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Sonic the Comic #135 is the one hundred thirty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic - "Roots, Part 1"


In Chaotix Tower, New Tek City in the Special Zone, Vector the Crocodile shows Sonic the Hedgehog the Omni-Door, a portal that will allow Sonic to cross dimensions into the Special Zone whenever Sonic wants. Sonic is less than enthusiastic about this, because whenever he comes to the Special Zone, stupid things happen to him. For example, the first thing that happened to him this time was that he was attacked by Blockhead Bill (Mighty the Armadillo's senile father) and his pal Society Max. Nevertheless, he reluctantly agrees to consult with Porker Lewis, leaving Charmy Bee happy that he can visit Mobius whenever he wants.

Far south of New Tek City is the Mandrake Swamp, and at the centre of the swamp is an ancient castle, the home of a legendary evil plant monster. The monster has used a scrying pool to locate Blockhead Bill, and summons Bill to him.

Back in Chaotix Tower, Blockhead Bill receives the psychic summons and starts acting strangely. He mumbles that he has to go, but when Mighty asks what he means, Bill attacks him. Bill throws a Mandrake Root into Society Max's mouth, turning Max into a giant red dinosaur again. (Sonic points out that this is exactly the kind of "stupid stuff" he was talking about.) Mighty punches Bill and Max out through a wall, sending debris falling to the street below. As Chaotix battle a giant dinosaur in the top of their tower, local residents complain that this happens every week.

Bill hits Charmy with his gold hoop weapon, sending the bee falling to the ground far below. Vector and Espio can't catch him, but fortunately, Sonic runs up the side of the tower and saves him. (Sonic immediately starts to regret his own heroics when Charmy spouts a few "diddly-iddly" quips.)

At last, Mighty tackles Bill off Max's back. In the Mandrake Swamp, the monster realises that it isn't working and decides to try a stronger spell. Suddenly, his face appears in the sky over New Tek City and he snatches Bill and Max before all three vanish. Sonic is left very confused, but the horrified Chaotix recognise the creature that just appeared. "I... I thought he was only a legend..." says Vector. "But he actually exists... the creature called Root is real!"




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Tails - "The Sky's the Limit"


One morning in the Emerald Hill Zone, a flying saucer appears in the sky piloted by Sydney Bland. Bland announces that he will be the new world leader, taking over from Doctor Robotnik. Tails is in the Zone at the time and asks a local who "this Robotnik wannabe" is, only to be told that Bland is "Just a saddo who inherited a fortune and spent it on a flying saucer! He's no danger!" This is proved to be incorrect when the flying saucer starts blasting houses with a pair of lasers. Tails decides to quickly take care of Bland and flies up to stop him, avoiding the lasers, but he can't catch Bland before he flies into space.

Tails return to the ground a failure. However, during the fight, Bland mentioned that he was practising being "greedy, selfish and deadly", and this gives Tails an idea how to catch him. The next day, Bland picks up a news report about a shipment of valuable Golden Rings being transported from the Eldorado Zone to the Emerald Hill Zone. Bland flies his saucer down and scoops the rings up with a mechanical claw, but this time when Tails chases him Bland finds that he can't gain altitude because of the weight of the rings. Instead, Tails catches him and the spaceship crashes into the grass. As Tails pulls Bland out of the wreckage, Bland says that money didn't make him happy so he wanted to make everyone else miserable too. "Well, you made a good start," says Tails as he drags Bland off to jail, "by making yourself miserable!"




  • When commenting on the speed of his spaceship, Sydney Bland says "Beat that, Top Gear!" Top Gear is a British television series about cars.

Knuckles - "The Take-Over, Part 1"


One fine day on Mobius, a troop from the D.R.A.T. are heading to the Floating Island on a mission to steal the Chaos Emeralds. A group of four have their own plans, however, but their leader instructs them to wait for her signal.

Meanwhile, on the Floating Island, Knuckles the Echidna and Porker Lewis are in the Emerald Chamber. At last all the island's systems are working perfectly and Knuckles feels really in control... until the systems detect a ship breaking through the island's protective force field. It's heading for the ruined city of Megopolis, so Knuckles rushes there through a Zoom Tube. Fortunately, it seems the Guardian Robots have already captured the members of D.R.A.T.

However, it transpires that four new members of D.R.A.T. said they could deal with the robots, but have fled. Realising the rest of D.R.A.T. were just a distraction and that these four are heading for the Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles quickly finds them. The leader, a lizard named Ms Alpha, admits that she expected a bigger lead on Knuckles, and orders the giant gorilla Mr Beta to fight him. While Knuckles and Beta fight, seemingly evenly matched, the brainy Mr Delta uses a laser to blind Knuckles. Ms Alpha assures Knuckles that the blindness is temporary and orders Mr Delta to throw Knuckles off the island. Knuckles' eyesight will return in a few seconds and he can glide safely down to Mobius, but by then the four of them will have completed their objectives. With a cheery "Happy Landings!" from Ms Alpha, Beta throws Knuckles over the edge...




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Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Graphic Zone - Family Album
  • Speedlines

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