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Sonic the Comic #100
Publication details
Issue 100

1 April 1997

Publishing company

Egmont Fleetway Ltd

Cover price


Free gift


Production staff
Cover artist

Richard Elson/John Burns

Sonic the Comic #100 is the hundredth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway. It was a watershed moment for the series, containing a single 22-page, multi-character story instead of four separate stories, and marking the end of Doctor Robotnik's dictatorship of Mobius, which had been in place since Sonic the Comic #9.

The idea of such a turning point was created by Nigel Kitching, who pushed for a special issue to shake up the status quo and even prepared a document to sell the idea to his editor, Deborah Tate. Kitching ended up writing the first two parts of the story (and drawing the fourth), while fellow regular writer Lew Stringer wrote parts three and four.[1][2]


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Final Victory, Part 1"


In the Special Zone, Sonic, Chaotix, and Lord Sidewinder and his gang watch the Black Asteroid explode in the skies of Mobius through the viewing screen of the Omni-Viewer. Omni has just teleported the Black Asteroid to Mobius on the orders of Sonic, who realised that the electromagnetic pulse the explosion creates should knock out all of the computerised systems on the planet... which nearly all belong to Doctor Robotnik! But now that the Black Asteroid has exploded, Super Sonic will be free, so Sonic has Omni teleport him to Mobius too, leaving Chaotix to take care of Sidewinder's gang.

In the Metropolis Zone, citizens flee in terror from the explosion in the sky. Far above, Super Sonic breaks free and vows to destroy everything! On the surface, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot have been cornered by Vermin the Cybernik and a group of Newtrons when they all see the explosion too. Suddenly, all the Badniks fall apart, and Amy wonders if the same thing has happened all over the city. Vermin's systems have shut down too, and he sneaks away before the good guys come after him. Sonic appears through the Omni-Viewer, wanting to know where Super Sonic is.

On the Floating Island, Robotnik's biological computer is crashing and the Emerald Hill Folk are allowed to escape. Robotnik wonders what could have caused it, while Knuckles decides to use the opportunity to rescue the Emerald Hill Folk.

Back in Metropolis City, Super Sonic catches up with the Freedom Fighters, crashing into them. Super then plays with his victims, pretending to let them live unleashing a barrage of eye blasts. However, just when Super Sonic prepares to actually kill Sonic, his eye blast fizzles out, becoming so weak that it causes no damage. Super Sonic realises that he is losing energy and can't stop it, and runs away. Omni explains the blast has changed Super Sonic somehow, and he can no longer store energy. Sonic doesn't care what happened, as long as Super Sonic is no longer a threat, and leaps into Omni to check on the Emerald Hill Folk on the Floating Island, while the citizens of Mobius celebrate their freedom.




  • In this part, the Guardian Robots on the Floating Island are shown lying face down, presumably because artist Richard Elson expected them to be knocked offline by the electromagnetic pulse. In "The Final Victory, Part 2" (below), it is revealed that the Robots themselves are unaffected by the pulse as they are ancient technology.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #217.

Knuckles - "The Final Victory, Part 2"


On the Floating Island, Doctor Robotnik realises that the explosion must have caused an electromagnetic pulse which knocked out his biological computer. He suddenly panics about the damage such a pulse will have cause on Mobius, and tells Doctor Zachary that the ancient technology of the Guardian Robots (like the Floating Island itself) cannot be affected by the pulse. But when Zachary orders the Robots to attack Knuckles, they don't move. Zachary realises that while the Robots are unaffected, the modern software he used to control them has been wiped out.

Instead, Zachary himself leaps at Knuckles and attacks him with the arm cannon that Robotnik gave him. The fight moves outside, where Sonic arrives in the Omni-Viewer to lend a hand. Sonic charges at Zachary, knocking him down and damaging his arm cannon, but Knuckles says that he had everything under control. Sonic and Knuckles argue for a moment about whether Sonic's help was really needed, before Sonic points out that Zachary is getting away. Knuckles slams a fist into the ground, opening a fissure under Zachary's feet, which he falls into. Sonic grudgingly admits that the move wasn't bad.

