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Sonic the Comic #99 is the ninety-ninth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Doomsday, Part 3"


The Special Zone's Black Asteroid glows like a second Sun as it is heated from within by the imprisoned Super Sonic. Lord Sidewinder has a crazy plan to take control of Super Sonic, so Sonic, Espio, Mighty and Charmy are looking for Sidewinder in order to stop him.

Meanwhile, Vector the Crocodile is at Equinox, a top secret scientific laboratory in New Tek City staffed by crocodiles. They have agreed to help recharge the Omni-Viewer and preliminary tests are successful: Omni has managed to teleport back to Mobius, but he has terrible news and he has to tell Sonic. At the same time, an Equinox scientist discovers that the explosion of the Black Asteroid will create an electromagnetic pulse, knocking out computerised systems all over the planet and cause total chaos (hospitals, banking systems and aeroplanes will all fail simultaneously).

Elsewhere, Lord Sidewinder and his gang take up positions on an asteroid near to the Black Asteroid. Mr Fry and Bio-Hazard become concerned at their proximity, and when Sidewinder reveals that his master plan is to call Super Sonic to him with the power of his mind, they nearly turn on him before being interrupted by Sonic. Sonic quickly incapacitates Fry, Sidewinder and Lightmare, while Mighty takes out Bio-Hazard.

Just then, Omni appears with Vector. Omni tells Sonic that Doctor Robotnik has captured the Emerald Hill Folk on the Floating Island, and Vector says that the Black Asteroid is mere seconds from exploding. Sonic is torn - he wants to go home, but he can't leave the Special Zone at the mercy of Super Sonic. Vector then mentions the electromagnetic pulse, which gives Sonic an idea. He orders Omni to teleport the Asteroid to Mobius, which he does despite his uncertainty, and they watch through Omni's screen as the Black Asteroid explodes over Sonic's home planet...




  • One of the Equinox researchers wears a T-shirt with partly-obscured writing on it. The section legible says "E=m", presumably a reference to the famous equation E = mc2, which relates to mass–energy equivalence and was proposed by Albert Einstein.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #216.

Knuckles - "Victims, Part 3"


On the Floating Island, Doctor Robotnik has finally captured the Emerald Hill Folk, as well as Knuckles, and plans to irreversibly link their minds with an enormous biological computer. Before he can flip the switch, Knuckles manages to rip free of his bonds and destroys Robotnik's computer.

Doctor Zachary sends his Guardian Robots to attack Knuckles, and Robotnik reveals that he has a backup control panel to activate his biological computer. Knuckles evades the robots and dives at Robotnik, only to be blasted out of the air by Zachary's arm cannon.

Suddenly, Zachary and Robotnik look up to see a massive explosion in the sky...




Decap Attack - "Dead! Part 3"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching & Richard Rayner
  • Art: Mick McMahon
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

Chuck, Head, Professor Frank N Stein and Igor have arrived at Hell Central. Chuck raises a fuss about, well, not being dead, and this attracts the attention of a red-skinned, green-haired demon woman called the Thin Controller. She immediately realises that Max has accidentally brought living people to Hell again (just like last week with the Middlesbrough Football Team, although that was a mistake anyone could have made)... but she decides to let it pass anyway, and sends her demons to take them away.

Chuck and Head fight back, and the Prof calls out for calm. Suddenly, the Thin Controller notices him and is instantly smitten. She loves his German accent and green hair, and drags him away on a tour of Hell. She orders Max to let the others go, because she wants to be alone with her Professor... and she doesn't believe in long engagements... Rupert suggests that Chuck should start saving for a wedding present.

Sonic's World - "No Exit"


A rebellion is going on in the Metropolis Zone, capital city of Planet Mobius, and TV journalist Cat Adie is on the scene. Huge crowds have gathered to protest outside Citadel Robotnik, along with the Freedom Fighters. The people are sick of Robotnik's bullying and now they are fighting back!

Grimer, who has been made Acting Tyrant while Robotnik is on the Floating Island, becomes worried. He orders his Troopers to arrest the protestors and, when the crowd fights back, he summons all Badniks in nearby zones to converge on the Metropolis Zone. Hundreds of Badniks swarm in! Tails is shot out of the sky by a Buzzer, but despite the hopeless odds the people refuse to surrender. They'll fight on to the end!

Amy and Johnny try to enter Citadel Robotnik to get some of Robotnik's weapons, but they are cornered by Newtrons and Vermin the Cybernik! Just as things look finished, there is an explosion in the sky...!




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