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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Quotation1 Super-fast with a passion for adventure. Quotation2
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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Boom Sonic 2
Sonic the Hedgehog
First appearance

Sonic Boom #1

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Roger Craig Smith

voice actor(s)

Jun'ichi Kanemaru

Other language
voice actor(s)
  • Alexandre Gilet (French)
  • Manolo Rey (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Eran Mor (Hebrew)
  • Hassan Hamdan (Arabic)
Biographical overview


  • Blue Leader
  • Big Blue
  • Blue Blur[3]
  • Sonic T. Hedgehog
  • Blue Pineapple
  • The Fastest Thing Alive
Physical description










  • Brown neckerchief
  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
  • Red sneakers with gold buckle and grey soles
  • White sports tape around hands, wrists, feet and ankles
  • Wrist communicator (occasionally)
Alignment and character traits


Favorite Food

Chili dog[3]

  • Going fast[3]
  • Having fun[3]
  • The beach[3]
  • His coconut husk collection
  • His friends
  • Relaxing
  • Dr. Eggman[3]
  • Planning ahead[3]
  • Snakes
  • Wearing pants
  • Pickles
  • Not being able to run
Powers and abilities
  • Super speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced jump
  • Extreme arobatic skills and reflexes
  • Proficient Enerbeam wielder
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
Moves and techniques

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog, gifted with super speed, who fights Dr. Eggman and other forces of evil alongside his group of friends as the leader of Team Sonic to preserve peace and freedom.

Concept and creation

During the development for Sonic's redesign, the developers went through a long process where they experimented with different accessories before they decided to stick with the "Scarf Sonic" design.[4][5] They settle with giving Sonic a neckerchief because it played homage to the classic adventure theme and was an action adventure trope which fit with Sonic's game character role and emphasized his "get-up and get-go" attitude and his love for adventure.[5][6] According to Bob Rafei, Sonic's scarf is partially based on Nathan Drake's scarf from Uncharted.[7]

The sports tape Sonic wears is inspired by fighters and American football players and is meant to give him a sense of practical heroism by showing that that he is not vain, which is a trait more fitting for villains, when saving the world and to give him a more grounded approach.[5] He specially got sports tape around his feet to emphasize that his specialty was speed.[8] While his following design was nearly identical to his main series counterpart, he eventually received blue arms and additional spikes to differentiate the two of them.[8]


Sonic retains most of the appearance from his main series counterpart, but has a few physical and clothing differences. He is much slimmer, with longer arms and legs, giving him a lanky appearance. His quills are also slightly messier, having some cowlick-like spikes that sticks out from his top and lower quills, and his arms are covered in blue fur, as opposed to being skin-colored.

For attire, Sonic wears a pair of white gloves with cuffs and a pair of red sneakers, which has white cuffs, grey soles, and a large, rectangular gold buckle on the top. Both of his gloves and sneakers have white sports tape around them, which is wrapped around his palms, the lower half of his arms and legs, and the heels of his sneakers. Finally, he sports a short brown neckerchief around his neck.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Sonic meets Lyric.

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, while out foiling one of Dr. Eggman's evil plans with Tails, Knuckles and Amy, Sonic and his crew pursued Eggman and Metal Sonic to a distant island. After briefly splitting up, the group arrived at an ominous ancient tomb, where Metal Sonic and Eggman's newly acquired Destruction Troops cornered them. Against his team's wishes, Sonic opened the tomb and had his group seek refuge inside. As they got trapped inside, Sonic was scolded by his team for his solo-actions as they tried getting out, during which they accidently awoke Lyric the Last Ancient who showed familiarity with Sonic, much to Sonic's confusion, before trapping them in his shackles as he fled. Converting the shackles to Enerbeams, Team Sonic tried fruitlessly to catch Lyric, and so went to find Cliff to get some info on Lyric.

Finding Cliff, the archeologist unveiled that Lyric was a rogue Ancient who planned to power his Sentinel army with the Chaos Crystals to destroy all organic life, but was imprisoned by his race when they discovered his plan. Though Sonic was harshly judged by his team, they set out to retrieve the Crystals before Lyric. While seeking their second Crystal after getting split up, Sonic and Tails encountered MAIA, a robot who rebelled against Lyric, in the Abandoned Research Facility who assisted the team by creating a time portal leading one thousand years back in time to retrieve a map for the Crystals. At they were about enter a portal, Shadow the Hedgehog attacked Sonic and Tails, intent to prove Sonic's weakness. After Sonic knocked Shadow into a time portal, he and Tails went back in time to Lyric's Weapon Facility where they helped a younger MAIA halt Lyric's operations while they confronted a younger Lyric. While Tails got the map, Sonic held Lyric back and trapped him for his future imprisonment by the Ancients, upon where he realized Lyric's previous knowledge about him.


Sonic is corned by Lyric's troops.

Back in the present, Sonic and Tails regrouped with Knuckles and Amy to continue the hunt. Along the way, they had to content with a short alliance between Lyric and Eggman, Metal Sonic who had been reprogrammed to serve Lyric, and the power struggle between Lyric and Eggman. Regardless, the team overcame it all and got each Crystal. When getting the last one though, Sonic was surrounded by Lyric's robots and Lyric demanded the Crystals in exchange for Sonic's life. Sonic refused, but Tails, Knuckles and Amy complied. Despite that, Sonic was attacked by Lyric's robots and buried under rubble, but recovered and the group went to Lyric's Lair to stop him. Proclaiming his friends were his strength, Sonic fought Lyric with his team. During the battle, Lyric used the team's Enerbeams to ensnare them, but before he could finish them, Eggman ambushed Lyric from behind, freeing the group. Sonic subsequently tied up Lyric with assistance from his friends, during which Shadow dropped by, and removed Lyric's technopathy device to incapacitate him. With the threat over, Team Sonic celebrated their victory in the Village, with Sonic having gained a new sense of appreciation for his team.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Sonic swears a beadown

Sonic learns of Amy's kidnapping.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sonic and his team saved Sticks as she was caught in a rockslide, where they received the skeptical warning from her that an underground army would destroy them all. Later, Sonic was contacted by Amy, who was out researching the Lost Crystal of Power, over their AVA. Through it, he saw Amy being kidnapped by Lyric the Last Ancient, who sought to rip her knowledge of the locations of the Crystal Shards from her brain.

