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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog Archie profile
Sonic the Hedgehog
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #0

Real-world designer(s)
Biographical overview
  • 15 (Post-Super Genesis Wave)
  • 17 (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)
Sonic is biologically 16 due to his time in space</tabber>

Mobotropolis (Mobius)

Also known as
  • The Blue Blur
  • True Blue
  • Priority One Hedgehog
  • Big Blue
  • Blue Hedgehog
  • Blue Boy
  • "The Fastest Thing Alive"
  • "The Sneak"
  • Rodent (an insult by Robotnik/Eggman)
  • Sugah-hog (by Bunnie)
  • Sonic Hedgehog
  • Fuel (Antoine's way of saying "Fool")
  • Faker (originally by Shadow)
  • Blue (by Scourge)
  • Quickster (by Naugus)
  • Pin Cushion (by Mega Man)
Physical description





100 cm (3' 3")


35 kg (77 lb.)






Green (Originally black)

  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap, cuffs and a gold buckle
  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
Alignment and character traits



Post-Super Genesis Wave (New Universe)

Pre-Super Genesis Wave (Old Universe)

Favorite Food

Chili Dogs

  • Running
  • Racing
  • Peace
  • His friends and family
  • Making New Friends
  • Music
  • Saving the world
  • Showing off
  • Proving he is the fastest
  • Spending time with his friends
  • Stopping Eggman
  • Joking around with his enemies
  • Freedom
  • Competition
  • Beaches
  • Speed
  • Good adventures
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Keeping on the move
  • Chili dogs
  • Being a hero
  • Relaxing
  • Monkey Khan
  • A challenge from Dr. Eggman
  • Making fun of Knuckles
  • Poking fun at Monkey Khan
  • T-Pup
  • Losing
  • Evil robots
  • Evil
  • Dr. Eggman and his robots
  • Snively
  • Metal Sonic
  • Metal Scourge
  • Scratch and Grounder
  • Coconuts
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • Fiona Fox
  • Standing still
  • Water
  • Getting wet
  • Eggs
  • Waiting
  • Slowness
  • Amy getting Angry
  • Being impersonated and thought to have turned evil
  • Giving up
  • When someone claims to be faster than him
  • Boredom
  • Tears
  • Oppression
  • Iron Queen
  • Iron King
  • Silver assuming one of his friends is the "Freedom Fighter Traitor"
  • when Eggman taunted that he had reached his "limit"
  • Enerjak
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Supersonic running speed
  • Super durability
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Super Peel Out
  • Enhanced jump
  • Minor super strength
  • Swordsmanship
  • Grinding
  • Piloting skills
  • Harnessing Chaos Energy
  • Enhanced agility and reflexes
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Knowledge of alien and pet languages
Ability type


Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics. He is a Mobian hedgehog endowed with the power of super speed and to control the Chaos Emeralds which he uses to help those in need and foil his enemies' plans. Regarded as the hero of the world, Sonic stands as the opposition to the villainous reign of the evil Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire, who he has fought against since childhood alongside the Knothole Freedom Fighters, a generation of heroes his unyielding heroism had inspired and whom he is the primary agent of. Although he is sometimes overconfident and assumes he can deal with things on his own, Sonic also realizes he has friends to back him up when needed. Additionally, he is willing to put his life on the line for his loved ones.

In the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline, Sonic (full name Sonic Maurice Hedgehog) (born day 162, 3220) was the son of Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog and was renowned as the hero of Mobius and the chosen hero of the multiverse. Since early childhood, Sonic and his friends among the Knothole Freedom Fighters opposed the global and tyrannical rule of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and afterwards his alternate universe counterpart Dr. Eggman to reclaim the freedom of their planet. From the ends of the world to the far reaches of space and time, Sonic had many adventures and faced countless trials in the fight against evil that tested him to the fullest, earning him many titles, allies and the scorns of several foes. When Eggman used the reality-warping Genesis Wave to alter the world, Sonic's attempt to undo it resulted in a new reality where Sonic resumed the fight for freedom.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Early life

Sonic was born on day 162 of year 3220 during the early days of the Great War to the loving couple Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog in Mobotropolis. While his parents originally named him after his grandfathers, Sonic quickly picked up his nickname due to his incredible speed which he would use to run everywhere, and he had his name legally changed.

As a toddler, both of Sonic's parents fell victim to the Roboticizer, forcing his uncle to raise him. Sonic first met Sally Acorn during one of his uncle's many visits to King Maximillian Acorn. But when the King realized the Great War was going badly for the Mobians, he ordered a large number of the children in the city, including his daughter and Sonic, to the sanctuary in Knothole Village under the protection of Rosie and Julayla. Only a few months after the Great War's end, Warlord Julian launched a full scale coup d'état and took over the city, renaming it Robotropolis. During his takeover, Sonic's uncle Chuck and pet dog Muttski were captured and roboticized as well, effectively making Sonic an orphan.

Over the years, Sonic struck back against Robotnik's growing empire, assisted by his friends Sally, Rotor the Walrus, Antoine D'Coolette, NICOLE and Miles "Tails" Prower. Modeling their group after the Original Freedom Fighters, Sonic and his group of Knothole Freedom Fighters used guerrilla tactics and espionage to ruin many of Robotnik's schemes, including the release of Krudzu into the Great Forest and the partial roboticization of Bunnie Rabbot.

Freedom Fighter

After 10 years of Robotnik's reign, Sonic and his group of Freedom Fighters had begun to increase their attacks against the evil despot. Up to this point, Robotnik had thought of their resistance as no real threat, and let it exist within the Great Forest. However, he now realized that the Knothole Freedom Fighters were not only older and more organized, but had years of experience as guerrilla fighters under their belt. He now made it a priority to locate the secret location of Knothole Village so that he could crush the Freedom Fighters quickly. Time and time again however, he plans were foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog and his crew.

While most of his time was spent combating Robotnik and his hordes of SWATbots and Badniks, Sonic encountered other villains to combat. At one point, while on the other side of Mobius, Sonic attempted to get to Robotropolis quickly using the Cosmic Interstate, which lead him to the parallel universe of Anti-Mobius (now called Moebius). During his brief time in this realm, Sonic encountered his alternative self, Evil Sonic. Although he quickly defeated his evil double, and was able to get back to his home realm, Evil Sonic would continue to pose a threat to his reality in the future.

During one of his missions with his young friend Tails, Sonic encountered the Floating Island, home of Knuckles the Echidna, while flying in their plane "The Tornado" (known as the "X Tornado" in Sonic X). At the time, Knuckles the Echidna had been coerced by Robotnik to assume Sonic and Tails were after the Chaos Emerald. While Knuckles was distracted trying to apprehend Sonic and Tails, Robotnik was able to briefly take the Chaos Emerald for himself. Upon realizing he had been tricked, Knuckles, Sonic and Tails teamed up and retook the Emerald from Robotnik.

Some time later, another reality's version of Sonic, called Cyborg Sonic, came in his universe using the Cosmic Interstate, trying to gain help from Sonic the Hedgehog to stop his own version of Robotnik, called Robo-Robotnik. With the help of numerous reality's Sonics, and the unexpected assistance of the original Dr. Robotnik, Robo-Robotnik was stopped from taking over all the universes.

Robotnik later planned a trap for Sonic, capturing the hedgehog's number one fan, Amy Rose. Using her as a hostage, Robotnik was able to lure Sonic into the Collision Chaos Zone where he would be forced to race against Robotnik's newest creation, Metal Sonic. Although the overweight despot had numerous traps hidden throughout the race course, Sonic was able to survive, and caused Metal Sonic to overheat, destroying his legs and causing him to crash. The rest of the Freedom Fighters went on the free Amy and Tails, who had also been captured.

At one point, Sonic wished to undergo roboticization while using Rotor's invention, the Neuro-Overrider, to maintain his free will so that he could destroy Robotnik and Robotropolis with his enhanced abilities. The plan was denied by Sally, much to the dismay of Sonic. However, Sonic was captured by the bounty hunter Nack the Weasel and roboticized by Robotnik anyways. With his free will almost completely gone, Mecha Sonic was sent on a mission to destroy Knothole Village entirely. Although he succeeded in damaging a large part of it, he was unable to transmit the coordinates of its location, as he was engaged in combat with Bunnie Rabbot. While he managed to overcome his former cybernetic friend, the assistance of Knuckles, who had roboticized himself and became Mecha Knuckles, proved too much. The two had crashed into Robotropolis and badly damaged it, but Mecha Knuckles, having come out with less damage, took Sonic back to Knothole to be healed before Robotnik could repair him. Sonic was restored to his former self when Sally used the magical powers of Sonic's one billionth Power Ring. Afterwards, Sonic was tried in court by Antoine for treason, but was proven innocent once it was revealed Nack the Weasel was responsible for capturing Sonic.

Some time after the failure of Mecha Sonic, Robotnik finally decided to enact his ultimate plan to destroy Knothole Village and the Freedom Fighters - Operation: EndGame. Robotnik's secret agent Drago Wolf (a former member of the Wolf Pack) was able to fool Hershey the Cat into almost killing Princess Sally, while the other Freedom Fighters believed it to be Sonic who did it. Additionally, Robotnik had replaced the recently rescued King Max with a robotic duplicate, who would be used to misdirect the Freedom Fighters. With the Freedom Fighters believing Sonic to be a traitor and ordered to arrest him, Robotnik would be able to prepare his super weapon, the Ultimate Annihilator, which would erase Knothole from existence. When the Freedom Fighters discovered Sonic was innocent, they allowed him to attack Robotnik while they attempted to combat the swarms of SWATbots and COMbots now within Knothole. Once in Robotropolis, Sonic and Robotnik engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Due to Snively's treachery, the Ultimate Annihilator was reprogrammed to only target the war room and Robotnik's DNA signature, erasing him from existence, thus ending the battle and ending the ten year reign of the dictator.

A New Age

With Robotnik's reign of terror now over, Sonic the Hedgehog and the rest of the Freedom Fighters were able to retake Robotropolis. Although Snively attempted to maintain control of the city and combat the Freedom Fighters using a DYNAMAC, he was quickly defeated by Sonic and company. With the city completely under control once again, Sonic was able to search the city for his uncle Chuck and the other Robians. Upon locating his uncle, Sonic soon realized his parents were alive when he met them for the first time since his early childhood years. In order to prevent having to tell his nephew that the roboticization was his fault, Chuck had told Sonic his parents had died during the Great War. Angered at the discovery, Sonic left, unwilling to speak to either his uncle or his parents for some time.

Now that the real King Max was located and had returned to power (although still suffering from the crystallization effects he suffered from leaving the Zone of Silence), he had begun leading the free Mobians once again. Two of his first orders however was disbanding of the Freedom Fighters and later the dismantling of all the Robians, who wished to start their own colony and civilization outside of Mobotropolis due to feelings of disdain from their Mobian counterparts. It was soon discovered that Max was being controlled by the wizard Ixis Naugus, who had been attempting to take control of Mobotropolis upon his own escape from the Zone of Silence. With his plans foiled, Naugus escaped from the city and King Max was finally restored to full health.

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were briefly sent to the Floating Island, upon receiving a call from Locke the Echidna, Knuckles' father. Almost immediately after arriving, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were transported to another zone by the now all-powerful Mammoth Mogul, who became virtually omnipotent after stealing the powers from Enerjak using the Sword of Acorns. Although his powers were great, the combined might of Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles and Turbo Tails, as well as assistance from Athair, proved too much, and he was imprisoned within the newly formed Master Emerald.

With Naugus freed and plotting his revenge, Sonic and Tails were ordered to search the planet, track him down, and reseal him within the Zone of Silence. Over the next few months, the two went from the lush lands of the Great Forest, to the outback of Downunda, to the desert lands and Sand Blast City, to the Kingdom of Mercia and finally to the frozen lands of the Southern Tundra. Eventually, Sonic and Tails, with the help of over a billion power rings, defeated an also super powered Naugus and trapped him within the Zone of Silence once again with the help of Nate Morgan and Eddy the Yeti, the latter sacrificing his life to save Sonic, Tails, and Nate from Nate's collapsing castle.

With Naugus trapped away, Sonic and Tails returned to Mobotropolis. While the Mobians were able to enjoy a short time of peace, they soon realized another threat was looming over them. For months, the planet had been plagued with a variety of events which seemed too random to be normal acts of nature. It became apparent that someone was responsible for these when a broadcast message from King Max was interrupted and replaced by a history of the life of Robotnik. It was discovered by NICOLE, Sally's hand-held computer A.I. that the message was delivered from a number of satellites orbiting the planet. While everyone assumed them to be abandoned projects of Robotnik and no real threat at first, they soon realized this was not the case when all of the Robians disappeared overnight.

Enraged by the disappearance of his family, Sonic took it upon himself to discover what was going on with the satellites. Despite her father's orders, Sally chose to help Sonic go through with his plan by reforming the Freedom Fighters. With the discovery of a space shuttle within Mobotropolis by Nate Morgan and Rotor the Walrus, which was originally created by Robotnik prior to his death in order to expand his empire beyond the planet, the Freedom Fighters used a Power Ring to power it enough to get into orbit. Once inside the massive satellite structure, which was formed when all of the satellites merged, Sonic and his friends discovered a horrifying sight, Doctor Robotnik was still alive!

A New Threat: Dr. Eggman

After a brief fight between Sonic and the evil dictator, it was discovered that this was not the late Dr. Robotnik who had been erased by the Ultimate Annihilator, but rather the roboticized version from another reality, Robo-Robotnik. Having barely survived his confrontation with the various Sonics nearly a year ago, Robo-Robotnik had managed to rebuild his body using a part from the Giant Borg machine. He then went on to nuke the city of Mobotropolis in his reality and destroy Cyborg Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. With no opposition in his own reality, and discovering that Dr. Robotnik had died in the prime zone, Robo-Robotnik traveled through space and time to replace his deceased alternative self in that reality.

When the Freedom Fighters confronted Robo-Robotnik, they soon discovered that their coming to the satellite base had been a trap, designed to lure them away from Mobotropolis to allow Robo-Robotnik's Shadowbots to reclaim the city and capture its population for roboticization. While many were still able to escape the city, all of the Robians, with the exception of Sonic's parents, whose wedding bands consisting of Power Rings prevented them from losing their free will, were now under Robo-Robotnik's control. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were able to destroy the satellite base with the help of Snively, and escaped on the space shuttle back to Mobius. Robo-Robotnik however simply downloaded his consciousness into a new robotic body, located in a secret sub basement located a half mile under the former Castle Acorn in the re-christened Robotropolis.

