This article pertains to the beta elements from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2013).

Egg Gauntlet Zone


The Egg Gauntlet Zone in the Level Select.

The Egg Gauntlet Zone data remains in the final game, but can only be accessed by hacking. It was the first attempt at a Boss Attack level that had some original artwork, such as mechanical palm trees and flashing lights. It was to be a full Zone that acted as a testing facility for some of the boss inventions rather than just have a level with bosses back to back. The act was nearly completed and needed just a few graphical changes as polish. However, Sonic Team did not approve of the changes, so the level was scrapped and the Boss Attack level that was used in the final game was created.[1] As of Version 3.0.9, the Zone was completely removed from the game.

Unused sprites

In the files of this port for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, there are a number of leftovers used in the original Genesis game, but did not make it into the digital port gameplay. These include:


Sprite Name Description
"S" Monitor Makes the player go Super when broken. Breaking this monitor is the only way for Tails to become Super Tails in this game.
Three Shields Monitor Toggles the Items option when broken. Changes to the monitors will take effect when the player restarts the Act or advance to the next Act.
Emerald Monitor Breaking it will give the player all the Chaos Emeralds. Breaking it again will take them away.
Spring Monitor The only monitor that is not used in Debug Mode.


Sprite Zone Description
Emerald Hill Zone The snail badnik from early prototypes of the game can be placed with Debug Mode. It retains its behavior.
Sonic2-Bee sprite
Emerald Hill Zone A prototype version of the Buzzer, now found in Debug Mode. This Buzzer behaves as originally planned in concept art, where its shots can burn bridges. The burning bridges are harmful unless the player has a Flame Shield.
Chemical Plant Zone This three-eyed fish badnik is now fully functional and can be placed with Debug Mode. It flies around very slowly, but will speed up if it sees the player, dropping Bubblers as it flies.
Chemical Plant Zone These are dropped by the Mother Bubbler badnik, and will quickly explode after touching the ground. The player can also place them individually with Debug Mode.
Chemical Plant Zone Can be placed with Debug Mode. These are merely decoration and do no do anything.
Chemical Plant Zone Can be placed with Debug Mode. The fireball remains stationary, but is harmful unless the player has a Flame Shield.
Chemical Plant Zone Can be placed with Debug Mode. The ball floats in the air, and will chase the player if approached. When it is above the player's head, it will explode and drop chemicals on the player that will inflict damage unless the player has an Aqua Shield.
Water eggman beta
Chemical Plant Zone This sprite is in the CPZ object sprite sheet, but is unused.
Sonic2gen Aquatic ruin door
Aquatic Ruin Zone An unused door that can be placed with Debug Mode. It closes as soon as the player enters it.
Aquatic Ruin Zone A green Grounder that the player can place with Debug Mode.
Unused Pillar
Aquatic Ruin Zone A strange pillar that does not appear anywhere else.
Mystic Cave Zone An odd platform made of Rings, which can be placed with Debug Mode. It can be stood on, and moves in a motion similar to the spiked balls in the level.
Oil Ocean Zone The checkered ball can be placed with Debug Mode. It behaves like the rolling ball from Green Hill Zone rather than it did in the prototypes and original game.
Unused Balkiry Pose
Sky Chase Zone The Balkiry's unused standing frame. It be seen through Debug Mode.
Sky Chase Zone Like before, the turtle's walking animation cannot be seen without the use of Debug Mode.
Wing Fortress Zone Can be placed with Debug Mode. It behaves like a badnik in the original game.
Laser platform
Wing Fortress Zone A platform that shoots a laser when it spins. Can be placed with Debug Mode.


Sprite Description
Leftover continue screen animation for Tails from the 2013 Sonic the Hedgehog port. Tails uses a different animation for the continue screen in this game.
Leftover life icons for Tails from the 2011 Sonic the Hedgehog CD port. Present among Tails' sprites.
CDTimer Leftover
Leftover timer marks from the 2011 Sonic the Hedgehog CD port. Present among the HUD sprites.
SCD11 Placeholder
Unknown item


  1. Scrapped level from Sonic 2 Mobile found. tssznews. Retrieved on 3 July 2016. “Regarding Egg Gauntlet: "Basically during development, we tried something different for the Boss Attack mode. Instead of the original bosses back to back, they were all in the one zone with connecting platforming sections – the idea being that it was a testing facility, with mechanical palm trees, flashing lights etc etc. It was fairly close to completion (it just needed a few graphical effects, replacing placeholder graphics, and general polish), however Sonic Team didn’t agree with changing the location, colors or graphic style for the Bosses. So in the end we respected the wishes of the team and put together the Boss Attack you see today."