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This is the script of the storyline in Sonic Rush Adventure.


[Scene: Middle of the sea, night.]

[Sonic and Tails are flying the Tornado through an intense storm with rain and lightning.]
Sonic: Man, this storm is rough! So, then, where's this big energy reaction of yours?
Tails: It should be around here somewhere. [Looks at the Tornado's instrument board] Aha! I'm getting a reading on radar! It's close! Sonic, can you see anything?
[A large waterspout appear in the horizon.]
Sonic: Tails! [Points at a waterspout]
Tails: According to the radar, it should be over that way.
Sonic: Okay, Tails. You keep an eye out, and--
[A lightning bolt strikes the Tornado's right wing. The plane starts wobbling.]
Sonic: What the...?
[The Tornado's engine starts smoking and burning]
Tails: Aaaah! The engine!
Sonic: Tails, do something!
Tails: Easy for you to say!
[The Tornado starts descending.]
Tails: We're going down!
[The Tornado crashes into the center of the waterspout. A green flash emanates from the center.]

Marine Appears

[Scene: Seagull Beach, day.]

[The sun shines and seagulls flies in the sky. Sonic and Tails are shown flushed up on the beach, unconscious. Marine walks up to Sonic and pokes him twice with a stick. Sonic starts to wake up.]


[Scene: Seagull Beach.]

Marine. Aw, and what's this?... Strewth! I think they're dead!
Sonic: [Gets up] Hunh?
Tails: [Gets up] Urrrgh...
Sonic: Tails? Are you all right?
Tails: Owww! I think so... Boy, that was some storm, huh, Sonic?
Marine: Oh, blimey! You're alive!
Sonic: Huh?
Tails: Who are you?
Marine: Mind yourself, mate! Askin' a sheila's name and you ain't giving your own first...
Tails: What? Oh, I... I'm sorry! My name is Tails.
Sonic: Oh, geez... And I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!
Marine: Cheers! My name's Marine! Burt what's this? I come down here, save your lives, and not even a "thank you"?
Tails: What? Oh! Thank you, miss!
Marine: Aw, well, she'll be apples. I'm more interested in how you managed to find this island. Crikey! You didn't swim 'ere, did you?
Tails: Hey, that's a good question. Do we even know where we are, Sonic?
Sonic: Hmm... So your name's Marine, huh? What is this place?
Marine: This 'ere's Seagull Beach, near Windmill Village! You got any questions, I'm your gal, mate! After all, nothin' goes on 'round these parts without me knowing about it first, mate! As for Seagull Beach, well, I named it after the heaps of seagulls round 'ere. Ain't it just ripper?
Sonic: Ah... huh. Tails, do you have any idea where this Windmill Village is?
Tails: No, I've never even heard of it. I wonder where this island even is.
Marine: Strewth! You don't even know where Southern Island is? It's in the middle of the ocean!
Sonic: Well... that much I've already figured out.
Tails: Sonic. what should we do?
Sonic: Well, maybe the folks in this Windmill Village can give us some clues as to where we are.
Marine: What? You want to come to my village? Well, then, my house is your house!
Tails: Thanks, Marine!

Rickety Ship Launch

[Scene: Black screen.]

Narrator: One day later...
[The screen changes to Seagull Beach. Sonic and Tails arrives.]
Sonic: Hm? Hey, it looks like somebody's hurt!
Tails: Sonic! It's Marine!
Sonic: Hey, Marine? Are you all right?
Marine: [Walks up] Awww! There it goes again. I really thought that I'd finally gotten it right...
Tails: Marine, what are you doing?
Marine: [An image of the SS Marine appears] You blind there, mate? I'm about to launch my pal here, the good ol' SS MArine! Last time, though, I made a few blues, and things went a bit crook, you know? Yeah, but she'll be right, then, won't she, mate? There ain't no one on the Seven Seas who can outrun... AHA! Now we've got some gas going!
Tails: I don't really like the look of this...
Marine: Whoa! Yikes!
Sonic: Hey, can't you keep that thing straight?
Marine: No worries, mates! Really! I've got everything under control 'ere! Holy dooley! Come on, Marine! I'm the one who built you! Stop being so stubborn! Sonic! Tails! Enough with the bludgering! Come 'ere and help me! Wait, me? Show weakness? No drama! Lemme just hit the brakes 'ere and...
Tails: Hey, hold on a sec! That's the--!
Sonic: The gas!
[Marine crashes into Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails get back up.]
Marine: Ahhh! My... my precious little baby! Look what's become of you! [Cries] Ohhhh, what should I do? I can't rebuilt 'er now! There's no way I can fix this!
Tails: It's okay Marine. Tell you what, why don't you let me build a new ship for you?
Marine: Ohh, it's no use...
Sonic: Hey, trust me! When it comes to building things, Tails is number one!
Tails: Yeah! Honestly, I put things like this together all the time!
Marine:, it's no use! There ain't any materials left anyway.
Tails: Huh? What do you mean?
Marine: The place I always go to get my building stuff has been blocked off, mate. I don't know exactly what 'appened, but the trail is blocked by boulders. Argh! And I... I can't get away from this place! I'll be stuck 'ere my whole life! [Cries] I'm goin' troppo 'ere! I HAVE to get out!"
Tails: Sonic, what should we do?
Sonic: Hmmm. Well, I guess that settles it. I'll get you what you need!
Marine: Fair dinkum?! But... but the trail is blocked off! How will you...?
Sonic: No problem! I'll just blaze my own trail!
Tails: Just leave it to Sonic! He always comes through!
Marine: Well... all right, but...
Sonic: Come on! Let's go, Marine!

Get the Material!

[Scene: Whale Point.]

Sonic': So, what sort of materials do you need, exactly?
Marine: Let's see... there should be some stuff lying around... [An image of Iron Material and Blue Material appears] Aha! This 'ere's what we need! Look for jewels or metal like this. Then I can give it a burl at puttin' it together. [Pulls out a book]
Sonic: Hm? Hey, Marine, what are you looking at? [Takes book and an image of a book appears] Is that a book about ships? I think we should show this to Tails, first. Come on.
Tails: [Reads book] Can I look at this for a bit, Marine?
Marine: Okay...
Tails: [Reads book] Hmmm. It's a book on shipbuilding. It talks about using metals and jewels called "Materials."
Marine: ...?
Tails: [Reads book] Wow! I've never heard of construction a ship with stuff like this before!
Marine: ....!!
Tails: [Reads book] Looks like you need both metals and jewels to build the whole ship... I get it!
Marine: Blimey! Tails, you can understand that? You're a fair dinkum genius!
Tails: Aw, that's nothing!
Sonic: Okay, then I'll head out and get the materials that we need. [Runs away]
Tails: Okay! Good luck, Sonic!
Marine: Be careful!

Found Material!

[Scene: Whale Point.]

Sonic: [Walks up and an image of Iron Material and Blue Material appears] Hey, Marine. I brought you a little present.
Marine: Oh my gosh, really?
Sonic: No big deal... really.
Tails: [An image of Blue Material appears] Hmmm... it looks like we've got Blue Material... [An image of Iron Material appears] ...and also some Iron Material. With these, I think I can build a waterbike.
Marine: Well, Bob's your uncle! A waterbike?! For real?!
Tails: Yeah!
Marine: Bewdy! Sonic, did you hear that? A waterbike! That's pearl! That sounds so cool!
Sonic: Hey, Marine, calm down. It's okay!
Marine: Yeah, anyhow, mate... Tails! Let's get going!
Tails: Y-yeah, okay, sure. Just wait for me, Marine!
[Tails and Marine walk away.]
Sonic: Oh, boy...

Wave Cyclone Complete

[Scene: Wave Cyclone dock.]

Marine: Wow, this waterbike's keen! Good on ya, Tails!
Tails: He he... You like it?
Sonic: It's amazing that you can make stuff like this out of Materials.
Tails: This is the first time I've seen this technology that combines jewels and metals. But once you get the hang of it, it's not that difficult. And there's all kinds of different materials, too. So you can use the different combinations to make bigger ships, like sailboats.
Sonic: In short, if we collect different Materials, we'll be able to head further and further out.
Marine: Enough with the chinwagging, you lot! Let's give it a whirl, eh? First off, let's go explore that island!
Tails: That island?
Marine: [An image of Plant Kingdom appears] Yeah, s'right! I grew up always scratchin' my head over what's on that there island. It's the perfect starting point for my adventures! It's that island to the west (←) of here, right?
Sonic: Well, it's not that far, so it'll be a good test run for the waterbike.
Tails: Right! Maybe there'll be some new Material to find, too!
Marine: Here begin the adventures of Captain Marine! Orright! I can't wait!

Wave Cyclone Launch

[Scene: Wave Cyclone dock.]

[Sonic revs up the Wave Cyclone a couple of times before taking off. He leaves Southern Island's coast and heads out to sea.]

Arrival at Plant Kingdom

[Scene: Plant Kingdom.]

Marine: The jungle, ay? Oh, that's a beaut!
Tails: Marine! Don't wander off by yourself!
Marine: Sonic, Tails, look! Don't these 'ere mushrooms look tasty? They're all over the place! [Runs off]
Sonic: Hey, uh, Marine...!
Marine: No worries, mate! No worries! I'll stick within cooee.
Sonic: Man, she's hopeless...
Tails: At any rate, where are we, Sonic? I've never seen anything like this. I think we need to go out and gather some more information.
Sonic: Yeah. I hope that we can find something here on this island. Hey, Marine! Come on, let's go!
Marine: [Comes back] Sonic! Wait! *huff huff* I just saw the keenest thing! Don't you want to hear about it?
Sonic: Er... no, not really.
Marine: 'Course you do, mate! There's these mushrooms bigger than my house! The outside world has so much ace stuff in it! I'm having so much fun I'm nearly knackered!
Tails: The world isn't just fun and games, Marine. You've got to be careful, too you kn...
Marine: Oh, hey, I have an idea! Why don't we call this 'ere place! "Marine Island," ay? That way we can commemorate our arriving 'ere on our very first adventure!
Tails: She's not listening...
Sonic: a word we're saying! 💧

The Ghost Rex Appears

[Scene: Plant Kingdom.]

[Sonic is alone when he notices the ground is shaking. The Ghost Rex then appears and walks to Sonic, towering over him, before giving a roar up into the air.]

Found Green Material!

[Scene: Plant Kingdom.]

Marine: G'day there, Sonic! Did you find any more Material?
Sonic: [An image of Green Material appears] Sure did! Take a look!
Marine: Ace! Now we can use this 'ere to make ourselves a sailboat, ay?
Tails: Well, not just yet. We still need some additional Material.
Textbox: *rustle*
Tails: !!
Sonic: Who's there?
Tabby: Wha...? Is someone there?
Marine: Ay, I know that voice!
Tabby: Oy, Marine! How are ya?
Marine: G'day, cobber! I haven't seen you in forever, mate!
Sonic & Tails: Cobber?
Marine: Yeah! Tabby's a member if our village's youth association. We call it the Coconut Crew.
Tabby: Yeah, well, anyway, fancy meeting you here. Are these your buddies?
Marine: Yep! There's blokes 'ere are my assistants, Sonic and Tails.
Sonic & Tails: Assistants?

[Scene change: Marine's House.]

Tabby: Are you searching for Material?
Marine: Too right! Tails 'ere says that he can build us a real beaut of a boat, mate!
Tails: Speaking of which, we really do need to get on with our search for that Material...
Tabby: In that case, you might want to sail southwest (↙). There's an island made up of machines!
Tails: A machine island?! We can probably get some Metal Material there, I bet!
Sonic: All right, then! Looks like we've got ourselves a new destination!
Marine: Okay! Time to launch, then! Let's mosey, you blokes!
Sonic: Wow... she's really getting into this whole thing.

Arrival at Machine Labyrinth

[Scene: Machine Labyrinth.]

