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Sonic the Comic #76 is the seventy-sixth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Editorial Assistance: William Potter
  • Consultant: Richard Burton
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Marketing Manager: Gary Bell

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Big Decision"


In a circus wagon on the edge of the Metropolis City Zone, Porker Lewis resigns from the Freedom Fighters and returns his trademark black jacket. Being held captive by the Brotherhood of Metallix for a month was too much for him, and he has had a nervous breakdown.

Sonic doesn't know how to react - he is shocked and doesn't want Porker to leave, but his first response is to become angry, calling Porker "soft". The other Freedom Fighters quickly come to Porker's defense and try to comfort him, but he breaks down in tears. Sonic storms out of the trailer. He heads out to find the Chaotix Crew are also leaving to chase down Nack the Weasel - the Omni-Viewer instantly transports them to the Floating Island, and they don't even consider asking Sonic to help.

Suddenly, Sonic is struck in the head by a patrol of Troopers. He is concussed and unable to escape. Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot are also caught when they rush out to see what the problem is. Inside the caravan, Porker has to act quickly. He takes some wires from a light fitting and applies them to a puddle of water outside, electrocuting and disabling the Troopers, who were all standing in it. Sonic is very impressed and tells Porker so.

The next morning, Sonic bids farewell to Porker, who is going to live with the Emerald Hill Folk in the Mushroom Hill Zone. Sonic attempts to apologise for what he said before, but Porker doesn't mind. He is soft, after all... and Sonic wouldn't have him any other way!





Knuckles - "The Ghost Ship, Part 3"


Captain Plunder has just stolen the Tantaragor Idol from the Ghost Ship of Tantaragor, but now the ship's owners, the Tantaror, have returned. Plunder orders his crew to stop them, but the Tantaror blast them with energy from their fingers. They are far too powerful for the pirates!

Plunder, Knuckles, Filch and Simpson flee down to the hold, only to find that the hold is full of chained Mobians. One of the prisoners explains: the ship they're on is a slave ship! The slaves have all lost hope of rescue from such powerful monsters. Knuckles wants to hole up and fight, but Plunder says it isn't necessary as he starts manipulating the Tantaragor Idol.

With a bright burst of light, the Tantaror break into the hold. Before they reach the intruders, the Tantaragor Idol begins to glow, and engulfs Knuckles and the three pirates in a white light. Suddenly, they find themselves on a pier by the sea. Plunder explains that the Idol is a teleportation device! With it, he'll be the most feared pirate on Mobius! And it's brought them right to Plunder's pirate town!




Shining Force - "The Curse of Zeon, Part 4"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Martin Griffiths
  • Colouring: Gina Hart
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

In the archaeological dig beneath Ribble, Baron Kadavaar and his acolytes summon an image of the demon Zeon. They intend to destroy the tower on Granseal Island and release Zeon from the abyss. Only the four young heroes known as the Shining Force know anything of their plans. Baron Kadavaar has given his men magic wands (in fact guns) to defend the tunnels.

The Shining Force (specifically Chester the centaur and Taya the elf) defeat the guards outside the dig. Bowie, the supposed leader of the team, cannot even draw the sword he wears because of its weight. Chester and Taya are not impressed. They enter the tunnels, where a Zeonite is waiting nervously, pointing at them with a small metal device. Bowie scoffs at it, and intends to deal with the acolyte personally. Then, the acolyte fires the gun, and Bowie is hit in the chest. Chester defeats the acolyte while Taya uses her magic to remove the "small piece of metal" (the bullet), but the wound is deep and she's not sure she can heal him!

Back on Granseal Island, Kadavaar's acolytes are preparing an ancient sorcery with the power to destroy the tower... a sorcery known as the 'Nuclear Bomb'!

Tails! - "Fox on the Run, Part 4"


Tails is escorting the young mouse Tantrum get back to the Metropolis Zone, but they have both been captured by the bounter hunter Fleabyte, who plans to give them to Robotnik for a reward.

As Fleabyte drags them through the desert by ropes attached to their wrists, Tails realises that his tails have not been tied up, and he launches himself into the air, lifting Fleabyte up beneath him. Fleabyte fires at Tails with his gun, but only manages to shoot through the ropes, and he falls back down to the desert floor - as a cat, however, he lands safely on his feet and immediately recaptures Tantrum.

Tails, seeing that Fleabyte is standing underneath a precarious rock formation, suggests that Tantrum scream like he did earlier. Sure enough, the rocks fall down on top of Fleabyte, giving Tails and Tantrum the chance to fly away and escape.

Back in the Metropolis Zone, Tantrum is reunited with his mother. He wants to know if he can go on more adventures with Tails, but Tails makes a quick exscuse and flies away. He wants to get back to the Freedom Fighters: whatever dangers he faces with them will be a "doddle" compared to looking after that mouse!




  • Tantrum's screaming previously caused a cave-in while he and Tails were underground, in Sonic the Comic #74, "Fox on the Run, Part 2".


Other features

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