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This is a script of the cutscenes from Silver's storyline in Sonic Rivals.

Forest Falls Zone

Act 1

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! You've come all this way to find me... This must be something very important!
Silver: Hey, Eggman! I've got something to ask you, about someone I'm looking for!
Shadow: You! What do you want with the doctor!?
Silver: Who's there!? You better not get in my way!
Shadow: My name is Shadow... And I won't let you harm the doctor!
Eggman: Ah, Shadow! Take care of him for me!
Silver: Wait! Eggman!
Shadow: Hey! Wait!


Shadow: So, this is who you were warning me about in your transmission?
Silver: Hey, wait a second. I think you might be wrong here. I'm just here to ask him about someone named "Eggman NEGA."
Eggman: Who!? Eggman NEGA!? I have no clue who you're talking about! Grr! Stop this nonsense... It's driving me crazy!

Colosseum Highway Zone

Act 1

Silver: Eggman! I know you know something about that guy!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! If you really need to know, I'll tell you... But only if you can defeat that blue hedgehog!
Sonic: Hey, get back here, Eggman!
Silver: Get out of my way, I've got some personal business with him.
Sonic: Hey! You sure have an attitude. Who are you, anyway?
Silver: My name is Silver... I can't tell you why, but I need to get to him before you.
Sonic: Okay, Silver. Bring it on... I like challenges!


Sonic: Okay! Now hand over those cards!
Eggman: Grrrrr...
Silver: Hey! Move aside. I already told you I need to talk to him first.
Sonic: Yo Silver... You're starting to get on my nerves!
Silver: Enough of this chit chat... Prepare yourself!

Sky Park Zone

Act 1

Silver: He certainly knows how to run, I'll give him that... Hey, you there! Did you see that guy carrying something strange?
Knuckles: Actually... He has this weird camera that changes things into cards... Wait a minute... Who are you?
Silver: What'd you say!? How did he get a hold of it?
Knuckles: You...! What are you mumbling about?
Silver: Got no time to explain it to someone like you... See ya!
Knuckles: "Someone like me?" Hey, I'm Knuckles! Haven't you heard of me? How rude! Asking questions without having the gall to introduce himself!
Silver: Like I said before, I don't have time to deal with you right now. See ya!
Knuckles: You little... Get back here!

Act 2

Silver: Eggman! That camera technology shouldn't exist in this time! How did you get it?
Eggman: Well, well... Seems like you're quite perceptive... Allow me to explain... If you can win a race against my dear Metal Sonic that is!
Silver: Hmph! That outdated machine doesn't stand a chance against me! I accept your challenge!

Crystal Mountain Zone

Act 1

Silver: It appears that Eggman knows what that camera can do... So my question is, how did he get his hands on it?
Sonic: Hey, Silver! So we meet again?
Silver: Sonic!?
Sonic: Heh! While you've been wasting your time, I've been figuring his next move...
Silver: What!?
Sonic: If you can keep up, I might tell you what I know! Let's go!


Silver: Hey, Eggman! Things are finally starting to make sense... "Eggman NEGA," who I'm looking for, would never let his camera out of his sight. So that means... You must be Eggman NEGA!
Eggman: Well now... That's an interesting theory... But do you have any proof?
Sonic: Hey, Eggman! Are we done with your little game yet?
Eggman: Hmm... I suppose I have enough data to proceed with my plans... But if I defeat you now, there won't be anyone left to get in my way in the present, or in the future...
Silver: The future!? You've given yourself away!
Sonic: Heh! That's a big IF, Eggman. Get ready!

Death Yard Zone

Act 1

Silver: I can't be sure, but there's something about his speech and his mannerisms... No, it has to be! He's got to be Eggman NEGA! But, if that's the case, then where is the REAL Eggman?
Shadow: So, we meet again. Why don't you tell me why you're trailing the Doctor, hmm?
Silver: You... You're Shadow! Listen, you don't understand what's going on. Please take this as a warning. The man that you refer to as 'Doctor'... There's a chance that he's not the real Eggman.
Shadow: What? So, then, the REAL Eggman is the one who's been turned into that card?
Silver: What?! Eggman's been turned into a card, too? Dang! I knew that the accident with the camera...
Eggman: Hoh ho ho! Are you two having fun?
Silver: Eggman?! This ends now! I'm going to expose you for who you really are, no matter what it takes!
Shadow: No! The Doctor's mine! Stay out of my way!

Act 2

Silver: Why not give yourself up? There's no doubt in my mind that you're Eggman NEGA!
Eggman Nega: Heh heh heh... If you know that much, then the reason you're here is...
Silver: That's right! I came from the future to bring you back! I can't allow you to abuse the camera's power!
Eggman Nega: I admire you determination, but I'm afraid I can't allow you to capture me! I'll let Metal Sonic play with you in order to buy me the time I need to quietly sneak away. Oh, and you'll find that Metal Sonic is a tad bit more of a capable opponent than before. Heh heh heh...
Silver: Eggman NEGA! I'm not letting you get away!


Silver: All right, Eggman NEGA! You're coming back to the future with me! You've been here far too long!
Eggman Nega: I won't let you interfere with my plan! It's time to get down to business!

After Boss

Eggman Nega: Now you've done it... you've made me very, very angry! I'll use this camera to turn this entire planet into a card. Heh heh heh... There's nothing you can do, so goodbye!
Silver: No! I'm too late!
Shadow: It's like you said before. He was only impersonating the Doctor.
Silver: It looks like you've realized who the true enemy is, Shadow.
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho! It looks like you have a problem!
Silver: You!?
Eggman: Don't be rash! I'm the real Dr. Eggman! So it looks like we have a common enemy. Want to come along?
Shadow: Hmph! Is that a question?!
Silver: Very well!
Eggman: Then off we go, out into space! Hang on!

Meteor Base Zone

Act 1

Shadow: That man who was impersonating the Doctor... I can't allow his plans to succeed. Let me help you!
Silver: Thanks, Shadow!

Act 2

Knuckles: Hey! It's not wise to tackle everything on your own! Let me help!
Silver: Thanks!


Silver: Eggman NEGA! This is the end of the line for you!
Eggman Nega: Ohohoh! I'm impressed that you managed to make it this far. Unfortunately, you're too late!
Silver: Liar! You're bluffing!
Eggman Nega: [Takes out camera] All I have to do is transfer the energy to the camera on my rocket, and I'll turn this whole planet into a card!
Silver: What!? That means my future would be destroyed as well!
Eggman Nega: [Takes out a card] If I can't change the future, I'll simply destroy it! There's nobody who can stop me now! Farewell.
Silver: You're not getting away with this, Eggman NEGA! I won't let you ruin the future!


Silver: Eggman NEGA... It looks like he lost control of his machine, and got turned into a card himself... As soon as I can collect the other cards, and take care of Eggman NEGA's mess, I'll head back to the future... This time frame will be fine, as long as they're around... Those blue and black hedgehogs certainly are brave...

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