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Sonic the Comic #122 is the one hundred twenty-second issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Cover Design: Gary Knight
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Marketing Manager: Douglas Pocock
  • Advertising: Stephen Goldsmith

Featured stories

Sonic - "Hobson & Choy, Part 2"


Hobson and Choy, recently escaped from the Drakon Empire, have appeared unexpectedly in Doctor Robotnik's base of operations. Robotnik reasons that he might be able to use them, and tells them that he was once the "just and merciful ruler" of Planet Mobius, until he was overthrown by the "evil menace", Sonic the Hedgehog. He says that Sonic's kind, cool personality is merely a public face for the demon Super Sonic (although Robotnik knows that Sonic and Super Sonic are different individuals), and that the people of Mobius are so terrified they dare not speak a word against him. Choy immediately offers his and Hobson's services in defeating Sonic, and Robotnik sends them to the Emerald Hill Zone through a Mobius Ring to capture Sonic and bring him back.

In the Control Centre, the Kintobor Computer detects Hobson and Choy's arrival. Sonic leaves to investigate. Meanwhile, Hobson expresses reservations about the job, saying they'd probably get into more trouble for helping Robotnik, but Choy dismisses his concerns. Choy believes that by getting Robotnik back in power, he'll be grateful and make them so rich that they never have to work again (although Hobson points out that Choy never worked much in the first place).

When the pair find Sonic, Choy immediately tells Hobson to attack (Choy claims he can't fight himself because he has a "sudden cramp" from his old wound). Sonic avoids Hobson's punches and goes after Choy (who is hiding behind a wagon, although he claims he is planning a sneak attack), only to be surprised when Hobson proves to be faster than he looks. Sonic's attacks only bounce off Hobson's big belly, and Hobson flexes his belly and propels Sonic into a pile of barrels. Choy thinks that Sonic is weakened and jumps to the offensive, offering to "save [Hobson] from this vicious creature!" Sonic easily blocks Choy's attacks, holding him away with just a single finger, and realises that Choy prefers to attack when he thinks his enemies are already beaten. Sonic hits Choy with a single punch, sending the small creature flying into Hobson's arms. When Hobson appears concerned, Choy claims that his plan is working to perfection and radios Doctor Robotnik, claiming that the mission is a success and requesting to leave. The pair disappear through a Mobius Ring with Hobson wondering how they'll make the mission sound like a success, and Choy promising that he'll think of something.




  • In the Control Centre, Sonic is seen drinking a cola called Fiz and eating a hamburger.

Knuckles - "On the Run, Part 2"


Knuckles and Porker Lewis have been accidentally transported to the Special Zone. Unfortunately, they have also been spotted by the local police, one of whom seems to recognise Porker as Oscar the Pig, a notorious criminal last seen six years earlier. Knuckles tries to explain that they've never heard of any 'Oscar the Pig', but a nervous Porker decides just to run for it. The police officers still want to take Knuckles in for questioning, but he can't leave Porker all alone. He punches the ground, knocking the two officers off their feet, then chases after Porker. As he goes, Officer Baker reports the sighting of a known criminal...

Meanwhile, Chaotix are about to leave the police to take away the defeated Zombie Brothers when the police received a bulletin to watch out for Oscar the Pig, last seen in the East River District. One of the police officers tells Vector that Oscar was a member of the Hammerhead Gang, but disappeared years ago, before Chaotix arrived in New Tek City. He also shows Vector a picture Oscar... and Vector immediately identifies him as Porker Lewis. He sends Mighty and Espio to check it out. (Charmy wants to go too, but is told by his teammates to shut up.)

In a trendy bar, Knuckles asks why Porker ran instead of talking to the police, and Porker says that Sonic's stories about the crazy Special Zone made him panic. Knuckles says they'd figure something out, and suggests they find the real Oscar the Pig - Porker points out that Oscar hasn't been seen for years, but Knuckles just thinks Porker is too easily discouraged. Close by, a waiter accidentally spills a drink onto the sleeve of a well-dressed hammerhead shark, who immediately stands to punish the waiter. However, while holding the man up he spots Porker on the other side of the room and greets him as 'Oscar'. Knuckles tries to explain the mistake, only to be suddenly and brutally punched and hurled across the room by the suave shark, who insists "This is between Oscar and I."