Marine: [Looks around] Strewth! It really IS an island of machines! Reckon you've ever seen anything like that?
Tails: [Looks around] Hmmm... it looks like it's all steam-powered. Very impressive!
Marine: Hey, what's this handle do? Rrf! It's stuck and I can't turn it.
Tails: Marine! Watch out! That could be dangerous, so don't touch it.
Marine: No drama, mate. No drama. Aha! 'ere another one! But it won't budge, either!
Tails: ...
Sonic: I wonder what this island is designed to do.
[Marine runs off]
Tails: Hmm... well, I can't tell for sure, but it seems to be some kind of stream contraption.
Sonic: First there was the jungle, and now this island... There's a lot of weird stuff here.
Tails: Right. And since anything could happen, we should be extra careful.
Sonic: Yeah. That goes for you, too. Marine, okay? ...huh? Marine? !
Tails: [looks around] She's gone! Sonic, what should we do?
Sonic: Oh, she really IS hopeless! After all that talk about being careful, too...

The Imposing Ghost Pendulum

[Scene: Machine Labyrinth.]

[Sonic and Tails find Marine.]
Sonic: Marine! There you are! What did we tell you about being careful?
Marine: Oh! Sonic and Tails! Where've you two been? I've been worried sick about you two blokes!
Sonic: What are you talking about? You were the one who took off.
Tails: Yeah! It's dangerous to be out here all by yourselves.
Marine: Don't chuck a wobbly! You blockes get stressed out too easily.
Sonic & Tails: ...
Marine: [Looks around] ! Oooooh! What's THAT, mate? That floating thing! Looks fun!
Sonic: Huh?
Marine: Come on, Sonic, let's have a go at it! It'll be a real ripsnorter!
Sonic: Just hold it a sec, Marine. If anyone's having any fun, it's going to be ME.
Marine: Awwww! Sonic, that's not fair!
Sonic: Tails, watch Marine for me. [Runs off]
Tails: Okay, Sonic. Be careful!
Marine: Nooo! I wanna go, too!

Found Bronze Material!

[Scene: Machine Labyrinth.]

[Sonic returns to Tails and Marine.]
Tails: Are you okay, Sonic?
Sonic: Heh. Piece of cake.
Marine: Sonic, you were tops! Since you're my best pupil, I'll let you 'ave a go at bein' leader when I step down. Not that I plan on calling it quits anythime soon, cobber! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Sonic: Man, what is with her?
Tails: Sonic, did find any Material?
Sonic: [An image of Bronze Material appears] Right here, pal.
Marine: Orright! More Material! I knew it'd be a ripper idea to come 'ere!
Tails: That's all well and good, but... I'm curious as to what that robot was that attacked us.
Marine: Heh heh heh. Oh, I can tell you that, mate!
Tails: What? Really?!
Marine: There's gotta be some secret organization that's out to get me, yeah? They're jealous of my famous adventures, and they want to put a stop to them!
Sonic & Tails: ......
Tails: Er, right. Let's ah... Let's keep going, shall we?
Marine: But I won't give up! Never! You can't make me! You no-good buncha dingos! My adventuring spirit will not be broken so easily!
Sonic: Yeah, uh... that's the spirit, there, Marine.

Ocean Tornado Complete

[Scene: Ocean Tornado dock.]

Marine: Orright! Finally, our sailboat! We did a bonza job! Now, let's get to sailing mates!
Tails: Now we can sail out to even further islands!
Marine: Thanks for the hard yakka, there, crew. This is a beaut 'ere, it is!
Sonic: So, where to next?
Marine: Hmmm. Lesee...
Textbox: *yip yip*
Marine: Who's that?
Colonel: Heeey, Marine! How are ya?
Marine: Oh! If it ain't the spy! G'day there, cobber! Long time no see!
Sonic: Spy??
Marine: He's the Coconut Crew's, uh... Intelli... erm... Infiltra... Yeah, um. This bloke 'ere is the Colonel. He calls himself a spy.
Sonic: Hmmm, calls himself a spy...
Colonel: G'day! Nice to meet you! So, who're you lot, then?

[Scene change: Marine's House.]

Colonel: So you and Marine built that boat, then. Nice job! You can go a long way in that!
Marine: Yeah, I still need to figure out where to go. Oy, Colonel, I bet you know tons of stuff, mate!
Colonel: Well, yeah, I've got plenty of intel. It doesn't come cheap, though, I warn ya.
Marine: What? Oy, tell us, mate, mate! Please? Aren't we, like best buddies and all that?
Colonel: Okay, okay, just calm down. I'll tell you. Hold your horses.
Marine: Orright!
Colonel: Well, I saw a long stretch of shallows in the western (←) side of the machine island.
Tails: The shallows?
Colonel: Well, my spy sense was all tingling, see, so I followed my hunches!
Marine: We've gotta give it a gander! I'm just dyin' for a good walkabout! Come on!
Sonic: Well, we may as well check it out, right?
Tails: Okay! Let's go!

Ocean Tornado Launch

[Scene: Ocean Tornado dock.]

[The Ocean Tornado starts up and leaves the dock. The ship leaves Southern Island's coast and heads out to sea.]

Johnny Appears

[Scene: Open sea, day.]

[Sonic, Tails and Marine meets Johnny.]
Johnny: Hey, you must be the blue hedgehog that everyone's talking about lately! You may be fast, but you're not as fast as me! Let's see what you've got!
Sonic: Huh? Who're you?
Johnny: I am the sultan of speed, the unparalleled and unequalled Johnny! No one can keep up with me! No one!
Sonic: Heh. You really want to go up against me in a test of speed?
Johnny: What's the matter, are you scared?
Sonic: Sounds interesting. You're on.
Marine: [Walks up in front of Sonic] Hold it! If you're looking for a test of speed, you gotta go through me 'ere, first! I'm Captain Marine, the speed milk-drinking champion of Windmill Village!
Johnny: I don't have time to waste on humoring you, kid. Come on, hedgehog, let's do this!
Marine: Ha! You're just scared I'll beat ya, you mug! I don't blame you, though, really. Wouldn't want to lose to a Sheila like me after all that "sultan" yabber! He he he!
Tails: Um, Marine...
Johnny: I'm not going to sit here and listen to this! Not even from a kid! All right, I'll take you on first, then!
Marine: That's the spirit! 'ave a fair go, then! [Pulls Sonic up in front of him] Okay, show 'em how it's done, Sonic! Don't be a bludger, now.
Johnny: What!? I thought... you... Huh?
Sonic: Oh, brother...

Coral Cave Surfaces

[Scene: Hidden Island 1.]

Sonic: What in the world is this?
Tails: [An image of an altar appears] It looks like some kind of old altar.
Marine: Hey, look! I think it can be budged!
Tails: Marine, you probably shouldn't touch it.
Marine: But I wanna see what it does! [Touches altar. Ground shakes] ...aah!
[Everything starts shaking.]
Textbox: *rumble*"
Marine: Aaaaiiiieee! Earthquake!!
Sonic: !!
[Everything stops shaking.]
Tails: Hey, you two! Look at that!
[Coral Cave rises from the ocean.]
Marine: Crikey!! Something's comin' outta the water! What is that thing?!
Tails: I don't believe it!
Sonic: It's an island...
Marine: Do my eyes deceive me...? ...or are we looking at a new challenge? Come on, you blokes!:Sonic: Well, I suppose we might as well check it out.
Tails: It's not like we've got anything else to go.
Marine: All right, mateys! Prepare for landing!

Arrival of Coral Cave

[Scene: Coral Cave.]

Marine: This place is a beaut! I didn't think that underwater caves like this even existed! It's like something out of a storybook! This is the best adventure ever! Okay, mates, stay close! I'll lead the way!
Sonic: [Grabs Marine] Marine, this could be dangerous.
Marine: [Pulls herself free] Oy, I'M the captain! That means I get to lead!
Sonic: Okay, fine! But stay behind me. After all, a captain needs bodyguards, right?
Marine: But I want to lead from the front!
Tails: But Marine, it could be really dangerous in here. Hey, Sonic, look at all these footprints!
Sonic: Hmmm... They lead inside... Marine, be careful! It looks like someone else may already be inside somewhere.
Marine: What?! Hey, you're right! I won't let these buggers get away that easily! [Runs away]
Sonic: Hey, Marine, wait!, she never knows when to quit...

Whisker Appears

[Scene: Coral Cave.]

[Captain Whisker is walking up along an altar.]
Whisker: heh heh heh... D'arr har har har! [The Jeweled Scepter shown] Shiver me timbers! It be the Jeweled Scepter!
[Sonic and Marine are running up a path towards Whisker]
Captain Whisker: Looks like we'll be shippin' out sooner than I thought! D'arr har har har!
[Whisker laughs to himself while Sonic runs up behind him and comes to a stop. Marine soon after arrives at Sonic's side and huffs briefly.]
Mini: Good going, boss!
Mum: You're amazing, boss!
Whisker: D'arr har har har! Avast! Hurry up and grab that scepter, mateys!
Mini & Mum: Aya aya, sir!
Marine: Aha! 'ere we go!
Sonic: Huh? Who's that?
Whisker: D'arr!! Who might you be, you scallywags?
Marine: We should be asking you the same thing, old man!
Whisker: You'd best be staying away, lest you fancy windin' up in Davy Jones' Locker!
Marine: See, old man, now you've got me all curious. What's your bizzo down 'ere, anyhow?
Whisker: Arr! You won't be hornswagglin' ol' Captain Whisker here! That there hedgehog has been pilferin' around, makin' trouble for me and my mateys!
Tails: (Sonic! Do you think these are the guys who sent that robot after us?)
Sonic: (I think there's a pretty good chance of that.)
Marine: Oy, old man! That's a pretty nifty moustache you got there! [Pulls Whisker's moustache] Yoink!
Whisker: Blimey! Let go of that, you filthy bilge rat! [Knocks Marine away] Rrrrarrgggh!
Marine: Aaaaahhhhh!! [Gets back up] ....
Tails: Marine! Are you okay?!
Marine: Th... that... That was... ripper! Do it again! C'mon, again!
Whisker: Curse ye, landlubber! No one is allowed to set hand to me precious whiskers! I'll make ye rue the day!
Sonic: !!


[Scene: Coral Cave.]

[Sonic looks around in confusion.]
Blaze: Hold it right there! I'm not letting you have the scepter!
[A fireball shoots through the air towards Captain Whisker. Captain Whisker steps back in the last second and the fireball lands in front of him. Sonic looks at the impact crater, and as the smoke clears, Blaze is revealed, who slowly stands up.]
Sonic: ?! B... Blaze?!
[Blaze turns toward Sonic and freezes in shock.]
Blaze: !! ...Sonic?!
Sonic: What are you doing here? Didn't you go back to your own universe?
Blaze: No, wait. What are you doing here?
Whisker: Avast ye! We've still got a score to settle, mateys!
Sonic & Blaze: !
Whisker: D'arr! Ghost Kraken! Seize them!
Blaze: We'll talk later! You good to go, Sonic?
Sonic: Hey, remember who you're talkin' to!

This is Blaze's World!

[Scene: Coral Cave.]

[Sonic and Blaze run up.]
Blaze: Argh! They always seem to get away right at the last second. [Tries to walk away]
Tails: Hey, where are you going?
Blaze: Those pirates have gotten their hands on the Jeweled Scepter. It's an ancient treasure from my homeland, and I've got to get it back right away!
Tails: I see! So those guys are pirates! That's why they kept messing with us.
Blaze: Hmmm. So, you're caught up in all of this, too.
Sonic: Anyway, just why ARE you here, Blaze?
Blaze: ?
Sonic: Aren't you supposed to be back in your own world?
Blaze: I should be asking you the same thing. Why are YOU here, Sonic?
Sonic: Huh?
Tails: Wait... you don't suppose... Are we the ones who have been sucked into Blaze's world?!
Marine: [Walks up] Oy, hold it! Will someone please tell me what's going on 'ere?
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal.]
Blaze: I see. So you were caught up in the storm, and when you woke up, you were here.
Marine: And then I found and rescued you lot!
Blaze: When I ended up in Sonic's world, it was because both our worlds needed to be saved. And I had been led there by the Sol Emeralds.
Tails: So, if we're in your world, Blaze, then that must mean...
Blaze: Yes. I feat that something might be amiss again...
Sonic: Tails!
Tails: Right! We've got to get to the bottom of this, Sonic! Blaze, this might not just be a problem for your world. So we should help you out!
Sonic: Two heads are better than one, and three are better than two!
Blaze: .... Fine. Do as you like.
Sonic: All right! That settles it!
Tails: Yay! Thanks, Blaze!
Marine: No worries, no worries! Just leave it all to me!
Blaze: Sonic, by the way...
Sonic: Yeah?
Blaze: Who's this little girl?
Marine: "Little girl"?! You gonna treat me just like any old sheila, then, are you? Sonic! Tails! Don't let her yabber about your captain like that! Get her!
Blaze: Ca... Captain?
Tails: Ha ha ha...
Sonic: It's a long story...

