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This is a script of the cutscenes in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Sonic's House

[The story starts with Sonic, in his house, sleeping in his bed, with a book on his face]

Sonic: ZZZ...
Shahra: [Quietly] Um...
Sonic: ZZZ...
Shahra: Hmph! Hey, wake up!

[Sonic finally hears the voice and wakes up. He lifts the book off his face]

Sonic: Yaaaaawwn! Boy, is it that late already? What time is it? [Sonic reaches for his clock to check the time, but instead there is a giant ring in its place. He picks it up] Huh?!

[A ghostly mist forms from the ring and Shahra appears]

Shahra: You are the blue hedgehog.
Sonic: [Screams in surprise] Ahh... what the...!
Shahra: Do not be alarmed! I am Shahra, the Genie of the Ring. [shows him a book] know, like "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp"...?
Sonic: Don't think I've read that.
Shahra: [Surprised] What? You've got to be kidding me! It's the best story of all the Arabian Nights! Or at least the 2nd best. But that's besides the point. Please. Look at this!

[Sonic looks in the book to see a blank page.]

Sonic: Hey, the page is blank! [Quickly flipping through the book]
Shahra: Our world... The world of the Arabian Nights is vanishing.
Sonic: [Confused] Vanishing? But how?
Shahra: This is the work of an incredibly evil spirit... the Erazor Djinn.
Sonic: [Even more confused] Erazor... Djinn?
Shaha: Yes. He used his evil magic to become even more powerful. He could not bear to simply remain in the book any longer. And so he has begun to set the inscriptions free, absorbing the power of the book itself.
Sonic: The power of the book?
Shahra: If our world ceases to exist, then not only will those stories be silenced forever, but the Erazor Djinn will be released into your world.

[Sonic's shadow is on the the wall, but hen soon turns into the shadow of the Erazor Djinn]

Sonic: That definitely sounds like trouble. But, what do you want me to do?
Shahra: I want you to stop him... You must stop the Erazor Djinn. Only you, the blue hedgehog, can do it.
Sonic: Hmm. So, this guy needs someone to put him in his place, does he? I suppose I can help out with that. It might even be fun. But... this is all something out of a storybook, right? How am I supposed to do anything about that?
Shahra: That's easy. You are my master, having called forth the Genie of the Ring. As such, I am able to grant your wishes. Simple wishes, at any rate. Bringing you into the world of the Arabian Nights is within my power.
Sonic: What?! Inside that book?

[Shahra transforms into a ring]

Shahra: Now, please, place the ring on your finger.
Sonic: [Puts ring on finger] Like this?

[The power of the ring pinches his finger]

Sonic: OUCH! Hey, take it easy!
Shahra: My apologies, o Master. But now, the contract has been sealed.
Sonic: Contract?
Shahra: Yes. As master of the ring, I am now bound to protect you. Now, rub the ring.
Sonic: [Rubs the ring] Like... like this?

[Smoke appears. After it vanishes, Shahra appears]

Shahra: "O Master of the ring, what is thy wish?"
Sonic: [Sneezes] Achoo! Achoo! How about a handkerchief for starters! Make that a few!

[A big pile of handkechiefs fall,Sonic gets buried in them, with his head sticking out]

Sonic: Thanks! You're a lifesaver! You see, I caught this cold, yesterday, and...
Shahra: Please, be serious!!
Sonic: Okay, okay! Thanks for the hankies, though.
Shahra: Oh, please, someone tell me this isn't really happening...
Sonic: Alright... let's go! Take me to this world of the Arabian Nights!
Shahra: As you wish, Master!
Sonic: Quit it, will you! My name's Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!
Shahra: Very well, then, Sonic... the Legendary Hedgehog. Here we go! Into the world of the Arabian Nights! SONIC: OK!

[Shahra makes a magic carpet appear. Sonic boards it]

Sonic: Now THIS is first-class! Here we go!!

[Sonic and Shahra fly into the book and it shuts]

Lost Prologue