Starting a rescue mission for Amy, Sonic assemble Tails, who found a way to track Amy from her data logs, and Sticks, though the latter's attempt at an impulsive rescue forced Sonic to chase her down and convince her to work together. On their way, the trio found Knuckles, who had been standing guard for Amy's path, and recruited him for their search once Sonic managed to tell him the news about Amy. The team soon after met Shadow the Hedgehog, who acted peculiar before challenging Sonic to a showdown. After Sonic beat Shadow, the heroes learned from Shadow and his busted Mind Control Device that he had been controlled by Lyric, who then contacted them over a hologram and warned them that he would soon have god-like power to destroy them with once he was done with Amy. While Shadow went on along to get revenge on Lyric, Sonic and his friends resumed their search.

While passing through an ancient robot plant, Team Sonic was attacked by Metal Sonic, whom Sonic defeated. They followed the robot to an island, sure it would lead them to Lyric, where they found a plane that they used to reach Lyric's air-stationed stronghold. There, they freed Amy and confronted Lyric, where Sonic announced the power of having a team behind him. Lyric thus separated Sonic's friends from him with a trap, but Sonic defeated Lyric and freed his friends. Lyric then called forth a weapon to kill Team Sonic with, but thanks to the timely arrival of Shadow, the weapon was stopped and Sonic was able to drop Lyric from his airship. Concluding their adventure with a teamwork discussion, Sonic headed home with his team, though disappointed that Shadow had no interest in joining them.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

TV series

Te llevare a casa Tails

Sonic swears to never let Tails get harmed again.

As Sonic chased after Dr. Eggman, he was ambushed by Eggman's Burnbot. In the following battle, Tails came to Sonic's aid in the Tornado, but Burnbot made Tails crash by tearing off a wing. Once Sonic took care of Burnbot, he found Tails alive, but injured. Sonic promised not to let Tails get hurt again and fired him as his sidekick once he recovered. Sonic then held try-outs to find a new sidekick, but to his surprise, both Tails and Eggman applied for the job, who he had to accept as candidates (along with Fastidious Beaver) since everyone was welcomed. Sonic set up a race to test them, but saw Eggman making Tails crash into a frozen lake with Burnbot and came to his aid. There, Burnbot made Sonic fall into the lake, but Tails saved him and together they beat Burnbot and got away. Afterwards, the two reconciled and Sonic rehired Tails.[9]

While sleeping at Tails's house, Sonic met Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot, whom he begrudgingly allowed to stay while their lair underwent repairs. However, Eggman annoyed Sonic and Tails with obnoxious behavior and they were ready to kick him out until Amy made them give him another chance. Eggman then kept them awake all night with activities, but the next morning, Eggman revealed that he lied about his lair so he could exhaust them, and summoned Obliterator Bot to destroy them. However, Obliterator Bot misheard Eggman's orders and attacked his lair instead. Convinced by Eggman to stop it, Sonic's teammates stalled Obliterator Bot while Sonic, Tails and Eggman reached its kill switches in the lair despite their downiness, though they were too late to save the lair, which Sonic made Eggman stay at when he tried to bunk with him.[10]

As Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks chilled on the beach, Tails showed them his universal translator UT. However, UT created tension between Sonic and the others by translating their private thoughts from the subtext of their speech. The next day when Tails and UT returned though, UT "translated" their comments into insults. However, as they began fighting, Tails discovered this UT was a fake send by Eggman to tear them apart. While Tails went to save the real UT, Sonic and the other stayed, not thinking UT was worth saving. Later, UT returned to them where it gave a message from Tails and translated it into a call to rescue him from Eggman. At the lair, Sonic and the team freed Tails and beat Eggman's Mega, and Sonic promised more adventures with UT until Sticks threw it into the sea.[11]

When Sonic saved the village from Eggman's Anti-fire Bot, he and his team noticed Sticks' ill treatment of animals and convinced her to get a pet to learn compassion. Sonic was sent to accompany Sticks on her shopping, but she chose a disgusting robot dog she named "Buster". Over the next week, Buster was an annoyance to Sonic and the others which culminated in Buster keeping them from stopping a robbery made by Orbot and Cubot. As they tried making Sticks give up Buster, Eggman came with a gift and revealed he created Buster. The gift transformed Buster into a larger robot who caught Sonic and the team, but Sticks assumed control over Buster, who released Sonic and the others and got rid of Eggman. The team then said goodbye to Buster when Sticks released him due to his dangerous nature.[12]

SBEP5 escort

Sonic escorts Sticks to the Awardies.