With Robotropolis now in control of Robo-Robotnik, the Mobians fled the city to Knothole Village. With his new body, Robotnik renamed himself Dr. Eggman, and planned on downloading the location of Knothole Village into his mind. Before he was able to however, Sally, NICOLE and Snively deleted its location from Robotropolis' computer memory banks, preventing its location from being discovered by the new despot. Meanwhile, Sonic located the remaining Mobians who were trapped in the city during its evacuation, and helped them escape.

When Dr. Eggman released Chaos from the confines of the Black Emerald, which was then sent to the human city of Station Square, Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters were sent to stop it. While Sonic and Knuckles seemingly killed Chaos on board the Egg Carrier, the water-created being managed to survive and obtain the last of the seven Chaos Emeralds, using the negative energy to becoming Perfect Chaos. With the creature wreaking havoc in Station Square, Sonic was forced to use the remaining positive energies of the Emeralds to become Super Sonic to combat the new threat. He successfully defeated Perfect Chaos, who then returned to his confines in the Black Emerald along side Tikal. The humans in Station Square thanked the Freedom Fighters for their help.

Before they could return to Knothole, Dr. Eggman launched another mechanical duplicate of Sonic, known as Silver Sonic II, to destroy Station Square once and for all. While Silver Sonic II was able to outmatch the other Freedom Fighters with ease, his injuring of Tails pushed Sonic over the edge, allowing him to defeat the robotic duplicate by knocking its head off. When Eggman went to recover his machine, he found himself being attacked and chased out of Station Square by it, as Nate Morgan had reprogrammed Silver Sonic II to act as protector of the city against the mad scientist.

With Station Square safe and with a permanent protector there, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters bid the humans farewell. Shortly after their departure in the Freedom Fighter Special however, the ship experienced a malfunction and was forced to land. Little did they know that the one responsible for this was none other than the original Metal Sonic. During their reconnaissance of the area, Tails was captured and taken hostage by the metallic duplicate. Sonic, angered as the capture of his young friend, attempted to defeat Metal Sonic alone. However, the self-rebuilt robot proved far too powerful, cunning and advanced, due to the Power Gem embedded in his chest. After defeating Sonic, Metal Sonic offered the blue blur the chance to save Tails, which turned out to be a trap to lure him into Mount Mobius just before it erupted. Just as the volcano began to spew lava, Metal Sonic had a change of heart, after witnessing Tails willing to stay with Sonic and sacrifice himself. The robot then held the lava back while the two could escape before being overwhelmed by lava.

Shortly thereafter, Sonic returned home only to aid King Max in rescuing Prince Elias Acorn from Dr. Eggman. During the fight, Sonic saw the king use the Sword of Acorns to unintentionally restore free will to his uncle Chuck and Muttski. The distraction of the sight was enough to keep Sonic from protecting King Max from a sneaky punch from a Shadowbot, leaving King Max wheelchair bound for months. Feeling guilty from his lapse in judgment. Sonic took the Sword (unauthorized) in an attempt to restore the other Robians, only for Mina Mongoose to follow with a similar plan to rescue her mother. During a subsequent battle with upgraded Combots, the Sword was lost.

Attempting to retrieve the Sword from Dr. Eggman (unaware that Uma Arachnis had taken it during the battle), Sonic witnessed the return of the Overlanders. Attempting to reason with them, Sonic unsuccessfully protected the Overlanders from Monkey Khan and failed to stop the Overlanders from fleeing into Robotropolis. To make matters worse, Sonic had to answer for his actions regarding the sword, lost his knighthood, and was temporarily restricted to Knothole.

Weeks later, he took another unauthorized trip to Robotropolis, saw that Eggman had done nothing to them, then had to intervene in a battle between Arachnis and Kodos. After Arachnis curiously saved Sonic from Kodos and departed, Sonic secretly delivered Kodos to the Knothole hospital. The next morning, a Shadowbot delivered a message for Sonic: Sir Charles had regained his free will, and knew that Eggman had lost the sword to Arachnis. Adopting a disguise, and going by the alias, "The Sneak" of Sand Blast City, Sonic attempted to track down Arachnis, only for Geoffry St. John and the Royal Secret Service to head to Robotropolis, thinking that the sword was still there. Sonic had to rescue them from Dr. Eggman, and head back to Knothole before anyone recognized him.

Just as Sonic stashed his disguise, he was apprehended by Station Square's defense force G.U.N., when they believed it was Sonic who destroyed Silver Sonic II and stole the city's only Chaos Emerald from their bank. It turned out that the real thief was Shadow the Hedgehog, a being created by Dr. Robotnik's maternal grandfather Professor Gerald Robotnik. Sonic managed to escape his captors and eventually defeat Shadow, restoring his reputation in the city of Station Square. Eventually returning home, Sonic acted as a tutor for Mina, before making one more attempt at retrieving the sword. With help from the other Freedom Fighters, the sword was finally retrieved. Almost immediately, it was discovered that Nate Morgan had learned of the Overlanders, and the toxic waste poisoning in the city, forcing a few rescue attempts. The Sword was able to restore free will to the Robians, including the High Sheriff, who was returned to Knothole by Antoine, but Nate Morgan was captured and roboticized, and Sonic was unable to rescue him. Instead, he was forced to stop a treasonous Heavy and Bomb from killing the Royal Family, before convincing the Overlanders that they can't stay in Robotropolis.

Some time after this, Sonic would be called back to Station Square to save them from Zan the Dragon, in exchange for letting a group of Overlanders move into the city from Robotropolis.

Xorda Attack and Tossed in Space

Some months later, the xenophobic alien race known as the Xorda came to Mobius. They went on to explain that Mobius used to be called Earth, and that thousands of years ago, they sent an emissary to the human population to discuss a peace agreement, only for it to be killed and dissected. In retaliation, the Xorda attacked Earth, launching Gene Bombs on the planet, which lead to the de-evolution of humans and the evolution of the animal kingdom. They had now returned to the Earth to finish the job the Gene Bomb was supposed to do, which was to wipe out all life on the planet. Their ship's attack on Mobius was short lived, but the Xorda had one weapon left in their arsenal - the Quantum Dial. The Quantum Dial was a massive device which would open up a black hole, enveloping the planet and the entire solar system. Although almost all of the people of Mobius attacked the huge weapon together, its defenses proved too great. It was only when Knuckles, who had just returned from the afterlife, took out the weapon's entire defense systems, that Sonic was able to get into it and shut it down, saving the entire planet. However, by shutting it down, Sonic was transported billions of light years off world to another galaxy.

Realizing he was trapped on the other side of the universe, Sonic spent the next few months jumping across worlds while searching for a way home. He first found himself on the planet Thoraxia, whose population consisted of two insectoid-like races, the Blodex and the Bzzzz. Before Sonic could find a way off the planet, he found himself having to use the Red Chaos Emeralds on the planet to defend the Blodex from the invading Bzzzz. However, rather than turning Sonic into Super Sonic, the Red Emeralds manifested the power Sonic absorbed into a separate being which became Super Sonic. The new being defeated the Bzzzz, but didn't stop there. Instead, it went on a total rampage and began destroying the Blodex as well. Realizing he was responsible for the creation of this new menace, Sonic went to fight Super Sonic and stop him from causing any more harm. After stopping Super Sonic from destroying Thoraxia's two moons, Super Sonic went on to pummel Sonic. Like the Chaos Emeralds on Mobius however, the power was only temporary, causing Super Sonic to dissipate before he could finish Sonic off.

After saving the Blodex, the insect-like race contacted a neighboring species called the D'novulands to assist Sonic's trip home. The D'novulands placed a device in Sonic's ear, the "Babble Node" as Sonic referred to it, allowing him to understand almost all alien languages. On their way to Mezzo Jillion, the sector's largest trading hub, their ship was caught in an asteroid field, the remains of the planet Cemerant-16, which had just been destroyed. Forced to abandon ship, Sonic was sent into the last escape pod by the ship's captain, Oe, which descended into an uninhabited planet's atmosphere.

The planet's evolution and time was hundreds of times faster than that on Mobius, allowing Sonic to watch the planet go from uninhabitable to supporting a technologically advanced race called the Azurites. The Azurites had watched Sonic for what had been millions of years for them, believing him to be a god. When they were technologically advanced enough, they created a device known as the Temporal Decelerator, which allowed them to slow down their time so that they could communicate with Sonic. With communication now possible, the Azurites offered to make Sonic a ship which would allow him to get off the Azurites world and find his way home. Once they disabled the Temporal Decelerator, they were able to create a ship within a matter of seconds by Sonic's time. Sonic then used the ship to begin his journey home.

Sonic's journey lead him to meet up with one of the late Dr. Robotnik's earliest creations - E.V.E. Having convinced E.V.E. to go beyond her programming, Sonic managed to persuade the machine to ascend to the stars. Little did he know this would cause a chain of events leading to the destruction of numerous worlds. Now, almost two years after E.V.E. had left Mobius, her size was nearly that of a planet's, with the power to drain entire worlds of all their metallic substances within fifteen minutes. After a confrontation with Captain Bagbar Beeblebrox and the crew of the Sentelle, Sonic, realizing it was his duty to make amends to stop E.V.E., flew his ship into her hull. Fighting his way through E.V.E.'s defense units, Sonic finally came face to face with her. Sonic managed to convince E.V.E. that her actions made her no better than she was when she first left Mobius, which caused her to decide to collide with the nearest sun and destroy herself.

During his time in space, Sonic located Tails' parents on the Bem homeworld of Argentium - Amadeus and Rosemary Prower. Both had been taken by the Bem Ceneca-9009 during Robotnik's original takeover, and Amadeus was de-roboticized. Both had been taken back to the Bem home world where they had been living ever since. After breaking Ceneca-9009 out of prison, Sonic was provided with a ship to take him through the Bem's artificial wormhole back to Mobius. The ship however was too small to bring Ceneca-9009 or Tails' parents along, forcing Sonic to return alone.

Back Home

Having finally made it back home, Sonic quickly landed. To his surprise however, much had changed in the short time he was gone. While it was mere weeks for Sonic in space, back on Mobius over a year had passed. In Sonic's absence, Dr. Eggman had declared full-scale war on both the Kingdom of Acorn and the Republic of Station Square. To make matters worse, Eggman had developed two nuclear warheads which he was preparing to launch at both cities. In addition to this, he deployed an army of new-model SWATbots to take out the shield surrounding the radioactive wasteland of Robotropolis, which would result in the waste poisoning Knothole.

After a quick welcome home reception with friends and family, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters departed immediately to stop Eggman from launching the warheads, while the Chaotix, Amy Rose and G.U.N. went to stop the robotic hordes from taking down Robotropolis' force field. In the harbor of Old Megaopolis, Sonic first encountered Eggman's robotic "daughter" Mecha, while Tails struggled to outsmart Eggman's computer-virus "son" A.D.A.M.. Shortly before the missiles launched, Bunnie successfully destroyed the aircraft carrier which was harboring them, though this was only due to the fact that Tails distracted A.D.A.M. long enough for her to act.

Shortly after this, Sonic spent time getting used to his old home of Knothole with friends. The next few days however proved just as difficult for the blue blur. Sonic and Sally suffered a heart-wrenching breakup, and Sonic's father was temporarily killed by a Tommy Turtle Auto Automaton. However, things took a better turn when Sonic and Sally found the real Tommy Turtle and rescued him from Dr. Eggman's clutches.

Fighting the Eggman Empire

When Knuckles received word that his father Locke had been captured by the Dingo Regime, which placed the location of the Master Emerald in jeopardy, Sonic accompanied him and the Chaotix to Angel Island to launch a rescue mission. Sonic's assistance resulted in the liberation of one of the many concentration camps and the successful rescue of Locke.

Shortly afterwards, Sonic found himself pursuing Shadow the Hedgehog into a mysterious underground bunker. Unbeknownst to him, Dr. Eggman was equally interested in this bunker, and sent the recreated Metal Sonic to discover its secrets as well as defeat both Sonic and Shadow. The trio went head-to-head while Tails and the other Freedom Fighters discovered the history of Mobius from the ancient robot Isaac. Eventually, Metal Sonic and Isaac allied while Sonic and Shadow formed a temporary alliance in order to stop Isaac from launching a nuclear missile. With Shadow's help, Sonic managed to prevent the missile from launching and defeated Metal Sonic.

Evil Sonic's Mischievousness

Using a device created by Anti-Rotor, Evil Sonic managed to transport himself to the prime zone and knock Sonic unconscious. He then dressed himself in Sonic's attire while dressing Sonic in his and dumped him in Anti-Mobius while replacing Sonic in the prime zone. Upon awakening, Sonic woke up to the Anti-Freedom Fighters beating on him. Shortly afterwards however he managed to subdue them and use Anti-Rotor's device to return to the prime zone. However, even after his defeat, Evil Sonic managed to remain in the prime zone.

On Sonic and Anti-Sonic's birthday, Anti-Sonic attempted to obtain the Master Emerald with the help of Rouge the Bat. Locke fought them off, but was nearly defeated when Anti Sonic decided to fight dirty and used weapons. Locke managed to prevent evil duplicate from using the Master Emerald to transform completely, though a partial transformation mutated Evil Sonic into the being soon to be known as Scourge. With his new powers, Scourge fought both Sonic and Shadow back at Knothole Village; despite having the upper hand, the duo proved too much for Scourge and he fled, with Rouge, into a mysterious Warp Ring.

The Darkest Storm

Following the Scourge fiasco, Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters were surprised to see Tails' uncle Merlin Prower arrive on the scene with Sir Connery. Merlin was hoping to use the powers of the Source of All from King Max's crown to ensure Mammoth Mogul remained trapped inside a Chaos Emerald. Before he could do this however, the Arachne released Ixis Naugus from the Egg Grape Chambers, the dimensional breach killed the Ancient Walkers and allowing Mammoth Mogul to escape confinement. Soon afterwards, Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, Merlin and Sir Connery found themselves facing off against the Destructix, the Arachne, Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul. When Sir Connery sacrificed himself to render the Sword of Acorns and the Crown of Acorns powerless and wound Mammoth Mogul, the tides seemed to shift into the allies' favor. However, Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet soon arrived on the scene and captured Mogul, Naugus, the Destructix and the Arachne, sending them to the Egg Grape Chambers. Sonic assumed Eggman would continue his attack, but Eggman stated he would crush Sonic and the Freedom Fighters on his own terms before returning to New Megaopolis.

Battle with A.D.A.M., Tommy's Sacrifice

Following the capture of Mammoth Mogul and his followers, Anonymous revealed himself to in fact be Dr. Eggman's computer-virus "son" A.D.A.M. Before Eggman could erase A.D.A.M.'s programming, the latter transferred his files to the nanites. A.D.A.M. then proceeded to use the nanites to control Sonic's father Jules into bringing Tails to his super beacon, while forcing Eggman to contact Shadow to arrive there as well. A.D.A.M. then had both Super Shadow and Turbo Tails locked inside the beacon and used their immense powers to pull all of the Chaos Emeralds from throughout the universe to Mobius.

