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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the version of this character before the Super Genesis Wave, see Sonic the Hedgehog (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog Archie profile
Sonic the Hedgehog
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #252

Real-world designer(s)
Biographical overview


Physical description

Anthropomorphic hedgehog









  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap, cuffs and a gold buckle
  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
Alignment and character traits


Favorite Food

Chili Dogs

Powers and abilities
  • Super speed
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Extreme Gear skills
  • Piloting skills
  • Harnessing Chaos Energy
  • Chaos powers
  • Super transformation
Moves and techniques

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog endowed with the power of super speed and the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds. Regarded as the hero of his world, Sonic has since early childhood stood as the primary opposition to the villainous reign of the evil Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire. He is the strongest and the primary agent of the New Freedom Fighters, a generation of heroes whom he inspired with his unyielding heroism and continues to be their source of strength to this day.

Sonic's speed is his ultimate weapon and he has used it to help those in need, as well as foil his enemies' plans. Although he is sometimes overconfident and assumes he can deal with things on his own, Sonic also realizes he has friends to back him up when needed. Additionally, he is willing to put his life on the line for his loved ones.


Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle and torso, and emerald green eyes. He has six head quills dropping back from the back of his head, two quills protruding from his back drooping downward and a short tail that points up.

He wears two light-weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap, cuffs and a gold buckle, a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands.


Early life

Not much is known about the Sonic's early life. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik began his attempts at world domination as Dr. Eggman, he would quickly make his presence known to the dictator, constantly thwarting his plans at every turn. Sonic's heroism would be quickly known throughout the world, inspiring many heroes as a result. At some point he joined the New Freedom Fighters, a group of heroes brought together by Princess Sally who had been inspired by Sonic's heroism, and they united in their efforts to save Mobotropolis.

Later Adventures

After saving the world from Dr. Eggman, peace returned to South Island, until Sonic's friend, Miles "Tails" Prower, was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. In Underground Zone, Sonic fought against Coconuts of the Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad and the first generation super-Badnik, Egg Antlion. After defeating them, Sonic came across the other two members of the squad, Scratch and Grounder, who pretended to use their double agent, Breezie as a hostage, but Sonic quickly took out both of them out. Sonic took Breezie along with him afterwards, who winded up betraying him. In the end, he saved Tails from Dr. Eggman, and became reluctant to share the tale of Breezie's betrayal even with his closest friends, though Sally was apparently familiar with her.[1][2][3]

When Dr. Eggman conquered Little Planet after it appeared over Never Lake, Sonic went on a new adventure to stop him and save the small planet. On Little Planet there existed the Time Stones, which were powerful gems capable of controlling the passage of time. Eggman had his eye on these stones all along, ever since the planet appeared on the last month of the year, and so he successfully chained Little Planet down on a mountain with his face carved into the mountain set about converting the world into a giant fortress. Sonic arrived on the scene to stop Eggman from taking all the Time Stones that would allow him to manipulate time and conquer the world. It was during this adventure that Sonic met Amy Rose, who had a massive crush on Sonic. Soon after meeting, Metal Sonic swooped in and kidnapped her. Sonic eventually caught up to Metal Sonic, and the two raced against each other in Stardust Speedway Zone, with Dr. Eggman flying closely behind to attack whoever was too slow. After Sonic outraced his metallic doppelganger, Metal Sonic got struck by Dr. Eggman's laser, leaving him out of the picture for the time being as Sonic was able to rescue Amy. Eventually, Sonic successfully prevented Dr. Eggman from obtaining any Time Stones and defeated the evil doctor. Sonic and Amy landed back on their world as Little Planet orbited away in freedom. Additionally, Mythical seeds from Little Planet landed on the ground and many of its flowers came into existence.[4][5]

Few of Sonic's later adventures are known. He once went up against Eggman when the doctor hatched a plan involving his airship, the Egg Carrier, and the water-based demi-god Chaos.[6] Another time, he and Tails embarked on an adventure to save the Wisps.[7] At another point, Sonic and Tails had been off on a different adventure when they decided to return to Mobotropolis to follow up on Nicole and to rescue King Acorn, who had been overthrown and imprisoned by Walter Naugus. They arrived to find the city being attacked by a transformed Tails Doll. The duo began battling the beast, during which Sonic took a nasty hit...[7]

Countdown to Chaos

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Sonic's original timeline ended.
StH 252 Coup de Robotnik

Sonic compares his two sets of memories.

