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Sonic the Comic #136 is the one hundred thirty-sixth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic - "Roots, Part 2"


In a custom aircraft, Chaotix, accompanied by Sonic the Hedgehog, fly out of New Tek City to the Mandrake Swamp. They are seeking Blockhead Bill and Society Max, who disappeared from the middle of New Tek City immediately after the face of a plant creature named Root appeared in the sky. Vector thought that Root was just a legend told to frighten people, but now it seems as though the legend is true.

In an ancient castle in the middle of the Mandrake Swamp, Root says that Blockhead Bill has failed. Bill explains that he failed because he was attacked by his old enemy, the Crimson Cobra. "No Bill," replies Root, "you were not! It was you who attacked Sonic the Hedgehog!" Bill demands to know why Root is so sure it wasn't the Crimson Cobra. "Because he's blue, and he's a hedgehog!" Even Bill is forced to grudgingly admit that this makes sense, especially since Sonic did keep yelling "I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, not the Crimson Cobra!"

Root berates Bill further for failing a simple task of putting a chemical vial in New Tek City's water supply, calling Bill an idiot. When Bill chides Root's language, Root finally loses his temper and roars at Bill. Root controls Bill's mind and can shut down Bill's brain permanently. Just then, one of Root's mud minions sees the Chaotix's ship arriving through Root's scrying pool. Root looks forward to obtaining new slaves.

Outside, Sonic and Chaotix make their way through the stinking swamp. Sonic complains about the crazy things that always happen when he visits the Special Zone. Vector gets stuck in some mud. When Mighty pulls him out, a mud creature also emerges that had been holding Vector's legs. More mud creatures appear, all determined to get the heroes for Root. Mighty finds that hitting them is like punching rice pudding, and even Sonic's Spin Attack seems useless. The monsters split in two to avoid Espio's punches, and drench the heroes in mud. Just as Vector plans to retreat and regroup, a new, green mud monster appears and emits a cloud of spores. Sonic tries to whip up a vortex to get rid of them, but they act too fast and soon Sonic and Chaotix have fallen completely asleep.




  • Blockhead Bill and Root discuss Bill attacking Sonic, believing Sonic (famously a blue hedgehog) to be the Crimson Cobra. This was depicted in Sonic the Comic #134, "Back in the Special Zone". It is here revealed that the battle took place while Bill was on a mission for Root to poison the water supply.
  • Root reveals that he controls Blockhead Bill's mind. In Sonic the Comic #137, "Roots, Part 3", it is explained that he does this by means of a Mind Root attached to Bill's neck.
  • Sonic complains about crazy things happening every time he visits the Special Zone. He was previously trapped in the Special Zone for an extended period between Sonic the Comic #84, "Heroes & Villains, Part 1", and Sonic the Comic #100, "The Final Victory", during which time he frequently complained about it for this reason.

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  • "Roots" at the Sonic the Comic Wiki

Amy - "Prehistoric Ways"


On Planet Granite, a million light years from Mobius, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary materialise on the first destination they have been sent to by the Ring of Eternity. Finding themselves on a primitive, rocky world, they soon spot a peaceful tribe of aliens at the dawn of civilisation. However, this peaceful tribe (called the Meek Tribe) is soon attacked by the larger and more violent Thickskull Tribe. Amy and Tekno hurry to the Meek Tribe's defence, and the Thickskull warriors are scared off by Amy's crossbow. The Meek Tribesmen thank Amy and Tekno, even offering ten pebbles for Amy's "magic stick". Tekno suggests that they help the Meek Tribe build their own weapons, but Amy doesn't think it would help. Even if the Meek Tribe only uses the weapons in self defence, the Thickskull Tribe could build bigger weapons, and the raids could escalate into war. Fortunately, Tekno's wish for a cool alternative gives Amy an idea...

Later, when the Thickskull Tribe comes to attack again, the Meek Tribesmen all laugh at them. A Meek Tribesman explains that the Thickskulls are "living in the past", that fighting is unfashionable and nowadays everyone solves their differences around the table (and fortunately, the Meeks have a table prepared with tea and cucumber sandwiches). With the planet en route to developing a non-violent civilisation, Amy and Tekno fade away to be sent to their next destination by the Ring of Eternity.





  • In the first panel, a word balloon says "Amy! We're materialising!" This was presumably intended to be spoken by Tekno, but the word balloon indicates that the speaker is Amy Rose.

Knuckles - "The Take-Over, Part 2"


Four intruders have broken through the Floating Island's defences, and when Knuckles tried to stop them they used a beam to temporarily blind him and then threw him over the Island's edge. Thinking quickly, he glides, hoping to find something to grab hold of, and manages to catch the rocky underside of the Island. After a few seconds, his eyesight returns and he starts to climb upwards. However, the rock crumbles and Knuckles is forced to leap onto a hanging vine... which starts tearing because it can't hold his weight. He drops onto a metal pipe sticking out of the rock, from where he can't climb back up... but fortunately the pipe is next to a metal hatch leading to the Island's ancient tunnel system. He rips the hatch off and jumps inside, hoping he can remember his way around the tunnels... Suddenly, a cloud of bats burst out of the tunnel, knocking him backwards. Hanging for dear life onto the pipe again as the bats fly away, Knuckles can only admit "Some days, I wish somebody else was the Guardian of the Floating Island!"

In the Emerald Chamber, Porker Lewis watches the four villains (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta) proceeding with their plan. Porker, alone and scared now that he thinks Knuckles has had to glide down to Mobius, curses the Chaos Emeralds for attracting so many thieves and villains. Porker gets a brainwave and decides to send out the Island's Guardian Robots, which can stop almost anyone.

In Megopolis City, Mr Gamma identifies a specific building that contains the secret tunnel they need to use. The Guardian Robots swoop in, demanding that the intruders remain still "or suffer the consequences!"



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Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Graphic Zone - Space Craft
  • Speedlines

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