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Sonic the Comic #144 is the one hundred forty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

"Secret Enemy, Part 2"


Sonic has come face to face with the Kintobor Badnik, who shows its superiority by hacking into the nearby P.C. Planet store. From the Metropolis City High Security Prison, Grimer watches his plan go well, seeing that Sonic can't even destroy the Badnik with a building. Soon, Sonic gets the idea to return to the Control Centre and turns the Kintobor Computer off. Sonic enlists Porker Lewis to reboot and fix the Kintobor Computer so that it can't happen again, but none of them realize that Grimer has used the opportunity to secretly patch his surveillance software into the system, so that in future he'll know everything that Sonic does.




Amy - "When in Romanus, Part 2"


Tekno the Canary is forced by Emperor Zero to kill Amy and things get worse when she is made to fight Clawbeast. In reality, Amy has just been teleported back inside (Tekno having used her know-how to convert the blaster to a teleporter), where she frees the slaves. They tell her it's pointless to escape while there's an energy dome around the town, so she goes to the Control Room, and fights the killer robot guarding it. The energy dome dissolves as Tekno fights the Clawbeast, and Tekno teleports the beast onto Emperor Zero's podium. The authorities swoop in and arrest Zero, and Amy and Tekno move on to their next destination.




Tails - "Goblin Overlords, Part 2"


Tails and Morain have discovered the Enchanter Kings are guests of goblin king Roubal. To avoid a war, the Enchanter Kings have agreed to become Roubal's vassals, ruling independently but pledging to obey him once a year. Tails and Morain leap back into battle with the guards and are aided by Errol Blackthorn, who just escaped from his cell. The Enchanter Kings say they will only agree to the pact if Roubal lets Tails and the others free, which he does. Although Tails is willing to stay and help, Morain and Errol insist he return to Mobius before the magic portal fades.




  • A caption at the end of the story says that Tails would team up with Morain again in 1999, but this was the last appearance of Morain (or any other Nameless Zone characters) in Sonic the Comic's print run.

Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Graphic Zone - No Place Like Rome!
  • Sonic pin-up

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