Sonic soon awoke, completely disorientated and suddenly had a completely different set of memories: ones that involved rescuing Mecha Sally at the Northern Tundra with Silver and Team Fighters, seconds before being pulled into an adventure where he teamed up with a hero from another world. Noting the absence of both Amy and Silver, he was looked over by a concerned Tails, who reminded him that they were there to rescue King Acorn. Sonic quickly guessed at Walter Naugus' involvement, and the depowered sorcerer himself fled the city, completely ignoring his enemies. During the course of the battle with Tails Doll, Tails' memories of the unaltered reality returned, and the two swiftly acted to defeat the monster. As they headed for Castle Acorn, Sonic's memories of this new reality came to him, including the circumstances of Dr. Robotnik's initial meeting with King Acorn. Upon freeing their monarch, the pair were surprised to find that he had become healthy and cheerful, which Sonic noted as one positive change to their world. After discussing the matter with Nicole, Sonic and Tails determined that their best course would be to locate the other Freedom Fighters.[7]

Sonic Feels Darkness

Sonic begins to change.

Sonic and Tails soon found themselves the Mystic Ruins, searching for Rotor and finding Big the Cat instead. Fortunately, Big knew where their missing friend was located, and led them to the general area, which Sonic recognized as the Final Egg. Realizing that he recognized the area from his memories of the new timeline, Sonic noted that it was becoming harder to distinguish between the two. The unsettling thought was put on hold as they realized that the Sky Patrol, Rotor's location and the Freedom Fighters' new base, was under attack by Spinners. Sonic and his two companions engaged the enemy alongside Rotor, defeating the lesser robots and a new Silver Sonic who appeared to join them. Afterwards, Sonic and Tails reunited with Rotor, both of them nothing with surprise the Walrus' vitality given his previous injuries and girth in the original timeline. Knowing that it was the only real way to help their friend realize what had taken place, Sonic and Tails handed him Nicole, restoring his memories. Rotor reacted poorly, but managed to inform the pair that Sally and Bunnie were on deep cover missions, Antoine was with Uncle Chuck in Knothole, and Amy had disappeared mysteriously.[6]

Making their way to Knothole in the Wood Zone, Sonic and Tails found Antoine and Chuck, whom they were both happy to see given all the changes to reality and Antoine's previous condition. They were also stunned to encounter a new, and yet familiar face: Ben Muttski, Sonic's Mobini dog of the old reality turned Mobian. At Tails' urging, they refrained from restoring Chuck's memories, choosing instead to restore Antoine's. After telling him what little they could of Bunnie's whereabouts, the pair were suddenly shaken-quite literally-as a powerful tremor rocked the area. A massive fissure appeared, and both Chuck and Muttski fell in. The Freedom Fighters managed to save them, but in the process, Sonic inhaled some Dark Gaia Energy that the pair had extracted from below the surface for study. After displaying a brief, feral reaction, Sonic claimed to be fine, refuting Chuck's insistence that he see a doctor. Antoine reluctantly decided to escort the scientists to Spagonia, entrusting Sonic and Tails with the task of finding Bunnie and restoring her memories.[8]

The pair made their way to the Metropolis Zone, where they found Bunnie disguised as a member of the Egg Army. After discovering that she was still partially Roboticized in the new reality, they decided to wait to restore her memories until they could reunite with the others. Working together, they helped her complete her mission: acquiring a shield generator for the Sky Patrol from Eggman's Death Egg Mark 3 project. Returning to the Sky Patrol, they found Antoine waiting, and after restoring Bunnie's memories left the distraught Rabbit to be comforted by her husband. Still concerned over Amy's absence, Sonic decided to focus on locating Sally next. The heroes also had to deal with another dilemma: Nicole's diminishing reserves of Genesis Wave energy meant that she might only be able to restore one more set of memories.[9]

Sonic Explains to Sally and Amy

Sonic confuses his friends, who have not yet had their old memories restored.

