUND OR ANYTHING! HE JUST ARRIVED IN 1991 AS A HERO! Nothing even tells you why he was like SHADOW FTW!
response: THANK U!!!!!! tho u have 2 admit sonic is modest and isnt exactly 2 boastful. but still they have absolutely no background info except that in the mobius comics and some uber old tv shows not many ppl even remember he has 2 sibilings a mother and an uncle. nothing else on his childhood. on the other hand w/ shadow we know how he was born (or created in his case) y he was created his "family" and y he is the way he is. i personally would LOVE 2 have shadow as my ally...a friend even. he is smart he is strong and-if i or any1 else gets on his good side-he is very protective of who he cares about and defends them w/ his life if he has 2. im not sonic isnt likewise but in any case yea i totally agree w/ u. ALL HAIL SHADOW!!! show them who the real faker is!

SHADOW FTW!!! In power, Shadow would win, as he can do everything Sonic can AND MORE! By popularity... It's a tie I guess.... this battle is probably going by popularity so Sonic has a chance as he is the main character but.... SHADOW PLZ WIN! YOUR BIGGGEST FAN IS ROOTING FOR YOU RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER!!! WIIIIIN!

Finally Shadow will lose. Sonic is faster said by the video game world record book going at 765 mph. Shadow will lose as he should've to Da Knux Man but no fans will save him now. Emos can't fight so even tails could beat Shadow. Sonic's like Goku and if by some small percent that Shadow were to knock him down he'd get back up and destroy him. Steal dat emerald and Shadow's just gonna stand there weaker than Cream. Ah Sonic will take down that faker even though he should've lost in the first round. It would've been nice to see Da Knux Man vs Sonic power vs strenght but no It's Emo Faker vs Sonic.
response: ok 1st of all shadow is not emo and 2nd shadow can outrun sonic if he takes off his wristbands-incubator rings or watever theyre called...likewise w/ his strength. he is stronger faster and smarter than sonic tails and knuckles combined (ok maybe not tails but u get my logic). shadow could never lose 2 knuckles even if shadow were 2 be weaker than him (which he isnt). knuckles is 2 impulsive and loses his temper easily thus making him unable 2 focus properly. shadow is more level-headed and calculative than knuckles will ever be. even popularity-wise (since thats all this f***in thing is about even tho it was originally based on who we think is stronger and all that crap -.-) shadow is 100x more popular than knuckles. ~ Bryana
Response to Bryana: Shadow only beat Knuckles out of popularity and only that. Shadow is emo and in story mode was created first but in the world we live in now Shadow is a faker and emo. Shadow also has angier issue "death to all who oppose me. Yugi Naka said that he made Knuckles calmer and show no anger in the previous games just irretation if you check the definitions you'll see the difference. Shadow is to dependent on Chaos emeralds where Sonic and Knuckles have there own skills. Plus andriod suck organic matter rules over all. I don't think whos stronger I know I used a program of simulation and Knuckles seemed to have more wins. Check the video game world record book 2008 or 2009 Sonic is the fastest said by Naka. Shadow is overphased and doesn't have half the stuff you say just chaos spamming really. Sonic and Knuckles have hyper and super forms as seen in Knuckles in Sonic the Hedghog 3. There stats prove in the olympics, Shadow doesn't actually have his own speed doesn't have super strenght and super intelligence and can't fly just hover, and I'm sure the creators of Sonic would disagree that a faker is better than the originals.
reponse: ok fine maybe when he is awaken 50 years after his "birth" he is considered a faker. yes i understand shadow beat knuckles out of popularity but in a real battle shadow would beat knuckles and im sure quite alot of ppl-shadow fans or not-would back that. knuckles is strong yes but as i said in his and shadows battle he is 2 hasty and has a bad-temper. but watever-believe wat u want on that matter. and im srry-i didnt really notice knuckles was calmer-2 me he will always be a hot-headed hard-headed gulliable yet lovable and awesome friend of a echidna 2 have around. shadow is an organic living creature just not natural born-hes a clone if u will. and i never said he was better than sonic-i like them both evenly but in a battle shadow can beat sonic. he does have speed-true speed or not-equal 2 sonic and can go faster he does have super strength (as seen in his own featured game) i never said he had super intelligence...i just said he was a bit more smarter and analytical than sonic is. shadow is calulative whereas sonic charges in and analyzes as he goes...and i also never said he could fly-besides his teleportation makes up 4 that. and when is shadow dependent on chaos emeralds? in sonic adventure 2 ok fine he was bec i guess since his awakening his power hasnt exactly caught up w/ him...but after that when did u ever c him w/ an emerald in future games? the only time he is dependent on chaos emerald is when he transforms 2 super shadow and 2 emeralds (plus 1 other hedgehog) in order 2 time travel. other than that in future games he has never once depended on a chaos emerald 2 proceed unless it was absolutely necessary. i may not have played sonic games prior 2 "shadow the hedgehog" but i did research on shadow and know him pretty well. im not a wild crazy fan...he just fasinates me. hes 1 of the most interesting characters i know (in general not just the sonic francise). ~ Bryana