Building a Radio Tower

[Scene: Marine's House.]

Blaze: Tails, can you build a device to scan and analyze plasma and electromagnetic signals?
Tails: Huh? Well, I mean, sure, but... That's kinda coming out of nowhere, Blaze.
Blaze: Yes, I realize that.
Marine: Plasmalectra-what, now? What are you talking about, mate? And whatever all that means, when we're done with all that, can we get back to the fun?
Sonic: Do you think that electromagnetic signals might give us some clues, Blaze?
Blaze: That's my hope, at any rate.
Tails: There's got to be something at the source of that transmission, for starters.
Sonic: I see. So, if we had some kind of detector, we'd be able to get to the bottom of things.
Tails: With the Materials we've collected, I should be able to whip up just such a device!
Blaze: Thanks. I don't mean to trouble you. (If the pirates were in that part of the ocean, then that might mean...)
Tails: Okay, I'll get started on some blueprints for a radio tower, then.
Marine: A radio tower?! Do we get to listen to music and climb all around on it, mate?
Sonic: Er, not exactly...

Strange Electromagnetic Signal

[Scene: Marine's House.]

[Tails runs up to Sonic, Blaze and Marine.]
Tails: Hey, listen up, everybody!
Marine: Huh? What's up?
Tails: You know how we made a tower to detect plasma and electric and magnetic waves?
Sonic: Yeah, okay, that tower.
Marine: I love that tower! It's perfect for climbing, and the view from the top is a beaut!
Blaze: So what about the tower?
Tails: Well, I've detected some strange electromagnetic activity.
Sonic: Electromagnetic activity?
Marine: What's electro... uh... magnetic mean?
Tails: It's really weird! It's a waveform I've never even seen before.
Sonic: Tails, this is Blaze's world, remember? Things might be pretty different here.
Tails: That's true, I guess...
Blaze: Wait. That electromagnetic activity, it's very unusual?
Sonic: Hey, do you know something about this?
Blaze: Yes. We have picked up unusual readings before, but... The source is still unknown, and we only have a rough idea of its location. It's near an area known for sightings of ghost ships.
Sonic: Really? Sounds like fun. Maybe we can find something there.
Tails: Like new Materials!
Blaze: Hmm. I was intending to take a closer look at that area, so this is perfect. So which direction is the electromagnetic activity coming from?
Tails: It's coming from the east (→).
Sonic: It's that really foggy area, huh?
Marine: ......
Tails: What's wrong, Marine? You seem awfully quiet.
Marine: Huh? What is it?
Tails: It looked like you were lost in thought or something.
Sonic: Come on, where's all that energy you usually have? Let's get going!
Marine: Uh, yeah! Let's go!
Blaze: hm?
[Sonic, Tails and Blaze walk away.]
Marine: (Strewth... Are we really going? And there's going to be ghost ships?) (I can't be scared, though. I'm the captain!) (No ghosts can scare me off!)

Absent Island

[Scene: Kylok's island.]

Marine: [Walks and looks around] Heeeeeey! Anybody there? [Looks around]
Tails: [Looks around] Hmm. Looks like nobody's home.
Sonic: Seems like we've just got an island and empty house. Kind of a boring place, huh?
Tails: It looks like someone still lives here, though. Maybe they just went out? We'll come back later, then. Maybe whoever lives here knows something useful.
Sonic: OK! Hey, come on, Marine, let's go.
Marine: Awww, but I want to 'ave more of a gander about, mate! Maybe there's something else here!
Tails: No one's here right now. We'll come back later, okay?
Marine: Aw, you're no fun at all...

Kylok Found

[Scene: Kylok Island.]

Kylok: Huh? Wh-what do you want?
Marine: Hmm? Oy, it's Kylok!
Kylok: Marine? Is that really you?
Tails: Do you know this guy, Marine?
Marine: Yeah, sure do! It's been yonks, mate!
Kylok: Heheheh. You're as scrappy as ever, you little runt.
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal.]
Kylok: Right. I've lived here a long time, so I've heard rumors of that ghost ship, but...
Marine: What's the hold-up, Kylok? If you know something, then fire anyway, mate!
Kylok: ... (Marine, are you sure? You always were a bit scared of ghosts, after all...)
Marine: Aaaaah! Aaaaah!
Blaze: Wh-whoa, what's the matter? Why are you in such a panic all of a sudden?
Marine: (C-Come on, mate, don't bring that up! If you know where the ghost ship is at, tell me!)
Kylok: Heh. Well, just head east (→) of here. That's where they say the ghost ship appears. It's still just a rumor, though, mate, so don't think on it too hard, yeah?
Tails: Head east (→) from here, yeah? Thank you!
Marine: [Panics slightly] O... orright! Let's go raid that ghost ship, then!
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal.]
Kylok: Hmmmm. Marine, are you sure you'll be okay? Well, it always was her dream to go out and see the world... I am a tad bit worried. I think I'll swing back by home for a while. [Walks away]

Arrival at Haunter Ship

[Scene: Haunted Ship.]

Sonic: Well, isn't this place charming? Where are we, Blaze?
Blaze: There are many stories of ships mysteriously disappearing in these waters.
Marine: ......
Tails: It does feel kind of weird.
Blaze: I've never put stock in the rumors, but being here, I can't deny this place is odd.
Sonic: Wow. It's like a ship graveyard.
Marine: ......
Tails: Marine? Are you okay? You don't look so good.
Marine: N-n-no, I'm f-fine. I just... You know, figured that, ah... Maybe you guys might want a crack at things? Sometimes the captain just needs a break, ay?
Textbox: *creeeak*
Marine: Blimey! The door's moving! [Panics]
Tails: Marine, it's okay! It's only the wind!
Blaze: Heh. Scared?
Marine: N-no, 'course not! It's not like I'm scared of g-g-g... ghosts or anything. Besides, even if there are any, ah, g-ghosts... I'll just b-b-beat 'em up! Yeah! Haha!
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: ......
Sonic: Heheh.
Tails: Are you all right?
Marine: Y-yeah, sure!
Sonic: OK. Let's keep going, then. Try not to worry, Marine.
Marine: (Well, thanks to my top-notch performance, nobody realizes that I'm really scared!) (I've gotta be careful, 'ere! I've got my captain's dignity to maintain, after all!)
Tails: Come on, Marine, we're going!
[Sonic, Tails and Blaze walk away.]
Marine: H-hey! Oy! W-wait for me! [Runs away]

The Hair-Raising Ghost Pirate

[Scene: Haunted Ship.]

[Sonic walks up to Captain Whisker]
Sonic: Whoa, check that out!
Blaze: Whisker!
Marine: Huh? Oh, the bloke with the moustache again, ay?
Mini: Boss, look!
Whisker: D'arr... that there hedgehog and his landlubber pals be seemin' familiar...
Mum: Boss, your whiskers! They were the ones who pulled your whiskers!
Whisker: Blow me down! You're right! Me poor whiskers! They'll pay for what they did, arr!! Curse you! Thanks to you, me precious whiskers be a full quarter-inch off-center, arr!
Marine: Oy, come on, old man, don't be so mad! You can't even tell the difference, mate.
Whisker: You lily-livered landlubber! Mock my whiskers, will ye? I'll have you swabbin' the decks from here to kingdom come!
Blaze: Enough of this nonsense! Return the scepter to me, immediately!
Whisker: Hmph! My, but you're persistent! If you want it that bad, TRY and take it!
Blaze: You think I can't?!
Sonic: Blaze, don't let him get you worked up!
Whisker: D'arr har har! This time, I've got a secret weapon! Now I'll see you to Davy Jones for sure!
Sonic: Those are some big words. Sure you're not just all talk?
Whisker: MWAHAHAHA! See for yourself! Ahoy, Ghost Pirate! Blow the man down!
Sonic & Blaze: !!!
Marine: Eeeeek! 'ere it comes!


[Scene: Haunted Ship.]

Whisker: All hands on deck, mateys! It's time we be weighin' anchor!
Mini & Mum: Aye aye, sir!
Whisker: Don't count this here buccaneer out just yet, hedgehog! D'arr har har! [Runs away with Mini and Mum]
Blaze: Agh! He got away!
Sonic: If there's one thing he's good at, it's that!
Blaze: I must get the scepter back from him!
Tails: I'm also concerned with what those pirates might have been trying to do here.
Blaze: I'm not sure. For now, let's get back on the ship and think up a plan.
Marine: [Walks up in front] Yeah, yeah. Let's get back on the ship and put our noggins together! Let's go, Blaze! [Pushes Blaze]
Blaze: Oh, dear... [Is pushed away by Marine]
Sonic: Not again...
[Scene fades to black and then changes to the open sea. Marine runs up and takes a breather as Sonic, Tails and Blaze catch up to her.]
Marine: Okay, mates! Let's go and get those pirates! I think they went... Hmm... That way!
Blaze: No. Let's hold back.
Marine: Huh? What? But why?
Blaze: The waters ahead of here are too rough for this ship.
Tails: Really?
Blaze: [An image of an ice floes appears] Up ahead are ice floes and other floating obstacles. This ship doesn't stand a chance.
Sonic: Hmm...
Marine: Well, we'll just have to tempt fate, then! Make sail!
Sonic: Ice floes, huh? What sort of vessel would we need, then, Blaze?
Blaze: Well, the easiest way to avoid them would be to just go right over them, but...
Marine: Orright, then! Just leave it to your captain! I'll come up with a plan! [Pulls a book out]
Blaze: Hmm. I bet a hovercraft would probably work.
Marine: Shh! Lemme think for a sec! Let's, um... huh? A hov... Hover-what?
Tails: Erm, well, a hovercraft moves by floating just above the surface of the water. This way, it can avoid things like floating obstacles and move through the swallows.
Blaze: Right. So, if we had one of those, we'd be able to go after the pirates.
Sonic: A hovercraft, huh? Can you handle that, Tails?
Tails: [An image of Silver Material and Red Material appears] Sure! Just leave it to me! With these Materials, it'll be a snap!
Blaze: What's that?
Tails: [An image of Red Material appears] I got this Material when we were in that undersea cavern. [An image of Silver Material appears] And I got this other Material while on the ghost ship. This one is particularly special! It gives off a very powerful electromagnetic waves, making it especially useful!
Blaze: I see. This Material must be the cause of the electrical current in these waters.
Tails: Yes! But, moreover, it's perfect for making our hovercraft!
Sonic: Great! Tails, you're a genius!
Marine: Hov... hovercr... oh, fine! Let's get on with the adventure, you lot!

Aqua Blast Complete

[Scene: Aqua Blast dock.]

Marine: Yay! The hovercraft's done!
Sonic: That's Tails for ya!
Blaze: This will allow us to expand our range of activities. Sonic. Don't you think we should leave this one behind?
Marine: Huh? Which one?
Blaze: You.
Marine: What!? No way!
Blaze: With a wider range, our conflicts with pirates will intensify.
Marine: ...
Blaze: It would be best if...
Marine: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No no no no no! I'm goin' too! No matter what! My adventures have just started started! They can't end here! I still need to see new things and explore and encounter new challenges and overcome them! I want adventure! I NEED adventure!
Blaze: ... Very well. You can have your way, Just stop yelling!
Marine: But... but...
Blaze: You win. You can come. But in return, you must make a promise.
Marine: What... what's that?
Blaze: You must promise to stay with the group. No wandering off!
Marine: Is that all? No worries, then! I'm the captain, after all, right, mate?
Blaze: *sigh*
Sonic: (Well, we've keep an eye on her.)
Tails: (It'll be okay!)
Marine: Orright, so now that that's settled, let's go, you lot!
Tails: Um, Marine? Where are you going to go?
Marine: Huh? Where... uh... Over there! I've got this hunch that there are pirates over there! Heaps of 'em!
Blaze: Wait... I have an idea. To search for clues, we should head northeast (↗) or east (→). [An image of ice floes appears] To the northeast (↗) lie the floes, the home of the Vikings. They have probably encountered and fought the pirates, so they may know something. [An image of a clouded sea appears] Not much is known about the east (→). It would be a perfect place for the pirates to hide.
Sonic: They both sound pretty interesting, don't they?
Blaze: I will leave the choice to you.
[Sonic, Tails and Blaze walk away.]
Marine: Oy, wait just a minute, mate! Don't you trust your captain's hunch!? Oy!

