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Please note that articles on Sonic News Network may contain unmarked spoilers. Please browse at your own risk!<br />
Please note that articles on Sonic News Network may contain unmarked spoilers. Please browse at your own risk!<br />
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The Sonic News Network is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. There are 8,038 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in September 2005. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Please note that articles on Sonic News Network may contain unmarked spoilers. Please browse at your own risk!















Our Featured User for this month is Ultrasonic9000, who was previously Featured User back in August of 2013 and has been around the wiki for quite some time. When asked how he felt about being Featured User again, he said "Well, I have already been a featured user before. The first I was not sure how to feel, but I ultimately felt proud and honored about it. So to be selected as the Featured User a second time now makes me feel quite happy and more proud." Given the month some sort of prank may be in order, but let's just save the time and get to the interview.

# 1. Q) What do you think of SNN's April Fool's Day prank?

A) It was innocent enough. I was kinda surprised when I first saw it and for a moment, I thought I had gone to the wrong place or believed SNN had converted to Mario. However, I then remembered it was April's fool day, and was calm about. Ultimately, I think it did its job and it was kinda refreshing having a new look for a day.

# 2. Q) What are your thoughts on SNN's current state?

A) Well, to be brutally honest, while its state is acceptable, it could use some improvements. Seeing how process has been lately, I think we could use some more editors to our cause, though I believe this should be contributed to the quiet period we have. In terms of articles, I can always see some improvements (for some more than others) and think we could have a better system for them, though they should do fine as they are now. There has also been developments in the article layouts that I think can could be better, but I am willing to let these ideas be tried.

# 3. Q) Any thoughts on the Sonic Boom addition to the franchise?

A) When using my common sense, I think that Sonic Boom is just a way for the franchise to make more money and it has no more substance than that. However, I can't help by be excited about the concept of a fresh new breath into the Sonic franchise, and I look forward to a new world of Sonic with different takes on Sonic and his friends' adventures which will make the Sonic universe more richer. While I know it is going to be light-hearted, I hope though that it won't go to such extremes that it can't be taken seriously at all when looking back at previous incarnations. I have learned not to set my expectations too high regarding new Sonic material, but I think Sonic Boom will be an interesting experience for all of us.

# 4. Q) Who is your least favorite character among the primary (video game) cast, and why?

A) Boy, that's a hard one. In all honesty, I really can't pick one character I dislike the least because I value them all in that regard on a even level since they each contribute to something important in itself. But if I had to pick one, I would say Jet (it hurts to do this), mostly because of how he can act as an antagonizing jerk.

# 5. Q) Is there anything you particularly dislike about the Sonic franchise?

A) I particularly dislike all the hate and complains the less-than-optimistic fans speak out about the franchise. It is only rightful that such people are entitled to their own opinions, but I think they should just keep it to themselves and not ruin it for others. I think such outspokenness is what makes hate spread to others and ruins the good experiences people have with the Sonic franchise.

# 6. Q) Sonic vs. anyone you can pick from a different series/franchise; who would you pick, and who would win?

A) Gee, I never thought about that, since I have never imagined Sonic going up against anyone outside the Sonic franchise. In a lack of thoughts about it, I would just go with the classic Sonic vs. Mario battle. As for who would win? Sonic of course! His skills, abilities and overall strengths are far superior to Mario (for the full summary, see Death Battle!).

# 7. Q) What are your thoughts on Sonic fan projects?

A) They are quite fine. They are things people can busy themselves with when the Sonic franchise does not deliver what they want, and I want to encourage that. Allowing such a flow of ideals and concepts is what keeps the Sonic franchise strong and gives rise to tomorrows developers; basically, we help the future of Sonic come along that way. Just as long as they don't mix it with the official material.

# 8. Q) Since it's April Fool's, what's your favorite holiday?

A) Christmas. It is such a cozy holiday; the warmth, the happiness, the family, the spirit and the food! It serves to remind us of what is important in out lives and the ideals of love we should follow.

# 9. Q) What character in the Sonic series do you think deserves their own game?

A) Well lets see: Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Knuckles all have their own games, so the best ones are taken. So, I would say, Blaze the Cat. She has proven herself a good character, and I think a game of her own could really elaborate on her character, motivations, history and her abilities which I think many of us wants to see. In other words, she deserves her own game 'cause she is AWESOME!

# 10. Q) What's your favorite Sonic song?

A) I think it is a tie between "His World" and "Endless Possibility". "His World" has awesome lyrics and rocking beats, but "Endless Possibility" has a happy tune and encouraging theme.
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