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Sonic the Comic #107 is the one hundred seventh issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Bravehog"


Sonic rescues a hooded figure from some Badniks. The figure asks why Sonic risks his life to save people, and Sonic tells him that "It's in the blood!" Sonic proceeds to tell the legend of Bravehog.

It begins 600 years ago, when the people of Mobius lived in separate tribes according to their species. At that time, the land was ruled by the evil King Leer, a hyena who enjoyed conquering smaller tribes and burning down villages. The smaller tribes were reluctant to help other tribes, and thus they were easily defeated. The only rebel willing to stand up to King Leer was Bravehog, leader of the Hedgehog Tribe (and Sonic's ancestor), who wanted the tribes to unite against the hyenas. However, Bravehog was unable to convince his own people that this was a good idea, so he set out to set an example by himself.

Meanwhile, King Leer announced several oppressive laws, but when he was questioned by a dog he decided to wipe out the dog's cousins, the Fox Tribe. During the attack, Bravehog intervened, calling on the foxes to stand with him, but they refused and he was captured. King Leer soon arrived and decided to shave off Bravehog's spines as a demonstration of his power, but Bravehog asked what kind of power Leer had if he sent a dozen hyenas to captured one hedgehog. The other tribes realised that King Leer was just a bully and fought back. The tribes were united under Bravehog and inspired by his battle-cry ("Clear off!"), and from then on all the people of Mobius lived together.

With Sonic's tale concluded, the hooded figure says that Bravehog was a cool character. He says Sonic is rightly proud of his heritage but, pulling back his hood to reveal himself as a hyena, regrets that he cannot say the same of his own. Sonic consoles him by saying "It's not your fault your ancestors were deadheads!" The hyena sighs that Bravehog must be the coolest hedgehog ever, leading Sonic to say "Well, he was until I came along!"



  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Fleeing hyena (Only appearance)
  • Badniks
  • Two green Flickies
  • Bravehog (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • King Leer (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • Ancient Hedgehog Tribe (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • Ancient Hyena Tribe (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • Ancient Badger Tribe (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • Ancient Deer Tribe (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • Ancient Fox Tribe (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)
  • Ancient dog (First and only appearance, Sonic's story only)



  • Sonic mentions that Badnik attacks tend to happen "Every other Wednesday mainly! Weird, that!" This is a meta reference to the fact that Sonic the Comic was published fortnightly on Wednesdays.
  • The title of this story is a reference to the film Braveheart, about William Wallace and the First Scottish War of Independence (1296 – 1328). The clothes worn by the ancient tribes also resemble dress from that period.
  • The name King Leer is a reference to the Shakespeare play and character King Lear.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #210.

Captain Plunder - "Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens, Part 5"


As Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens raid the tomb of King Akotek, a giant statue of Akotek comes to life, cursing for all eternity the one who broke the seal of the tomb, Plunder. Before Plunder can protest, the statue condemns Plunder to "misfortune and calamity", before reverting to an ordinary statue once again. Zorabel quickly instructs her daughters to load up the treasure, while Filch explains to Plunder that Zorabel tricked him: she knew about the curse and brought Plunder along so that he could break the seal for her.

As Plunder and Filch help the Spice Maidens carry the Akotek Treasure back to the ship, Plunder says that 'misfortune and calamity' is a stupid curse - his bad luck can hardly get any worse, he thinks. Just then, he trips on a bit of booty, falls down the stairs back into the tomb, and ends up with an urn stuck on his head. When he pushes it off, it smashes into the ceiling and causes a small cave-in, knocking over a pile of weapons and axes that all fall right on top of Plunder, injuring him and slicing off part of his hat. Filch and Plunder begin to think that the curse is working already...

Back on the ship, Zorabel thinks that Plunder's presence on the ship could bring bad luck to everyone on board, and orders him to sit out in a little rowboat being towed along in the ship's wake. Plunder is fairly happy about this, however, feeling that he is now away from sharp objects, stuff that can fall on his head, or anything else that can hurt him. And then an enormous white shark rises up out of the water behind him...