Aqua Blast Launch

[Scene: Aqua Blast dock.]

[The Aqua Blast starts up and leaves the dock. The ship leaves Southern Island's coast and heads out to sea.]

Arrival at Blizzard Peaks

[Scene: Blizzard Peaks.]

Marine: Whoooooa! It's a huge field of white!
Sonic: Look at all this snow! This is so cool!
Tails: Well, it sure is pretty, but it's cold, too. Marine, are you holding up okay?
Marine: Oooh! So then this is "snow," ay? Oh, it's all chilly! This is so c-c-cold! We should build a snowman to commemorate my arrival here, ay, mate? [Walks away]
Tails: She seems okay.
Marine: Check it out! You just roll it and roll it and it keeps on gettin' bigger and bigger!
Blaze: Watch your footing. You could slip.
Marine: [Comes back] Oh, I know, I'll be okay! Hm? Hey, look at that! It's a house made of ice! Strewth! I'm gonna go check it out! [Walks away]
Tails: Marine, wait!
Sonic: There's no way to stop her, is there?
Blaze: ...
Sonic: What's wrong, Blaze?
Blaze: I don't see the Vikings. We ought to have seen them by now.
Tails: Might they be in those houses?
Blaze: They've got outsiders on the premises. They should have come to take a look.
Sonic: That's a good point. Maybe they're tightening their guard... or else...
Marine: [Comes back] H... hey! You lot! *huff huff* We've... we've got trouble!
Sonic: What is it, Marine?
Marine: I... I knocked on the door, and I didn't get an answer... So, I took a peep inside... And nobody's in there!
Sonic: What?!
Marine: I thought it was weird, yeah, so I looked at some other houses, and they're all empty!
Blaze: Sonic...
Sonic: Yeah. Sonic's weird here. I wonder if the pirates are involved. Let's go look for the Vikings.
Tails: [An image of a Snowboard appears] In that case, you guys, take these! They'll be real useful in the snow!
Blaze: Thanks for the snowboard.
Sonic: Thank you, Tails.

[Sonic and Blaze walk away.]

The Freezing Ghost Whale

[Scene: Blizzard Peaks.]

[Frozen Vikings are seen in the background.]
Marine: Aaahhhhh! S-S-Sonic! Look!
Sonic: What is it, Marine?
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: !!
Marine: in... in the ice! Th-there are people in there!
Blaze: These... These are the Vikings!
Sonic: Are you sure?
Tails: Who could do such a thing?
Whisker: D'arr har har har!
Blaze: That voice!
Whisker: Ahoy there! Why, I could be doin' such a thing, of course! D'arr!
Sonic: I knew you'd be behind this!
Tails: Why would you do something so awful?!
Whisker: D'arr, why indeed! Arr... why? Ah, yes, right! Mateys, why did I do this?
Mini: Because the Vikings were in your way, boss!
Whisker: D'arr, yes, that's right! They were in me way, so I froze the lubbers solid!
Blaze: Why you...!
Whisker: D'arr har har! You're lookin' at the scourge of the Seven Seas now, ye dogs! Now, mateys, since I ain't got a plank, what should we be doin' for our guests here?
Mini: Freeze them solid, boss!
Mum: Right into big ol' blocks of ice!
Whisker: D'arr, frozen solid it is, then! Time for me to shiver YOUR timbers, landlubbers! Avast, Ghost Whale! Freeze these no-good pests solid!
Sonic: Blaze, we've got company!
Blaze: I'm ready!

Legendary Ancient Ruins

[Scene: Blizzard Peaks.]

[Frozen Vikings are seen in the background.]
Whisker: .... ... ... ... ... D'arr, it be a wee bit chilly here! Let's be getting back home where it be warm, mateys!
Mini & Mum: Aye aye, sir!
[Whisker runs away with Mini and Mum.]
Blaze: Did he get away?
Sonic: Well, if there's one thing he's good at, it's slipping through our fingers.
Marine: You're only just kenning that now, mate?!
Tails: Come on. We've got to help the Vikings!
Sonic: Okay. Do your thing, Blaze.
Blaze: All right. Please, step back.
[Sonic, Tails and Marine walk away while Blaze assumes a pose. The screen fades to black and then returns to normal, with Blizzard Peaks in the background.]
Norman: Ohoo! We've saved! If you hadn't come, we'd've been done for, for sure, yup!
Marine: Oh, no worries, eh! My mates 'ere were able to handle it all in a jiffy, yeah.
Tails: It must've been terrible for you guys, though.
Norman: We tried to fight the pirates off when they showed up on our island. But we got frozen by those weird machines they had, yup.
Marine: Those nasty little buggers!
Tails: Mr. Viking, do you know anything at all about those pirates?
Norman: Well, they say that they make their hideout in some ancient ruins from days of yore, yup.
Blaze: Ancient ruins? You mean...
Sonic: Blaze, you know what he's talking about?
Blaze: Yes. The ancient text speak of a city that existed on a continent in the sky.
Sonic: In the sky...?
Blaze: But one day, it fell from the sky and crashed into the ocean. I never paid the legend much heed, but...
Norman: Aye, neither had we. But the pirates spoke of it like it was real, yup, and so...
Blaze: I see. What'll we do, Sonic?
Sonic: Well, this sure isn't much to go on...
Marine: What's that you reckon, mate? Those pirates 'ave gotta be in those ruins! Think about it, mates: legends! When has a legend ever not been true, huh? HUH?!
Sonic: Okay, Marine, just... calm down, okay?
Marine: Y-yeah, mate...
Tails: Sonic! For now, let's see if we can find any more info on the pirate
Sonic: Good idea. There might still be more for us to find out.
Blaze: [An image of a clouded sea appears] Okay, let's head east (→), then. Much that way is unknown, so we should learn something new.
Norman: Good luck, friends!
Tails: Thanks again, Mr. Viking!

Pirate Hideout in the Ruins

[Scene: Blizzard Peaks.]

[Frozen Vikings are seen in the background.]
Whisker: .... ... ... ... ... D'arr, it be a wee bit chilly here! Let's be getting back home where it be warm, mateys!
Mini & Mum: Aye aye, sir!
[Whisker runs away with Mini and Mum.]
Blaze: Did he get away?
Sonic: Well, if there's one thing he's good at, it's slipping through our fingers.
Marine: You're only just kenning that now, mate?!
Tails: Come on. We've got to help the Vikings!
Sonic: Okay. Do your thing, Blaze.
Blaze: All right. Please, step back.
[Sonic, Tails and Marine walk away while Blaze assumes a pose. The screen fades to black and then returns to normal, with Blizzard Peaks in the background.]
Norman: Ohoo! We've saved! If you hadn't come, we'd've been done for, for sure, yup!
Marine: Oh, no worries, eh! My mates 'ere were able to handle it all in a jiffy, yeah.
Tails: It must've been terrible for you guys, though.
Norman: We tried to fight the pirates off when they showed up on our island. But we got frozen by those weird machines they had, yup.
Marine: Those nasty little buggers!
Tails: Mr. Viking, do you know anything at all about those pirates?
Norman: Well, they say that they make their hideout in some ancient ruins from days of yore, yup.
Blaze: Ancient ruins? You mean...
Sonic: Is he talking about the ones we heard about in Sky Babylon? He must be. That's were those scoundrels are hiding, then!
Norman: It did sound hard to believe, but that's what the pirates were saying.
Blaze: I see. What'll we do, Sonic?
Sonic: Well, we know where the pirates are now, so we've got to go there right away!
Blaze: [An image of a purple stone monument appears] Yes, but the stone monument that leads there is sunken beneath the sea...
Tails: Heheh! Is that all? Well, in that case, I'll just have to build us a submarine!
Sonic: A submarine?
Tails: [An image of Aqua Material and Gold Material appears] Sure! With the Material from Sky Babylon and the stuff we got now, it'll be a cinch!
Blaze: You're the best, Tails! Those pirates will never know what hit 'em!
Marine: (Right, now what's all this yabber about a summerine?)
Norman: Good luck, friends!
Tails: Thanks again, Mr. Viking!

Daikun Discovered

[Scene: Daikun's island.]

Tails: Where are we?
Sonic: What a tiny little island. Do you think it's deserted?
Daikun: Orright, who's there?!
Tails: What?!
Daikun: Okay, you lot, spill it! What're you doin' here on my island?
Sonic: Who are you?
Blaze: I guess this island isn't so deserted after all.
Daikun: Come on, then. Out with it! What's the big idea, settin' foot on my island?
Blaze: He seems to think that we're his enemies...
Daikun: And just where the heck did you lot come from, anyway?
Marine: [Walks up] Oy, this bloke's a riot! I say we add him to our crew!
Daikun: Ahhhh! You!
Marine: Waaaah! Who... who are you?
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal.]
Daikun: My name's Daikun. Pleased to meet ya! Sorry about that, you lot. I didn't realize you were all cobbers with Marine. You didn't recognize me at all, did you, Marine? Forgot all about ol' Daikun, I bet!
Marine: No worries, though, yeah? I was only an ankle biter back then, after all.
Blaze: So, what was that you were saying before?
Daikun: Hm? Oh, yes. There's an island that's to the east (→) of here. Every so often, I'd hear some real weirdo sound comin' from way off in the distance. It was all a bit too noisy, so I went to see just where the heck it was comin' from. Anyhow, that island seems like the ground is shakin'... or somethin' like that.
Sonic: The ground is shaking, huh?
Blaze: But there are no volcanoes in this region. That sort of thing shouldn't be happening.
Sonic: Which means that something fishy must be going on on that island.
Tails: You're right. Let's head east (→) and check that island out, then.
Marine: Orright, let's set sail, crew! Thanks for the help there, Daikun.
Daikun: Aw, don't mention it.
[Sonic, Tails and Marine walk away, but Marine stops up.]
Marine: You should come back to the village sometime, mate. It'll be the bee's knees! [Walks away]
Daikun: Oy, what're you mouthin' off about, then?

Uninhabited Island

[Scene: Daikun's island.]

Tails: Huh? This island's deserted. Sonic, let's go back to Southern Island.

To Sky Babylon

[Scene: Hidden Island 2.]

Sonic: Wow, talk about a weird island...
Tails: It's like the entire island is hollow, with that huge hole and everything...
Blaze: Caves so deep, where you can still see the sun... it's amazing and scary all at once.
Marine: Aw, quit yer fussin'! I think the sunlight makes it seem a fair bit safer, if you ask me.
Tails: Well, that may be so, but these holes just can't be natural.
Marine: Hm? Hey, mates, take a gander at that!
Tails: [An image of a statue appears] Wh-whoa, what the...? It looks like some sort of statue.
Marine: Oh, ripper! This could be some huge treasure, reckon? Think we oughta nick it, mates?
Tails: No, Marine, just leave it alone, okay?
Marine: Aw, but this 'ere could be the discovery of the century, don't you reckon?
Blaze: These ruins are valuable historical relics. Stealing them is a criminal act.
Marine: Aww, how come I'm always gettin' the rough end of the pineapple from you, eh? I'm not gonna get my pawns all over it TOO much.
Blaze: Marine, stop! I said don't touch it!! What if you break it?
Marine: Come on, Blaze. No worries, really! [Touches statue]
Textbox: *rumble*
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: !!!!!!
Marine: ...wha?
Blaze: .... ....
Sonic: .... ....
Tails: ...whew! Okay, Marine, really. You have to be more careful.
Blaze: I'll say. Every one of us could be endangered by your thoughtless actions.
Sonic: You understand, Marine? We just don't want anyone to get-- [Looks around] ... ... Do you hear something?
[Everything starts shaking]
Textbox: *rumble*
Sonic: Wh-what's that?
Marine: Aaaahhh!
[Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine are shot into the air.]

Arrival at Sky Babylon

[Scene: Sky Babylon.]

