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Not to be confused with the episode name, Chaos Emerald Chaos.
Sonic X Chaos Emerald Chaos

Sonic X: Chaos Emerald Chaos (or Sonic X : Game Boy Advance Video Volume 2) was a GBA Video gamepak for the Game Boy Advance which was scheduled to be released some time after the release of Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero. It was to contain two more episodes of Sonic X. This volume would have contained episodes 3 and 4 from Season 1, "Missile Wrist Rampage" and "Chaos Emerald Chaos" respectively. But then it was official that it would not be released due to its fails, making A Super Sonic Hero the only Gamepak featuring Sonic X to be released for GBA Video.

Some sites have detailed info on the cartridge, even though it went unreleased.