Sonic winning his own f****** series, boring. Shadow is a better and much more interesting character. Sonic is just a god mod cannon hero sue who wins all the time because he's the hero and he's just Sonic. Bland, one demensional, to annoying, to predictible, and always gets his way. Shadow even for all his popularity has flaws unlike Sonic and he's very easy to relate to.

Sonic like Mario is just a thing, not a character and certainly not a person. Seriously, Sonic can do anything, he can be anything, he's the one shoe size fits all concept and yet Shadow is so much more and has more or less better characterization all the while retaining almost all of Sonic's powers and skills. But meh, if Sonic will win this thing, it's due to him being the one who started this series and he's the symbol of Sega and one of the gaming legends, but he sucks as a character and has no flaws or traits that are bigger than Pac Man. Shadow deserves to win truly. He's just that dude who has his ups and downs but is still as strong as ever, he's lost it all, and he's gained some of it back in the form of new friends and a heroic role, he's strong, brave, loyal, sympathetic, smart, wise and very manly. He (despite his dark and serious personality) has a deep and big heart, and has always stuck to his guns and looked out people and himself for the sake of his own convictions. He;s a bigger hero than Sonic because he knows and acts on common sense and reality instead of idealism and shallow reasoning like Sonic. If he needs to kill someone for peace, he'll do it. If theres a mission that requires his talent, he will fufill it without hestiation. He is a soilder for the world. But he's good to his friends and is straight up honest and blunt to a tee. But that is what makes him human in a sense.

No wonder he's Sonic's rival, he represents all of Sonic's opposites and moral compromises yet shares the same idomitable will and strength Sonic has to keep them true to himself and his own philosophy. That is why he's my favorite character and he's the better character IMO. ~Joeman12

Taggev's response to comment above: I agree!.

Go Shadow, really people, who deserves it more a spotlight hogger or a cooler version of him except less famous. Give a shadow a chance ~Jake

altho sonic and shadow r more or less even but-truthfully im not saying this bec im a shadow fangirl-shadow could beat sonic hands down. many of their previous fights shadow hasnt even showed his true potential and their battles were always interrupted. shadow can enduse chaos control can wield guns has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills has a pretty high IQ (not even close to that of eggman's or tails' but still very intelligent nonetheless) and his power and speed is doubled when he takes off his rings. but obviously sonic is gonna win bec hes popular. -.- but anyway...go shadow go! ALL HAIL SHADOW!!! ~ Bryana

