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Sonic the Comic #79 is the seventy-ninth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway. It is the series' third anniversary issue, and was originally sold with a Sonic Spinner free gift.


  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Consultant: Richard Burton
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Marketing Manager: Gary Bell

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Return to the Miracle Planet"


The Miracle Planet has rematerialised over Mobius for the first time since the Brotherhood of Metallix were destroyed, but it is still completely covered by their machinery. The Freedom Fighters (Sonic, Amy, and Johnny Lightfoot) are on the Miracle Planet's surface with a portable version of the Kintobor Computer. They intend to reprogram the Alpha Device, the technology that cyber-formed the Miracle Planet in the first place, to make it reverse the process and turn it back to its original green landscape. However, when they find it, they learn that the Alpha Device has now grown to the size of a tall building, and Johnny has to climb up the side in order to find a connection for the feedback cable.

Sonic is bored, when suddenly he spots a shadow among the machinery. Amy reminds him that all of the Metallixes have been destroyed, but he decides to check anyway. Dashing between giant machines and clambering over cables, he finds the source of the shadow... it is a Metallix! The rust-coloured robot seems surprised to see him. He knocks it down with a Spin Attack, but when it rises again it tries to escape - Sonic is surprised but chases it anyway. As they come back in sight of the Alpha Device, Amy and Johnny are shocked to see that a Metallix survived.

Sonic knocks the Metallix down again, and prepares to decapitate it with a piece of scrap metal. The Metallix is nervous ("No... don't make me...") then blasts Sonic with its chest cannon. Amy is horrified and grabs her bow and arrow.

However, Sonic is unharmed. The Metallix says it used the lowest power setting and hopes Sonic is all right. Furthermore, it claims that it isn't a Metallix at all! Across the way, Amy sees the Metallix approaching Sonic and thinks it's going in for the kill. She only has one shot, and fires a new armour piercing arrow directly at the "robot's" head... just as it takes off its helmet to reveal that it is a green Mobian bird! It doesn't see the arrow coming, but Sonic does it snatches it out of the air at the last second, then hides it behind his back.

The bird explains that he was captured by the Metallixes for experimentation. He escaped his cell but couldn't get off the island, so disguised himself as a Metallix from parts he stole from their assembly line. This is the first time the Miracle Planet has reappeared over Mobius since the Metallixes left, and he was heading back to the chain when he saw figures in the distance. He thought the Metallixes had returned, so ran for his disguise.

Amy and Johnny run up, with Amy wondering where here arrow has gone. "Arrow?" says Sonic, hiding the item behind his back. "Hmmm, something flew past over there somewhere." Amy can't believe it - she was sure she was on target. "I'd get some practice in, if I were you..." Sonic continues, discreetly leaving the arrow with the bird's Metallix helmet.

The four head back to the chain and down to Mobius. It'll take a month before the Alpha Device will put everything back to normal. Amy walks off, still wondering how she could have missed...



  • The Alpha Device was activated in Sonic the Comic #62, "The Brotherhood of Metallix, Part 4". (At that time, it was the size of a staff, as Sonic mentions in this issue.) Between the Miracle Planet's disappearance in issue #62 and reappearance in Sonic the Comic #67, "The Return of Chaotix, Part 1", it had cyber-formed the entire planet, turning it into a giant replica of a Metallix head.
  • The Brotherhood of Metallix were all destroyed in Sonic the Comic #72, "The Return of Chaotix, Part 6", after they left the Miracle Planet in order to attack Citadel Robotnik. The bird has been trapped on the Miracle Planet alone since then.


Knuckles - "The Ghost Ship, Part 6"


The Tantaragor Idol has transported Knuckles back to the Ghost Ship of Tantaragor in an attempt to free the slaves held within. Unfortunately, the heretic Tantaror have found him and demand the return of their Idol. Even though Knuckles knows how powerful they are, and how slim his chances, he still attacks them... only to be effortlessly knocked aside. He tries to keep the Idol away from them, but they reach through his body and take it anyway, leaving him shivering on the ground.

