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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic and Sally (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic and Sally".

[Scene: Robotropolis at dusk]

Bunnie: (coughs and gaggs) Oh, don’t you just love all this fresh air?
Sonic: Yeah, about as much as I love Robuttnik.
Sally: Arm canisters, Nicole.
Nicole: Arming, Sally. Canisters armed.
Bunnie: Yer all loaded, sugar-hog.
Sonic: Good. Let’s synchronize the old watches.

[Put arms together, and their digital watches synch up automatically.]

Sonic: Okay. Meet you at the usual. If anybody’s late, jam back to Knothole. Check?
Sally and Bunnie: Check.
Bunnie: Good luck, y’all.
Sonic and Sally: Let’s do it to it! (do their secret handshake)
Sonic: Must’ve forgot the welcome mat. I’ve got to find another way in.

[Sonic spots a transport flying into a hanger overhead. He takes a pipe and throws it at a security camera, causing the SWATbots guarding it to leave and investigate.]

Sonic: Juice time!

[Sonic immediately dashes up the wall and into the hanger, but stops short to see a couple of cauldrons of molten metal below. Another transport comes in right behind him, pushing the pile of scrap metal in the entrance towards Sonic.]

Sonic: Bad move, hedgehog! Mondo bad move!

[Sonic tries to ride up the pile of scrap as it falls over the ledge and jumps off before falling over himself and hangs onto a crane. It moves and Sonic gets a good look at a SWATbot production line. In a nearby part of the factory, Bunnie rushes in, but gasps when she spots a stealth closing in and ducks.]

SWATbot: Alert! Alert! Organic lifeform detected!
SWATbot: Don’t bother. Substation electricity interferes with heat sensor. Ignore.

[The SWATbots fly off again. Bunnie rips off the casing to the substation and looks at her watch.]

Bunnie: 19... 18... 17...

[The camera pans back to Sonic, who swings to a rope and slides down to solid ground and rushes to a cover to avoid being seen by a robot.]

Sonic: 8.. 7.. 6...
Sally: 5... 4... 3...
Bunnie: 2... 1... 0!

[Bunnie pulls a lever at the substation. The buildings lights go dark and Sonic starts tiptoeing around inside, placing his explosive canisters on the floor.]

Sonic: Ciao!

[Outside, Nicole is displaying a holographic GPS of the factory.]

Sally: Come on, Sonic… Get out of there…

[Stealthbot overhead detects her and starts shooting. Sally runs off. Inside, Sonic is running away while robots shoot at him and try to give chase. He ducks around a corner and they stop when they can no longer see him.]

Sonic: Yo, bot butts! Looks like you could use a shower!

[Overhead, Sonic releases the rope on the crane, dumping a pile of scrap metal onto the robots. Sonic runs off again, dropping another canisster before more lasers start firing at him.]

Sonic: Yikes! Sonic: Uh-oh! This dump is getting crowded!

[Sonic pauses as robots rush at him from both sides. A SWATbot fires a miniature homing missile. He rushes towards the others and jumps straight up in time to dodge the missile. He rushes back again when it turns around. Sonic pulls out a power ring.]

Sonic: Warp time!
Sally: Nicole, prepare for--
SWATbot: Raise your hands, prisoner.

[Scene change: Knothole Village, night. Bunnie flies out of the slide and hit’s the haystack.]

Bunnie: Oowie! I feel like I’ve been dragged through a knothole, so to speak.
Rotor: Hey, did you guys nail the Swatbot factory?
Bunnie: Well, honey, I don’t know. I had to make a very un-ladylike retreat. Thanks, sugar!

[Antoine pulls Bunnie, up, but accidentally takes off her cybernetic arm.]

Bunnie: Gasp! Oh mah stars! I’m just fallin’ apart!
Rotor: Where’s Sonic and Sally? Bunnie: Well, last time I saw, they--
Sonic: CANNONBALL! [Lands in the haystack] That was seismic! Talk about fireworks! Right, Bunnie? …Where’s Sal?
Bunnie: She wasn’t at the meetin’ place, so I came on back!
Sonic: I gotta go back!
Bunnie: Sonic, wait! You need a power ring.

[Scene change: Back in Robotropolis.]