Sonic had followed his father to the beacon and moved in to stop A.D.A.M. before he could complete his schemes, Sonic using the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Though Sonic had the upper hand against A.D.A.M. even when the latter used the Chaos Emeralds to transform as well, Sonic found himself unwilling to attack Tommy Turtle, who A.D.A.M. was using as a host body as Tommy had come into contact with the nanites. Fortunately, Tommy managed to briefly gain control of his body and tell Sonic to let him die. The Egg Fleet soon arrived on the scene and Tommy was subsequently killed in front of Sonic's eyes. Shortly before his death, Tails and Shadow used their Chaos powers to open a portal to the Zone of Silence and send all of the Chaos Emeralds into that zone, thus causing The Great Harmony.

Invasion of the Eggman Empire

Not long after A.D.A.M.'s destruction, Eggman finally decided to use the Egg Fleet and destroy Knothole. When the invasion of Knothole began, Snively began by attacking Freedom HQ, sending everyone but Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and NICOLE to the Egg Grape Chambers. While the latter four were trapped under the rubble of Freedom HQ, Sonic ran as quickly as he could to warn the others of the invasion. Just as he arrived at the front gates, the Acorn Castle exploded. Emerging from the wreckage was Dr. Eggman in his Egg Beater battle armor. Eggman proceeded to insult Sonic while utterly beating him. Sonic, pushed to the edge, attempted to take out the Egg Beater with a single attack by running at it at full speed from the other end of the continent. The attack merely dented the Egg Beater's shield, and Sonic was left bruised and beaten as Eggman left him in the ruins of Knothole.

Sonic refused to accept defeat however, and had originally intended on rescuing everyone by himself, telling Tails and the others to remain behind where they would be safe. Tails, furious at this, lashed out at Sonic. The two's bickering was interrupted by NICOLE, who stated she had a plan. The five headed out on a saucer-shaped vessel created by Tails to New Megaopolis to rescue their friends and families. Just as they arrived at the Egg Vineyard, Charmy Bee's Egg Grape Chamber was activated. However, Sonic managed to break him free just in time to prevent long-term damage. After Knuckles and Amy freed everyone from their Egg Grape Chambers, Eggman returned to the scene to prevent their escape. Unbeknownst to him, NICOLE, who had managed to take control of the former nanite city, also altered the weapons on the Egg Beater and Egg Fleet to transport the Mobians to the newly formed city of New Mobotropolis instead of back to the Egg Grapes. Sonic managed to distract Eggman long enough for NICOLE to change the programming, then allowed himself to be transported along with the others to New Mobotropolis.

Not long after being transported to their new city, the Mobians found themselves relying on the city's shields to protect them from the attacking Egg Fleet. Sonic decided to challenge Eggman once again, this time with assistance from the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. Their combined might allowed them to defeat the Egg Beater, which was designed specifically to fight Sonic. Eggman then fled the scene.

Sonic vs. Tails

By previously dating Fiona Fox, Sonic caused a strain on Tails and his friendship. In a strange twist, Sonic’s own feelings were crushed when Fiona revealed that she preferred the evil Scourge over himself. This stress ultimately caused the two to be on opposite sides of a political schism in the Kingdom of Acorn, Tails supporting the side led by his father and Sonic remaining loyal to the House of Acorn. When Tails helped his mother break Amadeus out of jail, long suppressed hostility was released as he and Sonic fought with each other.

Tails was quick to bring up his fury at Sonic's lack of sensitivity, and refused to explain it to the baffled Hedgehog since he felt that Sonic would probably just ignore what he was saying again. Finally, the young Fox revealed that his main dispute with Sonic was over Fiona and Sonic's seeming dismissal of his feelings for her, and Sonic admitted that he had known about Tails' feelings and apologized, explaining that he had hoped that it would help Tails get over his crush. Having reconciled, the two headed off to stop a duel between Amadeus and Elias Acorn, only to find out that Sally had beaten them to it.

Enerjak's Rebirth

Following the battle with Tails and the creation of the Council of Acorn, Sonic found himself facing off against Dr. Eggman's newest creation, the Egg Nautilus. Eggman had hoped to use the tentacles of his new machine to implant a virus into NICOLE and erase her. Sonic was able to stop Eggman's attempts by informing him that Enerjak was about to return. Eggman, realizing this posed a much more serious threat, formed a temporary alliance with Sonic so the two could stop the returning Enerjak. Shortly after Eggman departed, NICOLE informed Sonic there was trouble at the Acorn Airport. Racing over there, he found the Chaotix attacking the guards and demanding they be allowed to leave in order to find the missing Knuckles. After fending off against them, Sonic soon realized that the Chaotix should be free to search for Knuckles, and ended the fight. To satisfy both Sally's wishes for the Chaotix to remain within the safety of New Mobotropolis, and Julie-Su's desire to find Knuckles, Sonic and Tails were sent out on the Tornado 2 to Angel Island.

Sonic and Tails arrived at Angel Island hoping to find Knuckles. Realizing Knuckles was not at the chamber of the Master Emerald, they began searching the rest of the island. Soon they found that Enerjak had already been reborn and had not only completely removed the Dingo Regime and killed Kage Von Stryker, but had removed all of the Dark Legion's cybernetic enhancements and teleported the vast majority of surviving Echidnas to the ruins of Albion. Just before Sonic could attack him, Enerjak teleported away to New Mobotropolis. Sonic contacted New Mobotropolis before picking up Tails and racing back as fast as he could. Sonic and Tails arrived back at New Mobotropolis just in time to see Enerjak there, who had already disabled the city's shields.

Shortly after Sonic arrived back in New Mobotropolis, he found himself beside Shadow the Hedgehog, who had responded to Sally's distress call while Sonic and Tails were on Angel Island. Both Sonic and Shadow attempted to face off against Enerjak, but were no match for the Chaos demigod. It was during this confrontation that Sonic discovered Knuckles actually was Enerjak, and was under the influence of Dr. Finitevus. After being beaten by Enerjak, Dr. Eggman arrived on the scene and transported the Chaos demigod to the Egg Grape Chambers to use as a living battery to power his city. Before Sonic and the others could come up with a plan to rescue Knuckles, he and Julie-Su were pulled onto Angel Island via Warp Ring by Knuckles' father Locke, who had recruited the two to defeat the Destructix and retrieve the Brotherhood of Guardians special weapon to stop Enerjak.

Sonic, Julie-Su and Locke managed to evade the Destructix with the help of Archimedes and located the secret weapon. Instead of allowing it to be used however, Sonic destroyed it, since its use would have not only stopped Enerjak, but caused Knuckles' death. Sonic quickly headed towards the Master Emerald and used its power to transform into Super Sonic before Enerjak had a chance to recharge. With his new invulnerability and support powers, Super Sonic went head to head with Enerjak. While Enerjak was distracted battling Super Sonic, Locke sacrificed his own life to break the hex Dr. Finitevus placed on the Master Emerald. This resulted in Knuckles' Enerjak-induced powers becoming vulnerable to Super Sonic's positive aura and Sonic was able to purify Knuckles of his dark powers and return him to normal.

Mogul's Rise and Schemes

After the Enerjak rampage Sonic's former love interest, Mina Mongoose, finally returned from her world tour. Ash Mongoose, Mina's boyfriend, apologized to Sonic for being a jerk to him back when he thought Mina was still in love with him. Sonic then took Mina to the ruins of Knothole and to the new Freedom HQ. NICOLE told Sonic that Mammoth Mogul wanted to see him at the detention center. Sonic went there only to be told to allow Mogul to be released, otherwise he would make a new Fearsome Foursome. Sonic, who thought this was a joke, chuckled and left. While everyone was sleeping however, Mogul used his powers to call upon the ones he had "marked" in the past. This included Mina, Mighty the Armadillo and Tails. The fourth member would be a convinced Sonic. With Sonic's friends now under mind control, Mogul attempted to have them defeat Sonic.

When they were unable to do this, Mogul threatened to have them all commit suicide, Tails by flying too high until he ran out of oxygen and fell to his death, Mina would run out into the middle of the ocean then stop and drown, and Mighty would march into New Megaopolis, defenseless and be killed by the Dark Egg Legion. Sonic understood that Mogul had him cornered and unless he did as Mogul asked his three friends would die. Mogul offered to return Sonic's three friends in exchange for the Chaos Emerald held in New Mobotropolis. With the help of Ash, Sonic retrieved the emerald and gave it to Mogul. Surprisingly, the tyrant kept his word. With the power of the Chaos Emerald merged with him, Mogul regained his powers. He freed the other prisoners in New Mobotropolis and explained to Sonic that, while he senses fate will not allow him to defeat Sonic once and for all, he is immortal once more and will spend his time making Sonic's life miserable. On that note, he vanished with the others.

Mogul then took over Robotnik's old Casino Night Zone and changed it to his own image. Rouge the Bat and Geoffrey St. John were working together to keep an eye on Mogul and his casino, which was a great success. Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts along with other outdated Badniks were recruited by Mogul as well as the Destructix. Mogul said to the Destructix that he will pay them handsomely for Sonic's shoes. He told them that it was up to them if his feet were still in them. Meanwhile Tails' uncle Merlin removed Mogul's curses from Tails, Mina and Mighty. Additionally he purged any possible curses from Sonic and Knuckles, stating he wanted to ensure that the hex Dr. Finitevus put on the Master Emerald didn't have any lasting effects. Following Merlin's departure, Sonic spent some time talking alone with Sally about their past and feelings for one another. Their conversation was interrupted by Bean and Bark and the Destructix. Eventually, Sonic was knocked out by a shot from Nack the Weasel, who then gave Sally ten seconds to run for help while Sonic was dragged off by the Destructix. Sonic was soon liberated by Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, and Geoffrey. When the heroes confront Mogul however, he denies all claims of wrongdoing as his accusers lack any incontrovertible evidence. Sonic and his friends were then sent away, publicly humiliated.

Dealing with the Suppression Squad

Following the Casino Night fiasco, Sonic, Knuckles and the Chaotix were sent to New Megaopolis to deal with the Dark Egg Legion. During their absence, the Suppression Squad came to Mobius Prime via the Star Posts and began attacking Freedom HQ. The Chaotix felt they could deal with the Dark Egg Legion alone, and sent Sonic back to Freedom HQ in response to their distress call. However, after Sonic left, Dimitri showed up in a massive robotic body looking like a praying mantis, to which Vector stated it was likely not a wise idea to send Sonic away after all. Sonic arrived back at Freedom HQ just as Scourge, self-declared King of Moebius (formerly known as Anti-Mobius) following his successful invasion of the planet, emerged. Sonic and Scourge battled, as did the rest of their respective gangs. Unfortunately, they found themselves matched blow-for-blow, and the repeated use of energy weapons took it's toll on the base. Rather than loose the base (and by extension their lives), Sally convinced Sonic to have them retreat. Scourge's taunting, however, enraged Sonic to the point he assured his friends and the Chaotix, returning from their successful mission, the Squad would only occupy the base temporarily.

A couple of days later, Sonic, having rested up and prepared for a counterattack, went before the Acorn Council with Knuckles, only to find them in debate over whether to re-take Freedom HQ. In the end, the Council (save for Uncle Chuck and Rotor) voted to focus their attacks on the weakened Eggman Empire and re-take the base later. Sonic refused to accept their decision, and later prepared to take the base back with Knuckles. Sonic was surprised to find Knuckles supporting the Council. His efforts to convince him that he privately didn't agree with them and he must do what he thought was right led to Knuckles yelling at Sonic that he already did so, and now his father was dead, and walk away in tears, telling Sonic to do what he wanted. Sonic decided to take Freedom HQ back on his own. As he arrived at Freedom HQ, Sonic discovered Scourge was battling a new version of Metal Sonic. Offering a temporary truce to help defeat the robo duplicate, Scourge declined. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Eggman dispatched his new metal duplicate, Metal Scourge.

Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge together proved more difficult to defeat for Sonic and Scourge, thus Sonic started helping Scourge out. The Suppression Squad remained watching the battle, unwilling to help Scourge. Eventually however, as the battle began getting worse, The Suppression Squad joins the battle as Scourge's request, resulting in the destruction of the robotic-duplicates. Sonic proceeds back to New Mobotropolis, only to learn he is being sent on a mission of invade Anti Mobius, his punishment being Amy Rose joining him on the mission.

As Sonic and Amy got ready to go into Moebius, Rotor informed them that they will end up in a random location on Moebius. Sonic and Amy wind up in Moebius near Anti Julian's base. Soon, Sonic and Amy found themselves under attack by what seemed to be a giant robot, though the battle was stopped by the kindly Anti Robotnik, who explained the robot was in fact an Omega Care Unit keeping Buns Rabbot alive. After explaining Scourge's invasion of Mobius and their please for help, Buns suggested seeking out Rosy the Rascal as she detested Scourge, though Julian was opposed to this as she was apparently mentally unstable. Meanwhile, Miles from the Suppression Squad was sent to bomb New Mobotropolis. The Freedom Fighters arrive on the scene, only to see that Miles is actually willing to propose an alliance against Scourge. After Miles explains how Scourge took over there world, Sally agree`s on helping him. Despite this, Sonic, Amy and Buns set out to locate Rosy, eventually discovering her in Moebius' version of Castle Acorn. After a brief conversation, Sonic and Amy soon learned how crazy Rosy was when she attacked them.

Buns and Amy fended off Rosy, while Sonic went back to Mobius for assistance. However, the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad were too busy fighting off Scourge the Hedgehog. When Sonic tried to stomp Scourge, he was blocked by Fiona. She told him that she stopped trusting everyone around her. Sonic than corrected her, saying she was fighting hard for Scourge. Furious, Fiona started crying and attacking Sonic. Amy then shouted at Sonic to hurry back to Mobius, before Rosy went any more crazier. But before he went back, he ran in another room and punched Scourge. Afterwards, they were both blasted by Boomer and thrown back into Moebius by Miles. Afterwards, Boomer shut down the star posts; therefore, Sonic and Scourge couldn't come back to Mobius. As soon as Sonic got up, he was attacked by Rosy, who stopped Amy and Buns.

The fight is interrupted when Shadow arrives by using Chaos Control. Though he was actually looking for the Special Zone, Sonic asked if he wanted to help him to defeat Scourge, to which he reply's "sure". Metal Sonic arrived shortly after, followed by Silver the Hedgehog and Rob O' the Hedge. The group of hedgehogs then got involved in a massive brawl, including Amy and Rosy. During the battle, Silver became confused because he could not determine which of the hedgehogs was Sonic. After Silver attempted to find out who Sonic was by asking, he eventually found out who it was. He proceeded to attack Sonic but was stopped by Rob O' the Hedge who demanded an explanation. After Silver explained, Sonic proposed a truce for everyone to team up against Scourge. In response, Scourge rushed to the throne room, followed by Sonic and Shadow, turning the tables on everyone by turning into Super Scourge using the Anarchy Beryl in his throne.