Sonic: Owowowowow... What the heck was that?
Tails: Is everyone all right?
Blaze: Yeah, I... Huh?! Sonic! Look down there!
Sonic: !!
Marine: Oh, CRIKEY! Th-th-those are clouds!
Sonic: Yow! Talk about a view!
Tails: Strange as it sounds, it looks like we got blasted off of that island and ended up here.
Blaze: It... sure looks that way. Guess that, ah... it must've, y'know, been set so that...
Sonic: Hm?
Blaze: Hey, S-Sonic? Why... why don't we just back away from the edge, here... yeah?
Sonic & Tails: ?
Marine: Blaze, is something wrong?
Blaze: No, no, come on. We just need to back away, mm? Th-then everything'll be fine. [Starts pushing away everyone]
Marine: Oy, Blaze! Don't shove!
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal.]
Blaze: Okay, so where are we, then? We know that we got launched someplace high up, but...
Marine: Aw, now she's flipped back to her normal self...
Sonic: Right. I mean, if we're on the other side of the clouds, we're pretty darn high up.
Tails: Also, the buildings here look really old. I'd almost guess that they're ancient.
Blaze: There are tales of a continent in the sky... Supposedly, it's the last remnant of an ancient civilization. Which means th--
Whisker: D'arrr har har har!
Sonic & Blaze & Tails & Marine: !
Blaze: C... Captain Whisker!
Marine: Oy, it's that bloke with the face-fuzz again!
Whisker: I never thought I'd be seein' yer faces here, landlubbers! Ain't the place for visitors. I'm impressed at yer bein' able to make it up here to this place!
Blaze: So, then, these ruins here are really...
Whisker: D'arr har har! You be knowin' the story then, I take it? The ruins of... arr... The, arr... ruins of...
Mini: Sky Babylon, captain!
Whisker: D'arrr, yes! Welcome to Sky Babylon, ye scallywags!
Blaze: Sky Babylon... so it really does exist, just like the legends said!
Sonic: Hey, that's actually pretty cool!
Marine: Right, then! C'mon, mates! Let's get ourselves on a walkabout 'ere, yeah?
Blaze: Marine, we didn't come here for sightseeing.
Marine: Yeah, orright, Blaze. Sheesh. You could talk the leg off an iron pot, you know!
Blaze: What's that, now?!
Whisker: Arrr, mateys! Pay attention back up here, will ye! I'll not be ignored by the likes of you yet again!
Sonic: Don't you worry about that. I'll make sure you're busy!
Whisker: D'arrr, then let me show ye just how much attention I warrant, ye rascals!
Mum: Boss, the mission! Don't forget the mission!
Whisker: Arr, true, the mission! We've no time to be lollygagging with these folks, then! We're off, mateys! [Runs off with Mini and Mum]
Sonic: Hey! No running away!

Pirate Hideout in the Ruins

[Scene: Sky Babylon.]

Whisker: Arr, this wind be rufflin' up me whiskers something fierce! Let's get back, now, mateys.
Mini & Mum: Aye-aye, sir!
[Whisker runs off with Mini and Mum.]
Tails: Argh! He ran off again!
Blaze: Those guys just will not sit still!
Marine: [An image of a purple stone monument appears] Oy, mate! 'ave yourself a peek at this 'ere!
Sonic: Hm? What's this? Some kind of monument?
Tails: Something's written on it. I can't read whatever language it's in, though.
Marine: Orright, then, chumps, step aside and let Captain Marine take a butcher's at this 'ere.
Tails: Marine, you can read this?
Marine: [Pulls a book out] Hmmm... Uh-huh...? (Crikey, this don't make a lick of sense! I'm really up the gumtree now!)
Blaze: [Pushes Marine aside] ...let me have a look.
Marine: Oy, howzat?! Don't be such a stickybeak, Blaze!
Blaze: This is some pretty ancient writing, all right. Let's see what it says... !! I know why the pirates came here. They wanted to destroy this place.
Sonic: What do you mean?
Blaze: This writing talks about the ancient ruins.
Tails: You mean the ruins that the pirates are supposedly using as their hideout?
Sonic: That's got to be it! Blaze, what does the writing say?
Blaze: "To reach our homeland, head north (↑) along the shallows, and you shall find it there."
Marine: North, eh? That's that way!
Tails: Um. Marine, north (↑) is THIS way.
Blaze: Yes, well...
Sonic: What's wrong? You still look worried about something, Blaze.
Blaze: The problem is how we'll get in. It seems that the entryway is on the sea floor.
Sonic: The entrance is underwater?
Blaze: That's what it says, at least.
Marine: Underwater? How the heck're we supposed to get down there?
Tails: Heheh! No problem. I'll just have to build us a submarine!
Sonic: A submarine?
Tails': [An image of Aqua Material appears] Sure! With the Material from Blizzard Peaks... [An image of Gold Material appears] and the Material we got just now, it'll be a cinch!
Blaze: You're the best, Tails! Those pirates will never know what hit 'em!
Marine: (Right, now what's all this yabber about a summerine?)
Sonic: First, let's head back to the island.

Legendary Ancient Ruins

[Scene: Sky Babylon.]

Whisker: Arr, this wind be rufflin' up me whiskers something fierce! Let's get back, now, mateys.
Mini & Mum: Aye-aye, sir!
[Whisker runs off with Mini and Mum.]
Tails: Argh! He ran off again!
Blaze: Those guys just will not sit still!
Marine: [An image of a purple stone monument appears] Oy, mate! 'ave yourself a peek at this 'ere!
Sonic: Hm? What's this? Some kind of monument?
Tails: Something's written on it. I can't read whatever language it's in, though.
Marine: Orright, then, chumps, step aside and let Captain Marine take a butcher's at this 'ere.
Tails: Marine, you can read this?
Marine: [Pulls a book out] Hmmm... Uh-huh...? (Crikey, this don't make a lick of sense! I'm really up the gumtree now!)
Blaze: [Pushes Marine aside] ...let me have a look.
Marine: Oy, howzat?! Don't be such a stickybeak, Blaze!
Blaze: This is some pretty ancient writing, all right. Let's see what it says... !! This is about the ancient ruins.
Tails: Ancient ruins?
Blaze: Yes. The ancient texts speak of an old civilization. That civilization existed on a continent that floated in the sky, just like Sky Babylon... But one day, it fell from the sky and crashed into the ocean and became an island. I never paid the legend much heed, but...
Tails: So, then, what does this writing here say about the ruins?
Blaze: "To reach our homeland, head north (↑) along the shallows, and you shall find it there."
Marine: North, eh? That's that way!
Tails: Um. Marine, north (↑) is THIS way.
Sonic: So that's where the ancient ruins must be, then! You're awesome, Blaze!
Blaze: Yes, well...
Sonic: What's wrong? You still look worried about something, Blaze.
Blaze: The problem is how we'll get in. It seems that the entryway is on the sea floor.
Sonic: The entrance is underwater?
Blaze: That's what it says, at least. And there has to be a reason that that place was up in the sky, right?
Tails: So, then, why did the pirates come here? That's a good question.
Marine: D'ya think the bloke with the whiskers really was just on a bit of a walkabout?
Sonic: I doubt that.
Blaze: What we've just learned might still have some connection those pirates, though.
Sonic: Then we just need to collect even more information!


[Scene: Marine's House.]

[Everything shakes.]
Textbox: *rumbling*
Sonic: What's happening? Is this an earthquake?
Marine: Eeeeek! Oy, it's shakin'!
Sonic: Marine! Get under the desk!
Marine: I don't reckon, mate! I'm stickin' right 'ere!
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal. Everything slowly stops shaking.]
Tails: ...whew. I think it's stopped.
Sonic: Is everyone all right?
Blaze: I'm fine.
Marine: Y-y-yeah, she'll be apples... But blimey, that was a bit of a rough patch. I'm still shaking and jittering 'ere...
Tails: Are earthquakes a common thing in these parts?
Marine: Nah, mate, they're about as rare as hen's teeth.
Blaze: She's right. Earthquakes are far from a common occurrence.
Sonic: If that's the case, then I'm a bit worried.
Blaze: There are stories surrounding the Jeweled Scepter, you know...
Sonic: ?
Blaze: The Jeweled Scepter is said to hold power over the planet's geological activity, for one.
Tails: So, then, I mean... If the pirates have the scepter, that's causing an increase in volcanic activity?
Blaze: It may just be a coincidence. But the scepter cave was very deep underground. In fact, it was quite close to the planet's mantle.
Sonic: Right. So we should probably assume a worst-case scenario, then.
Blaze: And if we don't get the scepter back, who knows what'll happen.
Sonic: Then we've just got to do something about it, first!
Blaze: Yes, indeed.
Marine: Right-o, cobbers! Just leave it to me, yeah?
Blaze: How about you start with getting out from under the desk, Marine?
[Marine stands up.]

Deep Typhoon Complete

[Scene: Deep Typhoon dock.]

Tails: Sorry to keep you waiting! I finally finished my submarine, the "Deep Typhoon!"
Marine: Aw, strewth! A real honest summerine!
Blaze: Submarine.
Sonic: You did a nice job, Tails!
Marine: This looks like a heavy bugger though. When it goes down, how's it gonna come back up?
Tails: Don't worry. It's designed to float, too! It's perfectly safe for underwater travel!
Marine: Fair dinkum?! I get to see all the little fishies and the big ol' sharkies and all? I wanna get goin' right away!
Blaze: Keep it together. This is not a field trip.
Sonic: We've got to find the pirates' hideout!
Marine: Hey now, no need to get all agro on me. Your captain's just being a little joker. Tehehehe...
Blaze: All of our information seems to indicate that the pirates are hiding out at the ruins.
Sonic: And the entrance to those ruins is on the sea floor.
Tails: Well, then let's set sail. All aboard!
Marine: Orright, then! Time for Captain Marine's maiden voyage under the sea!

Deep Typhoon Launch

[Scene: Deep Typhoon dock.]

[The Deep Typhoon starts up and leaves the dock. The submarine leaves Southern Island's coast and dives into the sea.]

Pirates' Island Discovered

[Scene: Pirates' Island front entrance.]

Whisker: D'arrr har har har!
Sonic: I know that laugh...!
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: Captain Whisker!
Marine: Oy, it's the fuzzy-faced bloke again!
Whisker: D'arr, my name be Whisker, and you full we know it, lass! You done well to get this far! Very impressive, Sonic, yes!
Blaze: So this is your hideout after all!
Whisker: Indeed! Arr, and ye'll not be gettin' in through this here door, neither, ye troublemakers! It be far too strong to just blow down with any of your crafty little weapons!
Tails: He's right. If the door can withstand the water pressure at this depth, then...
Blaze: Let us in, your fiend!
Marine: Oy, fuzzy, gimme a fair go at this.
Whisker: Arr, what is it, then?
Marine: How is it that you lot are able to get in 'ere, then?
Whisker: D'arr har har! You take ol' Captain Whsiker for a fool, do ye? I'll not be tellin' ye that if ye align the bits in the middle of the door it'll open!
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: ... ... ...
Mini: Boss, you should probably not mention that.
Whisker: Hunh? D'arrgh, yer right! I've gone and blabbered too much!
Blaze: So, does that mean you're not going to tell us how to go about setting it?
Whisker: D'arr, of course not! I'll not tell you about the three markers with the hints on 'em. Nor will I be tellin' you what islands they be on!
Marine: You're a funny little drongo there, mate, you know that?
Mum: Boss, you're saying too much!
Whisker: ... ... ... (Arr, at this rate, I'll be givin' away all of me secrets!) It be time trim me whiskers now, mateys! I'll be seein' you around, then!
Mini & Mum: C'mon, boss, just get out of here!
[Whisker runs away with Mini and Mum.]
Marine: Get back here, mate! Keep on with the yammering!
Blaze: It's okay, Marine. He's told us enough.
Sonic: Let's find these markers that he mentioned. Those should give us the hints we need.
Tails: He said there were three markers out there. We should probably use different crafts.
Marine: Just like old-fashioned fossicking! Let's have a go at it, then!
Blaze: Right. Let's head back to Southern Island, then, first.

Mysterious Marker No. 1

[Scene: Hidden Island 3/Hidden Island 5.]

Sonic: [An image of a stone tablet appears] Huh? What's this?
Tails: It looks like some kind of lettering or symbols, but...
Marine: Oy, don't you think that's pretty keen, there, mate? Lemme 'ave a gander!
Blaze: Let's just leave it. We don't have any time to waste. [Walks away]
Tails: Yeah, you're right.
[Sonic and Marine walk away. Tails starts walking, then looks back at the stone tablet before leaving.]