Robotnik: I know the hedgehog will come for you, dear girl. And when he does, I have a surprise.
Snively: Here it is, Doctor Robotnik. Enough memory to duplicate human complexity.
Robotnik: Excellent Snively. Install it.

[Snively places something into the backplate of the robot next to Sally.]

Robotnik: I don’t suppose you’d tell me the location of Knothole?
Sally: Sure I will… when you get a life!

[Robotnik presses some buttons. The robot Snively is working on comes to life.]

Sallybot: [Growl-like garbling noises] When you get a life!

[Sally gasps. A glass tube falls around the robot and Sally panics as circular beams travel along both tubes. The robot is transformed into a perfect duplicate of Sally.]

Sally: Sonic is too smart to be fooled by a robot. Even a good one.
Robotnik: Oh, but we’re not finished, princess. [Press a button, lifts the galss tube and another energy ring falls and surrounds her head, leaving her in a trance] We need to add your sparkling personality.

[Another one encircles the Sallybot's head, who smiles.] [Morning has reached Knothole Village, and Sonic is impatiently waiting with Tails and Rotor at the grotto.]

Sonic: That’s it! I’m outta here!
Rotor: Wait Sonic! You can’t go without a ring.
Sonic: Sal’s in mondo trouble, and I’m going, ring or no ring!
Tails: Sonic! A ring is coming!
Sonic: About time! Tails: I got it! W-WHOOOAH!

[Rotor grabs Tails before he falls in, and Tails puts the ring in Sonic’s backpack.]

Sonic: Gotta juice and cut it loose!

[Sally wakes up in an energy cage. She tries to touch one of the rods of energy surrounding her.]

Sally: [shocked] Ouch!
Robotnik: Oh, cheer up, princess. I’ve sent you a visitor.
Sallybot: Hi! I’m Sally! Don’t get up. I am a princess, but out in the Great Forest, titles are meaningless.

[Sonic is spotted by a camera that sprout out of the ground.]

Sonic: Huh? [Tosses a rock at it.]
Robotnik: Activate all exterior hedgehog traps!
Snively: But I thought you wanted him to get in.
Robotnik: Yes… but we can’t make it too easy.

[Sonic dodges a Stealthbot’s lasers, but gets cornered in an alley. He continues by running up the wall, and the bot crashes. Sonic gets into Robotnik’s headquarters.]

Robotnik: Recall all SWATbots. Let the hedgehog in.
Sonic: Huh! Must be my lucky day! [Rushes down the hall but stops when he sees a video feed.] Sal?

[In the cell block, Sonic slides down the escalator and spots two SWATbots guarding the cell. He opens the glass case holding Sally’s lunch, dumps out the water, and puts close to his mouth.]

Sonic: [Imitating Robotnik] Attention SWATbots! This is Doctor Robotnik! Report to the war room immediately! [Bots leave] Yo Sal! We’re gonna blow this pop stand! [Disguising agin] Open cell number 54.
Security panel: Voice print approved. Handprint necessary for certification.
Sonic: [Disguised] Open up this cell or I’ll rip out your electronic brain!
Security panel: Certification unnecessary. You are Robotnik.

[Sallybot hugs Sonic and they run off.]

Robotnik: Ahhh, true love. Hurry home, little hedgehog. Hurry home…
Sonic: Hang tight, Sal. Clear juicing’ ahead. [Duck into an old store front and wait. A Stealthbot passes by] You okay?
Sallybot: Fine. [Scoots up next to him and takes his arm.] Coming back to rescue me was very brave, Sonic.
Sonic: [Gets up] Hey, no biggie. It’s in the hero’s job description.

[Fake Sally kisses him on the cheek, before they leave. A Stealthbot follows them.]

Sonic: Hang on, Sal. Time to light it up!
Robotnik: Yes, hedgehog! The faster, the better!
Snively: Ready to roboticize, sir.
Robotnik: Activate! Tomorrow, Knothole will be a wasteland, and all the Freedom Fighters my loyal servants! …What is this? Snively!
Snively: The system’s overloading sir! I’d better turn off the--[smoke appears at the console, Snively coughs] The video is gone, sir!
Sonic: [On the audio] Here we are, Sal. Home sweet Knothole!
Robotnik: The communication system works. We can still monitor his every move.
Knothole residents: All right, Sonic! Good job!
Tails: I missed you, Sally!
Sallybot: Tails! [kisses him twice on the cheek] I’ve missed you too!
Tails: How come you didn’t do the funny kiss?
Sallybot: [Confused briefly] Oh. The funny kiss. Right. Of course! [Kisses him on the forehead]
Tails: Nuh-uh! Not that one! On my nose!
Sally: Oh! That funny kiss!

