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Sonic the Comic #67 is the sixty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Return of Chaotix, Part 1"


Sonic is in Never Lake to witness the return of the green-and-blue Miracle Planet, which reappears for only three days every month. In particular, he is there to welcome back his old friend Porker Lewis, who meets him, on the Miracle Planet's giant chain. Everyone has been worried. The Metallixes was destroyed, but Porker has been trapped, alone, on the Miracle Planet for a whole month. Nevertheless, Porker insists that he is unhurt, but his words are stilted and his manner oddly impassive.

Meanwhile, down at Never Lake, the Omni-Viewer transports the Chaotix Crew all the way from the Special Zone (although the landing is a little hard). They are immediately spotted by a Trooper patrol and attacked by two tank-like experimental units of the Special Badnik Service. The destroy both SBS units, but the two standard models try to flee. They are quickly destroyed by Sonic when he arrives on the scene with Porker in tow.

Sonic introduces himself. Vector mentions that the Omni-Viewer has spoken highly of the hedgehog. Vector explains that they suspect the Miracle Planet is being used by the Brotherhood of Metallix for one of their schemes, but Sonic tells them that he destroyed all of the Metallixes permanently.

Omni detects an "energy screen" on the Miracle Planet's surface. Tuning it out, it is revealed that the usual green-and-blue appearance of the Miracle Planet was just an illusion! In fact, it has been completely cyberformed, and now resembles a vast Metallix head! Espio sums it up: "This looks bad."





Decap Attack - "Monster of the Year, Part 2"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Professor Frank N Stein, Chuck D Head, Igor and Head arrive at the lonely house where the Best Monster of the Year awards are being held (Chuck is in the "Man-made" category). The doorman says they are late and won't let them in, until Chuck man-handles him into a dustbin. They meet Prof's old friend Doctor X (to whom the Prof sold two brains), but Chuck steps on his entry to the "shrinking man" category.

While Prof and Igor go sit in the audience, Chuck and Head go backstage to find their category. Igor tells Chuck not to start a fight or anything, which immediately puts the monster in a bad mood. When the other contestants (in particular one resembling Boris Karloff's monster in Frankenstein) start insulting him, he gets really mad, and starts throwing punches. The two fighters roll onto stage, just as their category is called, much to the Prof's embarrassment.

Knuckles - "The Homecoming, Part 3"


One of Knuckles's lost people, Doctor Zachary has returned to the Floating Island, pursued by a deadly robot, which has destroyed the Master Emerald and now plans to absorb the power of the other Chaos Emeralds! Knuckles leaps to stop him, but the robot hits him with a powerful blast of chaos energy from its eye beams! Knuckles is sent crashing through a wall! Zachary believes nothing could have survived... Knuckles is surely dead...

And good riddance! he says. With Knuckles gone, Zachary reveals his true colours: he has been working with the robot all along. Knuckles was so happy to find one of his people that he never supposed Zachary might be evil, and led the old echidna straight to the Chaos Emeralds. Now that their inestimable power has been transferred into the robot, Zachary plans to seek out every one of Knuckles' lost people and take his revenge. But first, he'll destroy the people of Mobius, and let the Floating Island crash onto the planet below "as a monument to my genius". Climbing into a cockpit within the robot's head (using his gold medallion as a key to open it), Zachary bursts out of the Emerald Chamber and flies away. Knuckles, still alive and furious at being used, climbs out of the rubble. The real fight starts here!

Using a Zoom Tube, Knuckles waylays Zachary before he can fly clear of the island. Knuckles breaks one of the Robot's arm-wings, preventing Zachary from safely escaping. Now he'll have to make sure Knuckles is dead!

However, the Floating Island's orbit has taken them straight into a mountain range! In a few moments, it will crash, and then it'll all be over for both of them!





Sonic's World - "Cybernik Strikes Back, Part 5"


Shortfuse the Cybernik is attacking Citadel Robotnik in order to free his friend Tekno the Canary. He smashes into Robotnik's office, quickly destroying all the Trooper defenders. With only Shortfuse and Robotnik left, Robotnik angrily defies him to pull the trigger. "The ruler of Mobius never begs for mercy!"

However, they are interrupted by Metamorphia who has Tekno as a hostage. However, when Metamorphia reveals that she no longer has her shape-shifting powers, Tekno floors her with a judo throw. Again, Robotnik challenges Cybernik to shoot him, but he refuses. He explains that Robotnik will suffer more knowing that he created Shortfuse, and is thus ultimately responsible for every defeat that Shortfuse hands him. Robotnik orders them to get out. They leave, and Metamorphia comments that she could have gone after them if she had her powers still. Robotnik isn't listening.

Shortfuse and Tekno return to Tekno's underground workshop. Tekno offers to let Shortfuse use the workshop as his secret base too, but he declines. He'll be more of a threat to Robotnik if he stays on the move, but he promises he'll be back!





Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Grotto Graphic Zone
  • STC Festive Pin-Up! - Asteron Badniks! - Art by Ferran Rodriguez
  • Review Zone (Waterworld)
  • Speedlines

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