Scourge defeated them, leaving them unconscious and Sonic in his hands. When the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Suppression Squad (minus Rotor and Fiona) arrived, Scourge quickly dispatched them, as the others woke up, Sonic picked himself up, but was quickly attacked by Metal Sonic. Shadow then came and helped Sonic, sending Metal Sonic and himself away to a different zone. Sonic then joined in a dog pile on top of Scourge after Silver tried his psychokinesis on Sally's orders, so they could hold down Scourge long enough for him to lose his super form, but Silver's power failed him and Scourge threw the others off of him. While he seemed to be unbeatable, Sonic eventually realized the Anarchy Beryl would have a different (and negative) effect on Scourge to contrast the positive effect the Chaos Emeralds had on him once the transformation ended. Luring Super Scourge away from the others, Sonic managed to stall for time until Super Scourge de-transformed. As Sonic speculated, the Anarchy Beryl drained him of what energy he had left in his normal form, leaving him vulnerable. Sonic subsequently defeated Scourge and captured him.

Zone Lockdown

While Sonic was taking Scourge to the Zone Cops via the Cosmic Highway, Scourge broke loose and tried to escape, but he and Sonic were then arrested by Zone Cops Zector and Zespio for going through zones during a zone lockdown. The cops then took Sonic and Scourge to see Zonic via a Warp Ring. They arrive in a ruined No Zone and Scourge managed to escape by kicking the others out of the way and attempted to fully destroy the No Zone. Sonic and the Zone Cops then met up with Zonic and together they battle Scourge. During the battle, Zonic explained to Sonic that the Zone Cops had been fighting a villain called Dr. Nega, whom Sonic had previously encountered when he was in Blaze the Cat's world. They quickly captured Scourge thanks to Sonic's skills and Zonic's special Control Collar. Sonic then asked Zonic when he was taking away Eggman as he was not from Mobius Prime, but Zonic explained he wasn't because "Sonic-Prime has to fight a Robotnik, and this one is the best candidate to fill in". Sonic was then brought back home by Zector and he then returned to his parents to talk.

Cracking Eggman

The next day, Sonic took part in the advance against the Egg Dome, along with the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. First knocking out Dark Legion troops, Sonic distracted Lien-Da and the Dark Egg Legion while the Chaotix flanked them. While the Chaotix attacked, Sonic spin-dashed through Lien-Da's flying pod. He was then attacked by Lien-Da, who whipped him, but was then saved by Antoine. After the Dark Egg Legion withdrew, Sonic was tossed up into the air by Vector, Knuckles, Tails and Bunnie to get on top of the attacking Egg Phoenix. Distracting Eggman and forcing the vehicle to stall, Sonic then jumped off while Charmy, Saffron and Ray planted the Neutralizing Mines on the Egg Phoenix. Ray then carried Sonic to the ground while the Egg Phoenix crashed. Sonic attempted to capture Eggman from the wreckage, but Eggman escaped in a hover pod. Sonic hoped to continue the attack, but Sally said that was enough for the day, and they would finish the battle tomorrow.

During the night, Sonic was awakened by Shadow the Hedgehog to ask for his assistance in deactivating Eggman's new weapon, a laser capable of destroying the Freedom Fighters' force field, their camp, and half of the Eggdome. Sonic questioned why Eggman would build something so over the top, and Shadow explained that intelligence suggests the doctor is losing his last grasp on reality. Sonic disagreed, citing that Eggman hasn't stooped that far yet. The two hedgehogs and Rouge the Bat attempted to disable the Doom Laser, but accidentally shifted it into firing position. After Shadow destroyed it with his Chaos powers, he nearly fell off the ruined cannon. Sonic managed to grab his hand, and stated they weren't going through the whole Shadow falling to his death situation again. Sonic then asked if Shadow was going to join the Freedom Fighters in the final battle against Eggman, to which Shadow replied that he owed Sonic much gratitude and the least he could do is allow Sonic to settle things with the doctor himself. The two shook hands and Sonic departed, and Rouge pointed out she was surprised how far their relationship had come along.

The Freedom Fighters proceeded to attack Robotnik's base where Sonic proceeds in bringing Robotnik down once and for all. Submitting taunts and reminders of his previous defeats he smashes Robotnik's machine to pieces. Whilst gloating in this fact he witnesses Robotnik's mental breakdown and becomes slightly concerned. When Sally appears to assist him, she asked Sonic was he did to him, in which he replies that he just beat him as usual. Snively arrives to explain that Sonic, after their long years of fighting,he has finally broken Robotnik's spirit, being he is able to defeat him easily despite Robotnik's high intelligence and planning. Whilst leaving the base Amy and Tails are concerned for Sonic, who has been affected by Robotnik's breakdown, though he tells them he's fine. Later a talk with Sally shows he was unsure what he was meant to do now it was over though Sally replies moving forward would be the best thing. They all headed back to New Mobotropolis to celebrate their victory.

The Iron Dominion

Eggman's defeat, however, did not destroy his empire. During the concert to celebrate the recent victory, Mina was blasted by something. That "something" happened to be Monkey Khan, who was furious that the "heroes" were playing around when the world was still in trouble. After a confrontation by Sonic and Sally, M.K. went on to explain that even though Eggman was defeated, "she" is now in control. After explaining, Sonic and Monkey Khan left to face this new threat. However, on their way in, they found themselves being attacked by the Dark Egg Legion and the Yagyu Ninjas. During the attack, they learned that the Dominion were no pushovers, and that Lightning Lynx and Espio have joined their ranks. Sonic and Monkey Khan were outnumbered and forced to flee. Afterwards, Sonic spoke with three of the council members (Sally, Knuckles and King Acorn) to explain their current situation between the Iron Dominion. With Eggman defeated, it was back to square one with the Freedom Fighters to fight the Iron Dominion. Though Monkey Khan wasn't okay with this failure, he told them he added it to his "long list of failures", as he told them while he was walking out of the council room, "disappointed about his failure", that he was a King. When Sonic tried to ask Monkey Khan what he meant by "King", he became enraged and attacked Sonic. Monkey Khan later managed to calm down and claimed there were no Freedom Fighters in the Dragon Kingdom.

Not long after, Rory, Sasha and Snaggle began throwing rocks at Monkey Khan for ruining Mina's concert. Sonic quickly took the rocks from the children and threatened to tell Rosie if they threw rocks at Monkey Khan again. Sonic later tried to subdue Bunnie when her cybernetics brought her under the control of Regina's Magitek. In the end, Sonic managed to stop Regina's concentration, free Bunnie, and take her to Freedom HQ so she could recover. Monkey Khan was later controlled by Regina and was about to attack Rory, Sasha and Snaggle, but Sonic managed to pick them up and move them away from harm. He assailed Monkey Khan, trying to bring him to his senses, but this proved futile. Sonic then came up with an idea. He would use a Power Ring from the Lake of Rings to change Monkey Khan back. Impatient as ever, Sonic asked Nicole why he wasn't seeing any rings and she told him that it takes time. After seeing Mighty and Vector fly overhead, trying to attack Monkey Khan, Nicole tried to re-route some power. Monkey Khan then managed to find Sonic and went after him, when a Ring appeared from the lake. Sonic managed to get the ring on Monkey Khan's head just as they landed in the water. Monkey Khan then returned to his normal self, telling everyone that Regina took control of him and had him destroy the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters. Sonic then ran off to check on Bunnie and wished M.K. luck trying to find his Atom-Bat in the lake.

Sonic and Tails then heard news that Eggman had escaped his cell and was trying to find Knothole (since his insanity caused him to forget that he destroyed Knothole) but the new Iron Dominion was trying to get to him as well. Sonic and Tails managed to reach Eggman before the Iron Dominion, but Eggman was trying to destroy Sonic (as that was his sole mission after he went insane). Since Eggman was busy trying to destroy Sonic, he didn't notice Tails sneak under the Egg-Tortoise and short-circuit it. While Eggman was wondering "Why tortoise no workie?", Sonic tried to talk to him. Eggman then punched Sonic in the face and passed out after laughing maniacally. However, the Iron Dominion caught up to them, and Sonic told Tails to take Eggman to New Mobotropolis while he took on a fraction of their forces (consisting of a number of Yagyu Ninjas, Dark Legionnaires, the Iron King, Iron Queen, and Snively). Sonic stated that he would let himself go a little, reflecting on what Scourge said, and defeated the forces rather quickly. Regina ordered Jun Kun to stop Sonic, and he succeeded, but the Freedom Fighters came to assist him. Sonic and Tails teamed up to take out Regina and Snively's saucer. Sonic proposed another attack, but Sally ordered a retreat. Sonic then picked up Sally, Amy, Tails and Antoine (in that order) and rushed them into New Mobotropolis before Nicole raised the shield. Jun Kun then tried to break the shield down with his strength, but to no avail, and Monkey Khan and Bunnie taunted them from inside the city. The Iron Dominion was forced to retreat.

Later on, Sonic visited Eggman, who was put in prison when Tails reached the city. Eggman is still talking complete nonsense; first he thinks Sonic is Sir Charles and that the Great War is over (the latter being true), then he asked who Sonic is, to which Sonic replied his name. Eggman then said "Ah, so I missed, how do you like the smoldering crater that is your kingdom, your Majesty?" and laughed. Then he immediately went to back before the Great War and asks if has already defected to the Mobian side, Sonic, being fed up with trying to convince the doc what is going on, just agrees with what the doc is saying and says "Yeah" to answer the question Eggman asked, "It's the Great War and you're in protective custody," Eggman just says he'll rest up for his audience with the King and falls asleep. Sonic just sighs and goes to leave the prison. He meets Monkey Khan on the way out and they talk as they walk out, Khan asks Sonic how and why he can show mercy and sympathy to someone who is such a monster, giving examples of some of the things he did in the past, to which Sonic replies that he doesn't know, that he moves to fast to have time to be vengeful and that he just does what is right at the time, Monkey Khan is obviously shocked by what Sonic said, but says that Sonic is either a Zen Master or a Fool, but either way he is impressive, Sonic takes the compliment and also compliment M.K on helping Bunnie get her little victory earlier on.

After failing to get into the city, the Iron King proceeds to attack Fort Acorn, a stronghold that stands between the old city that was destroyed by missiles (reducing it to radioactive slag) and Eggman's new city, along with the rest of the environment. Amadeus Prower and some soldiers are there protecting it, but are not having much luck against the Iron King. Meanwhile, back in New Mobotropolis, Sally and Monkey Khan are talking about what has happened since M.K was previously there, and M.K says he's amazed that they are all still together, but this reminds Sally of her break up with Sonic. M.K says he didn't mean to make her upset, but she reassures him that she and Sonic have patched up their friendship, but it was mostly Sonic's doing and that he was the bigger person. M.K doesn't believe this, but Sally says that those were sweet words coming from such a hot-head. M.K claims he has been showing his feelings ever since they met. NICOLE interrupts them, with news that the Iron King is attacking Fort Acorn. She tells them that she has already sent Sonic and Tails, but Monkey Khan is lost. The girls explain what Fort Acorn is, and NICOLE used her nanites in an energy converter to clean up the slag and provide the city with power. All caught up, M.K goes to assist Sonic and Tails. Things are going bad for the soldiers at Fort Acorn until Sonic cuts in. Sonic distracts the Iron King while Tails evacuates everyone from the site. Sonic, having no better ideas at the moment, runs around the Iron King to make the ground beneath him cave in, leaving him trapped in the earth, Sonic, being his usual sarcastic self, says that he could plant tomatoes around him and call him the "Iron Planter", but when the Iron King started to break free, Sonic said, "Would you prefer beans?" The Iron King breaks out and catches Sonic by surprise. but Monkey Khan steps in just in time.

Back in New Mobotropolis Sally is visiting Bunnie, just as Antoine is leaving to get some lunch for Bunnie and himself, Sally and Bunnie discuss the dilemma Sally is in of falling for Monkey Khan, although she doesn't say that it's him she is falling for, Bunnie describes what kind of guy Sally is into, which also describes Sonic to a "T" and describes Monkey Khan, but not as much as Sonic, Sally thanks Bunnie for the advice and leaves. The iron King has got both Sonic and Monkey Khan in his grasp and struggles to decide who to destroy first, but the two escape from his grasp and the iron king goes to destroy the shield and the energy converter, Monkey Khan repeats that the iron king stole the fan of Fen Xing and that the iron king has no other weaknesses besides his ego and that he isn't very smart. Then an Idea hits Sonic and he goes to put it into action while M.K serves as the distraction, asking NICOLE to do something for him he goes back to the iron king and tells him that they give up, on one condition; that the iron king only destroys the energy converter and leaves the shield. Both the iron King and M.K are shocked, but as the iron king goes to destroy it M.K discovers Sonic's real plan; that the energy converter has been rebuilt underground and that the iron king is smashing an empty shell, the two go back to the city and they tell Sally about what has happened, Sally then pulls Monkey Khan away to talk, while Amy and Sonic go to Uncle Chuck's Diner, Sonic's treat.

Snively figures out a way to get past the shield protecting New Mobotopolis, the Iron Queen wouldn't talk to him until he did, and they all go to mount a full scale attack against the freedom fighters. Sonic finds Tails putting the finishing touches on the new Biplane and the two get talking, but are interrupted when the alarm goes off and rush to find NICOLE for a report, Sally and Monkey Khan had the same idea and all four get their at the same time, NICOLE tells them that the Iron Queens forces are attacking and made no attempt to hide it. NICOLE goes to confront the iron queen, but ends up being controlled by her technomagic, now being know as Iron NICOLE, she lets the Iron King and the other forces in. They start attacking everyone and just as Bunnie is trying to get away, she is blocked by a metal cover that covers the entire city, all the civilians in the city are panicing, Sonic is trying to calm them down, but its not working. Sonic, Tails, Sally and Monkey Khan get reunited, it was hard to find each other as it was really dark then lights came on, but it was still hard to see where you were going, and they start formulating a plan. The Iron King attacks, Khan fends him off so Sonic, Tails and Sally can use the Tornado to escape. Antoine, Bunnie and Vector use a warp ring to get some of the civilians away to Angel Island, and when Bunnie and Antoine start to attack again, they are thwarted by Iron NICOLE, she takes control of her nanites and big hands come up from the ground and grab everyone. The Tornado's tail Is grabbed as well, but Sonic gets them free. Khan notices they can't get out and he goes to assist them when Amy steps in to take care of the Iron King, with the four out they set off to Freedom HQ to save their city.

