Sonic X is an educational game released for the Leapster handheld learning game system. It is based on the Sonic X anime. It is aimed towards children between the ages of five and seven and progress is made primarily through solving mathematical problems such as numerical ordering, addition and subtraction.


The game involves Sonic the Hedgehog and Christopher Thorndyke attempting to rescue their friends (TailsAmy and Knuckles) from Dr. Eggman. The game has three levels (Station Square, Angel Island and Eggman's base), as well as three minigames.


The game plays like a traditional Sonic game and allows players to run around levels and leap platforms. Rings are scattered around the levels which can be collected. Problem solving is also incorporated as there are question marks throughout the level that can only be passed after solving a mathematical equations such as counting, matching numbers, addition and subtraction. There are also occasions where Eggman's Math Robots will pick Sonic up and ask questions about rings, and the pen must be used to answer the questions.



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