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Sonic the Comic #72 is the seventy-second issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Editorial Assistance: William Potter
  • Managing Editor: Richard Burton
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Marketing Manager: Gary Bell

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Return of Chaotix, Part 6"


Sonic and friends have returned from a time travelling mission to the past, having learned that the key to defeating the Brotherhood of Metallix is none other than Doctor Robotnik! However, when he goes to Citadel Robotnik to find out what Robotnik knows, Robotnik claims the story is ridiculous.

Porker Lewis wonders how the Metallixes were able to exist in a world in which Robotnik never existed, since he built them in the first place. Grimer says that in fact he developed the Metallixes - Robotnik merely added the self-destruct programme. Sonic is furious that Robotnik sent him after the Metallixes even though he could have destroyed them by remote control, but Robotnik merely points out that he had hoped the Metallixes would kill Sonic first! Porker realises that the Metallixes could not remove the programme, so tried to make it never exist in the first place.

At the window, scatterbrained Charmy notices a dark cloud and says there will be a heavy storm... unfortunately, it's a cloud of Metallixes, so numerous that the blot out the Sun! They smash into Citadel Robotnik through the walls, finally making their move to conquer the planet! There is a pitched battle between the Brotherhood, Sonic and Chaotix, while Robotnik frantically searches for the self-destruct remote... But he's too slow! The Emperor Metallix hoists him up, taking the remote. The Emperor plans to first crush the device, then Robotnik's neck! As the casing cracks, Sonic speeds through, snatching the remote and pressing the button, deactivating all the Metallixes at once! Robotnik assures him that they've won, although Sonic confesses to feeling that it is slightly anti-climactic.

Once Sonic and his friends have gone, Robotnik admits that Sonic was right: the Brotherhood of Metallix nearly killed them all. Grimer, however, believes the idea is a good one, if only they had a new design. A Badnik based on Sonic proved to be too unstable. He presents his new blueprints for Robotnik's inspection: a Knuckles Metallix!




Knuckles - "The Graveyard, Part 4"


In the sacred Emerald Mine, Knuckles has found the Soul Crystal that keeps the Spirit of the Herd alive. Knuckles demands that the Spirit call off its charging Kohenyu skeletons or he will destroy the crystal, and with it the last trace of the Kohenyu race. But the Spirit of the Herd believes that echidnas cannot be trusted, and wills the animated skeletons to attack Knuckles! Centuries ago, the savage echidnas destroyed the Herd, now the Spirit wants to take its revenge!

Knuckles is bashed aside by the Kohenyu. With his powerful fists he smashes the bones to dust. He realises that he should not have hesitated, but destroyed the Soul Crystal when he had the chance. He is determined not to make the same mistake again. Destroying the Crystal is the only way to end this madness. He raises his fist... but cannot bring himself to do it. He can't let himself be the one responsible for destroying the last trace of the Herd.

Knuckles reveals that he knows how the Spirit feels. He is the last trace of his people too. The Spirit is surprised. Knuckles could have destroyed him, but did not. Admitting his error, the Spirit allows Knuckles to take one of the Raw Emeralds, and leave the valley in peace. Knuckles does so quickly, before the Spirit changes its mind.

As he leaves, Knuckles imagines the amazing sight of the Kohenyu Herd, roaming the valley in peace. He hopes that, when his people finally return, they have learned their lesson!




Extra Sonic Story - "Odour Zone"


Sonic and Tails respond to an emergency call - something very large has been tearing through the forests of Mobius. Sonic leaves Tails to help clean up while he follows the path of destruction, which leads to the heart of the Odour Zone, home of the Underground Movement.

When he arrives, he finds the Odour Zone in a complete mess - trees have been uprooted and homes destroyed. The local skunks reveal that their leader, the giant Marcel Skunk, had attempted to sabotage Robotnik's lab, only to be captured and turned into an enormous Badnik.

Sonic rushes off to Robotnik's lab, only to be caught in a net trap. He faces off against the badnik Marcel Skunk - renamed Savage Skunk by Robotnik - and only narrowly avoids the Badnik's laser cannon. Taking a long run up, he is able to destroy the giant Badnik's head with a Super-Sonic Spin! With Marcel Skunk free, Robotnik flees rather than take on two powerful Freedom Fighters! Marcel thanks Sonic for saving him.



Sonic's World - "Brute Force, Part 4"


Commander Brutus has used a mind scanner to absorb a copy of Johnny Lightfoot's brain patterns. Now he knows all of Johhny's secrets, including the whereabouts of the hidden Emerald Hill Folk! With knowledge even Robotnik does not possess, Brutus is now the most powerful individual on the planet!

Meanwhile, at Citadel Robotnik, Doctor Robotnik still has not heard frm Brutus. He is now convinced that Brutus is up to something...

Brutus explains his diabolical plan to Johnny: he will attack the Floating Island (where the Emerald Hill Folk are hidden); people will fear him. They will lose respect for Robotnik and Brutus will rule Mobius! However, just as Brutus is about to brief his Troopers about their next move, he is suddenly overcome and compelled to lash out. With a taunt at the "bucket-headed creeps" he destroys them with his arm blaster, and immediately wonders why he did that!

The other Troopers attempt to relieve him of duty, but he blasts the rest of them too. It's the effect of the mind scanner! When he absorbed Johnny's memories, he also absorbed the Freedom Fighter's personality! Running back to his Trooper Ship, he wipes out all traces of Johnny's thoughts, then crushes the mind scanner. It's too dangerous to use again!

Unfortunately for Brutus, Johnny has managed to escape. His Troopers are all destroyed, and he no longer remembers where the Emerald Hill Folk are hiding. He returns to his base in the Misery Zone, determined to increase his Badnik armies, and dominate Mobius, leaving Robotnik nothing but a memory!



  • Robotnik suspects Brutus' treachery. When Brutus openly attacks Robotnik in "Revolution" (Sonic the Comic #79 to #82), Robotnik is prepared for him.


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