At Freedom HQ Sally started blaming herself for what happened, Monkey Khan tried to comfort her, but Sonic's words took better effect ("So stop wallowing in self-pity and start coming up with a plan,"). Since Tails couldn't type as fast as he needed to, Sonic suggested that they use the same thing they used to access Gerald's Diary when Shadow needed their help. Sonic and Sally went into cyberspace to deal with the Iron Queen and to change NICOLE back to normal. Sonic found out the hard way that NICOLE had no limitations here and could match Sonic's attacks, Sally tired to get through to her, but then the Iron Queen shows up and starts attacking them. Many of the people in New Mobotropolis have been imprisoned and Eggman is starting to get a hold of reality again. Tails and Monkey Khan have some disagreements about NICOLE and they fight over it, where Tails' wins thanks to what he says. Sally tries to make a firewall, but is thwarted by the iron queen, Sonic, at the time he was dealing with Iron NICOLE, goes on the offensive and attacks the Iron Queen, while Sally dealt with Iron NICOLE. She managed to help her break free of the Iron Queens magic and she told Sally about what was happening at the city. NICOLE agreed to act as Iron NICOLE while Sally and the others were away and she broke the box Sally trapped her in, just as Sonic was thrown down by the Iron Queen. Tails got the two out of there before the iron queen had the chance to attack again. The team then set off to break the ties between the three clans in the Dragon Kingdom and the Iron Dominion.

Journey to the East

Soon after the arrival at the Temple of the Golden Lotus, Sally, Tails, and Monkey Khan were captured by the Gossamer Clan to ensure Sonic's willingness to meet with the bride of endless reach. Sonic went to the Gossamer Clan's lair being led by one of the ninjas themselves, and his friends were released upon his arrival. Despite Sonic's interruptions, Sally and Monkey Khan managed to convince the Bride of the Endless Reach to turn against the Iron Dominion so there could be peace with the Free People. They all returned to the Temple of the Golden Lotus and were given food and drink, but their enjoyment at turning one of the clans was short-lived as the Yagyu Clan wished to meet with them.

After being ambushed by several Yagyu members, who believed the four heroes were travelers, Sonic & co. traveled with one member to their headquarters. Sonic and Tails were then ejected from a meeting with the Yagyu Lord, who felt uncomftorable having Sonic in his lair of discussing business in front of a child like Tails, and were then approached by Fiona Fox and the original Fearsome Foursome, minus Lightning Lynx. Sonic and Tails briefly battled the quartet and were aided by Sally and Khan before Fiona called a cease of hostilities. Revealing that she had taken over leadership of the Destructix, Fiona explained that they planned to recover Lightning Lynx from the Raiju Clan, and desired a truce with the Freedom Fighters. Reluctantly-and with heated contention between Fiona and Sally-the two teams stormed the Iron Fortress where the Raiju Clan had established themselves. After fighting through a number of Raiju Warriors, they found the Bride of Conquering Storm, who refused to break away from the Iron Dominion unless Monkey Khan's party could prove themselves worthy. Khan proposed a dual of champions to decide the clan's fate, and asked Sonic to represent their side in battle against Lightning. After defeating the Lynx, whom he apologized to for humiliating him in front of his clan, Sonic and the others left the Iron Fortress in the hands of the Raiju Clan, the Destructix leaving to pursue their own agenda. As the group considered how to go about contacting the Shinobi Clan, Espio appears to offer them help.

End of the Dominion

Later, their mission in the Dragon Kingdom completed, Sonic and his teammates returned to New Mobotropolis to confront the Iron Queen. They arrived just in time to aid Amy, Antoine, and Geoffrey St. John, and were aided in turn as NICOLE revealed her true colors by attempting to capture the Iron Queen. Sonic made the first move, knocking down the Iron King only to be embraced by a joyful Amy. While Khan announced to the Yagyu that their clan had broken ties with the Dominion, Sonic joined the others in a mass assault on the Iron King, who despite their combined efforts refused to fall. Khan remarked that the only reliable way to defeat him was with the Fan of Fen Xing, and both were then surprised as Espio appeared between them with the magic artifact in question. Allowing Khan the honor of defeating the Iron King, Sonic let out a parting shot as the Iron King was blown out of New Mobotropolis. The Iron Queen, her allies scattered, then took control of a large number of nanites in order to create a giant mechanical Dragon in which to make her escape. However, attacks by Tails, Amy, and finally Sonic brought the machine down, allowing the Iron Queen to be taken into custody. Sonic was then embraced by Amy yet again as the group celebrated their victory. A week later, Sonic took Tails and NICOLE's handheld form to the Eggdome, apparently the latest in a series of almost obsessive searches for the missing Dr. Robotnik. Failing to locate their hidden enemy, the pair did detect a signal coming from a locked storage room, where they found Dimitri trapped in a box. The pair took him back to New Mobotropolis for treatment, Sonic rushing off just in time to meet Sally as she returned from the Dragon Kingdom. He was then surprised as she asked him to join her for lunch, remarking that it would be "just like old times."

Travles, Troubles, and Team-Ups

After the defeat of the dominion, Lupe invited Sonic and Sally to become honorary members of the new Wolf Pack Nation. This led the duo into a conflict between the Wolves-underneath Lupe as Grand Chief-and the Felidae-under Queen Hathor-as they both accused each other of stealing a sacred artifact known as the Ancient Onyx. With some help from Big the Cat, the pair were able to uncover the thieves as a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion led by their old enemy Drago Wolf and a disgraced Felidae named Razorklaw, whose troops consisted of former members of both cultures. With some careful negotiation on Sonic's part, the Wolves and Felidae were persuaded to first cooperate, and then peacefully settle custody of the recovered Ancient Onyx. Sonic, Sally, and Big were then inducted into the Pack, though Sally expressed fears to Sonic that the strange artifact might be a Chaos Emerald, but the Hedgehog allayed them.

Upon returning home, Sonic learned that the Arctic Freedom Fighters required backup in a mission to save the Walrus Herd from a new Dark Egg Legion chapter. He initially assumed that Rotor would be accompanying him, but was informed rudely by Hamlin that Rotor would be remaining in the city to fulfill his duties on the Council, and Rotor apparently agreed with Hamlin's assessment. Sonic subsequently traveled to the Northern Tundra alone, reuniting with Guntiver and his teammates before being informed that he would assist in a land-based operation against the Legion-held city of Iceborough. After learning of the Walrus Herd's high standing in the region, the reason for Robotnik's repeated attacks on the area, Sonic attempted to make light of the situation, though his jokes met with little appreciation. He and his allies then arrived at their destination, where the brainwashed Walrus Herd-influenced by a Psionic Emitter device and the Legion's sonar abilities-waited with various weapons to greet their would-be rescuers. Sealia, Flip and Augustus head underwater to attack the emitter from below while he, Erma and Guntiver tried to get passed the Walrus Herd from above and assault the top. After much fighting, Rotor and Silver the Hedgehog appeared and the latter managed to save the day by permanently restoring the Walrus Herd back to normal and blowing out some of the implants used by the orcas. Sonic and his friends then had a celebratory dinner in Iceborough before returning to New Mobotropolis.

Return of the King

On a rainy day, Sonic and Geoffrey St. John were given a task to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone in order to restore the House of Acorn to their former glory. They went to Freedom HQ and used the signposts to enter the Special Zone. Once there, Feist proclaimed a challenge in which Sonic and St. John would race for the Chaos Emerald (this challenge is modelled after the Special Stage from Sonic 2) with Sonic winning (and even humming the theme that plays when the player gets the Emerald), only for St. John to betray him, stun him, take the Emerald and kick Sonic into the endless abyss of the Special Zone.

Once Sonic was trapped in the Special Zone, he made an agreement with Feist that if he could pass another challenge, he'd gain the freedom to escape the Special Zone. Sonic won Feist's challenge and managed to escape, muttering an insult towards him as he exited the Special Zone. Sonic then reported to the Council of Acorn, where he told Elias about St. John's betrayal. He also visited the other Freedom Fighters, telling them what had happened.

As they managed the incident, Sonic went to check out Mina's band, which was to perform at Mega Central. On the day of the band's performance, St. John appeared before everyone on stage and revealed Ixis Naugus. Enraged, Sonic quickly rushed to fight the wizard while the Freedom Fighters fought St. John for his betrayal. Naugus entered the castle and sealed every door and opening to prevent Sonic from following him. Sonic ran up the walls of the castle and entered through a high window where the Council was located.

Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters were unable to defeat St. John, although they managed to trap him. St. John escaped using magic, revealing himself to be Naugus. The team tried even harder to take him down, but without luck.

Sonic stopped Naugus in his tracks before the Council of Acorn. Elias gave Sonic the Sword of Acorns so he could kill Naugus. The two fought a close battle, but Sonic was no match for Naugus. Rotor tried to tell everyone in the Council to assist Sonic in the fight, but was interrupted. The Council then had an argument about who should be the next king: Elias or Naugus. Sonic did not believe this and tried to finish Naugus off, but was stopped by Elias, who made a settlement between them.

Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters continued to battle St. John, but were unable to win. Sally eventually stopped the fight with a question about balance of authority. She went to check up on NICOLE, whose nanites were destroyed by Naugus. The city began to murmur about the difference in power between NICOLE and Naugus, suggesting that Naugus could protect the city.

Sally starting heading to the castle, but was distracted by a very large shadow in the sky. An "earthquake" interrupted the settlement between Elias, Sonic, and Naugus. Of course, Sonic blamed it on Naugus, but he defended himself by saying that it was no earthquake, but an blast coming from a far distance. Sonic ordered Naugus to tear down the crystallized wall and the two headed outside, only to see the huge shadow in the skies. Everyone in New Mobotropolis saw it: Death Egg II.


Sonic found himself in Green Hill Zone, unable to quite remember what he was doing, but then remembered he was investigating the disappearance of animals. After destroying some Badniks, he eventually came across and destroyed a prison pod that held several trapped animals within. After defeating Snively, he opened another prison pod, releasing even more trapped animals—including Sally Acorn and her friends, "Boomer Walrus" and "Antoine DePardieu." She explained to him they were investigating the kidnappings and recent earthquakes which they thought to be the work of someone called Dr. Eggman, adding that they could use Sonic's help. Sonic was reluctant but changed his mind when Sally knew a quick way to find Dr. Eggman. They traveled through the Marble Zone, finding that things seemed oddly familiar at times. Eventually, they reprogrammed one of Eggman's Buzzbombers to help them; using a willing Flicky as a temporary power source. After fighting more Badniks and escaping a magma flow, Sonic and the Flicky-powered robot ran off ahead, confronting Dr. Eggman himself, who retreated after a quick battle. Sonic then followed the group to an underground passage Sally believed would lead to Eggman's lair, and said being with them seemed right.

Traveling through Labrynth Zone, Sonic became jealous when he saw Antoine and Sally talk to each other in a romantic way, but was scared when they had to swim to go any further. Sally assured Sonic it would be fine but they were soon attacked by Orbinauts. Sonic made a Spin Dash through a nearby wall to get them out quickly. They slid down some sort of pipe, and had to jump to a platform to avoid falling to their deaths, except that Sonic missed Antoine's hand when an earthquake hit, and the latter fell into the dark. Remorseful, Sonic apologized to the others, but they believed Antoine was somehow still alright. Fighting their way through more Badniks and traps, they finally arrived in the Scrap Brain Zone. Sonic was electrified by a trap, while Boomer almost fell into a pit, but Sonic and Sally helped him up, and they soon confronted Eggman in some elevator shafts. He trapped Sonic in a force field again, and began to attack the hedgehog with electric balls but was soon washed by the hydraulics system, with Antoine falling in his arms. Sonic then used the distraction to break Eggman's pipe, whereupon he attempted to flee in his Egg Mobile, but a Spin Dash from Sonic made him fall into a pit below. When Sally said that they won, Sonic replied that he felt like it was not over.

Sonic brought the group back to Emerald Hill Zone and introduced them to Tails, and after a big earthquake, the group moved on to shut down the rest of Eggman's bases. In the Chemical Plant Zone, Sonic raced Tails to find the exit, and the group eventually became stuck in a shaft filling with Mega Muck. Sonic opened a door at the top and went back down to save Sally, enjoying with her a brief romantic moment. After the danger was over, Sonic had a brief flashback of the old world and Sally getting shot down. Sonic then decided to go directly to Eggman alone, and he and Tails left the group. As they flew over the Metropolis Zone on the Tornado, Sonic grabbed a radio, telling Tails it was better if they handle things themselves. With this, Sonic jumped off and into the industrial wasteland to find Eggman.

Inside, Sonic fought his way through a horde of Badniks, and began to wish he still had some friendly company with him. Eventually he found Eggman in his Egg Mobile, and a taunt from the doctor caused a memory reaction in Sonic, who stated that this fight between them had gone way longer than just a few days. Eggman, annoyed that Sonic was regaining his memory, then attacked him with his decoy replicas. During the fight, all the power in the Metropolis Zone cut off, thanks to the Freedom Fighters shutting down the Oil Ocean Zone. Eggman then fled to his Death Egg and Sonic gave pursuit, calling Tails via radio to pick him up. Doing this with dramatic timing, the duo flew off in the sky to find a giant flying fortress. Sonic noted the ship was a decoy though, seeing a space shuttle that just emerged, and to Tails' horror, he jumped from the plane and grabbed the shuttle.

Once on board the Death Egg, Sonic grasped for air, admitting that wasn't his brightest idea, and then saw through a window that the whole world was falling apart. Eggman confirmed this, adding that robotizing the whole planet with the Death Egg would "cement" the dimensional breaches and make everything his "robotic slave". Sonic then had a flashback of all his major fights with Eggman and attacked the doctor, only to be overwhelmed by his Giant Mech. Sonic was soon thrown down by the explosion of the shuttle, and Eggman prepared to finish him off, but not before telling him the station was powered by all the Chaos Emeralds. Seeing a broken power line, Sonic grabbed it, and used it to transform into Super Sonic. With his new power, Sonic easily dispatched Eggman's attacks, enraging the doctor. When Snively yelled at Eggman that the planet was way beyond saving, Super Sonic smashed the Giant Mech into a wall and grabbed some power lines to get all the Chaos power possible to use Chaos Control and reset everything to normal. With this done, Sonic wrote "Hi, Sal" on the window, and said he would see her on the other side while the world washed away in white...