Mysterious Marker No. 2

[Scene: Hidden Island 4.]

Sonic: [An image of a stone tablet appears] Huh? What's this?
Tails: It looks like some kind of lettering or symbols, but...
Marine: Oy, don't you think that's pretty keen, there, mate? Lemme 'ave a gander!
Blaze: Let's just leave it. We don't have any time to waste. [Walks away]
Tails: Yeah, you're right.
[Sonic and Marine walk away. Tails starts walking, then looks back at the stone tablet before leaving.]

Clue No. 1

[Scene: Hidden Island 3.]

[An image of a stone tablet appears.]
Tails: Hey, this is it!
Sonic: [An image of the island's marker symbol appears] And this'll give us a hint on how to open that door, huh?
Blaze: Well, I guess it'll make sense once we bring it back.
Marine: Orright! On with the treasure hunt!

Clue No. 2

[Scene: Hidden Island 4.]

[An image of a stone tablet appears.]
Tails: Hey, this is it!
Sonic: [An image of the island's marker symbol appears] And this'll give us a hint on how to open that door, huh?
Blaze: Well, I guess it'll make sense once we bring it back.
Marine: Orright! On with the treasure hunt!

Clue No. 3

[Scene: Hidden Island 5.]

[An image of a stone tablet appears.]
Tails: Hey, this is it!
Sonic: [An image of the island's marker symbol appears] And this'll give us a hint on how to open that door, huh?
Blaze: Well, I guess it'll make sense once we bring it back.
Marine: Orright! On with the treasure hunt!

Collected the Clues!

[Scene: Open sea, day.]

Sonic: Looks like we've found all of the clues, then.
Marine: Oy, now I'm all knackered...
Tails: We should be able to get the door to pirates' hideout open now.
Marine: That was some real hard yakka, though, eh? I wonder why all the need for a walkabout.
Blaze: Well, they are ancient ruins, after all.
Tails: What do you mean?
Blaze: After the floating continent fell to earth, the people had to live down here among us. But they longed one day to return to the sky, so they left keys to point the way. So that, one day, their descendants might regain what they had lost.
Sonic: And those keys were the stone markers, then.
Tails: So does that mean that the pirates found those keys and solve the riddle, too?
Blaze: I don't think they're quite smart for have done that... not on their own.
Sonic: So, then, there's someone else behind the scenes?
Tails: Well, we've gathered all the clues, at least. Let's head off, then.
Marine: Ancient ruins! That's beaut! What'll they be like, d'ya reckon? Oy, I can't wait!

Cruel to be Kind

[Scene: Deep Typhoon dock.]

Tails: Okay, Sonic, we're all set.
Sonic: Then let's head back to the pirates' hideout!
Blaze: There's no room for failure here.
Marine: Aw, she'll be apples, Blaze! Ol' fuzzy-face won't know what hit 'im! Not once Captain Marine here conks him good!
Sonic: Um, Marine...?
Marine: Oy, what's that look for, there, mate?
Tails: Things are only going to get more dangerous from here on out.
Blaze: We've decided that it would be best if you stayed here.
Marine: ...!!
Sonic: Tails and Blaze are going to be coming with me from here on out.
Marine: ... ...
Tails. I mean, that'd be best thing for everyone, right, Blaze?
Blaze: Marine, do you remember the promise you made? You said that you'd agree to the group's decisions, right?
Marine: ... ... ... Whoa, hey, where's all this coming from, then? You're just yanking my chain, right? I'm still game! I'm ridgy-didge!
Tails: Yeah, but Marine...
Marine: You said we were ready to go, mate, so let's go! There's no way I'm packing up and quitting this 'ere adventure!
Blaze: Marine!! Listen!
Marine: Crikey, what's with the shouting all of a sudden?
Blaze: Since you don't seem to understand what we're getting at, I'll just say it. You're a nuisance!
Marine: [Shocked] A... a nuisance...? Wh... what do you mean?
Blaze: Just what I said.
Marine: I... I'm not a nuisance! I... I mean... I was your captain, right? I... I was always looking out for you lot! Right? Come on, tell her, Sonic! Tails! [Looks between Sonic and Tails]
Sonic & Tails: ... ... ...
Marine: You... you all DO think I'm a nuisance, don't you? [Cries] You... you're aall a bunch of drongos! [Runs away]
Sonic: Wh... hey!
Tails. That was harsh, Blaze. I mean, I know we can't take her with us, but you didn't have to--
Blaze: If I hadn't been harsh, she would've kept insisting that she come along.
Tails: I... guess you've got a point, there.
Sonic: It'll be okay. Someday she'll understand that this was for her own good.
[Sonic, Tails and Blaze join together.]
Blaze: Come on, let's get going to the pirates' hideout!
[Scene fades to black and then fades back to normal, revealing Marine alone at the Deep Typhoon's dock.]
Marine: *Sniff* I... I can't just give up 'ere... I've gotta prove my worth as a captain, yeah? I gotta go and stop that ol' fuzzy-face!

Invading Pirates' Island

[Scene: Pirates' Island front entrance.]

Tails: Well, I guess it's time to break into the hideout.
Sonic: We should have all the clues we need.
Blaze: ... ... ...
Tails: Blaze, don't worry. Marine's going to be fine.
Blaze: Huh? N-no, I... I wasn't...
Sonic: She'll probably stay at home pouting for a bit, but she'll get over it.
Tails: Heheh. Yeah, probably!
Blaze: Hm. I suppose you're right.
Sonic. OK! Let's get this door open!

Arrival at Pirates' Island

[Scene: Pirates' Island front entrance.]

Tails: All right, it opened!
Sonic: At last, the pirates' hideout!
Blaze. Who knows what we'll run into from here on out. You be careful, you two!
Sonic & Tails: Don't worry. We will!
Blaze: Right, then. Let's go!
[The ruins shake slightly and the doors leading to Pirates' Island slowly opens. White light emerge from the entrance and covers the screen. The light then fades and reveals Pirates' Island.]
Tails: Huh?
Blaze: What's this?
Sonic: These are the ancient ruins? Look at what those fiends have done to this place!
Tails: I guess the pirates decided to do a little remodeling.
Blaze: How dare they deface such priceless relics!
Tails: First, let's figure out where they're hiding.
Sonic: All right! Come on, Blaze!
Blaze: Yes. Let's settle this, once and for all!

Clash with Whisker and Johnny

[Scene: Pirates' Island.]

Whisker: Ahoy, ye scallywags! Allow me to be showin' you a little something special o'mine!
Sonic: And what's that?
Tails: Be careful, Sonic! This could be a trap!
Whisker: (All right, mateys! Do it!)
Mini & Mum: (Aye-aye, sir!)
Blaze: ?
Whisker: It's time, mateys! 3, 2, 1, go!
Mini: O ultimate evil, come forth to rule this world!
Mum: Rule the Seven Seas!
Mimi: Justice is not welcome! Kindness is weakness!
Mum: Master of Evil, show unto us those mighty whiskers!
Whisker: And so, it is I! The Dread Pirate Whisker! (WABOOM!) D'arr har har har!! (Arrr! Fantastic job, mateys!)
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: ... ... ...
Mini: Boss! Boss!
Mum: Sonic and the others... look!
Whisker: Well? What do you think? Our sheer awesomeness has you speechless, I see! Mwahahaha!
Tails: Sonic, I, uh... think he wants us to say something.
Sonic: Er, well...
Blaze: Cease these shenanigans! Give the scepter back, now!
Whisker: How dare you?! You seek to mock me splendid jig as... as a... shen... uh... Men! What are "shenanigans?"
Johnny: Antics. Tomfoolery. In other words, they think you're a joke.
Sonic: !!
Whisker: A JOKE?! To Davy Jones' Locker with the lot of them! And avast, there, Johnny! When'd you decide to drop on by, matey?
Johnny: I got here as fast as I could. At my speeds, it's not easy to change direction.
Whisker: D'arr, yes, well...
Sonic: Johnny... You're working with these guys?
Johnny: Ah, Sonic! I didn't expect to see you here. What a fantastic opportunity this is.
Sonic: Opportunity for what?
Johnny: Come! Let us have our final showdown, here and now!
Whisker: Arr Johnny! Don't be stealin' me thunder, here!
Johnny: Okay, boss, fine.
Whisker: And I AM serious! Today, I shall teach you all the true meaning of fear and pain!
Sonic: Fear and pain?
Whisker: Yes! And that is... is... Johnny, what DOES that mean?
Johnny: It means that you'll face them yourself.
Whisker: Ah, yes, of course! You hear that? I'll blow you to bits, you meddling pests!
Johnny: Ohoho! So, a little tag team action, is it? You guys are toast!
Blaze: Hah! Toast, he says.
Sonic: Well, if they think we'll go down that easy...
Sonic & Blaze: Let's go!

After Them!

[Scene: Pirates' Island.]

[Captain Whisker and Johnny look scared at Sonic and Blaze]
Johnny: If I go down here, then all the speed lovers all over the world will be devastated! Sorry, boss. This calls for a strategic retreat! [Runs away]
Whisker: Johnny! Arrr! Avast, I say! Take me with you!
Sonic: So, Whisker. Looks like your friend left you to dry.
Blaze: There's no way out now. Hand over the Jeweled Scepter!
Whisker: !! Arrr, no, I can't! Ye don't understand! If I don't bring this plunder back... Then ye shall all know his wrath, savvy?
Sonic: "His"?
Whisker: Aye! So you see, I clearly cannot let ye have it!
Blaze: He's not listening to reason.
Whisker: D'arr, mateys! Yer captain needs ye! Show yourselves!
Mini: (Boss! Sorry to keep you waiting!)
Whisker: (Arr, well, a little warning next time, you scurvy dog!)
Mum: (Boss, look! We've got a way out!)
Whisker: (Arr! Nice work!) Ha... hahahahaha!
Sonic: ?
Blaze: What's so funny?
Whisker: You have to be rememberin', ye landlubbers, that a pirate... ...has always got tricks up his sleeve! [Escapes with Mini and Mum]
Blaze: Wha?!
Sonic: Where'd he go?!
Blaze: He got away!
Tails: Sonic ! Blaze! Look, over there!

[Scene change: Open sea.]

Whisker: D'arr har har! Aye, that's it! Look here and see!
Blaze: Argh! When did he...?
Tails: Sonic, there's a hole through here!
Sonic: Darn!
Whisker: Landlubbers like yourselves can never keep up true buccaneers, savvy?
Mini: You're not so smart after all, Sonic!
Mum: Yeah! And neither are your little friends!
Whisker: D'arr har har! Right ho, mateys!
Blaze: No! We can't let him get... Hunh?
Textbox: *Rrrrumble!*
Whisker: Huh? What's that noise?
Marine: You can't escape from me, you no-good pirates!
Sonic: Marine?!
Whisker: Bail out, mateys! [Runs away with Mini and Mum]
Marine: I'll teach you a lesson, you... you... you mustachioed menace! [Runs after Whisker]

[Scene change: Pirates' Island.]

Blaze: What is she doing here?!
Sonic: She must have followed us!
Tails: Sonic! Marine's going after them all by herself!
Sonic: Uh-oh! That's not going to end well! We've got to go after her!

Arrival at Big Swell

[Scene: Big Swell.]

