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Sonic the Comic #108 is the one hundred eighth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Evil Empire, Part 1"


In the Emerald Hill Zone, where peace rules once again and Doctor Robotnik's tyranny is a fading memory, a giant gold ring materialises in mid-air... Doctor Robotnik is back with his Badniks. He's back to finish off Sonic once and for all!

At the nearby Emerald Hill Village, Sonic, Tails and Amy successfully upload the Kintobor Computer program into a brand new computer in their new headquarters. Just as Kintobor connects to the network of sensors that the gang has put up around the Zone, he detects something. However, he's still inexperienced with the sensors, and can only reveal that the disturbance is close... just as Robotnik infiltrates the base with his badniks!

Robotnik explains that, after being captured and taken away by the Prosecutor, he made a deal with the Drakon Empire. With the might of the Drakon Empire behind him, he says he is unstoppable, and to demonstrate his power he has his two Badniks knock out Amy and Tails with their blasters. Sonic claims that he can still take out Robotnik's Badniks, tough as they are, but Robotnik realises that and introduces his other companion... at first Sonic thinks it's Knuckles, but actually it's the new Metallix!

Sonic calls Robotnik crazy - his last batch of Metallixes ended up turning on him. But Robotnik has learned from that mistake, and this new Metallix is loyal only to him. It's also incredibly powerful. It withstands a full-on Spin Attack and several punches without moving, then effortlessly picks up Sonic and knocks him out by throwing him against a wall. Robotnik instructs Metallix to pick up Sonic as he summons the Mobius Ring with a device built into his glove.

Just as Robotnik, Metallix and Sonic jump through the Ring, Tails regains consciousness. Realising that Sonic needs help, Tails flies through the ring a moment before it vanishes into thin air.





Captain Plunder - "Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens, Part 6"


A sleek purple aircraft flies through the sky. It is commanded by Captain Tiberius, who desired revenge for his betrayal by Captain Plunder when they both served under Black Beak. Tiberius and his crew have been trying to track down Plunder for a while, but can't get a lock on him because of Plunder's his security shield. "Don't worry," Tiberius' female first officer assures him, "his [Plunder's] luck can't last!"

On Plunder's ship, Zorabel tells Plunder to choose one of two identical chests. One chest is empty and the other contains Plunder's share of the Akotek Treasure they looted. Zorabel says he can keep the treasure if he picks the right chest, but she's certain he won't because of the curse of bad luck he's been afflicted with. To everyone's surprise, Plunder picks the right chest and gets to keep his share of the treasure. Plunder starts to think his luck is changing.

After returning Zorabel and the Spice Maidens to Scourge Bay, Plunder and his crew set sail again with the treasure, believing that Plunder's curse has finally worn off. Just then, a plank splits under Plunder's false leg, causing him to skid around the deck and then fall against the railing. Plunder initially think his luck has held, until the railing cracks under his weight and he goes over the edge, barely managing to latch onto the ship with his hook. Then, just as he's about to be hauled back aboard, the chest bursts open, scattering the gold and disrupting the ship's security shield. A frustrated Plunder sits on the deck, convinced his luck can't get any worse, just as Captain Tiberius' massive ship arrives, locking its guns on Plunder's now defenceless ship...

Shortly after, Plunder sits under a palm tree on a deserted island, sulking while his destroyed ship sinks off the coast and his crew drag themselves to shore. "Just one more piece of bad luck and I'm gonna crack!" he says, just as Simpson accidentally drops a coconut from the top of the palm tree and it plummets straight for Plunder's head...




  • Plunder was cursed with bad luck in the last issue, "Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens, Part 5". At the beginning of this story, his hat is still incomplete after part of it was sliced off last issue.
  • Captain Plunder's ship still has a Star Post attached to the wheel, as shown in "Shanghaied" from Sonic the Comic #91 to #93.