While Team Sonic was in the village as it was bombarded by meteors, Sticks saved them with her own defense system. Later, Sonic and the others heard from Sticks that she had been nominated for an Awardy Award, but refused to go to its associated gala because she would embarrass herself. Begrudgingly, Sonic was made Sticks escort and assisted her in her lady lessons. At the gala, Sonic learned Eggman was a nominee as well (by cheating). When Eggman did not get the award when it was handed out, he attacked everyone in vengeance. Sonic and his team tried to fight his badniks, but were incapacitated. Thanks to Sticks though, Sonic was freed and he beat Eggman's Stuffer Bot, making Eggman retreat and allowing the gala to continue.[13]

When preparing Amy's decorative lunch, Sonic made Amy feel unappreciated by slacking off on the preparations. When Eggman showed up to hire Amy to redecorate his lair for Modern Lair Magazine Amy accepted it, much to Sonic's surprise. Sonic soon realized they did not treat Amy right and went to Eggman's lair with his team to check on her, but hear from Eggman that Amy chose to stay with him. Not buying it, Team Sonic broke into the lair and found Amy imprisoned. Sonic made amends with Amy and together, the team trashed Eggman's lair and his badniks on their way out, which cost Eggman his place in Modern Lair Magazine. To cheer Amy up, Sonic offered her to redecorate his shack.[14]

During a trip to Meh Burger with Amy for lunch, Sonic's meal was postponed due to Eggman and the cashier, Dave. Later, as Sonic and Tails tested Tails' Reverse Polarizer, Orbot showed up and asked them to repair Cubot. Shortly after, the duo went to Eggman's lair after picking up the signal from two doomsday devices. There, they discovered that Eggman and his intern Dave were competing for whom could destroy the world best with their doomsday devices, so Sonic and Tails manipulated them into calibrating their devices into canceling each other out when activated. When they ended up creating a black hole instead, Sonic followed Tails' plan and used the Reverse Polarizer inside the black hole to destroyed it, thus saving existence.[15]

While home, Sonic found a batch of cookies, but before eating one, he had to go help Tails stop his vacuum-robot when he got his message. When he returned with Tails, only one cookie was left which he gave to Tails upon his request. Later, Sonic met Orbot who informed him that his team had been turned into clones of Eggman from eating the cookies (which were made by Eggman). Sonic went to Eggman's lair to rescue them, but was unable to fight back when Eggman had his friends attack him. However, his friends quickly began to fighting over the honor of capturing him, so Sonic made a cookie with his DNA which he gave Eggman, turning him into his ally. With Eggman help, Sonic made some new cookies that he used to turn his friends back to normal. The good Eggman thought they would now work together, but Team Sonic did not like the idea and restored the doctor too.[16]

During a race, Sonic and Tails found Gogoba Village, which they saved from the Weasel Bandits as they plundered it, and the Gogobas made them stay for a victory feast, though at their own expense. Feeling terrible, Sonic and Tails tried to leave several times, but the Chief and villagers kept guilt tripping them to stay until they made them remain as their protectors. When Sonic and Tails failed to get away by giving the Gogobas a security system, Sonic had the idea of guilt tripping the Chief into letting them go and it worked. Back home however, Sonic saw that the Gogobas had moved into his shack so he could keep protecting them. Soon after, they were attacked by Eggman and his badniks, though after destroying them, Sonic and Tails convinced Eggman that the Gogobas would be a great asset to him. Having also guilt tripped the Chief into joining Eggman, Sonic finally got the Gogobas as they departed with Eggman.[17]

SBEP10 meet

Sonic meets Orbot and Cubot at his shack.

Expectantly, Sonic and Knuckles were later attacked by Eggman and his badniks, but they defeated them. The next day, they met Orbot and Cubot who were looking for Eggman. After Knuckles told his version of their encounter, Sonic told the duo where Eggman went.[18] When Sonic played coconut hurl with Knuckles, Eggman came by to attack him and his team with Cowbot, a robot they could not destroy without creating a large explosion. Sonic therefore distracted it while Tails reprogrammed it, causing it to head for Eggman at his lair to destroy him. Pressured by his team, Sonic went to warn Eggman with Tails. However, Eggman convinced them to help him, and together they upgraded his lair's defenses to be ready for Cowbot. While waiting for Cowbot to come, Sonic, Tails and Eggman bonded while roasting marshmallows. When Cowbot arrived, their defenses got gunked up with marshmallows, so they resorted to stopping Cowbot by gunking up its systems too. Eggman then revealed that his plan was to make them upgrade his systems for his own usage, but Sonic foiled his plan by gunking up the systems with marshmallows.[19]

During a battle with Eggman's Octopus Bot, Sonic and his crew were nearly crushed by a rock slide triggered by Tails' faulty Unbolterizer. While Sonic stopped Octopus Bot and made Eggman flee, Tails left the team until he could fix his invention, despite Sonic's attempts to support him. No sooner, they met T.W. Barker and his traveling circus who was in need of stand-in performers. Sonic and the team volunteered and they put on a good show the following evening. Afterwards, Barker revealed that he planned to keep them as his performers and imprisoned them, specifically Sonic in the Sphere of Fear. Fortunately, Sonic got a call out to Tails who rescued them, and Sonic imprisoned Barker before leaving with his team.[20]

Over the following week, Sonic competed against Knuckles several times and won, with the final one being in Gopher Ball. Knuckles, blaming his losses on bad luck, thus tried to use up it by causing himself misfortunes, which made Sonic worry for Knuckles' survival. Persuade by his friends, Sonic convinced Knuckles to stop by having a rematch with him, which was ruined by Eggman as he launched an invasion of the island. Sonic and his team tried to stop the doctor, but Knuckles' bad luck and Eggman current good luck ruined their chances, so Sonic tricked Knuckles to join Eggman, planning to have their luck streaks neutralize each other. Sonic's plan worked and Eggman retreated. When Knuckles rejoined them though, they discovered his bad luck had been passed over to Tails.[21]

SBE14 whut

Sonic finds himself in Eggman's body.