Sonic: I could have sworn she went this way... Where could she be?
Tails: Marine? Are you there?
Blaze: [Looks around] ...! Sonic! Tails! There she is!
Whisker: Arr, what do we have here? A wee lass thinkin' to sneak up on me, it seems!
Marine: N-no! L-let me go!!
Whisker: Arr! Yer a feisty little sea dog, then, aren't ye?
Marine: You... bushy-faced freak!
Whisker: B... bushy-faced? You really must learn to watch that tongue of yours, lass! Arr, let's see... how best to teach ye that lesson? Mateys! Bring out... ...the device!
Mini: Yes, boss! The device!
Marine: Wh-what are you going to do to me?
Whisker: Ahoy! This here be a gift from me boss, the most torturin' of tortures! I call him... "Mr. Tickler!"
Mum: Yeah, boss! Tickle her real good!
Whisker: Now, I do hope ye be ready for the tickling of a lifetime, lass!
Marine: Nooo! Anything but that!
Sonic: Marine!
Marine: Y-y-you guys! You came for me! Oh, I knew you would, mates!
Blaze: Didn't we tell you not to run off on your own?
Marine: S-sorry!
Sonic: Come on, Blaze, we'll have this discussion later. Whisker! Let Marine go!
Whisker: Sorry, matey, but it'll take a wee bit more than soft worlds to get me to bend. If ye want the lass back, then swear a pirate's oath... to me! Well? What say you, mateys? Or would you rather leave the lass to her face?
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: (...whiskerwhisper...)
Whisker: Speak up, landlubbers! I can't hear ye!
Tails: (Okay, Sonic, leave it to me!)
Sonic: (Come on, Blaze!)
Blaze: (Good luck!)
Whisker: Hunh?
Tails: (Ahem!) Aha, look! There's the Jeweled Scepter!
Whisker: Wh-what?! How did it get...? D'arrr!!!
[Whisker runs away with Mini and Mum. Sonic, Tails and Blaze then run away themselves.]
Mum: Boss! The scepter's over here!
Whisker: W-wait, so then... that means...

Duel with Ghost Titan

[Scene: Big Swell, onboard Captain Whisker's ship.]

[Sonic launches a Spin Jump into the Ghost Titan's right hand, who is holding Marine by the neck. The impact make the Ghost Titan release Marine and she falls down, but Blaze manages to catch her. As Sonic comes up to them, Blaze puts Marine down and looks at the Ghost Titan.]
Blaze: Look out, Sonic! Here he comes!
[A full view of the Ghost Titan is shown, with Sonic, Blaze and Marine in front of it.]
Sonic: Come on, Blaze! Let's do this!

Ghost Titan's Impact!

[Scene: Big Swell, onboard Captain Whisker's ship.]

[Sonic and Blaze hit the Ghost Titan's forehead gem and land back on the ground. The Ghost Titan starts twitching before starting to short-circuit and explodes in a massive blast that is engulfing the ship. Sonic and Blaze nod at each other and outrun the explosion, jumping off the ship and onto the Deep Typhoon. A safe distance away, Sonic and Blaze watch a column of black smoke from where the ship used to be.]


[Scene: Open sea, day.]

Sonic: Well... THAT'S finally over...
Blaze: Yes. Now we can finally put an end to all of this trouble.
Sonic: Speaking of which...!
Blaze: Marine!
Marine: Wh-wh-wh...
Blaze: Why were you trying to chase down the pirates all by yourself?!
Tails: Yeah, Marine! That's way too dangerous!
Marine: W-well, I mean, I just figured since... well, I'm the captain and all... I thought I could have my big moment, and if I just did a little bit more, then...
Blaze: Do you have any idea how worried we were about you?
Marine: I... I know. I didn't...
Sonic: Don't worry about it. What counts is it all worked out fine...
Tails: Yeah, that's right. But you really do need to be more careful in the future, Marine.
Marine: Aw, well, all right. I guess I can do that. A little. Hehehe!
Sonic: Hey, Blaze. So, about the Jeweled Scepter...
Blaze: It probably sank along with the pirates. That would be my guess.
Sonic: Hmm. Well, there might still be some way for us to find it.
Blaze: I appreciate the sentiment, but it must be on the sea floor by now.
Marine: Heehee!
Tails: Hm? What is it, Marine?
Marine: Are you talking about THIS scepter? [An image of the Jeweled Scepter appears] Ta-daah!
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: The Jeweled Scepter!
Marine: The one and only! I nicked it while I was captured, when ol' whiskers wasn't looking!
Sonic: Nicely done, Marine!
Tails: Yeah! Great job!
Marine: Aww, heh heh! No drama! Anyway, 'ere you go, Blaze; one Jeweled Scepter!
Blaze: ...Thank you.
Marine: Heheh!
Blaze: Still, what if we had failed? What would have become of you them? Marine, next time, you mustn't put yourself in such danger. Do you understand?
Marine: Y-yeah...
Sonic: All right. Come on, let's go back to Windmill Village.
Tails: Yeah, good idea, Sonic.
Marine: Yeah! I can't wait until I get home and tell everyone about all my ripper adventures!
[Sonic and Tails walk away. Blaze starts walking away, but stop up and turns to talk to Marine, However, she stops herself and walks away.]
Marine: (Of course, no one's going to believe that part about my getting the scepter back.) (Still, I guess it can't be helped so long as I'm still a kid...)
Sonic: [Comes back] Hey, Marine. What's up?
Marine: Oh, nothing! I'm coming! [Sonic walks away] Just you watch, mates! I'll become a captain for real! [Walks away]

EX Prologue

[Scene: Black screen.]

Textbox: Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine returned to Southern Island. There, they tried to think of a way for Sonic and Tails to get back to their world.

[Scene change: Marine's House.]

Blaze: Sonic, you mentioned before that the Sol Emeralds' power allows dimensional travel. Perhaps you'd be able to use the Chaos Emeralds to get to your world.
Tails: Well, I am working on a device that will use the power of the Emeralds. It should be able to break the dimensional barrier, but it'll take time to complete.
Sonic: I hope you don't mind if we stick around for a while, then, Marine!
Marine: Not at all! With the pirates gone, it's not like I don't have free time now. While you're 'ere, would you like to help me work on my ship?
Sonic: What? Marine, you're building another ship?
Marine: Of course! I need a new ship to go on new adventures! The SS Super-Marine!
Tails: Super?
Marine: Well, you saw how the first ship was all crook. So, now I just gotta make a better one!
Blaze: Hehehe.
Textbox: *slam!*
Gardon: Your Highness! I must speak with you!
Blaze: Haven't I told you not to call me that?
Gardon: My... my apologies, Princess Blaze!
Blaze: Go on. What is it, then?
Gardon: It... it appears that the royal Jeweled Scepter was stolen last night!
Blaze: What?!
Sonic: The Jeweled Scepter?!
Blaze: Tell me everything.
Gardon: Yes, well, we put the scepter back into the treasury where it would be safe. But around dawn, it seems that someone must have broken in and taken it.
Blaze: How could you let this happen?!
Gardon: I... I beg your forgiveness, Highness! [Walks away]
Blaze: Just as I was getting to the bottom of things!
Tails: Getting to the bottom of what, exactly?
Blaze: Well, there is another legend told about the scepter.
Sonic: Another legend?
Blaze: The legend tells of a "Power of the Stars" and a "Key." The terms come up often.
Sonic: "Power of the Stars?"
Tails: "Key?"
Blaze: I'm not exactly sure about the "Power," but the key seems to be the scepter itself. What it all means is a mystery. I fear, though, the scepter holds a secret. A terrible secret that could affect the entire world. So, if the scepter is this "key," and it's been stolen, then who knows what'll happen?
Marine: Well, hold on just a sec. I don't think it's all THAT bad a sign. [Looks around]
Sonic & Tails: .....
Marine. I mean, who could have taken it? We already defeated the pirates, after all.
Sonic. Right...
Tails: Speaking of which, though, I've been thinking about everything.
Sonic: What is it, Tails?
Tails: Didn't it sound like the pirates wanted the scepter for someone else?
Sonic & Marine & Blaze: !!
Tails: There was something that they said while they were running away...

[Scene change: Pirates' Island.]

Whisker: "Then ye shall all know his wrath, savvy?"

[Scene change: Marine's House.]

Sonic: "His"... That's right.
Blaze: Now that you mention it, it makes sense that they'd be doing someone's dirty work. The question is, whose dirty work were they doing?
Sonic: Whoever it was must have been the one who stole the Jeweled Scepter this time!
[Everything starts shaking.]
Textbox: *rumble*
Sonic: Huh?!
Blaze: Everyone, outside!

Eggman's Double Appearance

[Scene: Southern Island.]

[Sonic and Tails walk out on the beach as everything shakes.]
Sonic: What's going on?
Marine: Another earthquake?
Blaze: It's the biggest one yet!
[The shakes die down.]
Sonic: Okay. Looks like it's stopped.
Marine: Oh, I hope so...
Tails: Sonic! Look. [Points out at sea]
Sonic: !!
[The Egg Wizard rises out of the sea and towers over Sonic and Tails.]
Sonic: That's...
Dr. Eggman: Ohhhh ho ho ho ho!
[Dr. Eggman flies in on the scene in his Egg Mobile.]
Sonic: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Ah, my dear friend Sonic. Long time no see!
Marine: Who the heck is this guy? And what was he doing lurking under the water like that?
Sonic: Dr. Eggman...! What are you doing here?!
Dr. Eggman: Ohhh ho ho ho ho! Wouldn't you like to know! I suppose I'll just tell you... I'm here because of the ultimate power said to exist in this universe!
Blaze: Ultimate power?!
Dr. Eggman: Indeed! A power that I plan to use as my own, to its fullest advantage!
Sonic: And I'm guessing that's not going to be good for the rest of us!
Dr. Eggman: I merely plan to use that power to turn this place into my ideal paradise, Eggmanland!
Blaze: You still have that crazy idea?
Marine. (Eggmanland? Whaat the...?)
Tails: Eggman... so, then, everything that's happened up us up till now...
Dr. Eggman: Hohoo! You're a clever little fox. I knew you'd figure it out.
Tails: The person who was behind the pirates...
Blaze: The one who stole the Jeweled Scepter...!
Sonic: The real criminal mastermind behind this whole thing!
Marine: (He looks just like that moustached pirate bloke!)
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: It was you, Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Hoh ho ho ho ho! Ah, yes! But who else could it have been, eh? [An image of the Jeweled Scepter appears] And just in case you don't believe me...
Blaze: That's the Jeweled Scepter!
Sonic: Wait! What are you going to do with it!?
Dr. Eggman: What do I plan on doing? Oh, I think you already know that, don't you?
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: !!
Blaze: It the scepter really is the "key" spoken of in these legends... ...then this "Power of the Stars," must be what he's really after! Isn't that right, Eggman?
Textbox: *clapclapclap*
Eggman Nega: Brilliant worked out, Your Highness, Brilliant indeed!
Sonic & Blaze & Tails: Eggman Nega?!
Eggman Nega: Blaze, it truly is always a pleasure to see you. And you... if memory serves me correctly, you're Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic: So, you're a part of this too, aren't you?
Marine: (ooh, boy, now I'm seeing double! Maybe I need to get my head checked... ugh...)
Dr. Eggman: I figured you'd be here, Nega. So, then, the Power of the Stars...
Eggman Nega: According to my research, it should be right below us. Right here underground! Hahaha!
Tails: The Power of the Stars is underground?
Eggman Nega: Haa ha ha ha! Oh, you poor thing. Allow me to explain. This world and Dr. Eggman's world exist in separate dimensions. Each of us can think of the other as what is known as a "parallel universe." What makes this possible is this so-called "Power of the Stars."
Dr. Eggman: When Nega told me this, I practically jumped for joy! The only problem, though, was finding the key that would unlock this power.
Blaze: The Jeweled Scepter!
Dr. Eggman: Yes. And so we got a band of pirates together to go on a little search for it.
Blaze: And so that's why there were pirates all over the place!
Dr. Eggman: Once we had the key, we just needed to find out where the door it opened was.
Eggman Nega: And so, after a great deal of research, I discovered where the power lies: Right here, underneath this very island! Haa ha ha ha!
Tails: It's here?!
Dr. Eggman: Of course, we didn't count on the bunch of YOU showing up, but that's insignificant. Soon, the Power of the Stars will be ours! Ohh ho ho ho ho!
Sonic: You don't honestly think I'm going to let you get away with this!
[Everything starts shaking.]
Textbox: *rumble*
Marine: Ahh! It's another earthquake!
Tails: And it's even bigger than the ones before!
Eggman Nega: (Dr. Eggman! The equilibrium of the energy is starting to degrade!) Haa ha ha ha!
[The shakes die down.]
Dr. Eggman: (What timing!) Now, Sonic, I'm afraid I've got things to do, so I'll be off!
Blaze: The Jewled Scepter!
Marine: Hold it right there, you twin moustached monkeys!
Dr. Eggman: My, my... now, who's this little brat?
Marine: Blaze needs that scepter back! And I still don't know what this "Eggmanland" thing is!
Eggman Nega: Once we have the Power of the Stars, we promise to return it unharmed. How does that sound, little girl? Haa ha ha ha!
Dr. Eggman: See you later, kiddo! And farewill, Sonic!
[Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega leaves.]
Sonic: Get back here, Eggman!
Marine: Wait up! You still haven't told me what Eggmanland is!
[Everything starts shaking]
Textbox: *rumble*
Marine: ANOTHER earthquake?! Eeeek!
Blaze: What in the world is causing all of these quakes?
Tails: I th-think it m-might have something to do with Eggman and Eggman Nega... ... and their unleashing the Power of the Stars...!
[The shakes die down.]
Blaze: Then we have to find some way to stop it! We can't just keep letting this happen!
Tails: Don't worry, Blaze! I've got just the thing for the occasion! With the Magma Hurricane that I've built, we can burrow deep underground!
Blaze: Then, we can follow after Eggman and Eggman Nega?
Sonic: Nice going, Tails!
Tails: Heheh!
Marine: Oy, you hear that, Eggman? We've coming after you! And I'm gonna make you tell me what Eggmanland is!

