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Sonic X
Sonic X: Satellite Swindle

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Sonic X: Satellite Swindle is the third volume of the Sonic X DVD series released in America. It contains four episodes of the series.

Episode synopses

Satellite Swindle

It's an all-out, outer space battle as Eggman aims to destroy a super-secret snoop satellite. Will Sonic go into orbit in time to save the eye in the sky?

The Last Resort

When Eggman threatens to wreck a relaxing vacation, Sonic speeds to the rescue... but soon it's Sonic who needs rescuing!

Unfair Ball

It's Team Sonic versus Eggman's All-Stars as the whole gang hits the baseball diamond to play for a Chaos Emerald. (You won't know who's winning 'till the final inning!)

Fly Spy

Rouge the Bat gets faked out by a phony Emerald and ends up in Eggman's base... face-to face with a fearsome new foe!




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