Effects of a reset world

After Sonic woke up from the effects of Genesis, he found himself in front on Silver Sonic III, ten seconds before the white flash. He smacked the robot away and rushed over to Sally, who is surprised to see him. As he dodges the cannon, which hits Silver Soni, he rushes Sally to an elevator that brings them up. Sally checks the systems with Nicole, and they then proceed to the elevator again to go down, but not before Sonic makes a "hidden cannon inspection". They are soon greeted by Eggman, who shows them his world Roboticizer. Sonic mocks the doctor that the Bem made sure their de-robotization was permanent, but Eggman retaliates that the previous white flash cleaned that problem, rendering everything immune again. He further states that roboticizing mechanical entities will make them explode, thus taking care of Station Square, G.U.N. and New Mobotropolis. Sonic, thinking about his dad, and hearing that Eggman doesn't care about destroying and killing the Dark Egg Legion chapters, jumps in rage towards Eggman, but is pinned down by another Metal Sonic. Silver Sonic arrives from the ceiling, and Sonic starts to struggle against the robots. He remarks that Eggman is chasing Sally, and Spin Dashes through his Egg Mobile to give her time. At the climax of his battle, he begs for Sally to do something, just as Eggman orders Snively to fire the world roboticizer. Sally, under the roboticizer manages to stop the power, but causing an enormous explosion. Sonic emerges from the rubble, holding Metal Sonic's head, saying that he won again. He then smashes Eggman to the floor, proudly saying that he will find Sally, destroy the Death Egg, stop Ixis Naugus, send them both to jail, and eat a million chili dogs, but before he can continue taunting Eggman, a robot hand emerges from the wreckage. Sonic turns himself and discovers in horror that Sally had been roboticized.

With Mecha Sally under Eggman's control, she followed his orders as Sonic tried to bring her out of the doctor's control, but was unable to and was dropped from the Death Egg. Tails flew his plane for Sonic to jump on and asks about Sally, with Sonic saying that "I couldn't save her. Again." Sonic and Tails continued to follow the Death Egg as Eggman unleashed Titan Metal Sonic on New Mobotropolis. The Death Egg managed to elude the Freedom Fighters by firing a blast, which forced the Tornado and the Freedom Fighter ship to the ground. Sonic tried to run to catch up with the Death Egg, but was persuaded by Tails and Amy to stay and help the city. They head into the city to find that a part of the city hadn't been healed by NICOLE, Bunnie had been heavily injured by Naugus' magic, and that the citizens were praising Naugus to be their king. Sonic intervenes and tries to stop them by explaining what happened. Elias took the news badly and Naugus and Geoffrey managed to persuade the citizens to accept Naugus as their new king. Sonic continued to keep an eye on them as Naugus heals Bunnie. Sonic ran to Freedom HQ to talk to NICOLE with his plan, but upset to see her talking in text. Sonic upset with NICOLE's behaviour told her that they'll talk later as he left through the Warp Ring to Angel Island. Sonic explained that he needed a Warp Ring and what happened, angering Knuckles. Both of them got into a heated argument until Julie-Su explained why Sonic's plan wouldn't work. Sonic went back to Freedom HQ through the Warp Ring and was given the news about Antoine arresting Geoffrey for treason by Tails, glad that it was good news for once.

Later, the Battle Bird Armada invaded New Mobotropolis to find Babylon Garden and Sonic fought the Babylon Rogues to stop their plan, but couldn't stop them from destroying Castle Acorn. He managed to stop the Babylon Garden from taking off the aircraft and activating its wormhole generator, which was restored by the Babylon Rogues, that would have destroyed the planet. He smashed the generator to the shock of the Babylon Rogues and Speedy and taunted them that he will be after them if anyone got hurt before he left through an air lock. He dropped down back to the city to watch as Babylon Garden crashed along with the Battle Bird Armada's base. He arrived in New Mobotropolis to grab Tails and travelled to the crash site of the aircrafts. They fought against a patrol and journeyed back to New Mobotropolis to report their findings as Geoffrey's trial was commensing. He watched as Antoine conducted the trial and was excited to see that Geoffrey was guilty, and annoyed when Naugus cleared him of the charges. He further lead the Freedom Fighters as they escorted Elias, Meg and their child out of the city, only for the Death Egg to attack them. They managed to overpower the newly designed Egg Pawns, but was stunned as Eggman launched Metal Sonic and a upgraded Mecha Sally to attack. As the fight continued, he fought against Metal Sonic and then Mecha Sally as he tried to bring her out of Eggman's control. He managed to give an order to the team to save the Acorn's as Metal Sonic flew towards them during his fight. All of them stopped fighting when they watched Antoine save the family, but was caught in the explosion of Metal Sonic. Eggman retreated with his robots and Sonic rushed Antonie back to New Mobotropolis to save him, saying that "you'll be fine."

The Freedom Fighters were trying to recover from the battle, causing Antoine to fall into a coma as Silver travelled back to the past to find Sonic. Sonic had locked himself in his room playing his guitar, unable to talk with Amy or his family. Hearing Amy's sobbing from the next room, he talked with Muttski and admitted that he had been a jerk with Antoine. Taking a break from his music, he noticed Silver outside his window who tried to convince him that Antonie was the traitor. Angrily, Sonic attacked Silver and grabbed him to the hospital to see Antoine's state. While Silver unsure of his findings, Sonic noticed Bunnie's letter that she had left and proceeded to attack Silver when he thought she could be the traitor. Silver managed to protect himself from Sonic's attacks, but was sent out of the room by Sonic. After making Geoffrey leave as well, he realised with Sally, Antonie and now Bunnie gone that Silver was right; the Freedom Fighters are done.

Enter Team Fighters

While brooding over his losses at Freedom HQ, Tails and Amy arrived and managed to restore his fighting spirit. At that moment, Rotor appeared and revealed that the Council had removed Nicole, while he was no longer a member himself. Approaching the Council, the group successfully convinced them to approve two new Freedom Fighter groups: Team Freedom, who would protect New Mobotropolis from internal threats, and Team Fighters, who would hunt down Eggman and his forces. Team Fighters, consisting of Sonic, Tails, and Amy, quickly rushed off to Furville to thwart Eggman's plans to roboticize and/or legionize the population there, their efforts convincing the citizens to fight back as well. Eggman was ultimately forced to retreat to his base in Shazamazon, but Sonic overheard the location through Mecha Sally's radio.

Trailing the Death Egg to Soumerca, Sonic and his teammates learned that Queen Hathor and Lupe had been abducted, and that the Felidae and Wolf Pack blamed each other for the disappearance of their leader. Recognizing Eggman's hand in the event, the team-joined by Leeta, and Lyco of the Wolf Pack-set out to rescue the missing rulers. Their search led them to Hathor, who with Lupe's help had managed to escape but had been forced to shed her royal robes. In compliance with the traditions of her people, she identified herself as an emissary rather than the queen, and agreed to lead Sonic's group-along with the Felidae warriors who joined them-to the Legion base nearby where Lupe was still a prisoner. The heroes found themselves facing off with the Legionnaires and Mecha Sally, who had been responsible for the kidnapping. Though they pulled off a successful rescue, the Death Egg managed to escape and Mecha Sally with it. However, Tails managed to plant a tracking device on the giant craft which would allow them to pursue it without much difficulty.

Following the Death Egg back in the direction of New Mobotropolis, Team Fighters was forced to stop in Feral Forest when Eggman dropped an invasion force. While protecting the people from Egg Swats, Sonic spotted Mecha Sally, and quickly deduced with his friends that she had been sent to assassinate her own brother. Sonic moved to confront her, only to be challenged by a new Silver Sonic v3.0.Sonic engaged his giant-sized doppelganger, but was unable to defeat the robot despite tricking it into destroying several Egg Swats. Unexpected help came in the form of Tails' robot T-Pup, who threw up a stasis field around Silver Sonic. Mecha Sally, her objective unrealized, left to rejoin the Death Egg, and despite wanting to pursue her Sonic was forced to remain behind in order to engage the remaining Egg Swats. After saving the village, Sonic learned to his surprise and anger that Elias wasn't available to see them, only to be confronted by Tails, who encouraged him to drop the issue. Relenting, Sonic and his friends transmitted news of the Death Egg's approach to New Mobotropolis.

Albion and Beyond

Main article: Albion Attack

Heading towards Mercia, Sonic and the team were challenged by defenses sent by the Death Egg. An unpleasant surprise came in the form of the Krudzu fused with Titan Metal Sonic. However, the trio of friends were able to overcome their enemy with a tandem attack, Amy adding impetus to Sonic's spinning attack with her hammer while Tails locked onto him with missiles from the Tornado. Defeated, the monstrous robot fell into the ocean, but Sonic and the others had little time to celebrate as they realized the target of Eggman's next attack: Albion, last settlement of free Echidnas. More Egg Swats, this time riding Turtloids, emerged to engage the heroes, but were handily defeated, allowing the team to go to the aid of the Echidnas.

Sonic and his friends were then attacked by a new foe: Metal Knuckles, who proved its abilities by thwarting Sonic's efforts to take it down and damaging the Tornado. Forced to make a crash landing, Sonic and his friends left T-Pup to repair the plane, trusting that they would be able to catch up to the Death Egg later thanks to their tracking device on it. They soon ran into the Echidna Dark Egg Legion, and took out one of their tanks before being joined by Remington and his troops. After making introductions, the group retreated to Remington's base, where Remington brought them up to date on the situation. While Remington had good news in the form of plans to relocate to Mercia for safety, Sonic brought bad news in revealing the apparent demise of the Brotherhood of Guardians. The heroes resolved to rescue Matriarch Lara-Le, Knuckles' mother, and the rest of the Echidnas who had been taken captive. However, their attack ran into a number of snags: first a reactivated defense system, then new cybernetic powers exhibited by Lien-Da, and finally the return of Metal Knuckles.

The battle came to a halt when Tails, attempting to shut down the defense systems that the Legion was employing against them, accidentally set off an electrical charge that knocked most of Albion's inhabitants unconscious, including Team Fighters. While unconscious, they were discovered by Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, a former member of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, who laid the heroes aside before embarking on his mission to banish the Echidnas to parts unknown using a Warp Ring. Knuckles arrived and joined up with his friends, and quickly pieced together that something was wrong: not only were all the other Echidnas in Albion missing, but the remaining Chaotix on Angel Island failed to respond to communications. After ruling out Dr. Finitevus as a suspect, given that he would have killed Sonic for interfering in his plans, Knuckles determined that Thrash might be involved. The group of four found the Tasmanian Devil just as he was finishing his villainous task, and he thanked Knuckles for the Warp Ring, confessing what he had done with it-not only in banishing the Albionites but in dispatching Julie-Su and Saffron as well in order to super charge his ring with the Master Emerald. Appalled at his actions, Sonic and Knuckles then teamed up to face their newest enemy.

With Knuckles facing Thrash one-on-one, Sonic and his teammates went up against Thrash's Devil Dog pack. When the savage Mobians started ganging up on the Echidna, he requested Sonic's help in keeping them penned up. Calling upon Tails and Amy, Sonic requested that they subdue and drive the Devils with a spinning attack that both possessed, though there was some initial confusion due to there not being a proper name for the move. While they did this, Sonic gathered materials from around the ruined city and used them to build an "insta-kennel", trapping the Devil Dogs. Complimenting his teammates on a job well done, Sonic found Amy somewhat disoriented and curious as to how he performed maneuvers like that all the time without becoming sick. With Thrash defeated by Knuckles, the heroes were ready to bring back the Echidnas-only for Metal Knuckles to attack, now as the host of the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra. Despite being weakened by their battle, Sonic and Team Fighters managed to rally against the mechanical monster while Knuckles pursued an escaping Thrash through the latter's Warp Ring. Sonic's confidence that the Krudzu couldn't defeat them without any robots to absorb fell through as it incorporated remnants of Albion's technology into its body, becoming a towering monstrosity. However, their attacker was then stunned by an attack-but not as stunned as the members of Team Fighters when they recognized their newest ally as none other than Shard the Metal Sonic.

Recognizing his old enemy, Sonic led his teammates in attacking Shard, who tried to convince them that he was on their side. The Krudzu Hybrid Hydra recovered in the midst of their fight, and grabbed a hold of both Sonic and Shard, who finally convinced Sonic that he was there to help. The two set off at top speed, dragging the Hydra behind them, with Sonic joking about Shard's ability to keep up with him. As they ran, Sonic pressed Shard for information, but Shard refused to give any straight answers, even about his own return. The irate Sonic asked how he could trust the robot, to which Shard replied with the counter question of whether he could trust Uncle Chuck, confusing Sonic further. Despite this, Sonic and Shard exchanged friendly banter as they dragged the Hydra into further battle with Tails, Amy, and Thrash's Devil Dog pack. Eviscerating the monster and leaving behind only a tiny sprig, Sonic picked it up but was then interrupted by Shard, and Sonic assumed that the robot's anticipated betrayal had come. However, the truth was anything but: Shard wished to take the sprig back to New Mobotropolis to see if it could be turned into a De-Roboticizing agent for Sally. Deciding to trust his new friend, Sonic then turned his attention to comforting a distraught Amy, promising that they would find a way to resolve all the evil that had taken place. With Shard's help, the team got the Tornado up and running and continued following the Death Egg towards the Northern Tundra, unaware that their destination had been shared with Shard's teammate, Silver.

At the Northern Tundra, Guntiver the Arctic Wolf gave Team Fighters information about the Death Egg and Dr. Eggman's whereabouts, mentioning that the doctor had been awfully quiet since he landed there. Sonic then joked around to Amy on how cold it was. Team Fighters and Guntiver, waited for Erma's signal to enter the Death Egg, and, after the signal was clear, the Freedom Fighters charged at the base. They had begin to fight several Egg Swats before receiving help from... Silver the Hedgehog. Sonic, who was less than pleased, walked towards Silver and began to yell at him about his "crazy" notion that there was a traitor on the Freedom Fighter team, and Guntiver, who at first told Sonic to calm down, began to remember what Silver did to Rotor a while back. Silver had admitted that he didn't have enough source to prove the traitor, but Sonic ignored him and told him plainly to get out of here. Tails asked Sonic if they could hear Silver out one last time, and Sonic, who was agitated about something he doesn't know, let Silver speak. Silver told them that the true traitor was Sally Acorn. Sonic was extremely furious and was about to charge at Silver, but Tails was able to calm him down. Silver told the team that instead of destroying the traitor, he would now try to save her. He then told the team that he figured out that the person responsible for the destruction of his future wasn't acting on her free will since she was roboticized. Sonic then stated that there never was a traitor in the first place, and it was only his assumption. Ready to save Sally, he said he and Silver were cool. The team then walked through an underwater tunnel leading to the Death Egg. Silver unintentionally caused the orcas surronding the tunnel to charge at the team, and after a quick tussle between the whale and Sonic, the team finally made it out of the water into the Death Egg. After a short spar with Mecha Sally, Silver deactivated her and once again, the world faded to white...