Magma Hurricane Complete

[Scene: Magma Hurricane dock.]

Tails: Ta-daah! Here's the Magma Hurricane that I mentioned.
Marine: Strewth, Tails! Is there anything that you CAN'T build, mate?
Sonic: I'm beginning to think there isn't!
Tails: Aww, heheh!
Blaze: Enough of that. We need to get it started at once.
Tails: Right! Okay, guys! Hop in!
Marine: Oooh, this is going to be simply ripper! I wonder what it's like underground!
Sonic: We need to catch them before they get at the Power of the Stars.
Blaze: Right.
Tails: Ready, set, and... launch!

Magma Hurricane Launch

[Scene: Magma Hurricane dock.]

[The Magma Hurricane's drill starts spinning and the vessel moves along its rails into the rock walls, where it slowly starts drilling underground.]

The Source of Power

[Scene: Deep Core.]

[The Jeweled Scepter is glowing as it floats above a pedestal. The Egg Wizard holds its claws close to it.]
Dr. Eggman: Hooohh ho ho ho ho!
[The Jeweled Scepter starts growing.]
Eggman Nega: Ha ha ha ha ha! I can feel it... such power!
[The Magma Hurricane has breached the cave walls and Sonic, Tails and Marine are heading down the path in front of them.]
Marine: Sonic! Look!
[As Sonic is running down the path, a white light blinds him.]
Sonic: Whoa!
[The Egg Wizard floats in front of Sonic, Tails and Marine, holding the enlarged Jeweled Scepter in its hands while glowing.]
Dr. Eggman: Sonic... You're too late!
[The Egg Wizard releases its aura and grows in size. Everything starts shaking.]
Sonic: It's... too powerful...!
Tails: S...Sonic! I... I'm falling over!
Marine: Ahhhh! Wh-wha-what... what IS this thing... [The shaking intensifies] Rrrrgh!
[Marine tries to stand up, but fails and fall down. Tails follows her.]
Dr. Eggman: Magnificent! The energy levels on my craft's readouts are through the roof! I never imagined that this sort of power was even possible! Even the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds can't compare to this! Mwa ha ha ha ha!
Blaze: It this what unleashing the Power of the Stars can do...?
Dr. Eggman: Behold, Sonic! With this power, I am at last truly unstoppable!
Sonic: Urgh!
Eggman Nega: Haa ha ha ha! At last, it's mine! And it's all thanks to you, Blaze.
Blaze: What?!
Eggman Nega: It was your royal family that kept the scepter nice and safe for all these generations. Now that they've served that purpose, though, I have no further need of them. It will take only a fraction of this power to wipe your kingdom off the map! Haahaha!
Blaze: (Rrrrgh!!)
Sonic: Blaze! Stay calm!
Eggman Nega: Now, the world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious!
Blaze: I... MUST... STOP HIM!!!
Sonic: Blaze! You're the princess, remember? You need to keep a level head! Who's going to look out for the people of this world if something happens to you?
Blaze: !!
Sonic: Who else is going to be able to give the people of this world peace?
Blaze: [Looks away] Yes... That is my duty as princess. My duty... and my honor! I will not allow my people to come to such suffering! Let's go, Sonic!
Sonic: OK! That's the ticket, Blaze!
Blaze: Sonic, if we don't stop them, then nothing will keep them from destroying the world.
Sonic: Right. Now it's up to you and me.
Sonic & Blaze: Let's do this!
Dr. Eggman & Eggman Nega: What?! You dare?
[Sonic and Blaze raise their hands into the air.]

Sonic & Blaze Transform

[Sonic and Blaze stand back to back, with one of their hands raised into the air as the camera circles around them. The Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds come together above and form a string that head down towards Sonic and Blaze, and encircles them. Then, in a white flash, they are transformed into Super Sonic and Burning Blaze.]

Final Battle! Egg Wizard

[Scene: Deep Core.]

[The Egg Wizard is backing down a magma-filled cave.]
Super Sonic: Blaze! We can't beat them unless we work together!
Burning Blaze: You're right, Sonic. But... How are we supposed to fight them without getting in each other's way?
Super Sonic: Simple! We take turns!
Burning Blaze: Take turns? Aha, I get it! One of us goes on the offense, and the other handles support.
Super Sonic: Right! By doing that, only can we conserve our energy...
Burning Blaze: ...but whoever has the best moves for a situation can tag in!
Super Sonic: Yes! That'll allow us to get our power up to the absolute max!
Burning Blaze: How will we switch off?
Super Sonic: Press RBUTTONDSSNNdisco to switch! To attack, press Snnwiidsxbuttondisco or Snnwiidsybuttondisco... Press WiiDSA or DSB to dash, and use Controlpadds to move in all 8 directions.
Burning Blaze: Got it! Now, let's do it!
Super Sonic: For the fate of the world...
Burning Blaze: And for the sake of my people...
Super Sonic & Burning Blaze: LET'S GO!

Egg Wizard Destroyed

[Scene: Deep Core.]

Dr. Eggman: Nooo! Curse you, Sonic!
Eggman Nega: Haa ha ha ha ha! It's time to die, fools!
Dr. Eggman: Nega?! Wait... what are you doing...?!
Eggman Nega: HAAA ha ha ha!
Dr. Eggman: What? No! You're mad! Don't push that button...!
Eggman Nega: Planet-Buster Laser, FIRE!
[The Egg Wizard forms a giant energy ball on the tip of the Jeweled Scepter with Super Sonic and Burning Blaze unable to stop it. Before the Egg Wizard can throw the energy ball, it is hit by an energy blast on the side, making it lose focus and causing the energy ball to disappear. The Egg Wizard turns to look and sees Marine on a pillar with her fist glowing.]
Marine: Hah! How do you like that, Eggman?! Sonic! Blaze! Now's your chance!
[Super Sonic and Burning Blaze flies to the sides and the Egg Wizard loses sight of them. Burning Blaze then flies up from above and knocks the Egg Wizard upward with an uppercut.]
Tails & Burning Blaze & Marine: Sonic! GO!
[Super Sonic flies up from behind and penetrates the Egg Wizard through its torso. The Egg Wizard glows and is engulfed in a massive explosion.]

EX Ending

[Scene: Wave Cyclone dock, dawn.]

[Tails stands in the SS Tornado EX while Sonic and Blaze are on the dock.]
Blaze: Sonic!
Sonic: Oh, Blaze!
Tails: Good morning, Blaze.
Blaze: So, this is the ship you've built, then, Tails?
Tails: Yeah. I designed the ship to be capable of dimensional travel. I call it the "SS Tornado EX."
Sonic: I never thought it'd be so simple getting back to our own world!
Tails: Well, it's all thanks to the power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds.
Blaze: So, this craft uses the power of both sets of Emeralds?
Tails: Yeah. The energy acts to form a sort of tunnel between this world and our world.
Blaze: Hmmm. So, the, the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds are...
Sonic: ...sort of like North and South on a magnet.
Blaze: If they have the power to repel each other, they can attract each other, too.
Sonic: And if misused, the could potentially bring ruin to both worlds.
Blaze: Right. That's what the Eggmen were both saying.
Sonic: So, them, how do you prevent that from happening, Tails?
Tails: Well, I haven't done anything special in particular. They're both extremely stable. Because of that, I was able to put this ship together in such a short time.
Blaze: What do you mean?
Tails: Well, I got to thinking... Doesn't it seem like the Emeralds are trying to help us?
Sonic: Chaos Emeralds...?
Blaze: ...and the Sol Emeralds?
Tails: Yeah. If they weren't, I don't think they'd be nearly as stable as they are. It's almost as if they WANT to be used to do this.
Sonic: Trying to help us... Huh...
Blaze: Hmph.
Tails: I'm going to get us ready to launch soon, Sonic. [Walks away]
Sonic: Thanks, Tails. By the way, Blaze, what happened to the scepter?
Blaze: Ah, yes, the Jeweled Scepter. It's been returned to its altar, under even heavier guard than before. It's safe.
Sonic: Oh, good. That's a relief.
Blaze: Sonic...
Sonic: Huh?
Blaze: Do you think that maybe you were brought here for a reason?
Sonic: Brought here? By who?
Blaze: By the Emeralds.
Sonic: ... ... ... ... Heh, well, you never know.
[Tails stands over the railing on the SS Tornado EX.]
Tails: Sonic! It's time to go!
Sonic: Yeah. [Looks at Blaze] See you later Bl...
[Blaze looks the other way and holds her hand up as if slightly coughing. Blaze then looks at Sonic and raises her hand at him, the camera showing Setter, Muzy, Tabby and Colonel behind her. Sonic looks at Blaze's hand. Blaze nods and Sonic shakes her hand. Sonic and Tails then leaves in the SS Tornado EX while Blaze looks on, who then notices something.]
Tails: I guess Marine didn't want to come after all.
Sonic: Looks like it...
Marine: Heeey!
[Marine sails up to the side of the SS Tornado EX in her SS Super-Marine.]
Marine: Wait! Stop the boat!
Sonic & Tails: Marine!
Tails: Marine, I didn't think you were going to show up.
Marine: What are you talking about, mate? I can't let you leave without seeing you off!
Sonic: By the way, Marine, what's that ship?
Marine: It's the SS Super-Marine! It took days and days to finish, but doesn't she look a beaut?
Tails: You made that all by yourself? Great job, Marine!
Marine: Yeah, well, I can't leave any stone unturned if I'm going to explore the world! And to do that, I need my own ship, after all!
Sonic: ... ....
Marine: It's okay. I know what you're thinking.
Sonic & Tails: ?
Marine: I don't have what it takes. I don't think I can do all this adventuring on my own.
Sonic: Marine...
Marine: But I'm not going to give up. I need to keep trying harder and harder until I can do it! I mean, it took everything I had just to build this ship! Heehee!
Tails: Marine, it takes a lot of courage to recognize your own shortcomings.
Sonic: It's really impressive that you've come to realize that!
Marine: Sonic... Tails...
Sonic & Tails: ... ... ...
Marine: Th... thanks, guys. You're the best mates ever. *sniff!* And I won't just focus on adventures, either! I promise that I'll study hard, too!
Tails: Good!
Marine: And next time we see each other, don't blown away by how much I've grown up!
Sonic: Good luck!
Marine: And... and I... I'll... I'll b-be... *sniff!* [Cries]
Sonic: Marine! Come on. The captain's not supposed to cry!
Marine: ...
Sonic: If you stick with it, then we really will meet again, someday!
Marine: S... Sonic...
Tails: Yeah. It's not like this is goodbye forever, Marine!
Marine: Tails... ... ... You're right! I'll make sure that I'll get to see you guys soon! I'll be sure to find you, no matter where you are! Even if I have to go to your world!
Sonic: We'll be waiting!
Sonic & Tails & Marine: ... ...
Marine: Bye bye!
Sonic & Tails: See you later! Bye!
[The SS Tornado EX and the SS Super-Marine move apart. The SS Tornado EX spreads its wings and flies into the sky while Sonic and Tails wave goodbye to Marine.]
Marine: See you later!

We'll meet again...

[Scene: Wave Cyclone dock, sunrise.]

[Marine sails up to the dock in the SS Super-Marine, sobbing, where Blaze waits. On the dock, Marine still sobs, but Blaze nods at her. Marine then dries her tears away to face Blaze, smiling, and the two look at the sunset.]

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