While outside, Team Sonic discovered a meteor landing nearby. When Eggman appeared to claim it, he and Sonic raced each other to the meteor, only for it to swap their minds when touching it. Having been brought back to Eggman's lair by Orbot and Cubot, thinking he was Eggman, Sonic sought out his team when Eggman's lackeys did not believe his story. However, they did not believe him either and Eggman (in Sonic's body) made them drive him off. Using Eggman's army, Sonic returned for a rematch with Eggman, where Tails showed up with the meteor to verify Sonic's explanation. Eggman refused to swap their minds back using the meteor, until Sonic made him do it by threatening to clip off Eggman's own mustache.[22] When facing and defeating Scorpion-bot, Sonic and the team noticed Eggman was sliding into a slump. After not hearing from Eggman in a while, Sonic checked up on him and discovered he had lost all motivation. Sonic soon grew bored with the newly found peace and would annoy his friends in his attempts to do something. Sonic was soon lured to Eggman's lair by his friend so he and Eggman could start fighting again, but though Sonic saw through this trick, he re-motivated Eggman his own way and their conflict began anew.[23]

Sonic eventually helped Tails built a berry picking machine, but when it accidentally destroyed an orchard, Sonic followed his team to the pie festival, excluding Tails who was forced to replant the orchard. When they returned, the discovered Tails had left to join the Lightning Bolt Society and that the seeds he had planted turned into mutant flora, so Sonic and Amy went to get Tails. Just as they intruded on the club's ceremony though, Eggman arrived who thought they were joining the Lightning Bolts. As the Lightning Bolts failed to stop them and instead occupied Eggman, Sonic and Amy got Tails back in time to help them destroy the mutant plants with the berry picking machine.[24] After Sonic had beaten Dr. Eggman in his Moth Bot, he was sued by Eggman after the doctor claimed he had needlessly broken his neck. At the trial, Sonic stood to lose due to Eggman's machinations, T.W. Barker who served as Eggman's lawyer and Knuckles' incompetence as his lawyer. Thanks to Amy's inference though, Eggman was revealed to be uninjured and Sonic could resume his battles with him.[25]

While pulling Tails away from his plane, Sonic and his team found Eggman selling tomato sauce. Sonic thought that the sauce was poisoned, but soon discovered that it was harmless and let Eggman sell it to the whole island. Weeks later, while dealing with faulty electronics, Sonic and his team saw Eggman reveal on a TV interview that his sauce cans had turned their electronics into robots to conquer the island. Having fought off some appliances, Sonic and the others went to confront Eggman while Tails tried to get his weaponized plane under control, but they were overrun by Eggman's robots. Fortunately, Tails came to their rescue and shut the robots down with Eggman's own controller while Eggman accidentally foiled his plan by revealing it on television.[26]

While seeing Tails demonstrate his voice-controlled Tailsmobile and even trying the controls out for himself by ordering a drink, Sonic learned he had begun making a horrible sound whenever he ran, which accidentally caused Tails to drive into a lava pit until Sonic saved him. Unable to determine the problem, Tails advised Sonic to stop running, but Sonic soon grew bored over walking and later felt unneeded after his team kept him from helping them fight some invading Crab Bots. Meeting Eggman, who sympathized with him since he did not make the Crab Bots attack, Sonic confided in the doctor who gave him new shoes, which removed his noise, as help. After returning home however, Sonic and his friends were attacked by Eggman in his Giant Robot which grew stronger the more Sonic ran with his new shoes. Unable to remove the shoes or power down the robot, Sonic instead overloaded the Giant Power with power by running and then left to celebrate with a run.[27]

As Team Sonic were having a movie night, they were attacked by Eggman's Egg Tank. During the battle, Sonic was saved when Amy deflected one of the Egg Tank's weapons, but when Eggman countered it, an freak accident made it create an endless time loop which only Eggman knew about. During these loops, Sonic was finally captured by Eggman when he prevented Amy from saving him, only for the time loop to reset it. As the time loop continued, Eggman sought out Sonic to help stop it, and despite Eggman having to repeat himself several times, Sonic and his team eventually helped break the loop by containing its reaction.[28]


Sonic launches a rescue of Sticks.

As Sonic was taking Knuckles out para-sailing, they accidentally awoke a Granifier Giganticus named Rocky who proved unbeatable. Sonic then reunited with his team in the Village as Rocky trashed it, where they realized Rocky just wanted to fall sleep. Once Team Sonic found out that Rocky would doze off to Sticks' horrible lullabies, they relocated Rocky when he blocked a road, but then met Eggman who wanted Rocky captured. While Sonic got Eggman to retreat using his own Bee Bots, they noticed Rocky had fled with Sticks. When Team Sonic failed to find Sticks, Tails' Disasterometer found her and Sonic helped rescue her. Following his plan, Sonic lead Rocky to Eggman's lair where Team Sonic made him fall asleep to a recording of Sticks’ singing, defeating the monster.[29]

While fighting Eggman with his team, Sonic chased Eggman into Buddy Buddy Temple, a place meant for bonding, where they were trapped and then fell through a floor, leaving Sonic injured and Eggman's Eggmobile damaged. Unable to escape on their own, Sonic and Eggman tried escaping together, but only got deeper into the temple, where they accidently set off a death trap. Seeing they had to work together, Sonic joined forces with Eggman and together they got out of the trap. However, when clearing another trap, Sonic was betrayed by Eggman who left him to be crushed by enclosing walls, but was freed when Eggman needed help to get out. With the arrival of their allies as the temple began caving in, Sonic and Eggman found a way out and got everyone to safety, though they agreed they should stay as enemies, and parted ways.[30]

When Sonic and his team went to Meh Burger, they met Orbot and Cubot who had deflected from Eggman to be their friends, something Sonic did not take a liken to. Shortly after, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot came to Team Sonic for help as a computer virus named Nominatus had taken over Eggman's tech to destroy all life forms. As Eggman's robots attacked them, Sonic helped his team hold them off until Tails, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot destroyed Nominatus. Their truce now over, Sonic promised Eggman to fight another day as he left.[31] Following a day full of various activities, Sonic was goofing off with Knuckles when Amy told him to return a library book she that lent him within a few minutes. After finding the book, Sonic tried returning it, but was sidetracked by senior citizens, Sticks, a visit to Meh Burger, and Eggman who had him bring him a chili dog after Sonic bought the last. At time ran out, Sonic was attacked by Eggman, who was displeased with his aid, and his robots, but his team saved him. Then, with some help from his team and Eggman, Sonic returned the book in time despite Fastidious closing the library early.[32]

SBEP25 trying

Sonic struggling in the wilderness.

