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Sonic the Comic #62 is the sixty-second issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Brotherhood of Metallix, Part 4"


On the Miracle Planet, the Brotherhood of Metallix have set up the sinister Alpha Device, which has already begun to transform all the greenery of the small world into metal, to be used as a limitless power source. A Metallix approaches, along with the three Freedom Fighters (Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Johnny Lightfoot), and reports: "Emperor, I have succeeded in capturing Sonic and his accomplices." The Emperor Metallix reveals that, with the Miracle Planet as a power source, they will build more Metallixes and, when they are ready, they will return to Mobius.

Suddenly, the Emperor realises that something is wrong. There were four life forms, not three. He asks the Metallix what happened to the other, and the robot responds: "Emperor, I have succeeded in capturing Sonic and his accomplices. ... Emperor, I have succeeded in capturing Sonic and his accomplices." Sonic, not shackled as it had seemed, grabs hold of Johnny and Amy and runs away. He calls for Porker Lewis to act now and the pig, hiding a small distance away, pushes a button on his remote...

The Metallix explodes! All nearby Metallixes are blown apart, including the Emperor!

Everyone says that Porker did a great job reprogramming the Metallix and rigging it to explode. Unfortunately, the Alpha Device is still changing the Miracle Planet to metal. Sonic wants to yank it out, but Porker says that doing so could make it explode, and take the whole planet with it! For several long minutes, Porker reprograms the Device to discharge all its stored energy into the air, making it harmless. This will take time, however, and it's time they don't have: the Miracle Planet is beginning to fade away for another month, and Sonic doesn't want to be stuck again. He'll return next month to make sure everything went okay, and the four heroes walk off down the chain back to Mobius.

A short way along, Porker looks back to find the Emperor Metallix, heavily damaged and losing power quickly, has dragged himself over to the Alpha Device and reactivated it! Its last work done, the Emperor powers down and collapses, but Porker has to run back to stop the Alpha Device. The others see him go, but are too late to stop him, because moments later the Miracle Planet disappears! Amy hopes Porker isn't in any danger, but they can't know for sure until the Miracle Planet reappears in one month's time...





Ecco the Dolphin - "Return of Ecco the Dolphin, Part 3"

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Steve White
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

Ecco has taken the Black Pearl from its guardian, and now tries to bring it to the top of the trench before the radiation from it kills him. Just as he is about to lose all energy, the upcurrent forces both Ecco and the Pearl upwards, where the Asterite is waiting for him. The Asterite is reunited with the Pearl, and removes the harmful energy from Ecco's body, making them both strong again.

Ecco is ready for his quest, but has one last question: how will learning the language of the Vortex help him save his friends? The Asterite explains that there is a gateway far above, that leads to the Vortex's world. Anyone can pass through, but only those who know the aliens' language can use it to return. The Asterite imbues Ecco with all the necessary knowledge. He then forms a protective barrier around the little dolphin. Ecco swims upwards as fast as he can, aided by the upcurrent and the power of the Asterite. He breaks the surface, and continues rocketing upwards, protected from the thinning atmosphere until, at last, Ecco swims in the sea of stars!

Knuckles and Tails - "The Revenge of Trogg, Part 4"


Knuckles, Tails and Morain are brought before the evil Trogg. He plans to turn the Enchanter Kings into monsters like himself. As the moon reaches its zenith, a beam of moonlight is focused by a lens in the roof, and strikes a black orb. Trogg summons the Dark One, a gigantic, goat-faced demon who rises out of the orb like mist.

While the goblins are distracted by the Dark One's presence, the three heroes untie the Enchanter Kings and try to slip away unnoticed... but to no avail. Trogg spots them, and instructs the Dark One to stop them. With its magic powers it easily incapacitates the three heroes. Trogg says their situation is hopeless. He'll soon take his revenge on Tails, but there are more important matters to deal with first, namely to turn the Enchanter Kings into new, dark forms, ruled by evil... just like Trogg!




  • The monsters from the Land Beyond are identified as "goblins" in this issue. In "The Morbidden Hunt" (Sonic the Comic #28 to #31), it was established that goblins lived in the Nameless Zone, but north of the foxes' kingdom. Presumably, they are two separate societies of goblins.
  • The Dark One (previously referred to as the "Evil One") was the demon responsible for turning Trogg into his current form as well, as revealed in Sonic the Comic #21, "The Land Beyond, Part 4".


Sonic's World - "The Seven Badniks, Part 4"


B.A.R.F. agent Cam and Bert return to the Green Hill Zone with their reinforcements: the Seven Badniks. They successfully round up all the rogue badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone into the Ark Pod. The Seven are clearly a force to be reckoned with, brushing off the other badniks' attacks like they are nothing! When all the badniks have been collected, Cam and Bert leave the Seven to defend the Green Hill Zone in the name of Doctor Robotnik, which they vow to do with all their power.

Cam and Bert return the badniks to the Miracle Planet, telling them to attack the "evil blue hedgehog", who is relaxing nearby. The badniks would much rather fight Sonic than those two repair functionaries. However, when they attack the Freedom Fighters, they find them rested and ready for action - Sonic quickly destroys them all! Cam moans that she has to get out the tools again, while Bert wonders how Sonic would have done against the Seven...?




Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (Marsupilami)
  • STC Pin-Up! - Chaotix: Charmy Bee
  • Q&A Zone (Rocket Knight Adventures, Puggsy)
  • Graphic Zone - Animals
  • Speedlines


Preview pages

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