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Sonic the Comic #106 is the one hundred sixth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Flickies' Island, Part 3"


Sonic and Tails came to Flickies' Island to find out what was happening to the Flickies, only to find out that Doctor Robotnik was turning them into Badniks! And now Robotnik has captured Tails!

But before Robotnik can imprison Sonic, an alien in green power armour materialises through the Mobius Ring, introducing himself as a Prosecutor for the eternal Drakon Empire. The Prosecutor demands to know who discovered the secrets of the Mobius Ring. Sonic decides to take advantage of the distraction to destroy the Badniks holding Tails, freeing him. The Prosecutor orders everyone to remain motionless, but Sonic is intent on attacking Robotnik... but when the Prosecutor uses its staff weapon to increase the gravitational field in the room, Sonic, Tails and Robotnik are all slammed to the ground.

Again, the Prosecutor demands to know who discovered the secret of the Mobius Ring. When Sonic asks what the 'Mobius Ring' is, the Prosecutor explains that the Drakon Empire had an outpost on Mobius thousands of years ago. They eventually lost interest in the primitive inhabitants of the planet and departed, but they left behind the Mobius Ring, knowing that the Mobians would one days become advanced enough to understand it, and that on that day they might pose a threat to the Drakon Empire. Sonic says that the Mobians are peace loving, "except for old walrus chops there!" The Prosecutor therefore lifts Robotnik off the ground, to take him to the Drakon Empire for interrogation! Despite Robotnik's protests that he's innocent, the Prosecutor is unmoved. "The interrogation will reveal the truth - the Drakon are very thorough!"

With the gravitational field returned to normal, Sonic charges at the Prosecutor. Robotnik is wanted for crimes on Mobius, and they take care of their own problems. He Spin Attacks the Prosecutor in the back (who admits he's never seen such speed before), and electrocutes Sonic with a hidden weapon. However, the Prosecutor's energy levels are low, and he quickly takes Robotnik through the Mobius Ring, which immediately stops working. There's no way Sonic and Tails can follow them.

Sonic is worried about the Drakon Empire, particularly the stuff about Mobius being a threat. Tails notices that a chunk has fallen off the Prosecutor's armour. Sonic says the face on the armour looks familiar, but he can't remember where he's seen it. Tails asks if they've seen the last of Robotnik, and while Sonic would like to think so, he doesn't like to commit. "Come on," he says instead, "let's get out of here!"




  • Robotnik was deposed in Sonic the Comic #100, "The Final Victory".
  • This story marks the first mention of the Drakon Empire, who will become recurring antagonists in Sonic the Comic. They next appear in Sonic the Comic #109, "The Evil Empire, Part 2".
  • Robotnik is taken away by the Drakon Prosecutor and the Mobius Ring is shut down in this issue. Robotnik will return, having gained control of a new Mobius Ring, in Sonic the Comic #108, "The Evil Empire, Part 1".
  • After Robotnik disappears, Grimer can be seen hiding behind a pillar in the ruin. Grimer next appears, reunited with Robotnik, in Sonic the Comic #108, "The Evil Empire, Part 1".
  • Sonic says he recognises the face on the Prosecutor's armour. The face is that of the Sentinel from Sonic the Comic #29, "The Sentinel". However, the editorial comment does not specify the issue, merely telling any long-time readers that recognise the face to "give yourselves a pat on the back!"


Captain Plunder - "Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens, Part 4"


After some persuasion, Krakiota, the sea serpent, has revealed the location of the Akotek Treasure to Captain Plunder. Accompanied by Queen Zorabel and her daughters, the Spice Maidens, Plunder lands on the treasure's island to begin the search. Plunder worries that the treasure will be hard to dig up, but Zorabel points out that the treasure isn't buried. It's the lost treasure of King Akotek, and it's sealed with his body in his tomb. Plunder is initially uncomfortable about being a tomb robber, but he changes his mind when Pepper says King Akotek was one of the wealthiest rulers in history.

However, Filch is slightly skeptical. He wonders why Zorabel would need Plunder and his crew when she has her daughters to help, and he recognises King Akotek's name from a book back on the ship. Plunder sends him back to the ship to do some research.

The pirates arrive at Akotek's tomb. Fearing it may be guarded by all kinds of booby traps, Plunder kicks Simpson into the tomb as an unwilling trap detector. He emerges, impaled by several arrows, throwing stars and a dagger. "Well be there any booby traps?" asks Plunder. Plunder proceeds to the tomb's door, leading Simpson to wonder how they knew he was faking. "We didn't," says Zorabel, "it's just that nobody cares!"

The seal on the tomb is still intact, and Cinnamon gives Plunder the "honour" of breaking it and opening the door, which he does. A moment too late, Filch charges back screaming not to break the seal. He tells Plunder that whoever breaks the seal will be cursed for all eternity - that's why Zorabel brought Plunder along in the first place. Plunder says there's no such thing as a curse... until the giant statue in the tomb comes to life, pointing at Plunder and telling him to "suffer the curse of Akotek!"




See also

Sonic's World - "Out of Work Hero"


The Freedom Fighters (Amy, Johnny and Tekno) have been summoned to the Lava Loch Zone to examine a strange lump of rock that has appeared on the shore of the lava lake overnight. Stranger still, Tekno's device detects a heartbeat from inside the solidified lava. Suddenly, the lump of rock starts shaking and breaks apart revealing Shortfuse the Cybernik trapped inside!