  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #209.
  • Artist Nigel Dobbyn had to rewrite the script for this story from memory, because editor Deborah Tate's copy of the script had disappeared before the story could be lettered, writer Nigel Kitching was on holiday, and Dobbyn's own copy had been thrown away.[1]

See also

Decap Attack - "Caught by the Prefects, Part 2"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching & Richard Raynor
  • Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

Just before midnight at Castle Frank N Stein, Igor receives a phonecall from the hospital. There has been no sign of the Professor for two days. Ever since he was struck by lightning, the orderly explains, the Professor has been reliving his childhood, and he believes that Igor, Chuck and Head are the prefects that bullied him at school. This is bad news for them, because the young Prof exacted a terrible revenge of his bullies... but before the orderly can reveal what it was, the deranged Prof cuts the phonelines...

Chuck and Head decide to go to bed, but they are cornered by the Prof, who believes that they are Stinky Bates and Pongo. Chuck's claim that this isn't his old school fall on deaf ears, as the Prof advances on them with a blue-handled implement. Their screams echo in the night...

When Igor himself climbs into bed, he finds the Prof is already there waiting for him under the covers. He believes Igor is Basher, and he demands his conkers back "or you'll get what Stinky and Pongo got!" Igor's screams echo in the night...

Immediately afterwards, the Prof runs through the hallways of the castle with a blue-handled paintbrush and bucket of green paint, reliving the day he won against the prefects and decided to become a mad professor. As he stands atop the castle, proclaiming that he'll "make [his] own friends", he is struck by lightning and reverts to his normal state. Just as he wonders why he has a pot of green paint with him, Chuck, Head and Igor turn up in a rage. Their faces have been painted green. Prof comments that he hasn't seen people with green faces since his school days, and Head realises that he's cured. The furious Chuck, however, doesn't care. "He's got this coming!" The Prof's screams echo in the night...

See also

Amy - "Spot of Bother"


During a Badnik attack, Amy and Tekno see one guy standing around watching the Badniks through binoculars instead of running for cover. Just as one of the Badniks is about to blast him, Amy tackles him to the ground, but in the process her crossbow flies out of reach. Fortunately, Tekno has a new weapon that she's been waiting to test out, which blows the Badnik apart on its first go, freeing the Flicky inside. However, the man they rescued is not thankful - indeed, he says they've "destroyed a prime example of precision engineering!"

The man introduces himself as Norris Wimple, President of the Badnik Spotters Club (although he admits that he is also the club's only member). Norris collects Badnik serial numbers... except Badniks don't have serial numbers, so he just makes them up so he can tick them off. He bids farewell to the girls and heads home to "make lists of my lists!"

That evening, Norris heads out to spot more Badniks, but this time he seeks to attract them by wearing a ridiculous Sonic costume. Amy and Tekno see him as they walk by. Tekno doesn't think any Badnik would be stupid enough to mistake him for Sonic, but is immediately proved wrong as Norris is picked up and whisked away by a Mark Four Flyzipper with twizzled sprockets. Norris is initially very excited to be captured, but quickly realises he's scared of flying and starts calling for help. This time it is Amy that destroys the Badnik with her crossbow, while Tekno catches Norris as he falls.

Later, Norris decides to give up Badnik spotting. He says "instead I'm going to follow in the footsteps of sporting legends!" When Tekno says he doesn't look the sporty type, he explains that he's going to measure and list the boot marks of the players. Fascinating! Oh well, thinks Amy. Once a geek, always a geek!





  • Amy wears 2 outfits in this issue:
    • A white T-shirt with a Christian cross, and combat trousers; and
    • A white T-shirt with red crossbones (but no skull), with a purple pleated skirt.
  • The football match at the end of the story is apparently sponsored by a company called "Sponsa".
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #195.

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • STC Pin-up! - Claris, from NiGHTS on the Sega Saturn
  • Red Hot Zone (Graphic Zone)
  • Speedlines


  1. Interview with Nigel Dobbyn (19/11/10) at

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