  • When Plunder is back on the ship after being cursed, the Spice Maidens Pepper and Coriander can be seen dancing in the background of the cabin.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #208.

See also

Decap Attack - "Caught by the Prefects, Part 1"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching & Richard Raynor
  • Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

It was a dark and stormy night at Castle Frank N Stein, and the television reception is terrible. Chuck and Head have climbed on the roof with a satellite dish (despite Chuck's concern that they don't have satellite television in Transylvania), and downstairs in the TV room Prof is fiddling with the set. Suddenly, Chuck and Head are struck by lightning, and the electrical current passes down the wire and explodes the TV! Chuck and Head aren't even singed (much to Igor's chagrin), but the Prof is sitting in the corner sucking his thumb, telling his mummy he's like to go to bed...

A short time later in hospital, a doctor is seeing to the Professor. Chuck, Head and Igor are very relieved... because the hospital has a satellite TV and they can watch the Cup Final. The Prof is clearly still delirious, rambling on about finishing his homework and upsetting the prefects. Believing the prefects are after him "with their twangy rulers", the Prof runs out of bed in a state of panic, accidentally destroying the TV just as United are about to score. This infuriates Igor, who chases after him, despite the hospital orderly shouting that the Prof isn't in his right mind. Indeed, he sees himself as a young schoolboy and he sees Igor, Head and Chuck as the three prefects that bullied him.

The Prof apologises to his tormentors for not being able to copy his homework (thoroughly confusing the Prof's three associates), then threatens to jump out of the window if they take one more step. "What?" says Igor. "You mean one more step... like this?" With a wild scream, Prof leaps out of the window. Fortunately, the Prof has landed upside down in a bin and is unhurt. "After all" explains Igor, "this is the ground floor!"

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Double Sonic - "Zero Zone, Part 2"


Sonic is a prisoner in a Zone called Perfection, where names are forbidden and everyone is just a number! Furthermore, he has been brainwashed into losing his identity, and now calls himself Citizen Seven! The other Citizens of Perfection (Two through Six) show him around and tell him about their strict daily routine, waking up a six o'clock and watching the grass grow, then counting clouds. However, when Sonic asks if he can meet the mysterious Citizen One (a forbidden question), the others realise that the brainwashing machine didn't work on him at all!

Sonic ditches the Zone's stupid uniform now that they've sussed him out and makes a run for it. The others call after him to stop. "Escape is forbidden!" He tries to convince them to leave with him, pointing out that they've all been hypnotised into staying. "Don't you think there's something unreal about this place?" he asks, only for Citizen Five to point out that "Thinking is forbidden!"

Besides, says Citizen Two, the Zone is surrounded by a force field and nobody can escape. Taking this as a challenge, Sonic charges at the glowing force field. When a disembodied voice (which Sonic realises is Citizen One) tells him that the field is adjusted to repel Spin Attacks, he decides to try his new move, the Blast Attack!

Suddenly the entire Zone begins to go fuzzy and distorted - it's all some sort of solid light hologram! It is revealed that Citizen One is a computer program who created the Zone Perfection. It was created by Doctor Robotnik months ago, but abandoned when Robotnik discovered it wanted to create a happy Zone. Citizen One resorted to kidnapping and brainwashing people so that it could have company, because it was lonely. Sonic says that if Citizen One created a Zone people would willingly visit, that he would have lots of residents. Following Sonic's advice, Citizen One rearranges his pixels and creates a new Zone, a great amusement park. Sure enough, the Zone is soon packed with people. It may not be as peaceful as it was before, says Sonic, but at least he can get a chili dog now... and it's not just a hologram!




  • The plot of "Zero Zone" is based on the 1960s TV series The Prisoner. In this series, a secret agent finds himself captive in an isolated location called the Village, where everyone is referred to by number not by name, and the chief administrator is known as Number Two (his boss, Number One, is never seen directly).
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #209.

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