When meeting with Amy, Sonic heard she planned to go to Hidden Meadows, and Sticks offered to teach her the survival skills for the trip. Thinking he was better for that, Sonic bet with the girls that he could teach Knuckles better survival skills than Sticks could teach Amy, so they agreed to a race to Hidden Meadows. When the race began however, Sonic and Knuckles had neglected their preparations and thus faced several hardships while either rejecting or failing to see the girls' help. When the girls got (safely) stuck in an abandoned missile silo however, Sonic and Knuckles took the opportunity to head for the goal, but was beaten to it by the girls who rode a missile here, leaving Sonic with a wounded pride.[33] When Sonic later pranked Knuckles with his friends, they noticed a spy drone from Eggman. Giving the drone false info, Sonic and his team lured Eggman into a prank that made Eggman desert technology and his lair due to machines' faults. As Sonic was bothered by Eggman's attempts to defeat him without tech, the island got randomly attacked by Eggman's robots and missiles. Sonic thus sought out Eggman, only to hear from Orbot that the Lightning Bolts Society was to blame, who had taken Eggman's lair. When failing to get Eggman's aid, Team Sonic attacked the lair, but Eggman soon came and helped them outsmart the Lightning Bolts over the surveillance and drive them off, while Eggman returned to his lair.[34]

While out playing, Sonic and his friends heard from Amy she was opening her own restaurant in response to Meh Burger's bad service. Filling the role of Chez Amy's staff, Sonic's team helped Amy, but eventually left when Amy grew too competitive with Dave at Meh Burger over the customers. After a while, Sonic and the others were called to arms by Amy when badniks attacked Chez Amy. Despite their efforts, Chez Amy was destroyed and the team returned to being customers at Meh Burger after helping rebuilt it from an Eggman attack.[35] When at Meh Burger later on, Team Sonic saw the arrival of Swifty the Shrew. While everyone else were impressed by the super-speedy shrew, Sonic found him annoying, especially after he foiled his attempt to show him up. Once he saw Swifty befriending Tails, Sonic had enough and was goaded into accepting Swifty's challenge to a race where the loser got banished from the Village. Despite his efforts, Sonic lost to Swifty, much to his surprise, and was promptly banished. However, when it was revealed it was all a plan orchestrated by Eggman, Sonic was unbanished and returned to defeat Eggman and his Swifty robots.[36]

I caught a Sonic

Sonic caught in Sticks' trap.

Sonic and his team soon found their daily lives ruined by traps from Sticks, who tried protecting them from the "curse of the Cross Eyed Moose". To stop this, Team Sonic followed Sticks to a marmoset named Monkey-Boy to remove the curse. Sonic and his team were subsequent sent to do chores to prove their worthiness, much to their annoyance. However, as Monkey-Boy was attacked by Eggman, Sonic made the marmoset promise to remove their curse if they defeated Eggman. After both parties kept their deal, Sonic's team could head home.[37] With the arrival of the Chili Dog Cook-Off, Sonic was made the judge while he and his team managed the event. However, they discovered that those who participated had brought phony peppers, making Knuckles set off to find a new one. At the cook-off however, Knuckles disappeared so Sonic and his team went looking and found him a day later, having passed out from eating a pepper that gave him a strange dream.[38]

After foiling Eggman's plans with his Spider Bombs, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles helped with Sticks' yard sale which was forced upon her by Amy, despite Sonic disagreeing with Amy's intentions. While keeping Eggman from shoplifting, Sonic found Sticks' Burrow overrun by evil Froglodites which Amy had set free by removing the blockade of their caves in the burrow. As the frogs took Sticks into their caves, Sonic had him and his team rescue Sticks using her junk and the group trapped the Froglodites again. In the aftermath, Sonic got Eggman to pay for his stuff.[39] Sonic later found Knuckles filling in for Mayor Fink and approving random bills. While Sonic dismissed Sticks' concerns, he soon saw Knuckles was casting the Village into chaos, so he and his team made an alliance with fellow-minded Eggman to stop him. When Knuckles' approval stamp ran out of ink however, they were betrayed by Eggman who seized the stamp to control the Village, although Sonic wondered why they fought as Eggman only wanted his trash picked up. After destroying the stamp, Mayor Fink returned to his position, much to Sonic's relief.[40]

When Sonic and Tails found Obliterator Bot on a rampage and destroyed it, they noticed Eggman was really making a movie. Sensing foul play, Sonic declined Eggman's offer to play himself in his movie. However, when Amy showed Eggman got Dave to play him, Sonic changed him mind. During the filming though, Sonic walked out when Eggman ejected the changes he and Tails made to the scrip. Later, Orbot and Cubot told Sonic the filming was a cover-up to mine metal for new robots which would make them obsolete, but when Sonic stopped Drill Bot, he saw he had been duped into performing for Eggman's movie. Coming to the movie premiere, Sonic discovered the movie was meant to enslave the audience with hypnotism. However, it failed due to an error on Eggman's part and everyone could leave.[41]

When Sonic picked up Knuckles for a reported attack from Eggman, he accidently upset everyone when he told Mike the Ox that he could not join the fight as he was "just a guy." With the Village in uproar over his insensitivity, Sonic begrudgingly joined Amy's sensitivity seminar to make up with Mike. When Sonic let Mike join the fight with Eggman though, Mike got injured which only earned Sonic more ire from the Village. Tired of this, Sonic retired amidst Amy's seminar. When the Lightning Bolt Society started harassing the Village, Sonic refused to help until he had to stop a sheep stampede, during which Eggman launched a sneak attack. Thanks to Mike warning him of Eggman though, Sonic stopped the stampede and beat both Eggman and the Lightning Bolts. Having regained the Village's respect, Sonic praised Mike as a hero for his help.[42] During a barbeque, Sonic and his team met another Knuckles and discovered it was an alternate version from a Mirror Dimension. Seeking to get the alternate Knuckles back home, Sonic's advice to be patient fell on deaf ears when the alternate Knuckles left to get the needed tech from Eggman. However, when learning their Knuckles was fading away and that their dimension was in danger of imploding because two Knuckles were in the same one, Sonic, Amy and Sticks went to Eggman's lair and rescued the alternate Knuckles from Eggman's captivity and convinced him to give the tech needed to sent the alternate Knuckles home.[43]

Sonic stakeout

Sonic after drifting off on a stakeout.