i think shadow is stupid he has no emotion hates every thing and is just boring he should have stayed dead at the end of sa2 sonic is the main hero of the series and people who dont vote for him arnt true sonic fans
response: ouch...some1s being hurtful... shadow isnt stupid...he does have emotions he just refuses 2 show them bec (im guessing) he believes it shows weakness...he does not hate everything he is just distrusting (especially of humans 4 wat they did 2 maria)...and he isnt boring-ok so hes a bit dull at times so wat? he has kicked more @$$ than any other character in the sonic series. he destroyed biolizard...he killed his "father" black doom and defeated the black arms...defeated the demon mephiles TWICE...and defeated the god solaris-all of which he did so SINGLE-HANDEDLY (except the black arms and solaris portions...he had some help w/ those 2). he could take out a whole army of GUN soldiers if he wanted 2. in the alternate realm of camelot shadow is represented as sir lancelot-the best of the best out of all the knights of the round table aside from king arthur himself (which apparently is sonic but still). wat has sonic done? soiled eggmans plans time and time again (which isnt really hard)...defeated "king arthur" (spoiler alert: he was only an illusion merlina's grandfather the famed merlin conjured up) and merlina (aka the dark queen)...defeated ix the psychotic echidna...defeated dark gaia...and a god-solaris. the only thing he did solo was-o thats rite...none of them! he had some form of help 4 each and every battle he has been in. and 4 that "not true sonic fans" bulls***...i dont even know wat 2 say 2 that -.-" ~ Bryana

If anything you Shadow fans are making your reputation worse by being so hateful towards every character he gets paired with. Not all of the fans of Shadow are like that, this message is just for those of you who ARE hateful.
response: the reason y some of us shadow fans r hateful is bec others r being hateful toward shadow. me personally as a shadow fangirl i think all this hateful bulls*** is a bunch of stupidity. ITS A GAME PPL!! CALM DOWN!! ~ Bryana

I love them both but, Sonic's my main man from childhood! I can understand those who vote for Shadow though, they likely played SA2 first. I've gotta say though, if anyones overrated it's Shadow. Sonic will likely win, and he deserves it. People need to be reminded just who's in charge of this series! ;)

Final Battle Hedgehog vs Hedgehog Destruction vs Speed Lancelot vs King Arthur Guns vs A ananoying Sword Ultimate Lifeform vs A hedgehog not good enough to be his fake CMON Shadow Prove thoose who voted sonic wrong Overthrow the Overrated Destroy Sonic like Shadow Did Mephiles and the Black Arms 20 Years of that Blue Blur now its time for a change Shadow has been said to be a tagalong that SEGA can ditch but he has beaten the best and now to defeat SEGA himself Sonic come on All Hail SHADOW!!!

Sonic is just a blue guy that can run fast. But he's the main character, so he's going to win! THAT IS JUST STUPID! Shadow, however, is:

Able to do all those things with Chaos Powers,

Also really fast,

Probably a lot cleverer than Sonic (seriously, when Sonic speaks, he sounds like a delinquent)

NOT Sonic's fake. Actually, on Mobius, Shadow was created by Professor Gerald 50 YEARS before Sonic was even born. So Shadow obviously wasn't intended to be a fake. SHADOW RULES!!!
response: its likewise in the video games. i hate 2 be mean but those that say shadow is sonic's fake or in some cases "brother" U R IDIOTS! as the guy above said...shadow was created 50 years before sonic was even born-even thought of even! pay attention 2 the storyline ppl. i know its fun 2 think they r brothers bec they look somewat alike and have more or less the same abilities lets not get 2 carried away. ~ Bryana

JerkyJerk123's comment to the above:actually Sonic speaks like a delinquent because he actually is smarter, he's proven it countless times
's response to above: He speaks like a delinquent BECAUSE he's smarter? How does that work?
response: sure sonic is smart im not disagreeing but he isnt smarter. he may be smarter than big and knuckles but compared 2 the other characters he is a majority of the time owned when it comes 2 smarts.


I think all of us knew since the beginning of this tournament this would end like this: Sonic VS 'someone else'. Now it's obvious Sonic's gonna win, although Shadow would beat him, so I vote for Shadow.