A return trip to Mobotropolis found Sonic arriving just in time to save Sally, Amy, Cream, and the Royal Palace Guard from the attacking Metal Sonic. After working with Tails to deal with his metal doppelganger, Sonic happily reunited with his friends, though his comments about the original timeline and the Genesis Wave left the pair confused. Following a brief reunion with her father, Sonic took Sally and the girls back to the Sky Patrol, where they prepared to restore Sally and Amy's memories. Like the other Freedom Fighters before them, the two-particularly Sally-were deeply shaken by their newly regained memories. Unfortunately, they would have little time to mull the experience over, as Nicole finally computed the horrific consequences of the Super Genesis Wave's improper reversal. Not only had the entire multiverse imploded, but the damage caused the entire planet to break into large fragments. The Shattered World Crisis had begun.[10]

Return of the Freedom Fighters and the Chase

Sonic Rescuing Citizens

Sonic rescues civilians as his change continues to advance.

The Freedom Fighters quickly traveled to Station Square in order to provide relief to victims of the Shattered World Crisis. Splitting into two teams coordinated by Sally, Cream, and Nicole from the Sky Patrol, they set out to rescue as many of the civilians as they could. Despite their valiant efforts, the task proved overwhelming, and Sonic began to exhibit further signs of transformation as the stress got to him. Fortunately, Captain Amanda Tower and the Letter of Gabriel arrived with G.U.N. support forces to take over the rescue effort. Sadly, the Freedom Fighters were soon treated to another piece of bad news: Muttski called in from Spagonia University to inform them that Chuck and his colleague Professor Picke had been abducted by Eggman's forces.[11]

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters managed to locate the captured scientists aboard an Egg Train heading for the Rail Canyon Zone. Intercepting it in Soleanna Forest Zone, the group split into two teams to board the train and rescue Chuck and Pickle. Sonic's team were tasked with locating the missing captives, and initiated a car-by-car search. However, the other group had the misfortune of alerting E-106 Eta to their presence, and the robot's rampage made the train accelerating uncontrollably. After fighting a number of Badniks, Sonic located his uncle and the professor, only for Eta to arrive in the car ready for a fight.[12] The battle with the super Badnik proved more challenging than Sonic expected, and the stress of the moment caused him to exhibit further signs of transformation. Fortunately, Amy arrived just in time to subdue Eta, and the heroes were able to escape the train with the two scientists. A subsequent debriefing made the Freedom Fighters aware of the existence of Dark Gaia and the effects of its essence, which Sonic-despite his efforts to appear nonchalant-was troubled by given his previous exposure to it. The Freedom Fighters were thus left with a new quest: to locate the missing Gaia Temples and Chaos Emeralds in order to restore the shattered planet.[13]

Waves of Change

The search took Sonic, Amy, and Rotor to a seemingly uninhabited coastline, where they heard a mysterious voice coming from underground. Soon enough, Razor the Shark arrived to lead them to the Eusebes Shrine, where they were introduced to the voice's owner: Coral the Betta. The trio spent some time exploring the shrine and its adjacent Chao Garden, and getting to know Razor, Coral, and Coral's apprentice Pearly the Manta Ray better. Unfortunately, the pleasant visit was interrupted by the arrival of Captain Striker and the City Guard, who demanded to know what the surface dwellers were doing in the sacred shrine.[5] After a heated discussion, Sonic and Amy volunteered to accompany Coral and the guard in appearing before King Puff and Queen Angelica, rulers of the city of Meropis. Sonic attempted to explain that the recent problems that had befallen the city were caused by Eggman shattering the planet, but the king and queen refused to believe him. They thus stripped Coral of her title, and informed the Freedom Fighters that they were required to leave the city the following day. Sonic and Rotor briefly argued over helping Coral and her friends, but Amy diffused the situation and suggested that they take them aboard the Sky Patrol. Unfortunately, Coral was unable to maintain the city's mystical shield due to the stresses put on her, and it collapsed, allowing city and shrine to be swarmed by Dark Gaia Creatures.[14]