Sonic later answered Tails' call when his tools went missing. As the duo learned Eggman was not the culprit after seeing him, they set a trap made by Sonic. Though it did not work, the duo met Orbot and Cubot who took them to the culprits—the Cubot prototypes who were just in need of repairs. As Sonic and Tails helped the rejects, they had to protect them when Eggman came to destroy them. With help from Cubot, Sonic and Tails drove Eggman off and promised to find the prototypes a safer home.[44] When later enjoyed some commodities unintentionally provided by Dave the Intern, Sonic heard that Dave had imprisoned Eggman and hijacked his forces. Sonic expressed his unconcern for Dave's treat on TV, but when Dave endangered himself and others by trying to attack Sonic with Octopus Bot, Sonic located Eggman and, after several arguments, made him reveal Octopus Bot's weakness after freeing him, which Sonic used to stop Dave.[45] At the day of New Year's eve, Team Sonic set up the Village festival while warding off Eggman and his Ball Bots. During the following party, Eggman launched his Slow Motion Machine which slowed everything down, except for Sonic due to his super speed. To restore the world, Sonic accepted Eggman's challenge to a showdown and beat him in several activities. When Sonic learned that Eggman did all this just to beat him once before the end of the year though, he purposely lost to Eggman. While Eggman restore time to gloat, nobody believed him as none saw him win, though Sonic comforted his nemesis as the party continued.[46]


Sonic and crew as "Dude-itude".

When the Justin Beaver fever hit the Village and turned all the females, including Sticks, into crazy Justin fan girls, Sonic decided to investigate Justin's producer. Forming the boy band Dreamboat Express, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles passed off as Justin's opening act to the bouncer Salty and got into the set where they heard the producer was using music-based mind control to sell merchandise and planned to expand it at Justin's next concert. Unable to convince Amy and Sticks, Sonic and his band had a sing-off with Justin at his concert to find the frequency to break the mind control with Tails' Measure-o-meter. Forming the band Dude-itude, Sonic and his crew restored everyone's free will with their power rock ballet.[47] Later, Sonic had a wheelbarrow race with Knuckles and fought Eggman's Decimator Bot with his team to save Leroy the Turtle, when he noticed Tails was acting absent. Seeing that Tails had a crush on Zooey, whom he needed help talking to, Sonic advised Tails to play it cool, demonstrating it with Comedy Chimp whom he had hired. However, Sonic's idea did not work. When Eggman began an attack though, Sonic and his crew stayed back on Tails' order and watched proudly as Tails stopped Eggman while winning over Zooey in his way.[48]

Having convinced Amy to let them look after her house while she was gone, Sonic and Knuckles accidently ruined her couch, and joined Bro-Down Showdown to win a new one. Unfortunately, Sonic got paired up with Eggman and had to compete against Knuckles. During the show, Obliterator Bot attacked the Village, but Sonic could not fight it without getting disqualified, as Eggman had planned. However, Sonic still helped Knuckles stop the robot when it was about to kill the echidna. Fortunately, a stray missile from the robot destroyed Amy's couch, removing any evidence of Sonic and Knuckles' mess.[49]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Boom) Archie Comics

Sonic running from the Big Boy, from Sonic Boom #1.

On the beach, Sonic had a fight with Dr. Eggman in his Big Boy until Tails, Knuckles and Amy arrived and helped bring the robot down, forcing Eggman to retreat. No sooner, Sticks arrived and told them Tails' house had been robbed. Sticks took Sonic and the gang to Tails' house, and they discovered that the whole house was gone: what Sticks meant was that Tails' house had been stolen, and she explains that a "cyborg rock golem" rose up from the ground and left with it. Suspecting it was one of Eggman's creations, Sonic tried making a plan when Sticks seemingly caught the scent of the robot. Though it turned out Sticks was only smelling the grass, the group still found the Rock-cyborg by following its footprints and Sonic got his friends to set up an ambush while he lead the robot to them. The others made the robot fall over, allowing Sonic to destroy it and make Tails' house fall on its original foundation.[50]

Not long after, Eggman returned in the Big Boy and Sonic, Tails, Amy and Sticks engaged the doctor. Amidst the fight, Sonic was knocked away and trapped in a small cage by Knuckles who claimed he was now working with Eggman because he was through with Amy criticizing him. Sonic's whole team was soon captured and taken into the Big Boy's cargo hold. While Sonic went stir crazy, Knuckles revealed he pretended to work for Eggman to fool him before going after the doctor to free them. Sonic was soon after freed by Sticks and in a rush over freedom, he broke the team of the Big Boy as Knuckles made Eggman retreat. After they had dealt with the stray Orbot and Cubot however, Sonic found Amy in a panic over having lost her piko hammer.[51] Back at Amy's House, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles failed to calm Amy down, so Sticks sent them out to find the piko hammer. After looking everywhere on the island without luck, Sonic and Tails returned to Amy when the piko hammer suddenly fell into Sonic's hand. Sonic received Amy's heartfelt thanks and he returned home for the night.[52]

