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Sonic the Fighters Sound Tracks is a soundtrack album with music tracks from the arcade game Sonic the Fighters. All music tracks in the album are composed and arranged by Maki Morrow and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. It was released on 26 September 1996 and has been published by Futureland and Toshiba EMI.

Track list

  1. Advertise (K.I.Y.O.) [2:15]
  2. Character Select (Get into the Wave 2) [1:50]
  3. Game Start (Are You Ready?) [0:06]
  4. South Island (Lovers) [2:47]
  5. Flying Carpet (Back to Soul) [3:12]
  6. Aurora Icefield (Black Bed) [2:22]
  7. Mushroom Hill (Sonic the Fighters) (Come On, Mr. Sonic) [2:18]
  8. Canyon Cruise (Blue Garden) [3:28]
  9. Casino Night (Sonic the Fighters) (Here We Go) [2:30]
  10. Dynamite Plant (Try Again) [2:43]
  11. Giant Wing (Fire Stone) [3:05]
  12. Chaos Emerald (Emerald) [0:07]
  13. Death Egg's Eye (Never Let It Go) [2:36]
  14. Death Egg's Hangar (Hurry Up) [2:23]
  15. Mission Complete (Egg's Fanfare) [0:08]
  16. Super Sonic (Everything) [3:20]
  17. Sonic vs Knuckles (North Wind) [2:58]
  18. You are Winner (Winner's Fanfare) [0:08]
  19. Name Entry (What's Your Name?) [1:23]
  20. Ending Theme (Take Me Away) [2:09]
  21. Continue (Continue) [0:15]
  22. Game Over (Game Over) [0:08]
  23. Character Select (Bonus Track 1) [2:49]
  24. Sunset Town (Bonus Track 2) [2:22]

Disc length 47:22

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