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This is a script of the cutscenes from the storyline of Sonic and the Black Knight.


[A sunny sky is shown clouding over. A raven pecks at a skull, then flies away, leaving a feather behind. In the distance, Merlina the Wizard is seen running down a dirt road. In the sky, not far behind her, is The Black Knight, pursuing her on his horse. He draws his sword, Deathcalibur, and races ahead, slicing through the sky. From the dark slice pours a swarm of Knights of the Underworld, cutting off Merlina. With the knights in front and the Black Knight behind, Merlina has nowhere to go. Merlina slams her staff into the ground, which starts glowing.]

Merlina: Ifaras zaras yezaras... Ifaris zaris yezarik... O brave knight, swift as the wind! Heed my call!

[A blue surge of energy shoots into the sky, opening a hole in the clouds. Through that hole, Sonic comes falling through, followed by two chili dogs.]

Sonic: Woaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

[Sonic slams into the ground facefirst. He quickly picks himself up, then runs over to catch the first chili dog. He then runs the opposite way, and makes a diving catch to save the second one from hitting the ground. He then realizes he's somewhere else.]

Sonic: Hey, where am I?
Merlina: [runs up to Sonic] Being from a distant world! Forgive my abrupt summons!

[Sonic now sees the Knights of the Underworld and the Black Knight. Sonic eats one of his chili dogs, then starts tossing and spinning the other.]

Sonic: Oh, I get it! No problem! I'm used to stuff like this!

[Sonic tosses the other chili dog into the air, then runs off. Seconds later, he races back, blasting through the Knights of the Underworld. He skids to a stop, and reaches out his hand, which the previously thrown chili dog lands in. He then prepares to face off with the Black Knight.]

Merlina: No, you mustn't!

[Merlina manages to catch Sonic's hand, leaving him running in place. Merlina pulls Sonic back, causing both of them to crash to the ground, Sonic dropping the other chili dog. Merlina quickly stands up and conjures a whirlwind around them with her staff. Sonic reaches for the dropped chili dog.]

Sonic: Nooooooooo!

[When the whirlwind fades, Sonic and Merlina are gone. The Black Knight sheathes Deathcalibur, and rides off, stopping by a cliff where Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, and Sir Percival are. The three knights kneel.]

Black Knight: I shall give chase. Spread out and go after them. Slay them on sight.

[The kneeling knights nod. The Black Knight rides off.]

Percival: Let's go.
Gawain: Must we? She is the Royal Wizard after all!
Lancelot: The King's orders are absolute, Gawain.
Gawain: Yes, but...!
Percival: Without loyalty to the King, we are nothing.

[Lancelot walks off.]

Percival: Still, the King... he has changed. And this kingdom...

[Percival and Gawain walk off. The camera pans up to show the ruined kingdom. Three ravens fly into the distance.]

Scene 1

[Merlina and Sonic are walking together.]

Sonic: Why'd you stop me? I could've taken him down, no problem!
Merlina: You do not understand. He cannot be wounded.
Sonic: [looks at Merlina] How can that be?

[The scene changes to show the Scabbard of Excalibur.]

Merlina: [offscreen] He bears the scabbard of Excalibur.
Sonic: [cut-in] Hey, wait a second... I think I've heard that name before. Ummm... Lemme see...
Merlina: [cut-in] Excalibur is King Arthur's sword.
Sonic: Oh, yeah, right! So that means...
Merlina: [as the background changes to a map of the World of Camelot] This is the land ruled by King Arthur.
Sonic: Whoa! But was that really the King himself? I mean, he seemed way different in the stories.
Merlina: Let us go. We can talk along the way. Let me introduce myself. I am Merlina the Wizard.
Sonic: I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.

Scene 2

[Merlina and Sonic are walking by a lake.]

Merlina: He was once a wise and just ruler. He was blessed with noble knights and praised by all. However...
Sonic: ...He got a little sidetracked?

[The scene changes to show the Scabbard of Excalibur with the map at the background.

Merlina: [offscreen] Yes. Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, gave him Excalibur. [King Arthur appears with a dark aura.] He was bewitched by the power of immortality its scabbard bestowed. [The Scabbard of Excalibur emits a golden aura and creatures from the underworld appear behind King Arthur.] He became inmortal, summoning legions from the underworld. He is plunging his kingdom into a world of horror and chaos.
Sonic: [offscreen] You mean like a big ol' monster house? Ha ha! This'll be cool! It'll be like Halloween all year long!

[The scene changes back to Merlina and Sonic.]

Merlina: Maybe so, but I fear there will be nobody left to enjoy it. We must act now.
Sonic: You mean take out King Arthur? What about the inmortal thing?
Merlina: [Points her staff to a direction and Sonic looks at the distance] Beyond this misty lake sleeps a sacred sword. With that sword--

[The scene changes to Sonic prepared to get the sacred sword.]

Sonic: Yeah yeah, I'll go get it. Be back in a flash!
Merlina: [offscreen] Wait! Sonic! [Puts a gauntlet on Sonic's right hand and he whistles.] Good luck. [Sonic winks at her and leaves]

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