For a climatic battle with the Big Boy, Team Sonic agreed to battle Eggman, only for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy to forget about it. Later, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot tracked them down in the Big Boy, where Sonic admitted their slip up, and Team Sonic fought Eggman, but found themselves at a disadvantage against the upgraded Big Boy. Coming to their aid was Sticks, who claimed she had found an all-powerful weapon: the Rock of Justice. Exasperated, Sonic did not believe a rock could help them and continued the fight. However, Sticks saved them with the Rock of Justice by throwing it at the Big Boy, causing it to ricochet into the mech and destroy it. After scaring off Eggman and his lackeys, Sonic congratulated Sticks and the Rock of Justice, only to hear that the weapon's power had been used up, and Sonic fell a tear at their loss.[53]

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

In the Village Center, Sonic kept an eye on Dr. Eggman as he failed to sell a bridge and later gain the villagers' trust. As Sonic mocked him, Eggman called in his minions which Sonic and his team quickly beat, though Eggman got away. Later at Meh Burger, Team Sonic met Eggman again who asked for aid to operate his rides at the Eggtoberfest, which Eggman hoped to gain the villagers' trust with. Sonic complied, if only to keep an eye on Eggman. Not long after, the villagers were attacked by Eggman's army which Sonic and his team destroyed, earning them the villagers' hailing.[54]

As Sonic was attacked by Eggman's Courier Robot, his team came to his defense. The Courier Robot subsequently became a video phone which Eggman contacted them with, and Eggman challenged them to a fair go-kart race in the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix. After a little persuasion, Sonic accepted the challenge on the team's behalf, but he was unable to convince Sticks to join, who was sure it was a trap. On the day of the Grand Prix, in go-karts provided by Eggman, Sonic and his team took the lead as the race started, but when Sonic neared the home stretch while unaware that he was being scanned, he noticed his friends had left the race. As he then crossed a bridge, Eggman triggered a trap that made Sonic fall into the ravine below.[55] Fortunately, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, who were also victims to Eggman's traps, saved him just in time, but as they prepared to get Eggman, Sonic convinced them to wait for that until he had proven that he could beat the doctor fair and square in his own race.[56]

With some help from Knuckles, Sonic got back on the road in his go-kart and soon took the lead despite Eggman's numerous attempts to stop him with traps, but as he neared the finish line, where Sticks was waiting, Eggman attacked with his Spider-Kart and kept Sonic from completing the race. However, Sonic's friends then arrived in Tails' Plane and kept Eggman occupied, which allowed Sonic to cross the finish line and win the race on his own terms. He then joined his team in trashing the Spider-Kart, thus driving Eggman in retreat. Sonic then expressed his gratitude to his team, unaware of where Sticks had gone during the fight.[56] When Sticks returned, Sonic and team joined her at a campfire and listened to her absurd story about fighting an evil robot alongside an interdimensional army. Needlessly, Sonic humored Sticks by supporting her story with how he always turned gold and flew around.[57]


Much like the wind, Sonic is free-spirited and always on the move.[48] He has a passion for adventure and is very much a thrill-seeker, always looking for the next thrill, challenge, and triumph.[1][58] For Sonic, speed is a way of life; he runs fast, thinks fast and even eats fast.[58] Being addicted to speed and action, Sonic cannot process the aspect of being immobilized which makes him extremely stir crazy,[51] and extended times of peace leaves him bored and restless.[23] He acts on instinct and lives in the moment, though he is impatient, impulsive and tends to run headlong into trouble without a plan.[58][59] Regardless, his heart is always in the right place.[60] When being honest, he tends to be rather blunt.

Sonic's typical driving force is his immensely large ego, and he is usually laid-back, cool, clever and carefree. Possesses a snarky tongue, he is likewise cocky, playful and often jokes around even in dire situations. When the situation calls for it though, Sonic can be serious and will immediately rush to aid those in dire need. Always courageous and heroic,[3] Sonic is very benevolent with a strong sense of justice and fair play,[56] being fully committed to helping out those in need at all times. Sonic also does not back down or give up, because he has an unwavering belief and faith in himself and his abilities.[58]

Sonic is noted to be strongly loyal towards his friends, and though he may not always show it, he cares deeply for his friends and will do anything for them.[59][60] Early on though, Sonic was somewhat of a loner and cynical. While he was willing to work with his friends in times of need, he would have more interest in going out alone and would even take credit for what the team did collectively. With time though, Sonic grew to see how his team made him stronger and realized that his friends were his strength. Since then, Sonic has become a much more admirable team-mate and leader, being quick to ask for help and acknowledge their collective contributions.

Powers and abilities

Sonic's most notable skill is his ability to move at super speed, allowing him to run at speeds greater than Mach 1.[27] Though his exact top speed is unknown, he is credited as the world's fastest hedgehog and even the fastest being in his universe;[59][54] he can effortlessly move at enough speeds to create a sonic boom[9] run along the surface of water, and create strong enough gusts of wind when taking off to knock over large boulders. His speed is so impressive that even the Slow Motion Machine could only reduce him to normal speed.[46] In line with his speed, Sonic has significant acrobatic skills and agility, sufficient enough to perform perfect synchronized mid-air movements. He also has extremely quick reflexes, being able to react instantly to dangers, and has enhanced jumping skills, allowing him to jump very high into the air.

Sonic possesses significant physical strength, though far from the same level as Knuckles'. He can kick a robot hard enough to knock it through a rock wall, his spin attack can smash through walls, and he can punch with enough force to cause cracks and release shock waves, though it is debatable whether it is due to his super speed, his strength, or a combination of both. Sonic is also shown to have incredible durability as he was able to survive several laser blasts from powerful Destruction Troops which was meant to kill him.


Sonic curling to attack Burnbot.