Sonic, his teammates, and Razor managed to fight off the first wave to attack the shrine, and Sonic and Rotor left to aid the city's defenders and see about getting help for the shrine. Sonic grabbed a pair of Air Charms to allow the pair to breathe underwater, and they soon located Captain Striker. Unfortunately, he refused to send any support to the shrine while the city was under attack, and Sonic and Rotor were left to continue fighting in defense of Meropis. They soon ran into the commander of the minions, a Dark Guardian, and began to battle it. Unfortunately, they realized too late that their Air Charms were not fully charged, leaving them on the bottom of the ocean with no air to breathe.[15] Sonic began to transform again, only to be interrupted by the Dark Guardian throwing Rotor into him. Just when the pair seemed doomed, however, an unexpected ally arrived: Chaos. Creating air bubbles around the pair, Chaos attacked the Guardian with the ocean as his weapon. The battle soon ended and Coral restored the shield, and she was subsequently reinstated as priestess. Tikal provided some counsel to help the heroes on their quest, and they set out with a new supply of Power Rings for the Sky Patrol.[16]


On their way to Soumerca in their continuing search for the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples, Sonic and the others were treated to a tour of the Sky Patrol by Rotor, who also handily dispatched the attacking War Walrus Horde Commander.[17] Sonic, Sally, and Amy were then deployed to recover a Chaos Emerald, only to run into a new enemy-E-113 Xi-and old friends-Mighty and Ray. After comparing notes, the two heroes introduced Sonic's team to their mentor Moss the Sloth, who sensed the darkness that Sonic had been struggling to contain within himself. Once again doing his best to assure his friends that he had things handled, he requested that Amy use her newly learned Mystic Melody to locate the Emerald. Joined by Mighty and Ray, the trio journeyed to the nearby Soumerca Egg Army base, only to be ambushed by Egg Boss Thunderbolt, whose electrical attack proved the final push to complete Sonic's transformation into the savage Sonic the Werehog.[18]

Enraged and feral, Sonic attacked and swiftly defeated the Egg Soldiers, and would have killed Thunderbolt had Mighty not engaged him. Between the Armadillo's efforts and Amy and Sally talking him down, Sonic gained a measure of control over himself. The group then returned to Moss' hut, and the return of daylight saw Sonic returned to his normal self. However, he quickly resolved that he couldn't afford to return to the Sky Patrol until he got his new savage side under control.[19] He thus joined Mighty and Ray under Moss' tutelage, though as usual he initially found himself trying to prove his own superiority. Moss quickly deduced that the root of his problem was his need to be in control, and that mastering his Werehog form would require acceptance of his own uncontrollable nature.[20] After gaining this mastery, Sonic found himself confronted by another attack from Thunderbolt: the Flying Dynamo. However, with his new powers and the aid of Mighty and Ray, he proved triumphant, and soon returned to the Sky Patrol. Finding his teammates beaten and weary after a failed attempt to recover another Chaos Emerald, he rallied their spirits, reminding them of their previous successes. Unfortunately, even Sonic was appalled when Nicole revealed that another Chaos Emerald was in the hands of an old enemy: none other than Breezie.[21]

Champions and aftermath

After sharing the story of Breezie's betrayal-and his reasoning for not doing so beforehand-Sonic learned that he, Amy, and Tails had been accepted into Breezie's Chaos Emerald Championship as competitors, but that the other Freedom Fighters had been denied entry. Rotor proposed stealing the Emerald given the stakes, which Sonic liked the idea of, but Sally and Amy both spoke against it. After learning that Sally had also attempted to buy the Emerald from Breezie, Sonic joked with her about how her father felt about her use of the kingdom's funds in both this attempt and hiring the Chaotix to help find the Emeralds. Sonic and the rest of Team Fighters traveled to Casino Park, where they were greeted by Breezie and had the tournament rules explained. Looking to keep his Werehog form out of the public eye, Sonic insisted that his matches take place during the day, and threatened to walk out when Breezie didn't want to accommodate him. After succeeding in this, Sonic and his friends met Honey the Cat, Amy's favorite fashion designer, who was also entering the tournament. She proved sympathetic to their cause, offering to give them the Chaos Emerald in the event that she won the tournament.[1] In the first round Sonic triumphed over the human fighter Segata Sanshiro, and after briefly basking in the adulation of the crowds was informed by Amy that the sun was about to set. He quickly returned to his room and transformed, and dejectedly settled in to watch the rest of the matches on TV. The first round ended with Tails eliminated from the tournament, and Sonic was paired with Honey for the second round.[2]

