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Sonic X Volume 7 is the seventh DVD to be released in Australia containing three episodes of the anime series Sonic X. As with the other Sonic X Volumes, the DVD also comes with a trailer of Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

Episode synopses

"Cruise Blues"

Chris' father, Nelson, tells Sonic and the others they need a break from all the battles that they are fighting with Eggman. They are drained mentally and physically, and offers them a trip on a gorgeous passenger liner.

After their departure, Sonic, who is bored at not having anything to do, pleads with Chuck saying that he wants to return. After finding out that Chuck is unable to help him, Sonic tries everything in his power to get back. None of his plans work out.

"Fast Friends"

The leader of the S-Team (Sam) suddenly comes to Chris' house and challenges Sonic to a race.

The President's aide, who had put him up to it, seems to have set up the race to win popularity for the President. However, Sonic is not at all interested. Sam, who becomes impatient, calls the President's aide, who uses Dr. Eggman to get Sonic to participate in the race.

"Little Chao Lost"

Chris, together with his schoolmates, Cream, Tails and the gang, go on a summer camp to various islands throughout Japan and enjoy themselves. Sonic also comes along, but instead of participating in camp, he goes running around the small islands, sightseeing.

Cheese of the Chao clan loves clean, clear water and is floating along playing in the rapids. He is accidentally carried by the rapids and everyone splits up and searches the surrounding the valley.



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