C'mon Shadow! You've got this. Sonic's not even good enough to be your fake. E-113! Code name: Xi 03:07, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

Shadow. Sonic the Hedgehog winning the Sonic the Hedgehog character tournament? That's like the most boring thing. People who don't even know Sonic would guess that Sonic would win the Sonic character tournament. That's soooo boring. Plus, Shadow is like a copy of Sonic with his powers multiplied by 10,000! Who wouldn't vote for Shadow? 00:03, March 8, 2011 (UTC) The votes are drawing now!!! Come on Shadow! Shadow to win!! Shadow can do everything Sonic can do and more!! GO SHADOW GO SHADOW!! ALL HAIL SHADOW!!!(one of the songs on Shadow the Hedgehog the game.) SHADOW RULES!!!:D>>Shadowdoom13 From the time it took me to read it and to vote, the numbers had doubled. 18:59, March 7, 2011 (UTC) Guest After all of our battles and all of our victories, it’s all come down to this…Now, it’s time to find out who the real “faker” is!

"S.O.N.I.C. GO! Go, go, go, go, go, let's go! Knuckleschaotix 19:53, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

This is so immensely close to call...they're both awesome at times, they're both annoying at times, they're both immensely fast, THEY CAN BOTH USE CHAOS POWERS (Sonic just chooses not to!), they both have people to fight for (Shadow has Maria and Sonic has...well, just about everyone else), they both have fanboys and fangirls to spam the vote for them...the list of comparisons goes on. They can match each other pretty much blow-for-blow, hence why there's never been a clear winner in any of their past confrontations. I know, deep down, that everyone's going to vote Sonic just because a.) he's the main character, b.) everyone hates Shadow for some reason. So Sonic will win. But ultimately, Shadow is the Ultimate Lifeform, and for that reason my vote belongs to him. Sorry. MysteryTheHedgehog 16:12, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

Here is my last opinion, For the final battle: All I have to say is, Sonic! RaymanX11: They are both good, but always been a Sonic fan and i alredy known the winner :3 Sonic. I mean, come on! Sonic pretty much started this whole series off, and if it wasn't for Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow wouldn't even be here. Then again, Shadow has what, 15 million fangirls that will vote for him? Regardless, I think Sonic should win. Shadow is overrated. I'll have to give myself a Promotion image 11:25, March 7, 2011 (UTC)Sacorguy79 SHADOW!!!55 Skcor Ezalb 12:39, March 7, 2011 (UTC) Go on Sonic you deserve it. Sonicdude9025 Sez: Battle 1: Shadow. He's just as fast, just as smart (if not smarter,) and he has those Chaos Powers on his side. Even Sonic can't do that. I mean, come on. Shadow can do everything Sonic can do, and more, plus he's more experienced. It won't be long before Shadow knocks Sonic out with a Chaos Blast. GO ULTIMATE LIFEFORM!

ShadowDragon135 – That's Just How I Roll!
TALK – JaketheHedgehog 11:42, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

My vote for this week: Sonic the Hedgehog. Don't get me wrong. I like Shadow, but I grew up playing Sonic's classics on the Sega Genesis. Sonic's come a long way, and he's not going to let that fake hedgehog overshadow him. (no pun intended.) FDMG. MilesPrower72; GO SONIC THE HEDGEHOG i believe in you, send that faker packing. I'm gonna go with shadow, he can do what sonic can and even more Ediskrad327 14:26, March 7, 2011 (UTC) My vote is obvious GO GO SONIC! GO GO SONIC! My last vote will be 1 Shadow- he will use 7 chaos emerald turn into a powerful Super Shadow. My vote will be COME SHADOW!! My vote 1 Shadow- he can take Sonic down with chaos blast. Sonic-> Super Sonic-> Hyper Sonic + Darkspine Sonic + Excalibur Sonic Shadow-> Super Shadow... Sonic = Instant win In the end, Shadow just can't keep up, he's just TOO SLOW!!! MilesPrower72 SERIOUSLY, i thought sonic would be demolishing shadow, get it together sonic youre the guy who started it all, now way in hell some fakehog is making a fool out of the fastest thing alive