Sonic takes a breather from laughing at his foes when he notices Tails pouting over his loss to Honey in the previous round. Tails explains that he's upset that people all over the world got to see him lose like a chump, but Sonic assures him that people everywhere know him as his best friend and the hero who saved Station Square. Meanwhile after Nack is declared the winner, Sonic asked Espio if he was happy to see his loss against Bean avenged. He also asked why he didn't manage to sneak Vector or Charmy into the tourney. Espio explains that he only planted Knuckles because he was in the area and it shouldn't have worked in the first place, suggesting that Breezie is aware of the sabotage and has tampered with the brackets herself. Espio also reminded Sonic that Dr. Eggman is sure to be involved and not to let his guard down. As they finish their conversation, Amy and Knuckles begin their fight. Amy gets pumped to take down Knuckles and face Sonic in the finals, but starts over-analyzing the situation and worrying about disappointing or hurting him. While she's distracted, Knuckles lands an explosive punch that sends her flying into the spectator seats. Sonic and Tails glared at Knuckles. Sonic and Tails later visited Amy in a hospital room, where she's more annoyed about her loss than hurt. Sonic takes her hand and asks if she's okay, but Amy insists that she's fine and asks Sonic to avenge her loss before swooning over her hero. Tails also requests to be avenged as Sonic heads out to start his match with Honey. Sonic and Honey meet in the ring and shake hands, ready to fight, but Honey admits that Sonic needs to win the Chaos Emerald far more than she needs to promote her brand. Sonic offhandedly mentions that they still need to put on a show for the crowd when Honey flips him over her shoulder and slams him into the ground. They have a fierce fight, dodging and countering attacks, when Honey decides to use her afterimage dodge. Recognizing the move from her fight with Tails, Sonic grabs Honey and flings her out of the ring. As she soars through the air, Honey is overcome by how cool their fight was. After Knuckles won his match against Nack, Sonic and Knuckles entered the ring for the championship match. The two heroes teased each other, joking about past fights and getting ready for a real fight.[22]

Upon learning that Knuckles had left Angel Island after being forced to shatter the Master Emerald, Sonic offered to throw the fight so that Knuckles could resume his quest. Knuckles refused and the battle continued, until Metal Sonic broke into Casino Park thanks to the Hooligans' sabotage. Putting aside their fight and teaming up with Sonic's teammates, Espio, and Honey, they managed to recover the Emerald. Knuckles and Chip were then invited to join the Freedom Fighters aboard the Sky Patrol, and agreed to do so. While traveling aboard the Speed Star, however, the pair were treated to an unexpected surprise as Sonic transformed into the Werehog.[23] Shortly thereafter, Sonic would encounter his old ally Silver and discover the strange phenomena known as the Genesis Portals.[24]

Sonic and Silver unexpectedly crossed paths again while Sonic was attempting to recover the final unclaimed Chaos Emerald from Metal Sonic. While pursuing his rival through the Crystal Desert Zone with Bunnie and Tails, he ended up grabbing a hold of Metal Sonic and being dragged through a Genesis Portal into the Burning Ruin Zone. There he met Silver, and was distracted enough that Metal Sonic was able to punch him in the stomach and escape. After exchanging greetings, Silver revealed that he was still in the process of finding and closing the various Genesis Portals, a large number of which led to Sonic's world in his present. They then set out to stop Metal and find a portal Sonic could use to return home once he recovered the Chaos Emerald.[25]


Sonic is an extremely confident individual who lives for adventure and going as fast as he can. He's a born risk-taker, and not always in favor of following the rules. Be that as it may, he has a firm conviction of justice and a desire to see Dr. Eggman and all others like him stopped. If Sonic has a flaw besides recklessness and a certain disregard for authority, it's that he tends to take too much upon himself-not unlike his friend Mighty. Unlike the tactically orientated Sally, Sonic prefers to make up plans as he goes along.

