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Sonic the Comic #80 is the eightieth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


  • Editor: Deborah Tate
  • Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
  • Designer: Gary Knight
  • Consultant: Richard Burton
  • Production: Sarah Colley
  • Marketing Manager: Gary Bell

Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Running Wild, Part 1"


Sonic the Hedgehog is visiting Porker Lewis on the Floating Island. They go looking for Knuckles in the Emerald Chamber, but the echidna can't be found. The Emerald Chamber is a mess, and Porker tries to explain that the damage was caused when Knuckles fought a Robot head, but Sonic isn't interested.

In any case, Sonic wasn't really looking for Knuckles. He says it was really Porker that he came to visit. He's not going to ask Porker to rejoin the Freedom Fighters, he just wants to know how Porker is doing. Porker tells him that life is much better since he moved to the Floating Island, although he misses everyone, especially Amy. Sonic asks Porker not to mention her, because lately she's been "driving [him] up the wall!"

As Sonic sits on the edge of the pit over which the Chaos Emeralds are suspended, a booming voice demands that the intruders identify themselves. Sonic is surprised, more so when the rock crumbles beneath him and he falls into the Emerald pit! The voice is from the Robot head, who did not recognise Porker in the poor light, but Porker is frantic with worry. The Robot asks whether Porker is afraid the fall killed his friend, but that's not it. Porker knows that the Emerald Energy in the chamber is bound to "affect" Sonic. He quickly hides behind a pillar, terrified, and tells the Robot to "shut up"! If they're lucky, Sonic won't notice them!

Sure enough, the Sonic that rises out of the pit isn't the cool blue hedgehog that fell down: it's Super Sonic, Sonic's demonic alter-ego! Consumed by hatred, he needs to find something to destroy! And the first name that comes to mind is... Amy Rose! He blasts out of the Emerald Chamber at vast speeds, straight through the solid rock of the roof, leaving a terrified Porker behind.

As Super Sonic zooms through the sky, faster than should be physically possible, he smashes through a ship transporting new SBS Troopers without even slowing down.

On the surface of Mobius, beside the caravan of Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus, Amy is attempting to teach Tails to use a crossbow. He's not very good, and doesn't really know why they need another sharp-shooter when they've got Amy. Amy just says she might not be around forever. Suddenly, Johnny Lightfoot runs out of the caravan - he's just had Porker on the communicator! But before he can explain Porker's message, Super Sonic is on top of them! "Amy Rose, prepare to meet your doom!"



  • Knuckles is not on the Floating Island. He left with Captain Plunder in Sonic the Comic #75, "The Ghost Ship, Part 2", and will eventually return in Sonic the Comic #97, "Victims, Part 1".
  • As Porker Lewis tries to explain, the Emerald Chamber was destroyed by the head of the Guardian Robot in Sonic the Comic #73, "New Master Emerald". The robot once worked for Doctor Zachary (mentioned here by Porker) until Knuckles decapitated it and Zachary fell over the edge of the Floating Island, in Sonic the Comic #68, "The Homecoming, Part 4". It is revealed here that, since Zachary's reprogramming was wiped in "New Master Emerald", Knuckles has built an alcove for the Robot in the corner of the Emerald Chamber.
  • Porker has been living on the Floating Island since he quit the Freedom Fighters in Sonic the Comic #76, "The Big Decision". Sonic initially had trouble accepting Porker's resignation, even accusing Porker of giving up on the fight for Mobius' freedom, although he has clearly moved on from that, since here he says that Porker has "already done more than [his] fair share".
  • Super Sonic attains a new, even more demonic form in this issue, when he is bombarded by energy from the Chaos Emeralds, gaining even rougher spikes and sharp fangs. He will keep this new form for the remainder of the series.


  • Porker is depicted here wearing his trademark black jacket, despite returning the jacket to Sonic when he quit the Freedom Fighters (issue #76).
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #202.

Chaotix Crew - "The Fundamental Four, Part 1"


In the Special Zone headquarters of the Chaotix Crew, Vector the Crocodile finally gets sick of Charmy's inane babbling and kicks him out. Espio and Mighty However, no sooner has Charmy gone then the headquarters are suddenly attacked by the Fundamental Four: Hydran, Gravel, Squall and Flare! These four villains are seeking revenge for four years spent in prison after they were captured by Chaotix. They very easily defeat the three remaining Chaotix members. They plan to liquidise the heroes in a giant blender, just as soon as they find out where the fourth member of the team is... "Where is that stupid bee?"

Meanwhile, Charmy has got bored all on his own, and decides to go back - surely the guys are missing him by now. Maybe they're so sorry for kicking him out that they got him a present or something! But when Charmy gets back to the headquarters, he sees the the Fundamental Four have captured his teammates. Realising that he can't take them down alone, there's only one chance: he's got to go back to the Hive!



  • Charmy Bee mentions the Hive for the first time. It will eventually appear in Sonic the Comic #91, "The Hive, Part 1".


Tails - "Fleabyte Returns"


Tails is on his way to the Metropolis Zone to assist Sonic, but as he passes through the Casino Night Zone he notices several animals being chased by Commander Brutus' Troopers. He defeats the Troopers, although one of the animals he rescues says he'd prefer to have been saved by Sonic.

Tails agrees to help out defending the Casino Night from Brutus' Troopers, but he is spotted by Fleabyte the bounty hunter, who catches Tails in a net. He believes that Brutus will give him a reward for Tails, but is surprised when Brutus' Troopers arrest him too and throw him in jail with Tails.

Tails and Fleabyte talk in the cell. Fleabyte reveals that he can pick locks with his robotic claw, but doesn't think to use it on the cell door until Tails points out that it would be a good idea. They escape, and together take down the Troopers - as they chase Fleabyte, Tails pours syrup under their feet and sends them crashing into a giant pinball machine.

No sooner are their pursuers defeated than Fleabyte turns on Tails, trying to net him again. However, Tails won't be caught the same way twice, and captures Fleabyte in his own net. The people thank Tails for helping them, and ask him to stay to protect them from any more Troopers. Tails agrees, reasoning that his first duty is to the safety of the citizens.




Sonic's World - "Revolution, Part 2"


In the skies above Citadel Robotnik, the Badnik army of Commander Brutus attack those of his creator, Doctor Robotnik. A mile away, Sonic gets to his feet after being zapped by Brutus' blaster. He is joined by another hero, Shortfuse the Cybernik, who goes with Sonic to defeat Brutus and rescue Amy, and Johnny Lightfoot, who have been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Brutus and his turncoat Troopers burst into Robotnik's office in the Citadel, announcing their plans to take over. However, Robotnik is prepared for this treachery, and activates a self-destruct implant that was built in Brutus brain! ...But it doesn't work. Brutus had the implant deactivated weeks ago. Now Brutus orders his Troopers to kill Robotnik!

Suddenly, Sonic and Shortfuse burst in through the window. The Troopers turn on them. In the confusion, Robotnik and Grimer escape. Shortfuse faces off against Brutus, warning the super Trooper that Shortfuse's armour is made of Megatal, the strongest metal on Mobius. "Well, I've got news for you Cybernik..." says Brutus, " is mine!" And with a single blow he pummels Shortfuse through the floor.

Sonic demands to see Johnny and Amy. Brutus calls to his ship to send down the new recruits, and directs Sonic to the window: Amy and Johnny have been turned into Badniks!




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