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Sonic the Comic #47 is the forty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Managing Editor: Richard Burton
  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Designers: Gary Knight
  • Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
  • Publisher: Rob McMenemy

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Mystery of the Sandopolis Zone, Part 1"


Tails gives Sonic a lift on his bi-plane to the Sandopolis Zone on the Floating Island. From the Sandopolis ruins Sonic can see all the way to the Launch Base Zone, where Robotnik's Death Egg II is nearly fully restored. He intends to sabotage the reconstruction, to prevent the launch. Suddenly, he is attacked by a Sandworm Badnik, which moves quickly and disappears under the sand so that he can't raise his defenses in time. Knuckles appears nearby, watching. He'd offer to help, but knows full well that Sonic would say he doesn't need help... and indeed he doesn't in this case, because he manages to destroy the Sandworm with a backwards Spin Attack.

Now able to converse normally, Sonic and Knuckles reveal that they are both, individually, heading towards the Launch Base Zone in an effort to destroy the Death Egg. However, they are suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice: Captain Plunder! Captain Plunder has come searching for treasure, bringing with him his poltergeist associate Filch and an elderly purple walrus that he calls the "Per'fessor". Ignoring Knuckles' stern threats to leave, he orders the Professor to activate an ancient control panel, which causes an enormous pyramid, the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis, to rise out of the ground!





Shinobi - "Power Of The Elements, Part 1"

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

After Joe Musashi's defeat of the Void, top assassin of the Neo Zeed (in Sonic the Poster Mag #4), his enforcers, the four Elements, have started working for the Yakuza. Disguised as a news vendor, he watches the casino where they reside. However, they long ago detected his presence. The Elements go to their boss, Oyabun Mitsugi, asking to be allowed to subdue Musashi - the Yakuza guards have not even noticed him. Mitsugi agrees. The Elements ambush Musashi and knock him unconscious.

Sonic's World - "Enter the Cybernik, Part 3"


Furious that the Cybernik (once Shorty the Squirrel) has betrayed him, Doctor Robotnik flies to the Emerald Hill Zone in his assault mobile. He fires on the Cybernik with his mounted gun, until the Cybernik destroys it. The Cybernik is about to destroy Robotnik's vehicle utterly, until Robotnik reveals his secret weapon: a device that can scramble the Cybernik's circuits!

Suddenly, Sonic the Hedgehog zooms onto the scene, attacking Robotnik and forcing the doctor to retreat. The Cybernik takes the device that scrambles his circuits and destroys it.

Later, when the rest of the Freedom Fighters have arrived, Sonic offers the Cybernik a place on the team. The Cybernik is very flattered, but declines. He wants to fight alone, to make Robotnik pay for turning him into a living machine. As he is about to fly off, his friend Hopper runs up to say he'll miss his friend. The Cybernik dubs himself "Shortfuse" ("Cool or what?") He tells his friend "Don't feel sorry for me... save it for Robotnik!" And then he flies off to begin his mission.




  • The Cybernik adopts the name "Shortfuse" for the first time.


Captain Plunder - "Captain Plunder & His Sky Pirates, Part 1"


On board his personal luxury airship, the 'Robotnicus', Doctor Robotnik is throwing a party for the other fiends of Mobius (possibly celebrating his birthday). Suddenly, they are attacked by Captain Plunder and his Sky Pirates! They swarm aboard the airship, capturing Robotnik. Plunder demands to know where Robotnik keeps his treasure, the "taxes" he took from the citizens of Mobius.

Robotnik takes Plunder to the vault, confident that Plunder will never be able to open it (there are only two keys: one at the airship's destination and the other at his fortress). Unfortunately for Robotnik, however, Plunder's man Filch is a poltergeist, and is able to walk through the door of the vault and then open it from the inside. The pirates quickly carry the treasure back to their ship before Robotnik's Badnik reinforcements arrive.

Some time later, back on Plunder's ship, Filch thanks Sonic for tipping them off about Robotnik's cruise. Sonic says he wants to speak to Plunder... but when the pirates search for the captain they realise they left him behind on Robotnik's ship! He's been captured by Troopers!





Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (B.C. Racers, Power Drive)
  • Tails Pin-Up
  • Graphic Zone - Shinobi
  • Q Zone (The Lion King)
  • Speedlines


Preview pages

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