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This is a script of the cutscenes from Shadow's storyline in Sonic Rivals.

Forest Falls Zone

Act 1

Eggman (transmission): Bzzz... Zzzzz... Zzzzzzz... C-Can you hear me, Shadow? There's someone after me! He's... Ah, it's all so confusing! I'm not sure how to explain this! Anyway, follow this signal, and come find me! I'm counting on you, Shadow! ... Bzzzzz... Zzzz Zzp...
Shadow: After that last transmission, the doctor disappeared. That was 6 hours ago. What happened to him? Huh? What's this... A silver hedgehog? And... He's chasing... the doctor!? Hey you! What do you want with the doctor!?
Silver: Who's there!? You better not get in my way!
Shadow: My name is Shadow... And I won't let you harm the doctor!
Eggman: Ah! Shadow! Take care of him for me!
Silver: Wait! Eggman!
Shadow: Hey! Wait!


Shadow: So, was this who you were warning me about in your transmission?
Eggman: Transmission? What are you talking about?
Shadow: What!? 6 hours ago, you asked for my help.
Eggman: Why would I ask you for your help?
Shadow: What? Why are you...
Silver: Hey, wait a second. I think you may be mistaken about something...
Eggman: Grr! Stop this nonsense... It's driving me crazy!

Colosseum Highway Zone

Act 1

Shadow: The doctor's acting strange... it makes no sense, but this has nothing to do with me... Hmm, guess this was just a waste of my time...
Rouge (transmission): Bzzz... Zzzzz... Zzzzz... This is Rouge! Can you hear me, Shadow? I've come across something quite interesting about the doctor! I'll fill you in on the details later. Just keep tailing him for now! ... Bzzz... Bzzzzzzp...
Shadow: How is Rouge involved? What's going on with the doctor?
Knuckles: Hey, Shadow! Did you see Eggman come running by here?
Shadow: You let the doctor get away? Hmph! You're useless...
Knuckles: What'd you say!? What's your problem, Shadow!? Don't mess with me, I'm not in the mood! I might take it out on you, got it?
Shadow: Whatever Knuckles... But first, I've got some business with the doctor!
Knuckles: All right then... Let's see who can catch him first!
Shadow: You're on! Let's do it!


Shadow: Doctor! What are you hiding? What secret was Rouge talking about?
Eggman: Rouge? Secret? What are you talking about?
Knuckles: Hey, my business comes first! Who cares what he's hiding. Eggman! You'd better hand over the Master Emerald this time!
Eggman: Annoying pests! I'll crush you with my mechanical pets!

Sky Park Zone

Act 1

Rouge (transmission): Bzzz... Zzzzz... Bzzzzz... Shadow! Come in! You'll never guess what I found out! Eggman is really... Aaaaah!
Shadow: Rouge! What happened!?
Rouge (transmission): ...Bzzz... Bzzzzzp...
Shadow: The transmission was cut off... What's going on?

[Shadow is suddenly transported to Sky Park Zone by a strange light.]

Shadow: !? This light!? What's going on!?
Sonic: Looks like we transported to a completely different location...
Shadow: Sonic! What are you doing here? And where's the doctor?
Sonic: Hey, look it's Shadow! Now I get it, he must be like you're looking for Eggman, too. It must be another race to see who can catch him first. Let's do it!

Act 2

Shadow: Doctor! I think it's time you explained yourself! And do you know where Rouge is?
Eggman: [Takes out a card] Ho ho ho ho! Were you looking for this?
Shadow: Hmph! I have no time for card games!
Eggman: Ah, but what if your "friend" were trapped inside this card, eh? Is this still a game to you?
Shadow: W, what!?
Eggman: This little troublemaker has learned too much for her own good, so I've trapped her in this card.
Shadow: I'll figure out what's going on later... Now, hand over that card!
Eggman: Ho ho ho! Do you really want it that badly? Then, why don't you test your mettle against my very own Metal Sonic, here? Why don't you show me just how unlike Sonic you really are, then? Hoh ho ho ho!
Shadow: Hmph! There's no way I'm losing to some android fake. I accept your challenge!

Crystal Mountain Zone

Act 1

Shadow: It seems Rouge discovered the doctor's secret and got turned into a card... I'll have to find the doctor and find out what the secret is...
Knuckles: Hey, Shadow! Did you find Eggman?
Shadow: Heh... Looks like the doctor got away from you again...
Knuckles: Shut up! I was this close to catching him! Anyway, doesn't seem like you've found him either!
Shadow: Maybe so, but at least I'm not as clueless as you. I'll see you later!
Knuckles: Hey, wait! There's no way you're gonna beat me to him!