Trouble on Two Worlds

Due to Eggman and Wily rewriting the history of Sonic's world, Sonic's history and memories were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

As the blue blur ran through Green Hill Zone in an altered world, he had the feeling of "déjà vu about déjà vu". He shook it off, and went back to focusing back to finding his missing friends. Silver then appeared and told Sonic that there was a disturbance in time and space. Sonic asked Silver to help him find his friends, but Copy Robot paralyzed him from above. Sonic chased the robot as Mega Man, who had come to Sonic's world, was battling Metal Sonic (who he only saw as a blur). After the two robot copies fled, Sonic found Mega Man, mistook him for Copy Robot, and began to fight him, as Mega Man mistook Sonic for Metal Sonic. (WC: #2)

During the battle, due to Sonic having the homefield advantage, he used his surroundings to gain the upper hand and temporarily disable his Mega Buster. Then, Sonic chased Mega Man, when he saw him go through a Warp Ring from nowhere, and ended up in Mega City. There, he was fighting Mega Man, who received backup from Tango, Eddie, Rush, and Beat. During the fight, the two talked, and realized neither one was the enemy. Suddenly, Tails Man was deployed to dispose of the two, however they worked together to defeat him. Mega Man attempted to use the Copy Chip to steal Tails Man's Master Weapon; in the process, the roboticization process was reverted, and Tails was restored. The group returned to Light Labs just in time to witness Bass and Metal Sonic kidnap Dr. Light. (WC: #3, #4)

Tails reviewed Dr. Light's research and opened a portal to the Skull Egg Zone. Sonic (along with Rush, Proto Man, Mega Man, and Tails) entered. Immediately, they faced Copy Robot and the Genesis Unit but were able to defeat them. Approaching the Wily Egg, they were greeted by eight Roboticized Masters (all previously Sonic's friends). (WC: #4, #5)

Proto Man scouted ahead, leaving only the Chaotix for Mega Man and Sonic to deal with. Tails did some quick modifications on Mega Man's buster while Sonic distracted the Roboticized Masters. Then, Mega Man's buster also mimicked the properties of Sonic's Spin Dash, allowing him to fully de-roboticize a Roboticized Master with a single blast. The Chaotix were restored and rushed ahead and met up with Proto Man, so Sonic and Mega Man decided to hunt down the remaining Roboticized Masters and save them. (WC: #6)

The gang first encountered Shadow Man and Dr. Wily's Shadow Man. After their battle, Shadow used Chaos Control to teleport away, which caused a rift in space and time for just a moment. In that moment, Sonic caught a glimpse of the universe before the Genesis Wave, recalling Mecha Sally. Sonic explained that something like this had happened before to him, so the doctors needed to stopped so they could return to their own time. The heroes took down Silver Man and Blaze Woman next, leaving only Knuckles Man and Rose Woman. They got ambushed by them shortly after and also rescued them. With Sonic's friends restored, it was time to storm the Wily Egg. (WC: #7, #8)

During the battle against the Robot Masters, Sonic led the team, and was confident that they could win because they always battled robots before. He defeated Mega Water S for the second time, he helped Mega Man and Proto Man beat Yamato Man by keeping Knight Man at bay, he single-handedly took down Hard Man, Spark Man, and Bright Man, which helped Shadow take down Top Man, he then was left to face Quick Man, Charge Man, Slash Man, Metal Man, Turbo Man, and Nitro Man. Quick Man commented how Sonic was a better opponent to face than Mega Man, but Sonic quickly took down each and every one of the speed orientated Robot Masters, saying that they didn't have Mega Man's skills. Mega Man used the Sonic Shot on Rouge Woman while Sonic dragged her down, and it turned Rouge back to normal. Sonic then took down Bubble Man, Needle Man, Ring Man (which made Sonic look at the Rings he collected from the Robot Master), Tomahawk Man, Search Man, Wave Man, Ground Man, Jewel Man, Strike Man (in which Sonic gave a "seriously?" look at the Robot Master), Buster Rod G, Drill Man, and finally kicked Quick Man, as Sonic replied, "You're quick, Quick Man, but you're not fast!" Soon after Proto Man and Shadow told Sonic and Mega Man to go to the Wily Egg, and Sonic asked for a pickup from Tails. When nearing the Wily Egg, Sonic could only watch as Dr. Light fell from it. (WC: #9)

Sonic landed on the teleporter pad and panicked if the doc would survive, but was relieved when he saw Shadow save Dr. Light. He and Mega Man teleported to the Wily Egg thanks to Tails' help. During their invasion, they argued if the interior traps were like the Death Egg or they were "Wily-centric". They were ambushed by the Mega Man Killers and battled them. During the fight, Sonic battled Punk's Screw Crusher and bashed him into Enker. He and Tails used a Spin Attack on Ballade, and while Sonic knocked him off-target, one of the robot's Ballade Cracker bombs hit Tails' ball form, and severely injured him. Sonic laid him on Rush's jet form and watched him ride Rush back to the battlefield. Almost immediately after that, the heroes were ambushed by the Chaos Devil. When they noticed the resemblance to each of their familiar monstrous foes, they tried to take it out using the usual Devil weakness, but the Chaos fluid protected it. They then decided to double team it with a Spin Dash/charged shot combo, but it just resulted in Sonic getting trapped in the thing. Luckily, Sonic was released when Duo uppercutted through the monster from below the Wily Egg. Sonic had his energy restored by Duo and moved on to the core of the fortress as Duo battled the reassembled Chaos Devil. On the way, they chatted about Rock's friend from space (Which included Sonic bringing up the Wisps) before coming upon an Eggman/Wily hybrid boss door at Wily Egg Checkpoint X. They passed through into the fortress' antechamber and were immediately attacked by Bass, Treble and Metal Sonic. (WC: #10)

During the battle, Sonic tried to attack Metal, teasing him that he beat him in every race and every fight, and even when he was the dragon monster. However, Sonic got hit by a right hook from his copy, and the two charged at each other. After being lightly burned by Bass, Sonic and Mega Man decided a new strategy: Since the robots were only programmed to beat their respective counterparts, switching partners would beat them quicker. However, Sonic barely missed Bass' shots, nearly got chomped by Treble, and got roundhouse-kicked in the abdomen by Bass. Sonic stated that he and Rock would team up when they blitzed one of the robots, and Mega Man would use the Master Weapons from Sonic's rescued friends to storm them. Sonic distracted Bass, who was hit by Mega Man when the Blue Bomber used Shadow Man's Chaos Cannon on him. Sonic spun through Bass' stasis bubble, and Treble tried to assist him, but Mega Man used Silver Man's telekinesis on Bass, and put him in a position where he could be attacked by Sonic. Mega Man used Vector Man's Acoustic Blaster on Bass, and the black villain was kicked by Sonic and knocked out by Rose Woman's Piko Hammer. Mega Man used Tails Man's Tails Wind and Charmy Man's Rapid Stinger on Metal, who was defeated by Sonic. (WC: #11)

Just when they were going to beat the doctors, Sonic and Mega Man were stormed and knocked out by the Egg-Wily Machine X. Later, when they woke up and were trapped in capsules in the Wily Egg's main room, they saw that the docs had all the Emeralds, and the Roboticized Masters were a distraction to them. When the docs said that they could use all the gems to make a super-charged Genesis Wave, the heroes were disturbed that the docs could become gods, do anything with the universes, and even erase Sonic and Mega Man from existence. As Mega Man tried to reason with Wily, Sonic, struggling to free himself from his prison, inquired to Eggman if he was worried about reality breaking due to his and Wily's tampering with Space-Time. When the doctors expressed little concern about it, Mega Man was disgusted, although Sonic wasn't too surprised. (WC: #11, #12)

At this point, all seemed hopeless. The Super Genesis Wave was ready to go, Sonic and Mega Man were trapped with no chance of escape, the Chaos Devil was keeping Duo occupied, and Sonic's friends, along with Dr. Light, Proto Man, and Rush, were rapidly losing ground against the Robot Master army. A turning point came, however, with the arrival of the eight original Light Labs Robot Masters, whom attacked Eggman and Wily while Dr. Light freed Sonic and Mega Man. At Light's suggestion, Mega Man fused with Rush to don Super Adaptor Armor. Inspired by the word "super" Sonic had Mega Man hoist both of them up to the Genesis Reactor, where the Chaos Emeralds were. Then, as the Super Genesis Wave activated, the blue heroes absorbed the Emeralds' power to become Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man. After preventing the evil doctors from killing Knuckles and Proto Man, Mega Man and Sonic instructed them to evacuate Dr. Light and have Duo fall back. A huge battle ensued between the two sides, ending with Sonic and Mega Man emerging victorious. By then, the Super Genesis Wave was already starting to reshape all reality, so Sonic taught Mega Man how to use Chaos Control to restore their worlds to normal. However, Eggman, unwilling to accept defeat, attacked Sonic while his Chaos Control was still charging. After getting Mega Man to restore Earth 20XX, Sonic turned his attention to restoring his own world, which proved to be easier said than done as he struggled to focus Chaos Control under Eggman's assault. Realizing it was all or nothing now, Sonic used Chaos Control. Due to Eggman's interference, however, the universe literally shattered, and it was clear something awful was now about to happen to Mobius. As Sonic wondered what Eggman had done, white light consumed them both... (WC: #12)

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Early Adventures

Only a handful of Sonic's adventures in this timeline are known. He once went up against Eggman when the doctor hatched a plan involving his airship, the Egg Carrier, and the water-based Demi-God Chaos. Another time, he and Tails embarked on an adventure to save the Wisps. At another point, Sonic and Tails had been off on a different adventure when they decided to return to Mobotropolis to follow up on Nicole and to rescue King Acorn, who had been overthrown and imprisoned by Ixis Naugus. They arrived to find the city being attacked by a transformed Tails Doll. The duo began battling the beast, during which Sonic took a nasty hit... (StH: #252, #253)

Countdown to Chaos

Sonic awoke, completely disorientated by what he was seeing: several townspeople fleeing for their lives from a terrifying monster in the middle Mobotropolis. Sonic suddenly had a completely different set of memories: ones that involved rescuing Mecha Sally at the Northern Tundra with Silver and Team Fighters, seconds before being pulled into an adventure where he teamed up with a hero from another world. Tails, who appeared to have no inkling that something was amiss, took a moment to check that Sonic was okay. A confused Sonic asked how they got there, having just been on the Death Egg rescuing Sally, and a bewildered Tails "reminded" him that they returned to the city to follow up on Nicole and to rescue King Acorn, and that the Tails Doll was already ravaging the city when they arrived. Sonic was further confused by the absent of Amy and Silver, the latter of whom he was informed hadn't been seen since they'd rescued the Wisps in this altered reality. As their mission was to rescue King Acorn, Sonic wondered aloud whether Naugus was involved, moments before the usurper came crashing out of Castle Acorn in a blind horror, exclaiming that "the quickster can have this place!" Tails contemplated whether they should see follow him, to which Sonic told his friend that they should really deal with the monster first. During the course of the battle, Tails' memories of the unaltered reality returned, and the two swiftly acted to defeat the monster. As they headed for Castle Acorn, Sonic's memories of this new reality came to him, including the circumstances of Dr. Robotnik's initial meeting with King Acorn. Upon freeing their monarch, the pair were surprised to find that he had become healthy and positive, which Sonic noted as one positive change to their world. After discussing the matter with NICOLE, Sonic and Tails determined that their best course would be to locate the other Freedom Fighters. (StH: #252)

Sonic and Tails soon found themselves int he area of the Mystic Ruins, searching for Rotor and finding Big the Cat instead. Fortunately, Big knew where their missing friend was located, and led them to the general area, which Sonic recognized as the Final Egg. Realizing that he recognized the area from his memories of the new timeline, the Hedgehog noted that it was becoming harder to distinguish between the two. The unsettling thought was put on hold as they realized that the Sky Patrol, Rotor's location and the Freedom Fighters' new base, was under attack by Spinner Badniks. Sonic and his two companions engaged the enemy alongside Rotor, defeating the lesser robots and a new Silver Sonic who appeared to join them. Afterwards, Sonic and Tails reunited with Rotor, both of them nothing with surprise the Walrus' vitality given his previous injuries and girth in the original timeline. Knowing that it was the only real way to help their friend realize what had taken place, Sonic and Tails handed him NICOLE, restoring his memories. Rotor reacted poorly, but managed to inform the pair that Sally and Bunnie were on deep cover missions, Antoine was with Uncle Chuck in the restored Knothole, and Amy had disappeared mysteriously. (StH: #253)

Making their way to Knothole in the newly created Wood Zone, Sonic and Tails found Antoine and Chuck, whom they were both happy to see given all the changes to reality and Antoine's previous condition. They were also stunned to encounter a new, and yet familiar face: Ben Muttski, Sonic's Mobini dog of the old reality turned Mobian friend in the new. At Tails' urging, they refrained from restoring Chuck's memories, choosing instead to restore Antoine's. After telling him what little they could of Bunnie's whereabouts, the pair were suddenly shaken-quite literally-as a powerful tremor rocked the area. A massive fissure appeared, and both Chuck and Muttski fell in. The Freedom Fighters managed to save them, but in the process, Sonic inhaled a mysterious gas that the pair had extracted from below the surface for study. After displaying a brief but powerful reaction, Sonic claimed to be fine, refuting Chuck's insistence that he see a doctor. Antoine reluctantly decided to escort the scientists to Spagonia, entrusting Sonic and Tails with the task of finding Bunnie and restoring her memories. (StH: #254)

The pair made their way to the Metropolis Zone, where they found Bunnie disguised as a member of the Egg Army. After discovering that she was still partially Roboticized in the new reality, they decided to wait to restore her memories until they could reunite with the others. Working together, they helped her complete her mission: acquiring a shield generator for the Sky Patrol from Eggman's Death Egg Mark 3 project. Returning to the Sky Patrol, they found Antoine waiting, and after restoring Bunnie's memories left the distraught Rabbit to be comforted by her husband. Still concerned over Amy's absence, Sonic decided to focus on locating Sally next. The heroes also had to deal with another dilemma: NICOLE's diminishing reserves of Genesis Wave energy meant that she might only be able to restore one more set of memories. (StH: #255)


True Speed Archie

An example of Sonic's speed when he uses the Super Peel Out trick.

Sonic's most notable ability is his super speed, allowing him to run at speeds far surpassing Mach 1 which is at the blistering speed of 768 mph or more. His speed allows him to perform impressive feats, such as vibrating at high speeds to such a degree that it allows him to pass through solid objects. More amazing feats of Sonic's speed is his ability to ball up water, and throw it, all in .00000000001 of a millisecond. Such feats have even included him being able to scoop up dirt, toss it in the air and walk on it like a bridge. Sonic has also used his speed to tear through the dimensional fabric and travel to the Cosmic Interstate, which is a series of pathway connecting to the various zones and parallel universes of the multiverse that Sonic and others often end up in. As stated by Sally, Sonic can go from 0 to 65 MPH in just .00000000001 seconds. It is possible that he can access greater levels of speed, as he was able to travel from the ruins of Knothole to the east coast of the continent and back in record time during his battle with the Egg Beater.

