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Sonic the Comic #200 is the two hundredth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Managing Editor: Steve MacManus
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Product Manager: Jess Manu
  • Marketing Assistant: Jane Ballard
  • Marketing Director: Doug Pocock
  • Editorial Director: Colin Shelbourn
  • Managing Director: Rob McMenemy

Reprinted stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Plasma"

Main article: Sonic the Comic #78

Knuckles and Tails - "The Revenge of Trogg, Part 3"

Main article: Sonic the Comic #61

Captain Plunder - "Captain Plunder & His Sky Pirates, Part 4"

Main article: Sonic the Comic #50

Sonic's World - "Enter the Cybernik, Part 1"

Main article: Sonic the Comic #45

Other features

  • Speedlines
  • Graphic Zone - Life on Mobius!

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