Just then, Porker Lewis and the Emerald Hill Folk emerge from the building, having captured Robotnik! Robotnik demands to know how Sonic caused the explosion that saved the Emerald Hill Folk, but Sonic doesn't have to tell him anything. Robotnik's order-giving days are over!



  • The electromagnetic pulse knocks out the modern software that Doctor Zachary had been using to control the Guardian Robots since some time before Sonic the Comic #97, "Victims, Part 1". He mentioned that he used such software in Sonic the Comic #99, "Victims, Part 3". The Robots will reboot, free of Zachary's control, in Sonic the Comic #101, "Loose Ends".
  • Doctor Zachary is knocked into a chasm. In Sonic the Comic #101, "Loose Ends", it is revealed that Doctor Zachary has escaped by tunnelling deeper into the Floating Island. Doctor Zachary does not appear again during the run of Sonic the Comic.
  • Doctor Robotnik is captured, effectively ending his rule of Mobius which has been in place since Sonic the Comic #9, "Back to Reality".


Doctor Robotnik - "The Final Victory, Part 3"


Having travelled back to Mobius using the Omni-Viewer, Sonic parades the captured Doctor Robotnik through the streets of the Metropolis Zone, much to the delight and awe of the citizens. Elsewhere, a bewildered Super Sonic wanders around powerless and confused. He encounters a friendly old lady (Madge), who takes him in when he reveals he cannot remember who he is.

Meanwhile, Sonic leads Robotnik to a courthouse and says that Robotnik will be locked up for a long time. Suddenly, Grimer arrives on a giant, antique robot. A nearby professor says it was taken from the Museum of Mobian Machinery, and that the electromagnetic pulse didn't affect it because it is steam-powered. Grimer rescues Robotnik and sets the machine to attack the Freedom Fighters and the crowd while Grimer and Robotnik escape. Sonic destroys the machine with a Spin Attack, much to the dismay of the professor, but the bad guys have escaped and if they get their technology back on line, Mobius is finished!



  • Super Sonic is revealed to have lost his memory, in addition to losing his powers in "The Final Victory, Part 1". He is taken in by an old woman named Madge, and is seen still staying with Madge and her husband Arthur in Sonic the Comic #102, "What Ever Happened to Super Sonic?".


Sonic's World - "The Final Victory, Part 4"


The Freedom Fighters search the streets of the Metropolis Zone for the escaped villains. There's no sign of Robotnik or Grimer, but Tails has managed to captured Vermin the Cybernik, whose powers were knocked out by the electromagnetic pulse. The Freedom Fighters guessed that Robotnik would try to return to Citadel Robotnik, so they posted sentries at every entrance... suddenly Sonic realises that could have got back through the sewers, and he runs back to the Citadel to head them off.

In the Emergency Generator Room beneath Citadel Robotnik, Grimer attempts to manually power the generators. Just then, Sonic smashes in through a wall, kicks Grimer out of the way and winds up the turbines himself. The Citadel's systems start to come on-line, and Robotnik believes that Sonic doesn't realise that he's really helping the old dictator. But Sonic knows exactly what he's doing: he's charging up the generators so fast that he's causing the power core to overload! Robotnik and Grimer dive back into the sewers moments before the entire Citadel explodes!

Sonic announces to the assembled crowd of citizens that Robotnik's reign is over and that they are finally free. He declares the day to be V.R. Day (Victory over Robotnik) and the celebrations begin.

On the edge of the city, Grimer and Robotnik emerge from the sewers, still covered in slime. Grimer is ready to give up, but Robotnik calls that loser talk. This isn't the end! Robotnik wants revenge! He'll make everyone regret this day for the rest of their lives!




Other features


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