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Tails - "Recipe for Disaster"


Cookery programmes seem to be taking over the TV on Planet Mobius these days, but there's a new one: Pizza the Action, hosted by Galloping Graeme. Tonight's celebrity guest is Tails, and Graeme is going to show him the recipe for Chocolate Surprise Pudding. However, while demonstrating one Graeme made earlier, the pudding suddenly swells up until the entire studio is flooded with chocolate. Fortunately, Tails is on hand to pull people to safety, advising them to eat their way free until he can rescue them.

Once everyone is safe and outside the building, Tails tells Graeme that the pudding mix was obviously sabotaged... but before they can work out who'd want to sabotage Graeme's show, the Two Skinny Llamas from Channel One show up in a motorcycle and sidecar, accusing Graeme is stealing their half-fat cream and ruining their recipe. Then another TV chef accuses them of putting mushy peas in his oven glove. Soon, even more TV chefs arrive and it descends into an all-out food fight. Tails eventually manages to get them all to simmer down, telling them they've all been set up, and they realise one TV chef is missing: Gerry Corfu.

Over in another studio, Gerry Corfu is presenting his show, in which he has made the world's largest trifle. When Tails shows up, Corfu says that Tails should have been submerged in chocolate pudding, accidentally revealing his guilt. He claims he sabotaged the other shows because he's the numero uno chef and wants it to stay that way - and rather than let a "freaky-tailed fox" get in his way, he uses a giant wooden spoon to knock Tails into his giant trifle. (His audience are shocked that he could be so nasty despite his innocent smile.)

But Tails isn't finished. He spins his two tails, stirring up the trifle and splattering it all over Corfu. Corfu's manager fire's him on the spot. Galloping Graeme thanks Tails for stopping Gerry's "half-baked" plans for TV domination, and Tails replies "Oh, it was a mere trifle!"



In addition to these named chefs, other chefs in the issue loosely resemble Wolfgang Puck and Antony Worrall Thompson.

Double Sonic - "Root of All Evil, Part 1"


In the workshop of Tekno the Canary in the Emerald Hill Zone, Tekno, Amy and Sonic receive a transmission from Johnny Lightfoot. He hasn't been around much since he's been fighting Badniks in other Zones, but he assures Sonic he doesn't need any help. Sonic says that things have been quiet for the last few days... meaning Robotnik must be up to something!

Sure enough, a short while later on Flickies' Island, Robotnik calls Agent X, who reports that the Doom Seed has been planted underneath the Metropolis Zone. Many metres above, Gilbert Grumpy refuses to return a ball to two neighbouring children, since it dented 32 blades of grass on his lawn! He's proud of having the neatest garden in the Metropolis Zone, says he recently won the Weedless Patio Trophy from Popular Compost Magazine... but one of the neighbours is a little sceptical when a giant weed bursts up through the lawn.

In her workshop, Tekno receives a report about a giant weed in the Metrop—but Sonic has already dashed off and arrived in Gilbert Grumpy's garden, where he prunes the giant weed with a Spin Attack. (Gilbert isn't thankful, however, because Sonic ran over his strawberry patch.) When more weeds start cropping up, Sonic ushers Gilbert indoors.

In the city centre, Amy and Tekno find weeds shooting up everywhere - even through solid concrete! Buildings are pulled down and citizens are grabbed off the street by growing vines. Amy rescues a young girl's grandad by shooting a weed with her crossbow, only to find that more weeds start sprouting from the severed stem.

Robotnik gleefully watches the carnage on a monitor. He muses that Sonic and his friends always wanted a "green environment", but "now they've got more than they bargained for!"



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Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Pin-Up - Doctor Robotnik. Presented with STC.
  • Speedlines
  • Graphic Zone - Snack Attack

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