[Sallybot kisses Tails on the nose, and Tails giggles. Later that night, Tails is tucked into bed and Sallybot walks in.]

Sallybot: Tails! It’s story time.
Tails: Cool! You read stories really neat-o Sally.
Sallybot: “Once upon a time, there was a giant, and he was a--”
Tails: Nun-uh! Remember last night? We started that one! You know? The one about the princess and the meanie witch! There’s where we left off!
Sallybot: Oh, yeah! Now I remember. “So my pretty, you can’t escape--”
Tails: No, no! That’s not the witch! [mimicking the wicked witch of the west] “So, my pretty… You can’t escape!”
Sallybot: Uh, [Clears throat] it’s kinda late, Tails. It’s time to go to sleep. Good night.
Bunnie: [Screwing her arm on] So then, my doggone arm just fell off, and I was so humiliated I just about popped a bolt!
Sonic: Bad news! I just heard the SWATbot factory is still online! Sal? What happened?
Sallybot: Um… The bots caught me before I could detonate!
Sonic: We gotta go back! We meet in the morning’ and plan it out!

[Scene switches to Sally’s cell.]

Sonic: This time, we level the sucker!
Robotnik: Perfect! Yee heh heh hah hah hah hah ha ha!

[Tails wakes from his sleep and looks out his window. He spots Sallybot putting down a rake, and ducks under his window sill when red lights come out of her eyes to scope out the area.]

Tails: That’s not Sally. [Hides under his sheets]
Bunnie: Sally! Wake up, sugah!
Sallybot: [Gasps] Bunnie? What’s wrong?

[Scene shifts to a dead carrot patch.]

Bunnie: What the heck happened?
Sallybot: I-I don’t know! This is terrible!

[Sallybot pulls up another dead carrot and seems to be angry. Tails suspiciously strokes his chin. Scene shifts to a bridge leading out of thee village.]

Tails: Sonic! Wait for me!
Sonic: Yo, big guy! What’s up?
Tails: Sonic, I gotta tell you something… It’s a secret.
Sonic: Later, Sal. Man talk. Okay, bud. Make it quick. We’ve got a SWATbot factory to bake.
Tails: That’s not Sally!
Sonic: What?
Tails: She didn’t give me the funny kiss, didn’t know what story to read, didn’t even do the scary witch voice!
Sonic: Tails, Sal had a seriously hard time yesterday. She’s stressin’.
Tails: Nuh-uh. I saw lights shining from her eyes, then she went outside and talked to herself. And her eyes turned all red and yucky!
Sonic: Hey, little bud. You must’ve had one bad monster dream. We’ll talk about it later, okay? I gotta juice.

[Scene swtiches.]

Sonic: They’re coming back! Get ready! [Ties a rope around a rock and throws grappling hooks back to his team]
Rotor: Incoming!

[Sonic, Rotor and Bunnie throw their hooks at the Stealthbot, pulls off the engine and crashes it]

Sonic: Way to go, guys! [High fives the others] All right, Sal!

[Sally’s attempt at a high five knocks him halfway across the room]

Sonic: Yo Sal, what’d you put in the old cereal this morning?
Rotor: Well, that’s our third close one tonight! Come on, we gotta move it!

[They get up and get moving, but now Sonic is suspicious. Later on, Sonic and Rotor hide from snother passing bot.]

Rotor: Sonic, this is too weird. It’s like the SWATbots know our every move before we make it!
Sonic: Yeah… The old butt-bots seem sharper than normal… Okay, guys. We’re ready. Let’s do it to it!
Sallybot: Uh… Right! [Fails to follow with the secret handshake]
Sonic: Come on, Sal! You forgot the last part!
Sallybot: Oh, yeah…
Sonic: Tails was right! You’re NOT Sally! Who are you? [Sallybot hits him and runs off] Hey! [Sallybot shoots a laser and blows up the wall to escape] Whoa! [Sallybot shoots lasers at Sonic and runs towards an old parking garage, where she squirts a tan goo from her fingertip onto the floor; Sonic gets stuck in it] Whoa! Nng! Nnnng! Mega Muck!
Sallybot: Say good night, hedgehog!
Bunnie: Ee-yah! [Hits Sallybot in the back with an aerial kick. She then pulls Sonic out of the muck.] There ya go, Sugar-hog!
Sonic: I owe ya one, Bunnie! [Sees Sallybot run off] I gotta juice!