Go sonic because all shadow does is shoot guns and be a jerk
response: shadow isnt a jerk...he is actually quite kind-hearted hes just distrusting and skeptical ~ Bryana

Espio Fan-Lady – You just got boomeranged!
TALK – 00:25, March 8, 2011 (UTC)
Hmmm, lets see....Shadow. The reasons that I don't want Sonic to win is that he's an obnoxious fangirl attractant. (for example: Amy, Elise, Sally, Mina) He also, dare I say it, hogs the spotlight. He hardly gives anyone else any time to be in it! Ironically, Shadow is the only guy other than Knux to have his own game. Also, Shad's cooler and has better abilities.

Screw Sonic. He's awesome and all, but Shadow only has one game, and in my OPINION, that single game outmatches half of all other games that even refer to Sonic The Hedgehog. Plus, 1) bio-androids are cool, 2) he's got real super-powers, and 3) Shadow The Hedgehog wasn't a bad game. It was just harder than normal Sonic games, and n00bs worldwide couldn't take the heat.

So yeah, I'm rooting for Shadow. But remember this: when you Sonic fans make Sonic win, will his victory of dumb luck make any impact on the rest of the universe?

Didn't think so.

Ultra Sound 02:59, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

Come on, Shadow, just 20 more us that enduring years of rabid fangirlism was worth it! -StillRiver, March 7,2001

MilesPrower72 Sonic is leading by 30+ votes,no way he's losing now.Lets give a thumbs up to our Tournament Champion.

Sir Shadow, The Ultimate Living Knight:Shadow VS. sonic. Sonic is in (basicly) every single game in the sonic world, he is always hoging the spotlight, I say his rein of blueness ends here! Out goes Sonic and in comes Shadow!

Shadow's gotta win -- Murphyshane - Morph! He's alive! Don't click here 16:46, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

okay who piled all the previous coments again? 16:54, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

I like both of them. But i believe shadow is better. hes faster. has a better super form. stronger. and he cant die. remember hes the "ultimate life form." sonic can do chaos control but not chaos blast. and shadow doesn't age. by the way my username is sonicforever1 because it was my PSN and shadowforever1 would be too long for me. thats just my opinion.sonicforever1 a littlebig guy 21:26, March 8, 2011 (UTC)


Listen, I don't care what the Shadow fans say, but what was the name of the game that started the entire franchise based on Sonic? Not Shadow the Hedgehog, that's for sure. Actually, if it were called that, and if the game was anything like the actual Shadow the Hedgehog game, NO ONE would buy it. Case in point, I have several snippets from this article that you can find on the link

"...In this day and age, the flaws would be immediately apparent from a single screenshot: it’s a dark game featuring a Sonic character with guns, almost completely divorcing it from all that a Sonic game was known for. Indeed, that was the problem: it was a Sonic game trying to be a Sonic game while also not being one, if that makes any sense.

...This game looks nothing like a Sonic game, from it's environments to it's enemies.

At first, I was able to even disillusion myself into thinking the game wasn’t bad. As I played more and more though, I began to realize….that this was going to be the first main series Sonic title that I would utterly hate. Looking at the review average this game got compared to past main series titles, it would seem most reviewers would agree."

Looking at this, I feel that the only true representative of the Sonic series is the blue dude himself, and if all the Shadow fans feel that Shadow has to hog the spotlight in the cruel way that he does, then SEGA should just make games about hedgehogs with guns and scrap Sonic altogether, which I am sure the fanbase would completely KILL them for doing.

Unless the fanbase is pro-Shadow, in which case, WHY CRUEL WORLD?!?!?!??

