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Sonic the Hedgehog Level Creator was an official flash Sonic the Hedgehog game on the PlaySEGA Website. It was developed by Mediatonic and published by Sega.


Anyone could play created levels, but only VIP Members could create new ones. Using its built-in level editor, members could place level chunks and objects, like Rings and Badniks, into a level grid. The only required object in the editor was the Goal Plate to end the level, anything else was up to the user to make.

Once finished editing the level, the level was uploaded to the pool of levels on PlaySEGA to let anyone play them.[1] The freedom allowed for different types of levels, including speedy ones with many hills and loops, thinking levels with only one way to the goal, or even levels filled with rings and speed shoes just to rack up points. However, there was only one environment and song for the levels, making the software somewhat limited.


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