Shadow: Wait! Doctor! Tell me the secret you've been hiding. Now!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! [Takes out a card] Perhaps you're talking about this card?
Shadow: That's...!? The doctor's on that card!
Knuckles: Hey, Eggman! What's going on here!? You better start explaining!
Eggman: Enough of this small talk! Time to take care of both of you!

Death Yard Zone

Act 1

Shadow: The doctor's been turned into a card, too, just like Rouge...? But how would the Doctor have a card of himself? It doesn't make any sense... Hm? It's that silver hedgehog from before! This all started when he showed up. He's got to know something about what this is all about! Hey, you! Why don't you tell me why you're trailing the Doctor, hmm?
Silver: You... You're Shadow! Listen, you don't understand what's going on. Please, take this as a warning. The man that you refer to as 'Doctor'... There's a chance that he's not the real Eggman.
Shadow: What? So, then, the REAL Eggman is the one who's been turned into that card?
Silver: What?! Eggman's been turned into a card, too?
Eggman: Hoh ho ho! Are the two of you having fun?
Shadow: Doctor! Good timing. I can hear everything I want straight from the Doctor himself!
Silver: Sorry, but he's my target! I can't let you through!

Act 2

Shadow: Who are you!? If what you said is true, then the real doctor is trapped inside that card!
Eggman: Heh heh heh...It seems it's time we stop playing this childish game any longer... You are quite right... I am not Eggman!
Eggman Nega: My name is Eggman NEGA!
Shadow: Eggman NEGA!? But you look like...
Eggman Nega: [Takes out a card] Just like Eggman? Of course I do! For I am a descendant of Eggman!
Shadow: What!? His descendant!?
Eggman Nega: Heh heh heh... Now that I've told you the truth ...I'll have to dispose of you! Let's see how you do against Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic has been programmed with all your moves and attack patterns from your last encounter, and now, he will prove to be an admirable adversary for you.
Shadow: Whatever! Now, why don't I show that fake why they call me the Ultimate life form!


Shadow: What's the matter? Nowhere left to run?
Eggman Nega: Heh heh heh... I cannot lose! If I lose now, I won't be able to change the future.
Shadow: What!? Change the future? Is that what you've been trying to do? Hmm... I won't let you get away with that!
Eggman Nega: Very well then. It looks like I'll have to put you down myself!

After Boss

Eggman Nega: Now you've done it! You've made me very very angry! Now I'll use this camera to transform the whole planet into a card!
Shadow: Wait! Eggman NEGA!
Eggman Nega: Heh heh heh... There's nothing you can do... Goodbye!
Silver: No! I'm too late!
Shadow: It's like you said before. He was only impersonating the Doctor.
Silver: It looks like you've realized who the true enemy is, Shadow.
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! It looks like you have a problem!
Shadow: Wha-!? Doctor!
Eggman: That's right! I'm the real Dr. Eggman! Back in the flesh, thanks to you, Shadow! So it looks like we have a common enemy. Want to come along?
Shadow: Hmph! Is that a question?!
Silver: Very well!
Eggman: Then off we go, out into space! Hang on!

Meteor Base Zone

Act 1

Silver: For now, I'll help you protect the future!
Shadow: Hmph, do what you want.

Act 2

Sonic: About time you showed, Shadow! I'll give you a hand too!
Shadow: Sonic!? Heh, just stay outta my way.


Shadow: This must be the center of the base... Hmm? Isn't that an escape rocket!? He's going to use that to turn the entire planet into a card!
Eggman Nega: It took you long enough to get here, Shadow...
Shadow: You! Why are you trying to change the future?
Eggman Nea: Heh heh heh... I'm here to change my destiny! I come from a long line of brilliant, scientists, but that lineage was disrupted with Dr.Eggman's failures! As a result, I have been denied my destiny as the world has refused to recognize my brilliance! So by removing Dr. Eggman's life and failed attempts at success, I will alter our family history forever! [Takes out a camera] Now enough of this chit-chat. Once I set Rouge's card into the rocket, it's all over! Just relax, and enjoy the moment... For it will be your last! Now, if you'll just excuse me... Heh heh heh...
Shadow: Now so fast, Eggman NEGA! That card's mine!


Rouge: Thanks for saving me, Shadow! That was a bit too close for comfort. What were you thinking!?
Shadow: Hmph... There's no way I'd lose to someone like him who blames their own failures on the past.
Rouge: That's my Shadow! Hey, why not take a peek into our own future?
Shadow: Hmph. I'll pass.
Rouge: Oh, come on, Shadow. At the very least, we'd be able to do some treasure hunting together. We can start with the other cards Eggman had!
Shadow: Do what you like...
Rouge: Hey, wait a minute! Come on, Shadow!

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