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Sonic the Comic #155 is the one hundred fifty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Secret of the Tower"


Sonic is still on Shanazar when a citizen runs into him. The two bicker about who bumped into who, but they are interrupted when the Imperial Guards arrive to arrest him. They reveal the man to be "Kassim" and Sonic saves them both from being arrested by whipping up some wind as a smokescreen. On top of a building, Kassim points to a tower, the home of Sapphire, Kassim's fiancée until her family locked her there. Sonic decides to help, running up the marble column with a rope. Kassim follows, but is reluctant to let Sonic into Sapphire's room. Only wanting to say 'hello', Sonic bursts in and learns that "Sapphire" is really just a collection of gems. Kassim reveals that they belong to Princess Kupacious and he will halve the number of sapphires with the hedgehog.

Unfortunately for Kassim, the pile of jewels rise into the air and form into a monster. Kassim is relentless and continues to try and steal the sapphires, even when thumped in the face. When given a chance to escape, Sonic takes the opportunity and drags Kassim away with him. Outside, Kassim plans to use magic of his own next time, but Sonic is determined not to go back. Kassim is confused as to why Sonic does not want to steal from the thieving Kupacious, but Sonic is not budging.





Amy - "Gangster Trap, Part 2"


Coming to the end of their journeys through the Ring of Eternity, Amy and Tekno the Canary have been captured by Max Gamble. The lizard reveals that he was on the run from the police on Mobius and was hiding in the Snowcap Mountain Zone when he saw Amy and Tekno enter the Ring of Eternity. Gamble followed them, but ended up on this planet.

Before long, Gamble orders his goons to trap the girls in barrels of concrete and are to be pushed out into the sea. Fortunately, the barrels simply disappear but Tekno is worried about the crooks they now have to fight. Amy, however, has realized the planet's secret; they are on a Wish World, where thoughts become reality, so the girls quickly wish away the thugs. Gamble creates some more and the girls even the odds by conjuring up some superheroes. The subsequent battle of the minds is too tough for Gamble and the entire world disappears when his head begins to hurt. As the planet reverts to its normal state, Gamble vows to create an intergalactic empire to conquer the universe but Tekno stops him by wishing up a way home. Back in the limbo dimension, the trio embark on their final journey home.




Reprinted stories


  • This issue was the first to contain two reprints of older Sonic the Comic strips.


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