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Sonic the Comic #52 is the fifty-second issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Managing Editor: Richard Burton
  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Designers: Gary Knight
  • Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
  • Publisher: Rob McMenemy

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Disaster! Part 2"


Robotnik has launched his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg II, powered by the stolen Master Emerald. Sonic has been brought before Robotnik by the Spikebonkers security forces, but Sonic insists he just lost his way and let the Badniks lead him to Robotnik. Nevertheless, Robotnik is glad Sonic's there - he intends to exact his ultimate revenge by obliterating the entire Emerald Hill Zone! Grimer primes the disintegrator ray. Sonic has to stop it, but he can't destroy the Badniks and get to the controls in time!

Suddenly, a blast rocks the entire Death Egg! Looking out of the windows, they see the entire Floating Island is moving towards them, and firing enormous energy bursts at them! It's Knuckles to the rescue! Sonic is impressed. Robotnik is angry. He has Grimer re-aim the disintegrator rays and fire on the Floating Island. Knuckles feels the blast from his control room. Without the Master Emerald, he'll need time to build enough power for another attack. He just hopes to live that long!

On the Death Egg, Sonic takes advantage of the distraction to steal the Master Emerald from the power core. Robotnik orders the EggRobos to get it back! Without it, the Death Egg has no power source! Suddenly, they are hit again by the Floating Island's weapons! Sonic and the Emerald fall out of a shattered window, followed by the EggRobos. From outside, Sonic can see the damage. It's too late for the Death Egg now.

Unfortunately, Sonic has other problems. The EggRobos are still firing at him and, if that wasn't bad enough, he is free-falling back down to Mobius! It's a long way down, and there won't be a soft landing!





Shinobi - "Power Of The Elements, Part 6"

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Joe Musashi and the Roofworlders battle the Four Elements. Musashi faces Air, who gloats as she outmatches him. With her magic powers, she blows him to the edge of the roof, and flies above him until he falls. At the last moment, he pulls himself up and grabs onto her waist. She calls him a fool - she cannot carry them both and they will surely die! Musashi is prepared for it, twisting her ninja mask so that she can't see, but she is not. She crashes into a wall, knocking herself out, while Musashi steps away unharmed.

Meanwhile, Kotomi-sensei fights Fire with his own magic. Kotomi-sensei is the stronger fighter, but Fire only needs a single opening to strike home with the Poison Hand Technqiue, leaving a flaming imprint on Kotomi-sensei's chest. The old man will be dead within the hour.

Knuckles - "Knuckles versus the Cybernik"


Shortfuse the Cybernik continues his one-squirrel war against Doctor Robotnik's evil. As he destroys a group of Balkiry Badniks, one tries to escape, leading him to the Floating Island. Shortfuse has never been there, but he's heard the legends about it.

As he chases the Balkiry, it is suddenly destroyed by a punch from Knuckles the Echidna, who doesn't like Badniks on his island... and that includes Shortfuse! Shortfuse tries to explain that he doesn't work for Robotnik, that he's a good guy, but Knuckles believes it's just another of Robotnik's tricks. He isn't being fooled again! The two fight, exchanging a few blows until Shortfuse decides to just go back to Mobius.

However, as he leaves, he sees a gang of Coconuts Badniks preparing to ambush Knuckles. He destroys them with his lasers, and Knuckles finally realises that Shortfuse was telling the truth. Knuckles apologises, saying that it is difficult for him to trust outsiders. The two shake hands and part as friends.

As Shortfuse returns to Mobius, Knuckles ponders. Shortfuse is a powerful ally in the fight against Robotnik... but if Robotnik ever found a way to control him, he could become the deadliest force on Mobius!




  • Knuckles believes Shortfuse is a servant of Robotnik, despite Shortfuse's attempts to convince him otherwise. In Sonic the Comic #54, "Total Chaotix, Part 2", the Chaotix believe Knuckles is a servant of Robotnik, despite Knuckles' attempts to convince them otherwise.


Sonic's World - "Face from the Past, Part 2"


Amy Rose is angry at Sonic for making Tonic upset, but Sonic insists that Tonic isn't really his brother. Sonic realises that Tonic must be a shape-shifter, and he only knows one person with powers like that: Metamorphia!

Just then, Metamorphia has dropped her Tonic disguise and intends to crush Tails, having turned her hand into a giant hammer. He is saved at the last moment by Sonic, who runs to the rescue. Discovered, Metamorphia transforms into a monster, a dinosaur and then a mound of sticky goo in order to defeat the Freedom Fighters. However, Sonic is able to defeat her with his super speed, leaving her disoriented, and then she falls over the edge of a waterfall. Sonic suspects she jumped, having the escape route all planned out.

Indeed so, because she soon returns to the Death Egg II. Grimer praises her escape as "resourceful", but Robotnik is still furious that she failed. He allowed Grimer to create her, but she has already failed three times in destroying Sonic. She apologises for failing, saying she wanted to succeed, because she adores Robotnik. Robotnik finds the monster's crush amusing - anyone who does not adore him is doomed. Metamorphia is despondent that he called her a "monster".

Back in her room, Metamorphia has pictures of Robotnik on her wall, with the words 'My hero!' written underneath. She is sure Robotnik will admire her one day... the day she destroys Sonic!





Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Sega Snowboarding
  • Review Zone (Brian Lara Cricket)
  • Sonic Drift Racing Pin-Up
  • Q Zone (Earthworm Jim)
  • Speedlines


Preview pages

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