Shortfuse explains that a few months earlier, he had been flying over the Lava Loch when his armour's power cut out and he fell into the boiling sea. He managed to survive thanks to his invincible armour and reserve life-support systems. When his power returned, he crawled to the shore, where the lava solidified around him.

Now that he's free, Tekno says that his power failure must have been caused by the electromagnetic pulse that wiped out all the Badniks when Robotnik was defeated. Shortfuse is shocked that they beat Robotnik - he wanted to do that! He wanted revenge on Robotnik for trapping him in the armour forever. The others say he is too intense, and suggest he gets a proper job, and he says he'll do just that.

Unfortunately, he doesn't find ordinary jobs easy to handle. He tries selling double glazing, but breaks the glass with his super strength. He tried cooking fast food, but gets impatient and burns the burgers to a crisp with his laser blaster. And when he tries advertising Wax And Go armour polish, he throws his prop can in the face of the overbearing director. As he flies off, he realises he's not cut out to be anything but a warrior Cybernik.

Suddenly, a portal to another dimension opens up in the air in front on him. An alien soldier on the other side begs the help of Mobius' greatest champion, Sonic the Hedgehog. They need a hero to lead the defence of their world against powerful aliens, and the temporary gateway will only last a few more seconds. Sonic's not around, but moments before the gateway closes, Shortfuse flies through.

Days later, while the Freedom Fighters head out for a picnic, Tekno wonders what became of Shortfuse. Amy reassures her that he's out there being the true hero he always wanted to be... and across the galaxy, he's doing just that!




  • Shortfuse parted ways with the Freedom Fighters in Sonic the Comic #97, "Boiling Point", and has not been seen since.
  • The electromagnetic pulse knocked out all computerised systems on Mobius and Robotnik was deposed in Sonic the Comic #100, "The Final Victory". (In this issue, Shortfuse even references the name of that story by insisting "The final victory should have been mine!")
  • It is mentioned that the gang do not yet know that Robotnik is up to no good on Flickies' Island, meaning that this story takes place some time before Sonic and Tails return home after this events of "Flickies' Island, Part 3" in this issue.
  • Shortfuse travels into space to help an alien race. In "Space Out", from Sonic the Comic #111 to #113, Shortfuse reappears and it is revealed that these aliens are the Insectra Empire, who are locked in a pointless ten thousand-year-old war with the Blurrgh.


  • Amy wears two outfits in this story. The first is a black T-shirt with a yellow smiley design, and a plaid skirt. The second has a yellow T-shirt with a red ankh design, and purple cargo trousers.
  • The 'Next issue' box at the end of this story mentions Sonic in the "Zero Zone". However, "Zero Zone" is published in this issue.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #222.

Double Sonic - "Zero Zone, Part 1"


While investigating reports of missing people, Sonic encounters a strange energy in mid-air, which sucks him in despite his super-grip sneakers. He suddenly finds himself in a peaceful country village with tidy gardens, where he is greeted by five Mobians in identical yellow blazers, each with a number on his chest (from 2 to 6). They welcome him to Perfection, his "new home" and try to give him a fitted yellow blazer of his own, as it is the uniform of the Zone. When he refuses to wear it, they insist that he must conform to their rules, as they have no time for people who think for themselves.

Sonic tries to escape, but a marble statue shoots laser beam eyes at him. He destroys it, and demands that the others tell him who is in charge. "I want names!" They respond that names are forbidden, and they are now each referred to by number (Citizen Two through Citizen Six), and that Sonic will be called Citizen Seven. Sonic comes to realise that these are the missing people he has been looking for, and that they have all been brainwashed. He demands to know who is Citizen One, suspecting for a moment that it is Doctor Robotnik, but they nervously reply that such information is classified.

Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Sonic heads for the largest building in the town, but he finds his way blocked by a bouncing pink balloon. The others are scared of this "Guardian", but Sonic scoffs (after all, he's beaten fifty foot robots) and Spin Attacks it. The balloon bursts, but Sonic finds himself trapped in the pink adhesive substance from which the balloon was made (which Sonic mockingly calls "bubble gum). Before he can escape, the ground itself forms itself into a fist and knocks him out. A disembodied voice belonging to Citizen One orders that Sonic be brought inside for brainwashing.

A short while later, Sonic wakes up... but now he believes the Zone of Perfection is his home, and he calls himself Citizen Seven! Now he is one of them!



  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Citizen One (First appearance)
  • Citizen Two (badger) (First appearance)
  • Citizen Three (dog) (First appearance)
  • Citizen Four (dog) (First appearance)
  • Citizen Five (sheep) (First appearance)
  • Citizen Six (cat) (First appearance)


  • Sonic appears to be brainwashed at the end of this issue, but in Sonic the Comic #107, "Zero Zone, Part 2", he reveals that this is a ruse to find out more about Citizen One.


  • The plot of "Zero Zone" is based on the 1960s TV series The Prisoner. In this series, a secret agent finds himself captive in an isolated location called the Village, where everyone is referred to by number not by name, and the chief administrator is known as Number Two (his boss, Number One, is never seen directly). The pink balloon Guardian in "Zero Zone" is based on Rover from the TV series.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #208.

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