Sonic has also been known to innovate various techniques to increase speed and acceleration. His most popular instance of such is the Spin Dash, a technique in which he assumes a ball or wheel like shape by tucking his arms, knees and head to his core, and rotates on the spot at blurring speeds and takes off at the speed of rotation at the time of release. Perhaps his highest tiered technique of this nature is the Super Peel Out, as shown in Sonic the Hedgehog #175, in which Sonic, from a stationary position, moves his legs at an extremely high speed and takes off at speeds far surpassing that of which he reaches using any other technique. Sonic has also been shown incorporate this technique into his running style to various effect. While performing this skill, Sonic's legs flicker into and maintain the stark shape of a horizontal figure 8 or infinity symbol.

His speed also increases his combat abilities. His "figure 8" move increases his speed, strength and even allows him to briefly hover in midair. Spinning around in an upright position, Sonic can become a makeshift tornado, taking down any foes close to him. Sonic can achieve similar effects by spinning his arms around, propelling him into the air and defeating anyone caught in his path. By running in place on roads, he can turn it into tar, stopping his enemies in their tracks. Sonic also possesses vast supernatural strength, as seen when punching Eggman's robots with brute force, being able to damage the Egg Beater, which was designed to counter and match Sonic's speed and strength, and being able to lift people and objects that are several times his weight.

Sonic is also a chaos being with the ability to manipulate (though with slightly less ease than Shadow) Chaos Energy. When tapping into the Chaos Force, Sonic is granted extremely amplified chaos abilities, more powerful than they would normally be, and a wide array of other chaos powers not available to other chaos beings without the direct access to the chaos force. It is also discovered that Sonic is the living embodiment of chaos, due to the mass amounts of Chaos Energy he absorbed over time.

As an offspin of Sonic's ability to manipulate Chaos Energy, Sonic can absorb Power Rings, which he uses to get a boost of energy during battle as well as to facilitate his super transformations into such incarnations as Super Sonic, Ultra Sonic, Solar Sonic, Eco Sonic, and Polar Sonic. Following the destruction of Knothole, it is revealed that Sonic has absorbed so many Power Rings that their energy has given him increased healing abilities. He also possesses the curious ability to negate negative influences brought on by Chaos Energy, as shown by his defeats of Perfect Chaos, Enerjak, and his resistance to Dr. Finitevus' hex. This ability also enabled him to absorb energy from the Master Emerald despite its being locked by Finitevus' hex, something that even the wizard Merlin Prower was at a loss to explain.

Additionally, while this version of Sonic was adventuring in outer space, he was implanted with a device allowing him to understand all languages (including those of 'regular' animals).

Also, being a hedgehog, which are a burrowing species, he also has an ability to dig. As shown when Enerjak (Knuckles) transported him underground, but Sonic quickly resurfaced.

Early comics also depicted Sonic as being able to run dodge lightning, run between rain, and box his own shadow. It is unlikely that this is still the case as the comics have greatly changed.


Super Sonic

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Super Sonic transparent

Super Sonic

By absorbing large amounts of Chaos Energy originating from the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic. While transformed, Sonic is given a vast increase in strength, speed and reflexes. Additionally, Sonic is granted the ability to fly, is virtually invulnerable to harm, and is given an open link to the Chaos Force.

Ultra Sonic

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After absorbing a large amount of Power Rings, Sonic can assume the form of Ultra Sonic. While in this form, Sonic can fly, manipulate non-organic matter, and open portals to other Zones







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The Archie comic series has the most complex love triangles among all Sonic-related media. Love interests within the series include Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, Mina Mongoose, Bunnie Rabbot and Fiona Fox.

Sally Acorn


Sally and Sonic kissing

Sonic and Sally were childhood friends who used to play together in the royal palace during the time of the Great War. When the war started to go badly for the Mobians, Sonic and Sally were sent to the sanctuary of Knothole Village with many of the other children. When Dr. Robotnik eventually took over, the two were still in the haven of Knothole. As children, both Sonic and Sally witnessed the formation of the Original Freedom Fighters and decided that, years later, they would follow in their footsteps.

Originally, Sonic and Sally first met up when Sonic's uncle was captured and roboticized by Dr. Robotnik, and Sally assisted in Sonic's escape from Robotropolis. Due to their mutual anger towards the despot and loss of their parents/guardians, Sonic joined Sally's group of Freedom Fighters. The story was later retconned to have Sonic and Sally as childhood friends, and the two modeled the Knothole Freedom Fighters after the Original Freedom Fighters.

During their life as Freedom Fighters, Sonic and Sally regularly got on each other's nerves, usually due to the former's ego and attitude and the latter's impatience with said qualities. However, over time, this was usually used to hide their growing infatuation with one another. Despite their disagreements, the two had a strong commitment to the Freedom Fighters and to one another, and as their commonalities grew, so did their love and respect for one another.

Sally was temporarily involved in a love triangle between herself, Sonic and Geoffrey St. John, head of her father's Secret Service. After Sonic secretly stole the Sword of Acorns to try and de-roboticize his father, pressure began to mount from the Secret Service as they linked Sonic to the theft. Geoffrey, now King Elias' adviser, worked hard to impress Sally while he was busy antagonizing Sonic; he convinced Elias to take away Sonic's knighthood. During a long period of reconstruction that followed after Robotnik's defeat, Sally was involved with royal duties and could not make time for her former compatriots. With Bunnie's advice, Sally chose Sonic to be her royal consort, and one day her husband.

Following an encounter with the Xorda alien invaders, Sonic was lost in space for a year. Sally assumed, along with the rest of the world, that he was dead. When Sonic returned from space after a year (a month and a half due to the theory of relativity), Sonic and Sally's love was rekindled. However, Sally decided that she could not bear the pain of losing him again after witnessing Sonic get injured by Dr. Eggman's "daughter" Mecha, and tried to convince him to give up his heroics. Sally had hoped to groom Sonic as the next King, but Sonic was mortified by the idea of not fighting against Eggman's growing threat. Sally gave Sonic an ultimatum: choose to be at her side, or to be a hero. Sonic chose to be a hero, which earned him a slap across the face and an end to their relationship.

When King Max fell ill due to poisoning by Patch (an evil version of Antoine from the parallel universe of Anti Mobius, who has designs on ruling the Kingdom), he decided that the only way for Sally to rule the Kingdom of Acorn in his place was to marry Antoine. Sally reluctantly agreed, partially due to her anger with Sonic and partially because of her duty as princess. Before Patch could ascend the throne with Sally as his Queen, Prince Elias stepped in and retook the throne. A desperate Patch attempted to murder Elias, but was interrupted by Sonic, who sent Patch back to his reality.

Some time later, Sally joined the Freedom Fighters on a sting operation against a group of villains who were (apparently) moving in to purchase the Master Emerald from Rouge the Bat. During this time, Sally admitted that seeing Bunnie and Antoine so close made her feel jealous, as well as upset at her emotional distance with Sonic. At Antoine and Bunnie's wedding, when the subject of marriage came up, Sally flatly remarked she was perfectly happy remaining single.

During a nostalgic visit to the ruins of Knothole, there appeared to be hope for their relationship.

Though it seemed that Sonic and Sally were on their way towards forming a new romance, Sally made a decision (with support from Bunnie) to test the waters with Monkey Khan. Sonic had shown some jealousy over it, particularly during their journey into the Dragon Kingdom. However, unbeknownst to him, Sally came to realize that she ended the relationship between her and Sonic badly, and that maybe she should explore it with him further. Upon her return from the Dragon Kingdom, Sally took Sonic out to lunch, which Sonic surprisingly accepted willingly.

After Sally was roboticized, Sonic became a bit more serious and depressed, but nonetheless, still maintains much of his usual laid-back, bantering self.

Amy Rose


Sonic and Amy

Amy has been a maniacal fan of Sonic for years, sending numerous letters to him. Her affection for Sonic grew after he rescued her from Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic. She started the Sonic fan club in Knothole Village, and was also defending Sonic at his trial after he was arrested for attacking Knothole as Mecha Sonic.

Fed up with being overlooked as just a "kid", Amy took matters into her own hands and misused the power of the Ring of Acorns to age her body from 8 to 12. While this did little to attract Sonic's attention, it was enough for Amy to gain recruitment into the Freedom Fighters.

Some time later, Amy received training from Knuckles' girlfriend, Julie-Su, so that she would not only become the "best" Freedom Fighter, but mostly so that she would win over Sonic's heart. She was also the first one to confront Fiona Fox about her betrayal of Sonic and the Freedom Fighters after Tails revealed to her Fiona was actually in love with Evil Sonic.

After helping Sally rescue Sonic from the Destructix, Amy showed signs of jealousy towards Sally, whom Sonic gave his thanks to for the rescue. Shortly after, though, Sonic pointed out his recognition for her efforts, making Amy blush with joy.

After Sally began to show interest in Monkey Khan, Sonic rebounded with Amy by taking her out for Chili Dogs as a treat.

Mina Mongoose


Sonic getting kissed by Mina

Mina was first found by Sonic while she was mourning the loss of her mother in the recently-retaken Robotropolis during Dr. Robotnik's takeover. When Sonic's Uncle Chuck became a robot slave for the dictator once again, Sonic recklessly stole the Sword of Acorns to restore his uncle's free will. Along the way to Robotropolis, he ran into Mina, who lectured Sonic about stealing the sword. The two were ambushed by Eggman's COMbots and Sonic chose to save Mina at the cost of losing the sword. Feeling grateful for saving her life, Mina provided an alibi for Sonic when the King's Secret Service started to suspect him for the theft.

When Mina finally mustered the courage to kiss Sonic, she was turned away, as Sonic was still in love with Sally. Meanwhile, Sally, who was locked away within the palace for a while due to her royal duties, finally decided to make an exit to see Sonic again. Posing as a servant girl, she exited the palace, arriving just in time to see the kiss between Mina and Sonic that caused her to believe Sonic had moved on.

Some time later, Mina was finally ready to join the Freedom Fighters. However, on her first mission, she discovered that she lacked the courage to act when engaged in conflict. She then realized she should not join the Freedom Fighters just for Sonic and that she was unfit for the lifestyle. Shortly after, Mina discovered her talent as a singer when it gained Sonic's attention. With a little motivation from Sonic, Mina decided to start singing professionally.

Mina's singing career led Sonic to slowly develop emotional feelings for her. However, just before Mina had the chance to ask Sonic out on a date, Sally was kidnapped by the fugitive Nack the Weasel. Mina embarked on a rescue mission with Sonic to save the princess, but was heartbroken when Sonic and Sally realized their true love for each other and kissed. During their moment of passion, Mina noticed Nack preparing to shoot Sally before making his escape. Mina took the bullet and told Sonic she loved him before passing out. She was rushed to the hospital by Sonic, where she made a full recovery, though she felt sad at discovering Sonic loved Sally.

After Sonic's unexpected adventure in outer space (which stranded him away from Mobius for a year), he returned home to find that his friends and family had all accepted his apparent death. Like Sally, Mina had also moved on while Sonic was away and was dating her record manager, Ash. Although Mina briefly juggled her feelings for Sonic when he returned, she was quickly forced to reconcile with Ash when he was injured by a bomb while trying to protect her. According to her, while she would always have a place in her heart for Sonic, she loves Ash instead.

Bunnie Rabbot


Sonic and Bunnie

While Bunnie has shown interest in Sonic since he rescued her from a roboticizer, these flirtations have been rare, partly because Bunnie is best friends with Sally and knows of her love for Sonic. Bunnie also gradually developed an interest in Antoine, which eventually led to their marriage. Prior to their full commitment, however, Bunnie and Sonic experienced minor cases of infatuation, particularly when Antoine was replaced by his Anti-Mobius self.

Bunnie and Antoine abruptly broke up when the latter started exhibiting unusually cruel behavior. In reality, Antoine had been replaced with the Anti-Mobius version of himself, Patch. While she was on the rebound, Bunnie was approached by Evil Sonic, who tried to seduce her until Tails stumbled upon the two and loudly protested. Although Bunnie was initially put off by Evil Sonic's half-baked come-ons, she eventually began to play along in the hope that it would drive Antoine insanely jealous. She had no idea that both Sonic and Antoine had been replaced by their evil doubles.

When A.D.A.M.'s nanites attempted to integrate Bunnie's robotic limbs into their systems, a quick-thinking Sonic convinced the machines that her "organic" half made Bunnie unfit for their purposes. Once released, Bunnie planted a kiss on an equally-relieved Sonic, still ignorant of the fact it was Evil-Sonic she was with before.

Since the discovery of Patch and his sinister schemes, Bunnie has shown no signs of interest in Sonic. With Antoine's return to this universe, the two rekindled their love and finally married.

Fiona Fox


Sonic and Fiona

For years, Fiona harbored a dislike towards Sonic, viewing him as selfish for leaving her behind in one of Robotnik's prisons (unaware he had no choice at the time). Her perception of Sonic changed after he supposedly died to protect Mobius from a Xorda alien attack.

Fiona's interest in Sonic irritated Tails, who harbored a secret love for her. Eventually, Tails mustered the will to confront Sonic and Fiona about his feelings, but Fiona rejected Tails because of their age difference. Fiona and Sonic became a couple at this point.

Sonic and Fiona were in love until Sonic found out that Fiona was evil and she was dating Scourge, having defected from the Freedom Fighters to become a villain. Fiona had fallen in love with Scourge while he briefly impersonated Sonic. After trying to find the same attraction in him, she failed, realizing that she preferred his evil counterpart.


  • Former comic writer Ken Penders has intended to have Sonic's full name as "Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog". On Sonic's Data File page, it leaves his first name a mystery, as Penders intended to have his first name mentioned later on. This plot idea never came to be however, as Penders left the comic staff after issue #160. Thus, Sonic's first name is still not actually Sonic, but his true first name remains unknown. However, according to Ian Flynn, the comic's current writer, the hero legally got his first name changed to "Sonic" with no offense meant to his forebears.[1]
  • Originally Sonic was to have spent a full year in space. This was retconned later when the date in StH #157 showed the year as 3237, which would mean he only had his seventeenth birthday in issue #160 but still biologically be sixteen.
  • As stated by Eggman, Sonic is the living embodiment of chaos, due to the mass amounts of Chaos Energy he absorbed over time.
  • In the earlier comics, Sonic's spine count varied from six to seven and occasionally, eight.


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