Sonic is able to curl up and spin into a spiky ball, named his "spin attack", which is a variation on the tendency for hedgehogs to roll into tight balls for protection. While in this stance, Sonic can damage, destroy and mow down obstacles or foes when in motion. One of his signature moves is the Spin Dash, a nearly unavoidable move where Sonic spins on the spot before blasting off at full speed which can destroy most foes with a single strike it.[25] Sonic has mastered this move to perfection, being able to use it with enough precision to wield metal fences together from friction.[42] While not a strategist like Tails, Sonic has a very quick wit and has often come up with his own plans to take down his enemies.[27][42] He is also a skilled combatant, and his fighting style relies on his footwork styles along with fast-strike tactics and quick maneuvers.


Like his main series counterpart, Sonic cannot swim and sinks in water.[9]


Doctor Eggman

Dr. Eggman is Sonic's arch nemesis and arch rival,[19][61] though their relationship is rather complex. On one hand, Sonic has a strong dislike of the doctor and fights him on a weekly basis, though he does not really take account of him and teases him with jokes and sarcasm. On the other hand, when not fighting each other, Sonic and Eggman act rather passive, allowing each other to be nearby without them going at each other's throats, though Sonic retains his dislike of the doctor. When Eggman claimed to be homeless, Sonic even allowed him to stay at Tails' home, though it was more on the grounds of proving himself the better person.[10] Ironically, Sonic knows as well a lot about Eggman's character and his preferences due to their frequent encounters, enough to let them get to the finals of Bro-Down Showdown.[49]

When dealing with a common threat or problem, Sonic and Eggman are willing to put aside their differences and work together, even sometimes showing a sense of good-spirited comradery and well-oiled teamwork, though they both agree that they can never really be friends because of their different standpoints.[30]

For all their opposing ways, Sonic and Eggman are ultimately co-dependent and need each other in their lives. While he does not mind Eggman leaving his life,[45] Sonic finds his life too boring for his taste without Eggman to fight which makes him restless and paranoid. Similarly, without Sonic to challenge him, Eggman has no motivation to be a villain. For better or worse, their ever-ending conflict is what drives them and keeps their lives balanced.[23]

Miles "Tails" Prower

BFF Sonic Boom

A picture of Sonic and Tails hanging out.

Sonic's best friend is Miles "Tails" Prower. He shares a brotherly relationship with Tails and they are equal partners in Sonic's adventures.[6][62] They are extremely close and both are willing to sacrifice their life for the other.[9] While Sonic appreciates Tails' support, he does not appreciate Tails patronizing him.[35]

Though he might put Tails in danger with his half-baked plans, Sonic cares very much for Tails' well-being. When he thought that Tails had been killed after their battle with Burnbot, Sonic decided to fire him as his sidekick so that he would not get hurt. Once Tails proved himself though, Sonic regained his faith in him and rehired him on the spot.[9]

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is another one of Sonic's close friends and teammates. Unlike some others, Sonic is oblivious to Amy's crush on him, but is nevertheless comfortable being around her, like when they searched for a Chaos Crystal in the Ocean Purification Plant without Sonic struggling. While Sonic's natural cockiness and laid-back nature sometimes make him act inconsiderate to Amy, he nonetheless respects Amy and her skills.

Sonic often claims to have no interest in Amy's love life, such as denying any such interest in her with suppressed anger when Dr. Eggman called Amy his girlfriend.[49] However, he brushed off his concerns in an embarrassed way when Knuckles teased that Amy was getting ready for a date with someone else, and showed a shocked expression when Dr. Eggman asked about his "deal" with Amy.[19] Also, according to UT, Sonic cares about Amy's well-being.[11]

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna is another of Sonic's close friends and teammates, though the two of them are opposites and always disagreeing. While Sonic likes to tease Knuckles and does not think he is the sharpest tool in the shed,[11] they share a mutual bond of respect and are deep down the truest of friends, referring to each others as "bros."[48] Whereas Sonic is more formal around his others friends, he and Knuckles are much more relaxed and outgoing when together, spending their time hanging out by roughhousing and goofing off with various extreme and often foolish activities, such as Coconut hurl, world-record wheelbarrow racing, and surfboarding inside houses.[19][48][49]

Both Sonic and Knuckles have a friendly rivalry going on[62] and they tend to compete with each other in all kinds of activities. Though Sonic normally remains cool about their rivalry since he usually wins, he rejects the idea of losing to Knuckles on purpose.[21]





"So what? He's gonna burn me with flamethrowers or something?"
—Sonic giving his two cents about Burnbot's name, "The Sidekick"
"How to say this delicately... You're a horrible roommate and no one in this house likes you."
—Sonic talking to Eggman during their "roommate meeting", "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Yeah, just for a second, pretend I'm not a science guy."
—Sonic, "Double Doomsday"
"Too slow? Ha! You forgot who you're talking to!"
—Sonic, "Double Doomsday"
"Ha! Guilty as charged! So what'll it be, kid? Autograph? Want your picture taken with me? Maybe a bite of this comically large sandwich? Huh?"
—Sonic, "Don't Judge Me"
"Catch ya later, eggface!"
—Sonic's self-proclaimed catchphrase, "Blue With Envy"
"A date?! I-I-I mean that's cool. W-what do I care? Stop looking at me!"
—Sonic, "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies"
"Ah... not my best moment. But hey, even when facing certain doom, I still look good!"
—Sonic, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric trailer
"You can't slow Sonic down!"
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
"You know what I think is 'compassionate'? Saving the village from Eggman! Like, every week! But do I get any props for that? No! Everyone just goes around gasping at me whenever I call a guy a 'guy', or people 'people'!"
—Sonic losing his temper, Just a Guy
"Oh, sure! I turn gold and fly around all the time!"
—Sonic poking fun at Sticks while she explains her involvement in Worlds Unite, Mega Man #52



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