[Sonic pulls out his ring and circles around Sallybot, until the robot’s head starts spinning and the static makes it short circuit and go limp]

Rotor: Boy, Robotnik is good! She fooled everybody!
Sonic: Except Tails.
Bunnie: But if that’s not Sally, where the heck is she?
Sonic: I don’t know, but I bet this robot can tell us.
Snively: It’s ready, sir.
Robotnik: Well, princess, since the hedgehog destroyed my robot, I’ll make a new improved model!
Sallybot: …And the bot factory is guarded by 20 security bots and hover units.
Sonic: What about the princess?!
Sally: She is now being roboticized.
Sonic: What?! I’m juicing’!
'Rotor: Sonic, wait a sec! [Tightens a bolt with his wrench, then seals up the casing on the robot‘s back] Surprise for iron-lips.
Sonic: You do the factory, I’ll get Sal. Catch ya later.

[Sonic grabs Sallybot and runs off. Meanwhile, the glass tube nearly drops down around Sally again, but the lights flicker and the gears jam.]

Robotnik: Ooh, now what?!

[Sonic reaches an air vent and tries unsuccessfully to pull open the cover. He then pulls Sallybot to her feet.]

Sonic: Torch it!

[Sallybot fires the laser at the rims, cutting it open slowly. Rotor tosses a can in front of a stealth, which lands, and a SWAtbot steps out to investigate. Bunnie trows a grappling hook around the bot’s legs and it falls. They enter the cockpit.]

Bunnie: Let’s do it, sugar!
Snively: Ready, Doctor Robotnik.

[A laser cuts off a vent cover inside the chamber.]

Robotnik: Activate. Bye-bye princess. [An explosion causes another power failure. In the hijacked hover pod, Rotor drops a grenade out his window into the garbage transport, causing another explosion] Noo! [He has the system scan the hovrer unit] Infiltrators detected! All units attack!

[Sonic pulls a hydraulic tube, filling the roboticizer room with steam. Snively walks off to fix it, and Sally is happy to see Sonic run up with the fake. Sally breathes a sigh of relief as Sonic lifts the glass a bit and unshackles her.]

Sonic: How ya doin’ Sal?
Sally: Fine, thanks to you!

[Sonic carries Sallybot and puts her in the seat where Sally originally was.]

Sonic: Let’s cruise. I don’t like the company here. [They run off, and Sally shuts the door behind them.] Past cool!

[Snively returns and activates the roboticizer, and Sallybot start shaking uncontrollably.]

Robotnik: No! This can’t be!
Sonic: [On security feed] You were close, Robuttnik, but close only counts in bull shoes.
Sally: Have a dreadful day.

[Sonic uses the ring and runs off.]

Snively: The princess is roboticized sir, but there seems to be some glitches.

[The Fake Sally marches up, with her hair and fur all messed up, and arm raised.]

Robotnik: You fool! Get out of there, before I-- [The screen is shot off, and the robot shoots everything in the room] No…

[Knothole villagers are carrying Sonic and his friends across the bridge.]

Sonic: Thanks for saving my life tonight, Bunnie.
Bunnie: Sometimes a metal body comes in handy. But I still have something a robots’ never have: a mind and a heart o’ my own.
Sally: Hi, Tails. …It’s really me. Honest. …Come ‘ere, you. [Kisses him on both cheeks and the nose]
Tails: Sally! It’s really you!
Sally: “That it is, my pretty!”
Sonic: Hold it, Tails! I’m still not sure that’s the real Sal.
Sally: Oh, really? Then I guess I’ll have to prove it! [Kisses him on the cheek] Well?
Sonic: She’s a fake! C’mon, Tails, we gotta juice!
Tails: All right!
Sally: I’ll show you fake, Sonic Hedgehog!

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