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Sonic the Comic #60 is the sixtieth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Brotherhood of Metallix, Part 2"


Robotnik has finally captured Sonic! But as soon as the doctor has his hated enemy in his grasp, he lets him go! Robotnik says he needs Sonic's help, and that they are both in great danger from the Brotherhood of Metallix! Sonic is sceptical of Robotnik at first, but then remembers that the Metallix he met recently mentioned a brotherhood. Robotnik explains that they have taen over his old base in the Special Zone, and that they've kidnapped Grimer. Sonic laughs when he realises that Robotnik just wants him to rescue his "creepy sidekick", but Robotnik is quite serious: Grimer created the Metallixes, and could find a way to make them unstoppable! Robotnik reveals that the Metallixes have sealed all entrances into the Special Zone, save for his Star Post, which only Sonic can use (with his speed). Finally Sonic realises why Robotnik needs his help. He agrees to go and check out Robotnik's story but warns that he'll be back if he finds out it's a trick...

Entering the bizarre Special Zone, Sonic makes his way towards the Egg Fortress, bouncing between the Zone's floating debris. He manages to get inside through a hole that somebody (in fact it was Mighty the Armadillo) has already smashed in the hull. However, once inside he finds the place to be deserted... that is, except for Grimer and three remaining Metallix robots, including the Emperor Metallix! The others have already used the Main Viewer to travel to the Miracle Planet, where their destiny awaits them. The Emperor Metallix demands that Grimer give him the Alpha Device (a long, narrow cylinder), and promises to punish Grimer if the device "fails to function" - a terrified Grimer promises it will work. Sonic does not know what the device does, but realises that it can't be good news and steals it back.

The two standard Metallixes attack him, intending to recover the Device. One is destroyed accidentally when it is struck by the other's chest cannon, and Sonic destroys the other by knocking its head off with the Alpha Device. The Emperor demands that Sonic hand over the Device immediately, or he will destroy Grimer. Sonic finds this amusing: why would he do anything to help his enemy? he asks.

Emperor Metallix: "Because you are a weak creature of flesh. You do not have the merciless nature of a Metallix!"
Sonic: "Yep, I've got to admit, you've got me there!"

Sonic hands back the Alpha Device, as ordered, and the Emperor releases Grimer, before vanishing through the Main Viewer to join the Brotherhood on the Miracle Planet. Grimer is overjoyed that Sonic saved him (although Sonic is quick to point out that "We all make mistakes, creepoid!"), but the moment is short lived. Sonic wants to go after the Metallixes, but it's too late: they're already on the Miracle Planet and they have the Alpha Device. The Brotherhood of Metallix have already won!




  • Sonic was captured by Robotnik and Grimer captured by Metallix in the first part of this story, last issue.
  • Sonic mentions his last encounter with Metallix, who mentioned a "brotherhood". This was in Sonic the Comic #50, "Count Down to Disaster, Part 2".
  • Robotnik reveals that Grimer created the Metallixes, and could find a way to make them unstoppable. This will become a key plot point in the story "The Return of Chaotix", from Sonic the Comic #67 to #72.
  • Sonic mentions that he hates the Special Zone. He will be trapped there between Sonic the Comic #84, "Heroes and Villains", and Sonic the Comic #100, "The Final Victory".
  • Sonic infiltrates the Egg Fortress through the same hole that Mighty the Armadillo created in Sonic the Comic #55, "Total Chaotix, Part 3". (An editorial comment incorrectly mentions that the "Total Chaotix" story ended in the previous issue. In fact, it ended in Sonic the Comic #58.)
  • The true purpose of the Alpha Device is revealed in Sonic the Comic #62, "The Brotherhood of Metallix, Part 4".
  • In Sonic the Comic #72, "The Return of Chaotix, Part 6", it is revealed that Robotnik had installed a self-destruct program in the Metallixes. He only sent Sonic to destroy them in the hope that they would destroy Sonic first.


Ecco the Dolphin - "Return of Ecco the Dolphin, Part 1"

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Steve White
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

Previously (STC 13-18), the alien Vortex kidnapped the living creatures of the sea, save for Ecco the Dolphin. Ecco travelled to the prehistoric past and to the lost city of Atlantis, where the glyphs boosted his abilities, allowing him to defeat the Vortex and return his friends home. The alien Asterite offered to help Ecco defeat the Vortex, but only if Ecco would swim to the deepest past of the ocean and recover the Asterite's missing Black Pearl.

Ecco swims to the trench that holds the Black Pearl, but an upcurrent prevents him from descending. He pushes a heavy rock ahead of him, and uses it as cover so that he can swim down. In the depths, he encounters strange creatures, such as the glowing anglerfish, who are native to these deep recesses of the sea. He continues to move deeper, until he sees a strange light in the distance. It can only come from the Black Pearl! But as he gets closer, he finds the Pearl has a guardian: a colossal squid!

Knuckles and Tails - "The Revenge of Trogg, Part 2"


Tails, accompanied by Knuckles, has returned to the Nameless Zone, where he is the people's champion. Once there, he encounters his old friend Errol Blackthorn, who was captured on a mission to rescue the Enchanter Kings and transformed into a hulking trollish beast by the evil Trogg. Errol attacks Tails with a sword, and Tails only manages to dodge by flying. Shaman Warpull, who believes that Knuckles is Tails' sidekick Sonic, tries to hold Knuckles back. However, Knuckles knows that Tails isn't a fighter, so leaps in anyway. Knuckles faces off against Errol, who has the power of the Dark One himself, and they exchange blows until Knuckles punches Errol on the chin and knocks him out. Shaman Warpull locks Errol in the stocks, which should be strong enough to hold him.

Still, Shaman Warpull is concerned that the Enchanter Kings are still Trogg's prisoners. "Don't worry about that," says Knuckles, "Tails has a plan!" This is news to Tails, who wonders why Knuckles is letting everyone think that he's Sonic. Knuckles says he doesn't want to embarrass the young fox, and besides, "it's a relief to be in a zone where people don't worship that little blue show off!" When Warpull asks Tails what the plan is, Tails suggests writing a stiff letter to Trogg, before Knuckles interrupts and "clarifies" Tails' meaning: Tails and Knuckles will go to the Land Beyond and bust the Enchanter Kings out! "That was my other plan," says Tails meekly.

A short while later, once Tails has donned his Enchanted Battle Armour, he and Knuckles set foot on the Dimension Bridge and head to the Land Beyond. Tails isn't sure it's a good idea, but Knuckles seems very confident: he's with the hero of the Nameless Zone, after all. What could go wrong?




Sonic's World - "The Seven Badniks, Part 2"


B.A.R.F. agents Cam and Bert arrive in the Palmtree Panic Zone, to relocate all Palmtree Panic Badniks to the Green Hill Zone. One says they don't want to go, but Bert destroys it with his Number One Hammer and there are no more objections. A rabbit sees them load every badnik in the zone onto the Ark Pod and fly away, and can't wait to tell Sonic the Hedgehog.

However, when the Palmtree Panic badniks arrive in the Green Hill Zone, they refuse to live alongside "old-style badniks" and start destroying the resident robots. Cam and Bert are horrified and, knowing that the Green Hill badniks are outdated and outclassed, they start helping out by destroying some of the new models. They retreat into the Ark Pod with the remaining Green Hill badniks and flee, leaving the Palmtree Panic models rejoicing at their victory...




Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (Comix Zone)
  • STC Pin-up - Chaotix: Espio the Chameleon!
  • Q Zone (FIFA '95)
  • Graphic Zone - Back to School!
  • Speedlines


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