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Sonic Saga Series Volume 6: Mogul Rising is the sixth trade-paperback in the Sonic Saga Series volume series. It contains the "Mogul Rising" saga, as well as additional issues.

Official solicitation

It's SONIC VERSUS EVERYBODY! Blast into the action at Sonic speed with the continuation of the all-new Sonic Saga graphic novel series! In this volume, Sonic battles the ancient, evil Mammoth Mogul—who has lost his Chaos Emerald and been imprisoned, but backing him into such a corner only made him more dangerous! Mogul uses his remaining powers to summon a new Fearsome Foursome—and Sonic is forced to be one of them! Every mercenary and cut-throat is hired to take Sonic's shoes—feet being optional! It's Sonic versus everyone else while the malicious mammoth laughs from the shadows! How can Sonic overcome all the odds? Find out inside! SONIC SAGA VOL. 6 collects selected stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #185-189.

Reprinted stories

Chapter 1

Mogul Rising Part One: Needful Things

Chapter 2

Mogul Rising Part Two: Devils Due

Chapter 3

Mister Popular

Chapter 4

Beating the House

Chapter 5

A Bold New Moebius Part One: Unwelcome Guests!

Other features

  • Special Features


  • The front cover art for this volume is the same as the one for Sonic the Hedgehog #186, except the image has been mirrored.
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