(note: this does not apply to all Shadow fans, in fact in the comic book he's actually pretty awesome. I personally like the comic book Shadow, just not the game Shadow.)
response: that snippet does not back u up at all...its bais and is a bunch of bulls***! 3 FYIs:
1) 4 u and whoever wrote that article...the game shadow the hedgehog got a pretty good review-the only thing it got low ratings 4 was its graphics and-4 some critics-the confusing and "dark" (imbeciles... -.-) storyline. the whole point of the shadow the hedgehog game was 2 appeal 2 the older audience. me personally as well as SEVERAL others think the shadow game is 1 of the best sonic games SEGA created alongside sonic adventure 2 and a few others.
2) the comic book shadow-from wat ive seen-is the SAME shadow from the games-archie comics just made his mood a bit lighter 4 the sake of the younger audience.
3) the purpose of this championship isnt 2 find out who is the true "representative" of SEGA so idk where u got that stuff from. its just 4 fun so get over it! ~ Bryana

1. What did I say? It was inevitable it would come down to this fight. I vote Sonic, mainly because I can stand him more than Shadow, and in my comic his personality is more fleshed out than anyone elses'. AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 14:21, March 9, 2011 (UTC)

Sir Shadow, The Ultimate Living Knight: Every time someone votes for sonic, shadow kills a baby animal. Please, help the baby animals by voting for shadow. and if shadow wins, every one who voted for him will get a....Promotion image

You dare steal my signature pic? (Lol) And if every time someone votes for Sonic Shadow will kill a baby animal, than Shadow has automatically been banned from the contest due to illegal hunting. I'll have to give myself a Promotion image 23:13, March 10, 2011 (UTC)Sacorguy79

Sir Shadow, The Ultimate Living Knight: LOL! it was a joke, Shadow's real target is Sonic and all who are with him! Man, for making a joke ill have to give you aPromotion image

For those who say Sonic hogs the spotlight, I think you've forgotten what this series is called. Myself 123 19:29, March 9, 2011 (UTC)

Don't you mean Shadow, Myself? I've never really heard of an argument with Sonic hogging the spotlight. Besides, he's supposed to. 19:49, March 9, 2011 (UTC)
Actually, at the top of this comment thread, someone made that very "Sonic hogged the spotlight" argument.
Anyway, I think Shadow should win. But somehow, I know he won't.
And he is no faker. "[Shadow is] too powerful to be anything but the real thing".--Akamia(Talk)(Want to see what I've been doing?) 11:49, March 10, 2011 (UTC)
the ultimate life form, or the main character of the entire series, with my favorite color being black, i think ill take the lone wolf, or should i say hedgehog, with weapons of mass destruction and power to kill all in his path, yes,i vote shadow Runner VS Shadow 20:02, March 10, 2011 (UTC)
Also if you look at the final battle picture you can see the Tails Doll looking at Chris Thorndyke. Lets hope that the Tails Doll kills Chris
Are you serious?! Why do you target Chris with such hatred?! He's such a nice guy... If not a bit too daring for his own good.
... Do you target him because he's human? That the fact he was in Sonic X, he ruined it somehow? News flash, man: Eggman is human, too.--Akamia(Talk)(Want to see what I've been doing?) 01:17, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

C'mon guys, a few more votes for Shadow -- Murphyshane - Morph! He's alive! Don't click here 23:35, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

Wow all this hyperactiveness about two hedgehogs with almost THE SAME EXACT POWERS, GET A LIFE PEOPLE Sonic could win or Shadow but none of them are fakers they don't even know each other until Sa2 so it does not matter come on guys i mean i like them both jeez and i am really sure Shadow is not emo get it straight. Possibly Shadow has the better chance of winning unless Sonic uses his choas powers too. -Godwill

I find it ironic how about 15 million people here are going "LOL GUIZE VOTE 4 SHADOW HE JUST RLY AWESHOME!!!!1!111!!!!" and yet Sonic is still winning because on the outside his fanbase is bigger. I'll have to give myself a Promotion image 11:17, March 12, 2011 (UTC)Sacorguy79

NonoNO!! Fight Sonic!! Win!! And other people, QUIT LOGGIN OUT JUST SO YOU CAN VOTE AGAIN! Seriously, there's no way SNN has 1,800 people here.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 19:47, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Honestly, what did you expect from the people on here?

