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The following are the list of Sonic-themed party supplies.

List of Sonic Party Supplies

Name Image Decription
Sonic Goody Bags
These are goody bags which each consist of two temporary tattoos, an Air Heads fruit chew, a bucket of blue slime, a spinning top, a blue bouncing ball and six character stickers.
Sonic Party Streamers
These are glittering party streamers with discs on the end of them. They comprise of blue, red and yellow.
Classic Sonic Invitation Card
This is a classic birthday card with a poem inside it, ending with an invitation.

The poem reads:

He's burning
Sneakers churning
He's zoomin' fast
Blastin' past
With wishes
Just for you
Sonic Hanging Centerpiece
This is a party centerpiece to be hung on the ceiling.
Sonic X Mylar Party Balloon
This is a Mylan (metallic) balloon used for parties. It is around 34 inches tall.
Sonic Squirt Gun
This is a water gun which squirts out water. It is only distributed with Sonic Party Supply packs.
Sonic Lunch Plate
This is a Sonic paper lunch plate.

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