However, when the Tantaror serpent attempts to teleport them back to their home dimension, it finds that the Idol does not respond. Suddenly, the ship begins falling apart, and everything becomes clear: they could not teleport back to their own dimension because they were already there! Ekkletos (now grown so large that he holds that Ghost Ship in his hands) has used Knuckles as a distraction so that he could use the Idol to bring them to him. Knuckles is upset at being used as bait, but Ekkletos says it was "by far the easiest solution". He adds that it is forbidden to capture creatures from other worlds, and that the heretic Tantaror will be severely punished.

Ekkletos agrees to sends Knuckles, the slaves, and the pirates back to Mobius. (Before he does so, Filch notices that Knuckles still has the Idol. Captain Plunder plans to take it after they are back home.) They reappear in Scourge Bay, in exactly the same place they left. Plunder wants the Idol but it has disappeared - apparently Ekkletos decided to keep it. Plunder is angry: since he didn't get the Idol, he refuses to give Knuckles the chest of ancient documents...

...but Zorabel has other ideas. They could have all been killed because of Plunder's "tom-foolery"! She has her assistant Tom give Knuckles the chest, saying that he's earned it. As Knuckles takes the chest away, Zorabel says she has some things to explain to Plunder, and asks for her knuckle-dusters! Plunder himself makes a quiet and speedy exit...



  • Knuckles finally acquired the chest of ancient Floating Island documents that Plunder promised to give him in Sonic the Comic #75, "The Ghost Ship, Part 2". He will be transporting it across the surface of Mobius until he returns to the Floating Island in Sonic the Comic #97, "Victims, Part 1".


Tails - "Grounded"


Sonic has sent Tails to investigate rumours of a new Badnik in the Aquatic Ruin Zone. Unfortunately, the Badnik, which calls itself a Spider-Moth, manages to get the drop on him, spraying his tails with sticky gunk from its web shooter. With his tails tied together, Tails can't fly, and he hits the ground with a great crash!

Spider-Moth shoots fire bombs at him, as Tails is forced to run for his life. The arrogant Badnik claims that it was created by Commander Brutus, who will soon be the new ruler of Mobius! Tails realises that Brutus is planning a revolution, and hopes Sonic and the others aren't in danger...

No matter how hard Tails tries to fly, his tails won't propel. Using a vine, he tries to bend a palm tree back so that he can swat the Badnik out of the air, only to be hurled into the air himself - still unable to fly! He shoots straight for the Badnik, smashing it, but can't stop himself from landing in the Aquatic Ruin's deep lake, and with his tails tied he can't swim fast enough to escape the Masher Badnik that bears down on him. Twisting out of the way, he catches the webbing in the Masher's teeth, freeing his tails!

Free at last, Tails is now able to fly. He immediately sets off for the Metropolis Zone to warn Sonic and the others about Brutus' revolution...




Sonic's World - "Revolution, Part 1"


In order to prove he's still in charge, Doctor Robotnik launches a Badnik attack on the citizens of the Metropolis Zone. Fortunately, Sonic, Amy, and Johnny Lightfoot are there to help out. However, a new wave of Badniks arrive and also seem intent on destroying Robotnik's Badniks... but these new Badniks don't seem to be any better. In fact, Johnny recognises them as the Badnik army of Commander Brutus.

Suddenly, Commander Brutus himself arrives on a great mothership that lands on the street. Sonic charges, but his Spin Attack bounces harmlessly off Brutus' armour. Before Sonic has a chance to recover, Brutus hits him with his blaster, knocking him unconscious. Sonic is defeated! Now nobody can stop Brutus!



  • Johnny Lightfoot recognises Brutus' Badniks after encountering them in "Brute Force", which was printed from Sonic the Comic #69 to #72.
  • Brutus mentions that Sonic only has the strength to damage him when he's Super Sonic. Brutus and Super Sonic previously clashed in Sonic the Comic #66, "Project Brutus, Part 4", and in this meeting Super Sonic managed to rip off Brutus' arm (leading to him replacing it with a blaster weapon).


  • Sonic reveals how desperate he is to defeat Brutus when he says that it would be worth turning into Super Sonic to beat him - despite the fact that Super Sonic is an uncontrollable berserker.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #203.

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