Ediskrad327 14:30, March 14, 2011 (UTC) The UC's and New Users here are almost as bad as on TSSZ. AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 20:12, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Well if they were REAL fans, they'd partake with honesty and dignity.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 20:17, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Honesty and Dignity? Here? HAH! --AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 22:18, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

MilesPrower72 I'm not giving up on sonic EVER come on sonic you can do it i still believe in you.

Final Battle: Sonic the Hedgehog. I personally would have had Silver win the whole thing, but Sonic I say is definitely better then Shadow. He's good to though.

Man of man this is really close, could be even closer then Tails vs. Silver. Go Sonic, Go!

Jkdabomb: 14:46, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

I don't know if people can vote multiple times. But 2333 people who voted for this match? Well, maybe we just have to keep it on the fact that because it is the final, more people come to this poll and vote. But still ... BeRzEcKeR 10:04, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Everyone must've known sonic and shadow were gonna be in the finals. Man! look at how close of a battle this is! Shadow is winning by two votes! - anonymous (in that case you don't know me :P)

This battle should be easy for Shadow! In games, he was able to take down foes alone while Sonic had to face them with the use of the Chaos Emeralds! Also, Shadow can do many things that Sonic can't. Shadow can teleport at will, he has an extremely high tolerance to pain, he has a natural killer instinct, and he has superhuman strength. Well, Sonic does too, but that's only when he's a Werehog (hey, THAT would be a really good match! Shadow vs. WereSonic lolz). Oh, and let's not forget that Shadow has his signature weapon: CHAOS CONTROL! Yes, that's right. Shadow can barbecue Sonic with Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast. Sure, they're both really fast, but Sonic being so cocky can make him lose focus and will get himself beaten down. I also forgot that in Shadow the Hedgehog (2005), Shadow was able to defeat Sonic AND Diablon (the Commander). GO SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!!

Sonic's losing! NOOOOOO -- Jet50

TAILSRULEZ72; it just wouldn't feel right if Sonic loses,I really hope he wins and takes down that fakehog

♪Blue streak speeds by, Sonic the Hedgehog♪
♪Too fast for the naked eye, Sonic the Hedgehog♪
♪Sonic, he can really move♪
♪Sonic, he's got an attitude♪
♪Sonic, he's the fastest thing alive♪ C'mon! Go, Sonic! Beat that hasbeen Faker once and for all! Don't make me have to start singing Sonic Boom. Wow, I'm more excited about this than I think i should be. --Eh, What's up Doc? ~ DjWindmaster97 02:08, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

TAILSRULEZ72; that's the spirit Djwindmaster97,looks like sonic got this wrapped up and he really earned it

well well well sonic won this proves how close they were in the tournament, just for 10 votes

Ediskrad327 17:07, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

HURRAH FOR SONIC!! I voted for him, so now I'll give myself a PRRRROMOTION.

Phew, good thing Sonic won, if Shadow had won it would've made me hate him. Myself 123 17:43, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

TAILSRULEZ; Alright Sonic!!! he won congratulations. I'm also proud of miles prower getting third too.

Yay, Sonic one. Crap, that was sooooo close 10 votes!!!!! (anyone else notice tails doll plotting his revenge right above mogul?)

Jkdabomb 16:55, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

Cosmofan1000 here! Sonic won, yay! I was voting for Amy, though, because people really need to give her more credit than she's being given right now. I'm going to make a challenge with the banner for the final match, though, so they can try to find whoever. This is Cosmofan1000 signing out!!