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Sonic the Comic #94 is the ninety-fourth issue of the Sonic the Comic comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Eve of Destruction"


A giant, purple-skinned muscle-bound monster called the Bulk rampages through New Tek City. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew seem unable to defeat it, and it keeps getting even stronger.

A few hours earlier, boring scientist Doctor Bob Bobble attends a New Year's Eve party. When he tries to explain his research to a young girl, she excuses herself and goes to dance. Upset that nobody appreciates his genius, Bobble rushes to his laboratory and uncovers his Delta Ray Machine. He zaps himself with the machine, intending to give himself "the muscular build of a bronzed beach patrol guard", but accidentally drops the remote and takes a larger dose than expected. His muscles grow out of control, bursting out of his tank top, and his skin turns purple. His intelligence is also reduced.

Bobble goes to stop the fun of the New Year's Eve party by ripping out the bell from the clocktower. He is spotted by Sonic and Chaotix, who are in the crowd. Sonic stops the bell from landing on the crowd, then Mighty tries to take out Bobble. However, Bobble's muscles are still growing - when Mighty points out that he is "getting bulkier", Bobble rejects the name Doctor Bob Bobble and renames himself The Bulk. Vector recognises Doc Bobble's research into Delta Rays to increase muscle mass, and runs off to Bobble's lab.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Chaotix continue to fight the Bulk. Their attacks don't even hurt him, but his muscles keep growing until they are so large that he can't even move. Just in time, Vector comes back with the Delta Ray Machine, which he has repaired, and uses it to reverse the effect. Bobble is restored to normal. Sonic destroys the machine. Bobble is initially upset that years of hard work have been destroyed. However, on Sonic's advice he decides to use his genius to benefit the population instead of trying to be something he isn't. Sonic advises that he makes a resolution to lighten up too.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog is still trapped in the Special Zone, having travelled there in Sonic the Comic #84, "Heroes & Villains, Part 1". He will eventually return to Mobius in Sonic the Comic #100, "The Final Victory".
  • Mighty the Armadillo mentions that Chaotix are wanted by the police for a crime they didn't commit. It was revealed that they were framed for a robbery in Sonic the Comic #85, "Heroes & Villains, Part 2". They will be cleared of this crime some time before Sonic the Comic #97, "Doomsday, Part 1".
  • Vector demonstrates his scientific credentials when he recognises Bobble's research into Delta Rays and then repairs the machine to turn him back to normal. In Sonic the Comic #99, "Doomsday, Part 3", it is revealed that Vector is affiliated with a top secret scientific laboratory known as Equinox, which is staffed entirely by crocodiles.


Knuckles - "Roots, Part 1"


In the Metropolis Zone, one of the last remaining pieces of park land is under threat. A group of protesters has gathered, holding signs that say "Save our trees!" and "Hands off Robotnik!" One of the protesters, a sheepdog named Pyjamas, has a psychic vision about the approach of a "tiny winged creature", possibly a butterfly... which they soon discover to be Knuckles riding his enormous green pterodactyl. (But then, Pyjamas' vision have always been a bit unreliable.)

Knuckles watches as Special Badnik Service Troopers arrive to disperse the protesters. The Troopers are about to attack the peaceful and defenceless civilians, until Knuckles leaps in to help. He destroys two, then Pyjamas' friend Ebony, a black cat, joins the fight with her magical powers. Together, they destroy the badniks (leading one young protester to say they are "cooler than a cool thing!")

Knuckles tells the protesters that they are in serious danger, and should leave before more badniks arrive, but they insist they have to save the trees. As Knuckles wonders what is special about the trees, they turn to face him, and one withered tree says to him "Allow me to answer that question."




Decap Attack - "The Hungry Guest"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching & Richard Rayner
  • Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

There is a costume New Year's Party at Castle Frank N Stein, but the only guest is a small boy named Billy No-Friends, who ate his present (a cake) before turning up. He then proceeds to ridicule the Prof, Chuck and Head's costumes (Prof is Mr Cuddle Bunny, while Chuck and Head are Apollo Eleven), then eat all of the castle's food. Just as Prof is trying to convince a reluctant Igor to put on his costume (a woodland creature costume provided by the Prof), Billy gets so hungry that he nearly eats the Prof whole! He spits out the Prof, but his fuzzy pink costume has been digested! The Prof angrily orders Billy to leave and then vows to never throw a New Year's Eve costume party again.

Outside, Igor tells Billy he did a good job - if he'd had to wear the costume he would have died. It is revealed that Billy is Igor's nephew. Igor gives him money to buy a pizza, then they wish each other a happy new year!

Sonic's World - "The Monster Wakes, Part 1"


On New Year's Day, the Freedom Fighters visit Tekno the Canary's secret underground laboratory for a celebration. Tekno offers to let them use it as their new secret base and they accept, although Shortfuse points out that it's a bit small for all five of them. Johnny suggests burrowing through the walls to make more room.

Just then, Knuckles the Echidna lands his pterodactyl outside the lab's secret entrance. The gang surprises Knuckles, who had not realised they were back in the Emerald Hill Zone, then convince him to help them dig some extra space for their base. Once the work is done and Knuckles flies off, Shortfuse and Tails check out some of the freshly dug areas. However, they accidentally disturb something alive that has been sleeping underground. It is massive, and as it wakes up it bursts upwards through the hillside. It's a dragon! Shortfuse thought they only existed in fairy tales. Unfortunately, the dragon reveals that they've woken it up a thousand years too early and now it's mad!




Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone
  • Crawl Badnik Pin-Up!
  • Q Zone
  • Back Tracking!
  • Speedlines

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