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Sonic Quad Air and Sonic Slot Machines

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Sonic Quad Air and Sonic Slot Machines are two different casino games based on Sonic, one is Air hockey and the other is a Slot machine with a Sonic, Eggman or Tails Ticket Booth. The both were revealed at the European Gaming Expo (EGE). It is said to be in more places

Sonic Slot Machine

Much like the slots in casinos and games, you line up the reels to win a prize. In this case, the payout is done in redeemable prize tickets, with triple Chaos Emeralds promising a payout of about 100 tickets and a jackpot of an ever increasing amount of tickets included.

Sonic Quad Air

Sonic Quad Air, a four-player Sonic themed air hockey table. While not deviating much from normal air hockey, the addition of two players at least spells for a rather chaotic match.

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