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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Quotation1 When fast thinking is of the essence, I'm the essence of fast thinking. Quotation2
AoStH ep. "Best Hedgehog"

Sonic the Hedgehog is a young blue hedgehog and the main character of the TV series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.


While he can be loud and obnoxious, he still fiercely defends Mobians from anything untoward, including Dr. Robotnik.

While Sonic enjoys helping people out, he can get annoyed if someone tries to help him out. He feels that this will land them both in danger, and his temper can get the better of him (like with Captain Rescue). Sonic usually apologizes later though, showing that he doesn't mean to get angry.

Sonic is very overprotective of his friend Tails in this continuity. Usually Tails has to hide somewhere while he deals with Scratch and Grounder. If Tails is captured, Sonic is determined to find him, showing that they have a very strong bond, mainly because they're the only family each other has got.

Despite the devious attitude he is given in the main show, during the Sonic Sez segments he is illustrated as a responsible role model for the innocent Tails, often dealing advice to the fox when he gets into a difficult situation.

In this series, Sonic has been depicted as being quite the casanova (as referenced through his many love interests listed below).



Sonic, in a costume

Sonic can run at extremely fast speeds, assuming he is wearing his specially designed Hi-tops, which he uses to his advantage when fighting Robotnik and his forces. He is also capable of curling into a ball and performing a buzzsaw attack which can cut through most objects (similar to the spin dash), though Robotnik has used various materials such as nuclear forged steel and diamondium laced metal in near-successful attempts to counter this ability.

Additionally, in this universe Sonic is a master of disguise (in a similar manner to Bugs Bunny) and often uses a variety of costumes to foil Robotnik's schemes; his disguises are made all the more effective thanks to the extreme gullibility and stupidity of Robotnik's minions.


Sonic has a handful of sayings that he is sure to use each episode.

  • "Time to speed, keed (kid)."
  • "We are up... over... and gone!"
  • "I'm waaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiing."
  • "I feel a need for speed!"
  • "Let's juice."
  • "Juice time."
  • "Way Past Cool!"
  • "Gotta [verb], [noun that rhymes with the verb]!" (Example: "Gotta fly, Clyde!")




Love Interests

Love interest Episode(s) Image

"Lovesick Sonic"

"Sonic the Matchmaker"

Sonic and Breezie
Roxy "Untouchable Sonic" Roxy kiss
Miss Possum "Magnificent Sonic" Miss possum with Sonic
Merna the Merhog "The Little Merhog" Sonic and Merna
Princess Sally Sonic Christmas Blast ChrisBlast kiss sally


Like in the original Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Drive games that lead to the creation of AoSTH, Sonic is a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog with a light yellow muzzle and belly. His head and back are covered in quills, which are instrumental in his buzz saw attack. He always wears the same red and white pair of shoes, which are heat-resistant and necessary for his incredible running ability. He also wears gloves and seems to have conjoined eyeballs.

Also, in "Magnificent Sonic", mostly while Sonic was sheriff, his shoes were miscolored and his quills were missing.


Costume Episode(s) image
Circus Announcer SSSSSS circus announcer
William Tell's Son

1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad"

William tell
Doctor Pimento Robot-Doctor
Pumpkin 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Pumpikin
Telephone repair man 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Telephone-repair-man
Miner 2. "Subterranean Sonic" Miner
Crossing Guard 2. "Subterranean Sonic" Crossing guard
IRS Auditor 2. "Subterranean Sonic" IRS
Photographer 3. "Lovesick Sonic" Photographer
Snow Man 3. "Lovesick Sonic" Snow Man
School Crossing Guard 4. "Slowwww Going" Crossing guard again
Maintenance Worker 5. "High Stakes Sonic" Maintenance man
James Bond 5. "High Stakes Sonic" James Bond
Window Washer 6. "Sonic Breakout" Window-washer-Sonic
Surfer Dude Surfer-Dud-Sonic
Painter 6. "Sonic Breakout" Painter-sonic
Ready Robot Repairman Ready Robot Repairman
Game Show Host 9. "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" Game Show Host
SPCA Agent 10. "Big Daddy" Spca agent
Mobius Tonight Host 11. "Sonic's Song" Mobius tonight show host
Sid Sharkley, Executive Sales Manager 12. "Birth of a Salesman" Salesman
Ticket Taker Ticket-taker
Football Coach 14. "The Robotnik Express" Football coach
Athletic Trainer 15. "Too Tall Tails" Athletic trainer
Crane Operator 15. "Too Tall Tails" Crane operator
Fire Man 16. "Tails' New Home" Fire-man
Mail Man 16. "Tails' New Home" Mail-man
News Reporter 19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" News reporter
Old Widow 19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" Old widow
Painter 20. "So Long Sucker" Painter
Sandwich face 20. "So Long Sucker" Sandwich face
Helga the maid 20. "So Long Sucker" Maid
Pizza Delivery Man 21. "Sonic Gets Thrashed" Pizza delivery again
Weatherman 25. "Sno Problem" Weatherman
Chef 27. "Boogey-Mania" Sonic the Chilidog Hog
Key Exchanger 27. "Boogey-Mania" Key exchanger
Hiker 27. "Boogey-Mania" Hiker
Baby 28. "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby" Baby Sonic
Gas Station Attendant 32. "Momma Robotnik Returns" Gas Station Attendant
Used Car Salesman 34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" Used car salesman
WWI German Interrogator 34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" German
Delivery Boy 38. "Sonic the Matchmaker" Delivery-boy
Justice of the Peace 40. "Zoobotnik" Justice of the peace
Health Inspector 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Health inspector
Bert Whoo 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Sonic whoo
Mama Robotnik's Friend 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Old lady
Cushion Salesman 45. "Super Robotnik" Cushion salesman
Chemical cleaner 45. "Super Robotnik" Chemical cleaner guy
Sheriff 47. "Magnificent Sonic" Sheriff Sonic
Clint Eastwood 47. "Magnificent Sonic" Clint Eastwood
Time Cop 48. "Blackbot the Pirate" Time cop
Sir Sonic the Speedy Knight
Skateboarder 50. "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" Skateboarder
Fire Fighter 54. "Robotnikland" Fire Fighter
Race Car Driver 55. "The Mobius 5000" Race Car Driver
French Artist 55. "The Mobius 5000" French Artist
Scuba Diver 56. "The Little Merhog" Scuba Sonic
Pizza Delivery Man 56. "The Little Merhog" Pizza delivery
Professor 58. "The Robot's Robot" Professor Sonic
Heckuba 62. "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" Heckuba
Construction Worker 63. "Sonic is Running" Construction worker
Sexy Woman 63. "Sonic is Running" Sexy Woman
Politician 63. "Sonic is Running" Politition
Dentist 63. "Sonic is Running" Dentist
Blacksmith 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Blacksmith
Fishing Warden 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Fishing warden
Beethoven 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Beethoven
Kwai Chang Crane 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Crane
Police 65. "Sonically Ever After" Police officers
Hansel 65. "Sonically Ever After" Hansel and Nettle
Squatty Guy 65. "Sonically Ever After" Squatty Guys
Princess Rapunzel 65. "Sonically Ever After" Rapunzel
Sonic Claus 66. Sonic Christmas Blast Sonic-Clause


  • Unlike most other Sonic continuities, this Sonic is not afraid of water and can swim quite well.
  • Sonic is allergic to a certain flower and if it touches him, he will swell up like a balloon.[citation needed]


  1. Episode 52 "Baby-Sitter Jitters"

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