Powers and abilities

Sonic's most notable ability is his incredible super speed, allowing him to cruise at speeds far surpassing Mach 1 which is at the blistering speed of 768 mph or more. While his top speed is unknown, glimpses of Sonic's prowess are shown in his tendency to routinely scale vertical walls, effortlessly knock down enemies in his path and run over water.

Sonic possesses extreme acrobatic skills, agility, and reflexes enough to compliment his astonishing speed, enabling him to avoid sizable voluminous and minuscule obstacles with precise jumps and delicate movements despite their close proximity and incoming speed.

Sonic is incredibly resilient to pain and damage, capable of taking a series of pummeling from a large spectrum of adversaries without any lasting injuries. He is also a skilled fighter and a profound user of hand-to-hand combat. Even as a child, he had the capabilities to take on hordes of Eggman's robots. Like Shadow, Sonic can use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to perform Chaos Control, which allows him to teleport to other locations.

Sonic's primary offensive maneuver is the Spin Dash, a technique in which he homes in on the target while curled into a concussive ball or cutting disk which can damage, destroy, mow down, or burrow through many obstacles or foes.


Super Sonic

Main article: Super Sonic (Archie)
Super Sonic transparent

Super Sonic

By absorbing the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic. While transformed, his natural talents are not only increased exponentially, but he is also granted the ability of flight, invulnerability and can as well manipulate Chaos energy.

Sonic the Werehog

When Sonic accidentally inhaled a concentrated dose of Dark Gaia Energy, he unwillingly gained the ability to transform into Sonic the Werehog, a mutated version of his original form. In this form, Sonic is granted highly increased strength, elastic arms and sharp claws. However, the corruptive influence of the energy initially twisted his mind, causing him to lose control and become extremely violent and aggressive. Nevertheless, he soon learned to exert control over himself in this form. When exposed to sunlight, he will automatically revert back to normal.


Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Sonic's arch nemesis, due to foiling his plans. Sonic has defeated him mutilple times, yet sometimes he helps Sonic and friends. Dr. Eggman will stop at nothing to take over the world, and Sonic keeps defeating him every time.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is Sonic's best friend and sidekick, helping him a lot on his adventures. Sonic and Tails are as close as brothers and always sticked by each other's side. They're always willing to put themselves and/or anything at risk.

Amy Rose

Amy is another one of Sonic's close friend, also happening to be his number one fan and self-proclaimed girlfriend. Amy will doing anything to be with Sonic and has serious jealously when he's around any other girl. She is also willing to rescue him to keep her hero alive.

Sally Acorn

Sonic is shown to retain a great fondness for Sally in the altered reality, expressing particular happiness over her return to organic form.

According to Ian Flynn, Sonic and Sally's relationship status is "Just Friends". This is mostly due to the fact that Sega has mandated that the game characters must not be in relationships.[citation needed]

Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine is another one of Sonic's friends. Sonic was happy Antoine was recovered and healthy, and Sonic was said to have helped him gain the courage he needed to protect the kingdom.

Bunnie D'Coolette

Bunnie is also a friend of Sonic's. She was depressed when she was cyborged. However, Sonic helped show her that she was still herself and this made her fight alongside the rest of her friends.

Rotor the Walrus

Rotor is Sonic's second smartest friend. He aided Rotor many times, and helped him fight bad guys, fix things, and save people.

Nicole the Holo-Lynx

Nicole is Sonic's helpful and trustworthy computer friend. She helped Sonic gain Tails, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, and Amy and Sally's old memories from the original timeline, although she also gave the evil wizard his old memories back as well. She aids alongside the gang in her Lynx form and her body gives her all the power she needs to aid the gang.




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