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Sonic the Comic #145 is the one hundred forty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

"Child's Play"


Sonic is called to the Emerald Hill Zone by some kids. They say they have found a Badnik, although Sonic doesn't think the large robot is very impressive. It turns out that the kids built it (and are controlling it remotely), so that they could meet Sonic and see him use his speed. Sonic figures this out quickly and pretends to be defeated, but quickly reveals the ruse. The kids say they are Sonic's number one fans, so he uses his speed to build them a playground out of snow. Sonic celebrates the first Christmas in years without Robotnik ruining things.



Amy - "Dream On"


Amy and Tekno arrive in an alien man's nightmare. The man recently lost his job, and in his dreams he fears being unable to give his family any presents. Amy convinces him that his family will be happy with what he's able to give them, but not if he's unhappy. This puts the man's mind to rest and he wakes up on Christmas morning to find a new offer in the mail.

As a reward, the Ring of Eternity takes Amy and Tekno to Mobius to celebrate Christmas, but says that there will be more missions for them once Christmas is over.




Tails - "Captain Christmas"


Tails has a cold, which slows him down so much that he cannot stop Baa Humbug, the psycho sheep, from committing crimes. Tails is rescued by a superhero named Captain Christmas, who defeats Baa Humbug with his Pudding of Justice and Decorations of Destiny. The citizens are so grateful that they give Captain Christmas all their presents... even Baa Humbug joyfully gives Captain Christmas his car.

Tails is suspicious, and a scan of Captain Christmas' fur by the Kintobor Computer confirms that the supposed hero is really Dog Malone, an ex-employee of Doctor Robotnik from the Chemical Plant Zone. Malone developed a body spray that makes people adore him, but Tails was unaffected due to his cold.

Later, Tails accosts Captain Christmas, hitting him with a snowball laced with the body spray's antidote. Suddenly everyone realizes that Captain Christmas is a thief. Tails knows how he can put things right, and Dog Malone spends Christmas helping Father Christmas deliver presents.



Reprinted stories

Other features

  • Graphic Zone - Crimbo Zone
  • Pin-up - Sonic's Hedgehog Wonderland